The 15 Best Hot Glue Guns 2023

It is almost impossible to perform well as a craftsman without the use of the necessary tools and equipment.

One of the most reliable tools which you will find indispensable and which is little known is the hot glue gun.

Well, Our team have taken some time to compile the list of the best hot glue gun.

It is our pleasure to examine it here below.

15 Best Hot Glue Gun Reviews

#1: Hot Glue Gun with LED Lights

Glue Gun with LED Lights

If all you want is to handle all kinds of surfaces and objects, this is the gun of choice. It has the ability to handle and impact many kinds of surfaces and chores. These include home, school, do-it-yourself arts, and crafts, and office tasks, among others.

Pure Cooper Nozzle

Its nozzle comes in the form of the pure Cooper variety. This construction is awesome as it takes the shortest duration of time to heat up. By reason of this arrangement, it will be possible for you to tackle your tasks within the shortest time possible.

Ergonomic Design

Generally speaking, the gun features an ergonomic design. The design is accompanied by a suitable size. These two work hand in hand to bring about maximum comfort in time of use. You may hence say goodbye to any possibilities of blisters and other potential issues which often arise.

Adjustable Watt

Unlike other kinds of guns, this one allows you to vary the power output. You have the choice of either 60W or 100W to select from. This is good news as it means that the tasks you work on will normally bring about awesome and desirable outcomes at all times.


  • Possesses in-built safety features and fuse which prevent overheating
  • Extremely safe to use
  • Offers great illumination experience courtesy of the LED lights
  • Able to handle a variety of materials
  • Built with durability in mind for every design


  • Has some delicate parts and components
  • Lasts comparatively shorter duration of time
  • Requires replacements of parts every now and then

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#2: ccbetter Upgraded Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

ccbetter Upgraded Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

To be able to handle numerous items at a time, you have to set your hand on a gun that is optimized for mass production. Think of no better gun than this. As you are about to see, this gun is packed with numerous features which make this dream a reality.

3-5 Minutes Fast Heat-up

On the whole, the gun takes only 3-5 minutes to heat up. This is too little an amount of time. You are hence spared of the need to spend too much of your precious time to generate the desired outcomes at all. You will not be bored but instead, have time to pursue other issues.

Anti-hot Cover and Safe Power Switch

This gun is extremely user-friendly. This stems from the fact that it comes along with an anti-hot cover and the safe power switch. These two simplify the processes of engaging the gun by eliminating the needs to stay for too long or apply too much impact while handling the gadget.

Excellent Trigger Propulsion Mechanism

It also possesses excellent trigger propulsion mechanism. By reason of this awesome feature, you will be able to experience a well-controlled flow of the glue. This will, in turn, spare you from the likelihood of wasting too much of your glue sticks.


  • Protects your hands from the heat well
  • Flexible support keeps it stable and upright all the time
  • Enables you to use it in any angle
  • Does not sustain any deformities even when utilized for the long run
  • Operates at a constant temperature throughout its entire lifetime


  • Requires too much attention and care
  • Takes up more space in the workshop
  • A bit tedious to handle and engage

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#3: Surebonder PRO2-220 220 Watt Hot Glue Gun

 Surebonder PRO2-220 220

High volume applications are generally demanding. They subsequently call for guns that are strong and highly resistant to physical damages. Only a strong, tough, and durable gun of this kind may come to your rescue.

Adjustable Temperature Controls

With this gun, it is possible for you to regulate the temperature of the glue output. This is because the gun is equipped with controls and features that make this a possibility. The benefit of this feature is that you will receive outcomes that closely mirror your exact expectations.

Lighted On/Off Switch

Its power switch contains an indicator light which basically lets you know whether the power is on or off at any given time. The existence of this indicator is great as it prevents accidental engagements. Your safety is therefore well taken care of.

220 Watts Power Output

In all, the gun exudes a whopping 220 watts of power output. This output is sufficient to handle even the toughest chores at any given time. With regards to this, you may rest assured that no matter what you may have in mind, your interest is well taken care of.


