Updated On May 18, 2020

How Much Does A Tiny House Weigh?

Whether you are planning to live near nature or you are just planning to do some outing, having a tiny house is great. These houses are a compact version of your original home and highly portable. There are two categories of a tiny house, i.e. an RV and a house on foundation. The category of the house doesn’t matter if you are going to pull the house with your vehicle on a trailer. In this scenario, the weight of the house matters a lot.

Tiny houses are available in various sizes and designs. Due to this, they vary in weight by a huge margin. It is highly important to determine the weight of the house, especially when you are planning to tow it. To help you with that, we will discuss the various factors, which affect the weight of the house. We will also discuss the range of weight of tiny houses. Do make sure that, here we are talking about an ideal house. The weight can vary as per the house you choose. In that case, we will also share some methods to determine the weight of a tiny house without many efforts.

What is the weight of a tiny house?

Let’s assume that you have an ideal tiny house. So, how much will it weigh? If you have the smallest tiny house, then it will weigh between 2900 to 3400 pounds. Yes, this weight does not include furniture or any other. We are assuming that the house is empty. However, the biggest tiny house can weigh more than 10,000 pounds. Therefore, you would surely need a powerful vehicle to two the house. Also, make sure that you select a reliable trailer. The majority of the trailers in the market are not made for towing a tiny house. You need to check whether the trailer can hold up the weight of the house.

What factors affect the weight of a tiny house?

Various factors can affect the weight of the tiny house. In this section, we have mentioned the important ones.

Dry Weight

This is a condition when your house is completely new. Yes, by that it means that there is no water connection in the house or any other thing. This also means that there is no load inside the house, including the furniture. This is the lightest state of a tiny house and perfect for transporting it from one place to another.

Trailer weight

Before, putting the tiny house on the trailer, you need to determine the weight of the trailer. Why? Well, it is because some states have a restriction on the weight you can tow. Therefore, if you tow above the limit, then it is likely that you will get in trouble with the authority. Thus, always measure the total weight of the house and trailer to prevent any clash with authority.

Other factors

Of course, numerous other factors can affect the weight of the tiny house. The weight can increase by some modification in the house. It can also change by the furniture in the house. Therefore, you have to count everything, when you are measuring the weight of the tiny house.

Are tiny houses legal?

This depends a lot on the state laws. There are some states like Texas, which has transparent and simple laws for tiny houses. There is not even a single area in Texas, where you cannot take your tiny house. However, there are other states, where these houses are illegal. Therefore, depending on the state you are going to, the laws change. The best solution to this problem is to check the laws and regulations of the state you are going to. It is also recommended to have all the necessary documents of the tiny house, as well as the vehicle. You surely will not want the authorities to ruin your vacation.

Also, if you are planning to stay in a state with your tiny house, make sure you have proper permission from the authorities. Yes, some states even prohibit parking a tiny house. Therefore, you have to keep every aspect in mind.

What items you must-have?

Towing a tiny house is not an easy task. First of all, you must have a powerful vehicle. Most people do the mistake of choosing the wrong vehicle. So, how to select the right vehicle? Let’s say that the house and trailer weigh 5000 pounds combined. In this case, you have to choose a vehicle that can pull up to 8000 pounds. Never choose a vehicle that barely pulls the house.

Moreover, you need to polish your driving skills. The high driving experience is required to tow a tiny house. You cannot expect to tow a house, with beginner-level skills. Therefore, try to polish your skills through simulators or by towing an empty trailer. So, what are the things you must keep in mind while towing the house?

First of all, you need to prevent sharp turns. Always plan your turn way before it comes. Do make sure that the speed of the vehicle is as slow as possible. For better control, choose high-quality tires and connect the braking system to the trailer. What else can you do for the secure towing of a tiny house? Well, you can install the cameras. What kind of cameras? You can install the rearview and side-view camera for parking. This becomes highly beneficial if you are towing the house for the first time. Make sure that you have the tire kit, in case, the puncture.

Make sure that you go with half the speed of the limit in poor weather conditions.

Wrap up

Tiny houses are a perfect example of portable homes. You can take them literally anywhere. In this blog, we have discussed the weight of an ideal tiny house. We have also discussed the things you must keep in mind while towing a tiny house.

Let us recap. Make sure you follow the laws of the state, make sure you choose the right vehicle, combine the weight of the trailer, and polish your driving skills. Now, you know everything about a tiny house, let’s go on an adventure!

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