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How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh?

Humans are using safes for decades. Even in ancient times, some devices were similar to the safes we see in the modern era. They have been designed to protect important items like money, jewellery, documents, and many more.

At present, there are numerous types of safes in the market. One of them is gun safe. However, with the evolution of technology, the designs have changed a lot.

The safes you see in the present era are a lot different from the ones in the past. These safes are made of different materials, which leads to different strength as well as weight. The weight of the safe can be the most crucial factor for some people. 

On the other hand, some people look for durability as well as safety in a safe. Let us discuss various factors in a gun safe, including the weight.

What is a gun safe?

It is safe that is used to store weapons as well as ammunition at your home. People usually use these safes to keep the weapons out of reach from their children. However, there are many other reasons for using it. Some people have them to preserve the guns as these safes protect the weapons from corrosion.

Each gun safe has a different weight as well as durability. In the present market, there are hundreds of gun safes. Therefore, it is challenging to select one of them. One way to select the perfect gun safe is to know the weight of it.

Does a gun safe really work?

Yes, they do. Of course, here we are assuming that you are selecting a high-quality gun safe. The sole purpose of a gun safe is to store the ammunition as well as weapons. It even protects them from robbers, your children, fire, as well as corrosion.

There are instances where parts of weapons get corroded as they are kept in the open. Therefore, it is recommended to have one of these to increase the durability of the weapons you own. You can also use these safes to store other items like documents, money, and many more. Of course, it depends on the capacity of your safe.

What should be the weight of the safe?

Gun safes weigh varies by a huge margin. Some safes in the market weight about 100-200 pounds, while the others weigh more than 500 pounds. You may even find some safes weighing above 1000 pounds. Irrespective of the choices you get in the market, you must keep your expectation in mind.

Are you looking for something strong as well as reliable? Well, in that case, it is always recommended to go for safes that weigh over 500 pounds. Yes, that does not mean that you should go for a safe weighing 2000 pounds. It means the weight should be between 500 to 1000 pounds. However, it is recommended to go for safes between 500 to 600 pounds.

You must also make sure that you don’t buy just any safe that weighs above 500 pounds. Numerous factors affect the weight of a gun safe. Some of them are discussed below.

The material used to make them safe

Not all the materials weigh the same. In the present market, there are safes made of different types of material. Due to this difference, even two similar-looking safes can weigh differently. Yes. Therefore, you must always check the material used to make the safes. Now, there are some materials like aluminum that is light as well as durable. However, you may also find safes made of iron that is extremely heavy as well as durable.

Moreover, you must know that the weight of the safes has nothing to do with the rigidity. There are some safes in the market that are extremely heavy, but easy to break. Thus, it is recommended to choose a material that is durable and moderately heavy.

Additional safety features

When it comes to safety, then you probably want it to be the best. There is no chance that you want a loophole in the security provided by the safe. Of course, you don’t want to see a gun in the hand of your children or a robber. Assessing these situations, safes companies are adding new features almost every year.

In the present market, you will find safes that are anti-fire due to the fiberboard used. However, this increases the weight of the safes too. You may also find features like a biometric lock, inner steel, and many other features.

Therefore, with each feature, the overall weight of the safes will increase. Let’s say that you are going to buy a safe with a handful of features. What should be the weight then? Don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem.

As discussed earlier, the normal weight of a safe should be above 500 pounds. Yes, that is the ideal weight for assault weapons. However, in the case of featured safes, you will have to add an exception. Remove the weight of each feature. This will help you get the perfect safe.


You must know that the weight of the safes does not affect its capacity. In the market, some safes weigh heavily but offer a small capacity. However, you may also find safes that are light in weight, but with a huge capacity.

Therefore, you must look for a safe that has a balance between weight and capacity. Because in the end, you want the safes to store weapons as well as ammunition.

Wrap up

The quality of gun safes depends on numerous factors, which we have already discussed. However, one of the major quality factors is the weight. In general, for an assault weapon, it is recommended to buy a safe that weighs above 500 pounds.

Of course, you will have to go for a higher weight if you have lots of weapons to store. However, in the case of limited weapons, you must not go above 800 pounds. Also, keep in mind that the weight of the safe does not represent strength, durability, capacity, or any other factor.

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