  • The protective heat resistant nozzle covers prevent accidental discharge of glue
  • Detachable wire stand maintains it at a stable position throughout use
  • Integrated gun balancer mount-hole aids in positioning the nozzle
  • Glue stroke adjustment screw regulates the amount of glue discharge
  • Delivers approximately 5 pounds of glue per hour


  • Imposes some fatigue in times of use
  • Slightly complicated to the average user
  • Expensive to acquire and maintain

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#4: Hot Glue Gun, TopElek Mini Glue Gun Kit

TopElek Mini Glue Gun Kit

Small do-it-yourself projects can and indeed should also be performed perfectly. This can only happen if the right hot glue gun is employed for the job. And when we talk of such a gun this is the one to look for. No other gun is as optimized for the job as this one.

Constant Operational Temperature

The gun is structured in such a way as to exude constant temperature throughout its operations. This stems from the fact that it streamlines the output and minimizes the fluctuations that ordinarily arise while in service. The end results are more uniform than of most others.

Heat Preservation Sleeve

A heat preservation sleeve does exist. It is situated at the nozzle of the glue gun. The purpose of this sleeve is to prevent you from sustaining any scalds while engaging the nozzle. You may well be certain that your safety is well guaranteed in the entire duration of service.

Trigger Propulsion Device

Lastly, it exudes the glue output in the form of the trigger propulsion device. The device is easy to pull and engage. In light of this, it releases the glue sticks into the glue gun in a faster and more effective manner. This means no more delays or unnecessary hassles in the course of use.


  • Comes along with 30 pieces of environmentally-friendly glue sticks
  • Provides reliable and lifetime service
  • Generates stronger adhesives that settle on any kind of surfaces
  • Handles multiple glue gun-related chores
  • Generates higher temperature outputs for longer lasting impacts


  • Only for small tasks
  • Not so energy efficient
  • Accepts a limited number of glue sticks

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#5: Hot Glue Gun, TopElek Upgraded 15W/25W Dual-Temp Mini Glue Gun

TopElek Upgraded 15W/25W

Issues and problems take various forms and shades. This calls for some unique approaches when confronting them. If your issue is a small crack on the furniture and other household effects, this is the spray gun to consider leveraging.

Dual Power Controls

A specially-designed dual power control tops the list of the gun’s most desirable features. By engaging this particular set of controls, it is possible for you to switch between 15W and 25W freely. This enables you to bring about outcomes that are consistent with your unique craft needs.

Upgraded Trigger Propulsion Mechanism

Next comes in the upgraded trigger propulsion mechanism. The mechanism enables you to seamlessly control the flow of glue. By reason of this, you will be able to save much glue because only a little of them if any will usually seep into the floor.

Built-in Fuse

The built-in fuse comes in last among these awesome features. The role of this fuse is to provide automatic over-current protection so as to prevent the overheating of the device. This device yet again goes further to enhance your overall safety and wellbeing.


  • Prevents the melted glue from seeping back to the gun
  • Sustains high temperatures and pressure without any deformities
  • Comfortable to handle courtesy of the mini size
  • Takes up less space
  • Takes shorter to heat up (only 1-3 minutes)


  • Cannot handle larger cracks
  • Not so reliable in the long run
  • Generates lower returns on investments

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#6: Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun – 60 Watt

Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun

To save time while tackling larger projects, you need an equally larger hot glue gun. You may wish to try your hand on this particular one as it is the one that is best suited for the job. It generally comes in the form of extremely large dimensions and capacity.


The appliance is certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory. It is hence safe and convenient for use in North America. This is because it meets and indeed exceeds all the requirements for use in such an environment.

Unique “Stand-Up” Base

A unique stand up base accompanies this item. The base is wide and stable. For this reason, it makes the craft projects to be comparatively easier than ever. This is not to mention that it plays a vital role in conferring the stability that is necessary for great work to be done.

