Updated On May 18, 2020

How Much Does A Pontoon Boat Weigh?

Pontoon boats are one of the most preferred boats in the market. They offer a great combination of luxury and speed. If this is the first time you have heard of these boats, then let us start with an introduction to these boats. So, how are these boats different from the standard ones?

Well, pontoon boats float due to hollow metals, usually filled with light gases. These metal casks are also known as pontoons. Overall, the boat increases the buoyant force on the bottom of the boat. Thus, the float floats.

So, is there is a simpler way to identify these boats? Yes, there are many ways to identify pontoons boats. The first method is to look for a boat with a wide base and huge space for people onboard. The second method is to look for pontoons in the boat. Moreover, some people avoid buying these boats as they are difficult to park in the trailer. Why? Well, it is because they believe that the weight of the pontoon boat is always high. This statement is partially true. There are hundreds of factors that affect the weight of a pontoon boat.

Therefore, in this blog, let us discuss the weight of a pontoon boat and factors that can affect it. We will also discuss whether you should prefer a pontoon boat over others or not.

What is the weight of a pontoon boat?

Overall, three different conditions can affect the weight of your boat.

  • DRY weight: So, what do we mean by dry weight? It means that there is no gas in the tanks. It is also the lowest weight you can measure with a pontoon boat. If you are going to tow the boat with your vehicle, then it is best when the task is empty.
  • FULL weight: As the name says, it is the condition when the tanks are filled with the gas. This is usually the weight of the boat on the water. However, you must not have the boat in this condition when it is in the trailer.
  • LOAD: Another condition that can affect the weight of your boat. This can change the weight of the boat in the trailer, as well as on the water. Therefore, if you want the boat to be light, then it is highly recommended to remove all the load from the boat. It has been observed that, usually, a boat has more than 100 kgs of the load. Yes, that does not include human weight.

To know the precise weight of the boat, let us consider it to be in the condition of dry weight. Now, you must be aware that there are hundreds of pontoon boats in the market. Each has different features and designs. These small differences have to lead to even differences in the weight of the boat. Therefore, you cannot assume the exact weight of a pontoon boat. However, with so many boats in the market, we can surely determine the range of weight.

So, what is the ideal weight range of pontoon boats? The ideal range varies from 2000-3000 pounds. Yes, this range can change as per the boat you have with you. There are some pontoon boats in the market that wight above 3000 or below 2000 pounds too. That is why we mentioned earlier that there is no exact range of the weight of the boat.

Is there a way to determine the size of your boat?

By knowing the weight range, you must not be able to solve some questions. Usually, the weight of the boat is important to know whether your vehicle can pull the trailer with a car or not. Therefore, only the weight range is not enough to determine that.

So, can you determine the weight of the boat, just by looking at it? It sounds impossible, does not it? Well, it is a precise method to do so. For that, you will have to measure the length of the boat. For every foot, the weight of the boat increase by 120 pounds. Therefore, a ten feet boat will weight around 1200 pounds.

By following this method, you can easily determine whether the vehicle will be able to pull the boat with the trailer or not. Of course, when we talk about the weight, you have to add the weight of the trailer with the boat too. If you want to know the weight of the trailer, then contact the company through which you bought it.

Things to remember while pulling a boat

Here are the top tips you must follow while pulling the trailer with your vehicle.

  • Choose high-quality tires for better grip on the road. This becomes a crucial tip when the climate conditions are bad, like raining or heavy snowfall.
  • Connect the braking system of the vehicle with the trailer. This tip will help you control the vehicle, as well as the trailer at the same time. It also reduces the chances of slipping of the vehicle.
  • Change your driving style. Try to be as slow as possible and take wider turns to prevent collision of the trailer. You can even practice on a simulator for better driving skills.
  • Let us say that the weight of the trailer and boat combined is 3000 pounds. So, a vehicle that can pull at most 3000 pounds is not enough. For optimal performance, in this case, choose a vehicle that can pull up to 5000 pounds.

Wrap up

Pontoon boats are great for an outing with family. They have been easy to maintain and offer moderate speed in the water. In this blog, we have tried to explain the meaning of pontoon and how you can identify a pontoon boat. We have also discussed the range of pontoon boats in the market.

We have even shared the method to determine the precise weight of your boat. Therefore, now you will not face any problem while deciding the correct vehicle for pulling the boat. In the blog, we have also shared some safety tips that you must keep in mind.

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