Professional Quality 60W

The power output of the glue gun is an impressive 60W. Courtesy of this impressive power output, you may be sure to accrue excellent outcomes. At the same time, you may be sure to escape the undesired consequences of higher utility bills which arise at such times.


  • Reputable American brand and lifetime warranty
  • Negates the need to discard faulty pieces of furniture
  • Saves you great amounts of money
  • Brings out the creativity in you
  • Perfect for all kinds of crafts and do-it-yourself projects


  • Only for use in North America
  • Requires larger storage spaces
  • Quite cumbersome to carry around with ease

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#7: Hot Glue Gun, Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun

Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun

For simpler and lighter do-it-yourself tasks, a handy and compact kind of equipment is by all means necessary. This is the need which this particular hot glue gun is intended to achieve. It is generally smaller in size yet packed with all the relevant features which guarantee awesome outcomes.

High-quality Gun Nozzle

The nozzle of this particular gun is unlike that of any other. This stems from the fact that it is embodied high-quality construction. Courtesy of this construction, the nozzle ejects out the glue in a smooth yet faster pace.

Safety and Comfortable Power Switch

You will find the gun quite convenient to handle. The safety and comfortable power switch will make this a possibility. The switch possesses an LED light mode which further makes the mini glue gun safer. You are therefore spared of any possible scalds and other attendant dangers.

Durable Construction

In its entirety, the gun features a high-quality and durable construction indeed. By reason of this, the gun is capable of operating repeated cycles without sustaining any defects. You will hence find it quite handy for a range of repair and building tasks.


  • Backed by the generous money back guarantee
  • Confers great stability in times of use courtesy of the bracket stable stand
  • The convenient switch turns the power on or off at any given time
  • Generates strong viscosity glue sticks which make your projects properly executed
  • Melts the glue instantly to save you quite some time


  • Generates a paltry 20 watts
  • Inconvenient to transport
  • May not work well in the outdoor environment

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#8: Tacklife GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun

Tacklife GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun

Smaller and lighter tasks do not require overly complicated tools to accomplish. Their small and light nature demands only that tool which is easier to comprehend and engage. You may wish to try your luck on this particular one as it is better suited for the job.

Removable Stand

Coming in first among its most desirable sets of features is the removable stand. The role of this stand is to offer support to the glue gun while in use. It keeps the gun stable and in an upright position all the time. This arrangement minimizes fatigue and guarantees better outcomes.

User-friendly Bonus Glue Sticks

By purchasing this gun, you will receive free user-friendly glue sticks. The sticks are environmentally-friendly and also exudes strong adhesives. In light of this feature, you are assured longer lasting impacts and stable sticking outcomes.

LED Indicator

An LED indicator also forms a vital part and parcel of this glue gun. The indicator is convenient and time-saving. This is given that it negates the need to plug or unplug it frequently. You will save time, energy, and effort in the course of making use of this particular gun.


  • Controls consistent glue flow to save glue sticks
  • Less tedious and great for tackling smaller projects
  • Heats up and melt the glue very fast (typically within 3-5 minutes)
  • Provides a steady and constant stream of glue on demand
  • Easier to clean and provides adequate protection to your health


  • Unsuitable for larger projects
  • Takes too long to bring about the desired end
  • Limited applicability means less value for money

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#9: 100W Hot Glue Gun, BSTPOWER Full Size


Tedious binding chores generate plenty of heat. This heat may often attract undesirable consequences and negative impacts. To perform them seamlessly, you want to make use of a gun which is equipped to handle excessive heat pretty well. This is the one to consider leveraging!

Cooling Hole

A cooling hole exists in the rear portion of the glue gun. It is complemented with a heat insulation device. The two work interdependently to elongate the overall lifespan of the gun without necessarily burning the thermal mechanism. It is what is responsible for the cooler operations.

Trigger Propulsion Mechanism

To eject the glue stick from the gun’s canister, you will have to make use of the trigger propulsion mechanism. This basically entails pulling the glue sticks into the glue. The process is a bit simpler and less tiresome to undertake.

Secure Power Switch

It also possesses a secure power switch which powers the device on or off conveniently. The switch is accompanied by an LED light mode, a fact that makes the glue gun extremely easier to engage. Even if you have no expertise, you will find the equipment easy to handle.


  • Offers detachable and flexible support
  • Maintains a fair degree of stability when in use
  • Usable in just about every other angle or field of view
  • Lasts longer than average and resists any possibilities of burning
  • Maintains a constant temperature automatically


  • Too high power output results in higher utility bills
  • May not be useful for small lighter tasks
  • Quite larger in size and hence requires plenty of storage space

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#10: Surebonder DT-270FKIT Full-Size Dual Temperature Glue Gun

Surebonder DT-270FKIT

Does your whole life revolve around binding things? If you answer the above question in the affirmative, you might want to consider this particular hot glue gun. It is designed for all kinds of applications. Moreover, it is also strong and durable enough for frequent applications.

Dual Temperature

By its sheer nature and application, this gun can handle both low and high application levels. This is made possible by the dual temperature rating of the gun. The high rating handles the more complex applications whereas the low ratings the lower level applications.

Side Fins

It possesses some fins at the sides. These allow for the gun to lay safely on the side while not in use. In so doing, they prevent the gun the glue from traveling back up. This means that the nozzle of the gun will remain unaffected at all in times of engaging the gun.

Ergonomic Rubber Trigger and Handle Design

Generally speaking, the gun’s trigger and handles are ergonomically designed. They are easier to get hold of and handle. They are also less likely to for blisters and inflict discomforts when being handled. You have the pleasure to use them for a prolonged duration of time.


  • Produces 50% more power than the standard glue guns
  • Has a 30-minute auto-shutoff function to guarantee your safety
  • Handles interchangeable nozzles for various kinds of chores
  • Supported by a detachable and sturdy wire stand
  • Can accept numerous like-minded attachments


  • Only for the skilled and experienced users
  • Calls for prior technical expertise to handle

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#11: Hot Glue Gun Kit with Glue Sticks 20 Pcs

Glue Gun Kit

Do you change locations every now and then? This lighter and ergonomically designed gun is yours for the taking. It is small, extremely light in weight, and designed in such a manner as to fit the extremely small storage spaces available. Do try your luck with it.

Ergonomic Compact Size

As stated, the gun is designed in a compact shape and size. It also possesses great ergonomics which improves its handling while on the move. You do not have to set aside too much storage space to make use of the gun at all.

20W Power Output

The gun exudes a comfortable 20W power output. This inflicts limited utility bills on your part as it does not consume too much of the mains electricity. You should not worry at all about spending too much to operate and make good use of the gun.

PTC Heating Technology

Its heating mechanism comes in the form of PTC heating technology. The technology is basically a blend of disruptive electronics and ceramic construction. It is strong and reliable enough to handle higher temperature capacity without melting unnecessarily.


  • Suitable for affixing beads and decorations to substances
  • Can also create dried-flower or silk-flower crafts
  • Great for do-it-yourself activities
  • Refurbishes old furniture by giving them a new appearance
  • Makes great holiday decorations


  • Cannot handle great and reliable tasks
  • Lower power output interferes with its operations
  • The bonds generated are not so long-lasting

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#12: Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 100 Watt

Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 100 Watt

Are you a professional workman? If you answered this question with a positive response, you have to lay your hand on this universal and professional tool. The tool is generally able to handle all kinds of tasks and is used by different kinds of users.

Universal Scope

As has already been hinted, this tool is capable of handling numerous binding tasks. This is mainly because it can pair and work for hand in hand with numerous accessories and related tools. With this tool, you do not have to acquire numerous co-operant tools to enjoy its benefits.

Perfect Storage

Much of the components of the gun are collapsible. In light of this, it is possible for you to shrink the dimensions of this gun to let it take up less space. This is what makes the entire gun easier to keep safe while not in use.

High Heating Temperature

With the ability to generate an impressive 100W of power output, the gun is also able to produce high heating temperature. Courtesy of this high temperature, you will be able to handle tasks which are ordinarily daunting and difficult to undertake under normal circumstances.


  • Can be used with most materials
  • Produces faster heating and melting outcomes
  • Easy and comfortable use
  • Packed in a handy storage case
  • Comes along with 12 free dry glue sticks


  • Has the potential to inflict burns on your skin
  • Inflicts higher utility bills on your part
  • Performs shorter operational cycles

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#13: Black & Decker 20v Cordless Glue Gun

Black & Decker 20v Cordless Glue Gun

In order to complete huge projects within the shortest duration of time, you require a faster and more powerful gun system. You may, therefore, have to pay keen attention to this particular mini-review. The gun under this review is more likely to yield you that level of performance.

Precision Nozzle

Perhaps no other feature is as notable and significant as the precision nozzle. It is so designed in such a manner as to allow for the placement of glues precisely where you might need it. You will hence enjoy reduced hassles and comparatively smooth operations.

20V Max Lithium Technology

On the whole, the batteries of the gun are able to produce a whopping 20V of power output. This is sufficient to provide up to 3 hours of battery life at any given time. What’s more? The batteries take shorter to recharge and are thus convenient to handle.

Faster 90-second Heat-up

Lastly, the gun takes shorter to reach the maximum temperature levels. In all, it takes only 90 seconds to do the job. You are spared of the need to spend too much of your time to engage the device at all. This results in faster outcomes and less fatigue on your part.


  • Completes projects faster and more efficiently
  • Portable enough to allow for remote use and applications
  • Produces strongest bonds which are longer lasting
  • Minimizes the levels of attention required for the job
  • Great for home improvement activities


  • Limited 30-day money back guarantee
  • Requires some expertise to engage effectively
  • Costs higher amounts of money to afford

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#14: Gorilla 8401515 Hot Glue Gun

Gorilla 8401515 Hot Glue Gun

A good gun ideally has to be applicable both indoors and outdoors. You do not want to limit yourself unnecessarily while handling your various chores. It is for this reason that a multipurpose and universal tool of this kind is by all means called for.

Weather Resistant

Setting this gun apart from the others is the fact that it is weather resistant. This simply means that it can operate optimally under all weather conditions. It is this particular trait that makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Long Insulted Nozzle

Its nozzle is longer than those of most standard glue guns. Moreover, it is also insulated to shield it from the harsh external elements of weather. The arrangement subsequently allows for precise applications on whichever projects you may have in mind.

Rubber Handle and Trigger

The handles and the trigger are both made of rubber material. Being soft and reliable, the material allows for a better grip and also gives off utmost comfort. This is not to mention that you will have the freedom to squeeze more of your fingers.


  • Its insulated nozzle prevents burns
  • Incorporates an integrated safety fuse for maximum safety
  • Cord protector prevents the cord from shorting out
  • Integrated stand keeps the nozzle away from your work surface
  • Works with both high and low-temperature glues


  • Requires huge muscle power to engage effectively
  • Calls for expensive repairs and maintenance
  • Too bulky to carry around with ease

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#15: AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun

AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun

For maximum convenience, while tackling the binding tasks, you definitely want to lay your hand on a gun which is able to communicate and work hand in hand with several other kinds of closely related equipment. We advise you to consider trying this one out.

5-foot Cord

It is attachable to the mains electricity socket by use of a 5-foot cord power line. This cable is appropriately insulated to ward off shocks and other dangers that potentially arise at such times. You have your safety well covered.

Highly Protective

You have the freedom to select the low-temperature option for your use. This option allows you to preserve fabrics, Styrofoam, and papers. The underlying reason is the fact that it emits low heat which spares the said materials from harm.

Needle Nozzle

Its nozzle is as thin as a needle. For this reason, the gun is able to channel the glue in precise amounts and at specifically targeted points. The end result is precise outcomes which are less likely to miss the targets which you might have in mind.


  • Allows you to switch easily in between modes
  • Accommodates and works well with numerous other relevant accessories
  • Produces longer lasting bonds
  • Handles various kinds of tasks and chores perfectly
  • Requires no assembly prior to the use


  • Produces too hot a glue which can burn your skin
  • Restricts your operations due to the corded nature
  • Imposes too much clutter in your workshop

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What Is Hot Glue Gun

This is an electric gun-shaped tool which is used to eject hot glue and paste the same on a target surface such as wood, plastic, or concrete.

This tool works by heating up a cylindrical canister which contains the glue after which it generates propulsion which eventuality ejects the hot glue.

Benefits Of Using Hot Glue Gun

Even though you can apply glue using bare hands, you would rather use the hot glue gun for the following reasons:

Forms Stronger Bonds

Compared to the hands, the glue guns form stronger and of course more lasting bonds. This stems from the fact that it heats up the glue and in so doing, boosts its capacity to stick better on surfaces. You can never hope to bring about better outcomes without using this gun.

Maximum Safety

They are designed for safety. These include the valves, cooling mechanisms, and other features that are designed to shield you from various dangers. As such, you may go ahead and engage the various controls and aspects without fear.

Convenient to Engage

Other than being designed for safety, these guns are also convenient to engage. This is because they deliberate efforts have been made to simplify the powering and control of various apparatus. You do not have to expend too much energy to have your way.

Faster Outcomes

Needless to say, the guns take a shorter duration of time to bring about the desired ends. Unlike the use of bare hands, you will not have to pay too much attention to the task of handling the gun. Instead, you will only wait a few minutes to do so.

Tackles Difficult Chores with Ease

You can never contemplate tackling difficult chores such as the industrial-scale tasks without the use of the glue gun. These tasks require faster operations and more precise input. These two are only achievable by the use and engagement of this gun.

How To Use Hot Glue Gun

Follow the steps laid out below to make use of the hot glue gun:

Select the Right Kind of Gun for Your Project

The first and by far the most significant step is to select the right kind of gun for your project. Larger projects require larger guns whereas smaller projects can easily make do with smaller guns. For professional outcomes, you want professional guns too!

Cordon off the Area You Intend to Work In

Cordon off the area you intend to work in. This is to prevent encroachment by third parties or unsuspecting passersby. Use cardboard or a strip to encircle the project area. The ‘Work in Progress’ sign will also alert others of the ongoing operations. Remember to put on the right protective gears also at this stage.

Insert the Necessary Glue Stick in the Canister

Now insert the necessary glue stick into the canister of the hot glue gun. Follow the instructions to go about this particular issue well. Remember also pay attention to the compatibility issue. You do not want to settle for a stick which cannot fit in the canister.

Prepare the Nozzle for the Operation

As soon as through, you now want to prepare the nozzle for the subsequent operations. Wipe it to rid it of any melted glue. You may have to use a toothpick to remove any glue which may have clogged the opening. You are now good to go!

Pull the Trigger

Pull the trigger now to commence the ejection of the hot glue. To do this, get to the trigger and simply pull it. Channel the nozzle to the exact spot where you want the glue to be placed. This will definitely do you the good you want.

Tips & Tricks Of Using The Hot Glue Gun

Choose the Temperature Glue Gun for the Job

These devices come in different styles and temperature settings. These are the high, the low, and the dual temperature settings. It is necessary to match these to avoid any issues from arising unnecessarily.

Choose the Best Size Glue Gun for the Job

Selecting the right temperature glue gun is not enough. It is necessary also to select the best size for the job. You do not want to spend too much of your time in tackling a chore you would under five minutes or so. Generally, a larger gun is ideal for larger tasks.

Get the Right Glue for Your Glue Gun!

Just like the guns come in different shades so do the glue sticks. They are available in mini, medium, and the full-sized respectively. It is also necessary to consider their sizes to prevent incompatibility issues.

When in Doubt, Test

If you are doubtful of any of the stated issues, it is necessary to carry out some testing before deciding to commit to a particular device or item. Pick any of the items randomly above and use them. Notice how they respond.

Protect Your Fingers

Lastly, you have to protect your fingers as well. Many past users have complained of blisters, discomforts, and other work-related injuries. It is in your best interest to put on the silicone finger protectors to safeguard them from the hot glue.

How To Clean A Hot Glue Gun

Clean the Nozzle

After each use, take care to wipe the glue off the nozzle to prevent it from hardening and possibly clogging the gun. Use a clean piece of cloth and do so immediately after use to minimize any downtimes.

Unclog the Nozzle

Chances are that some glue may have hardened and clogged the nozzle. If this happens, consider re-triggering the nozzle to heat the glue. Use Aluminum foils to wipe this particular glue away. You may have to wait slightly longer for best results.

Tackle the Rest of the Gun

The precise method used to clean the rest of the gun depends on the nature of the dirt which these portions experience. For normal dirt, dust, and debris, a clean piece of cloth, some water, and mild detergent will do.

If however, some glue may have hardened on the exterior surface, cover the area with a piece of Aluminum foil. Use a heated iron to gently rub the area. This action will melt the glue and make it easier to get rid of.

Carry Out Final Touches

After you are through with the above procedures, it may be wise to now carry out some final touches. To do this, you may have to wipe the body of the gun using a moist piece of cloth or paper towel. This shall get rid of excess grime and also cool the plastic down.

What Should I Look When Choosing A Hot Glue Gun?


As stated repeatedly, these glue guns come in different shapes and sizes. Examples of these are compact, industrial and the mini. This is mainly because they are intended to fulfill different kinds of purposes. You have to pay attention to the nature of the task you intend to tackle to know which one suits your need.


The feed is the mechanism by which the hot glue is dispensed. There are two main kinds of feeds namely the trigger and the push feeds. The former dispenses the glue by pulling the trigger. The latter is manual in that you insert the stick and push it with bare hands.

Power Output

For the trigger feed types, power output is the amount of power which the gun generates to push out the glue stick. The right gun under this consideration depends on the nature of the application. For industrial applications, you need a gun which is powerful enough.

Warm-up Time

This is the amount of time that the gun takes to heat the glue stick. It goes without saying that you have to settle for one that takes up the least amount of time. This is necessary to spare you from the need to wait for too long to obtain the desired outcomes.

Corded vs. Cordless

Lastly, you have the choice between the corded and the cordless gun. The corded is mainly used for indoor applications whereas the latter performs well in either location. Choose a corded only if you intend it for strictly indoor applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the strongest hot glue gun?

The Surebonder 739 is by far the strongest hot glue gun. It is a high strength adhesive which has a long open time. This simply means that it does not lose its potency even left when exposed to the external elements for a prolonged duration of time.

Q2. Is hot glue permanent?

YES, it is! As a matter of fact, it has the same tenacity as the epoxy glue and is hence suited for applications which cannot be handled by the epoxy.

Q3. How many degrees is a hot glue gun?

To melt the glue, you the gun will have to generate around 250°F-380°F.

Q4. What dissolves hot glue?

To dissolve the hot glue, make use of alcohol or any other kind of spirit. They have the ability to break the strong bonds and dissolve the hot glue altogether.

Q5. Is it possible to microwave hot glue sticks?

YES, it is. The heat that is generated by the microwave is hot enough to melt the glue sticks. You are however advised against that due to the fact that microwaves are intended for handling food. You do not want to contaminate your food. Do you?


MY FAVORITE IS the Surebonder DT-270FKIT Full-Size Dual Temperature Glue Gun.

This is because my entire life revolves around binding things. The tool is comprehensive in scope, very durable, and able to accept numerous accessories.

You can make some cool thing with glue gun

The Team That Worked On This Review

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