The 11 Best Hose Timers In 2023

Timing is everything. Indeed a split second delay in acting or responding to an impulse may often make a difference between life and death.

The situation is even worsened when there is water involved in the process. These are the roles that a hose timer is intended to play.

Our team of topnotch researchers has scoured through the numerous appliances of these kinds that are available on the market today.

Top 11 Hose Timer Reviews

#1: Faucet Timer by Buteny

Faucet Timer by Buteny

To be able to guarantee your crops a steady supply of water, you have to make use of a hose timer. You might have to think of this specific one. It is designed to ward off forgetfulness and reduce the wastage of water.

Standard Faucet Interface

A standard faucet interface tops its most admirable set of features. This is able to be attached to the ¾-inch standard type faucet. It hence guarantees you some convenience in the course of installing and making use of it.

Rain Delay Function

When the rainy season is about to set in, the timer is able to detect it and defer the discharge of water. It does this through the rain delay function. With this functionality, it is possible to defer the water discharge by 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours.

Automatic Filtering

Other than regulating the discharge of water, this timer can also filter out unwanted dirt and debris. This gives rise to cleaner water and also lengthens the overall life of the timer as a whole. Also, the incidences of clogging the pipe are suppressed heavily.


  • Makes room for both automatic and manual controls
  • Saves you plenty of water resources on the whole
  • Equipped with a larger digital display for ease of reading
  • Manufactured using high-quality materials
  • Does not interrupt your watering schedule at all


  • Less flexible to handle and engage
  • Performs limited operational cycles
  • Low water capacity

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#2: Orbit 62061Z 1-Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit 62061Z 1-Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

Do you intend to use the hose timer in rainy areas or seasons? If you answered in the affirmative, you might want to pay some attention to this mini-review. The timer is suited to handle plenty of water and perform well in rainy seasons.

Rain Delay

To handle the rainy seasons and areas effectively, the timer has a built-in rain delay feature. This one pauses your programmed schedules for some 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours. While at it, it does not interfere with your ordinary programs or schedules.

Heavy-duty Weatherproof Construction

Throughout its entirety, the timer is manufactured using the heavy-duty weatherproof construction. For this reason, it is very strong and reliable. This guarantees you some long-term reliability and fewer incidences of breakdowns.

Comfortable Run-time

By being able to operate for up to four hours uninterrupted, this timer has a comfortable run time indeed. You do not have to worry about going to the rain every now and then to check its progress and performance.


  • Operates for a prolonged duration of time
  • Gives room for flexible manual watering outcomes
  • Saves water during the drought conditions as well
  • Gives precise water discharge controls
  • The one dial gives room for comprehensive timer controls


  • Suitable mostly for rainy areas
  • Has fewer operational modes
  • Easily damaged by intense pressure

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#3: Programmable Hose Faucet Timer for Outdoor

Programmable Hose Faucet Timer for Outdoor

If your search for the right timer is mainly dictated by the need to water the yard or garden, this is the timer to wish for. As you are about to note, this timer is small and compact enough for use at the convenience of the home.

Digital Timer Display

A digital timer display exists to let you know of your progress. The screen is large and clearly legible. You will not encounter any ambiguities or obtain readings that are not accurate. This means greater confidence on your part.

Programmable Hose Timer

By possessing the on & off repeated function, you will be capable of programming the hose timer. This trait of programmability will see to it that you save some water. Needless to say, this one translates into greater savings on your part.


On the whole, this timer is manufactured using only tough and quality materials. These include the weather-resistant ABS plastic material. This means it is indeed built to last and will hardly sustain those tough damages.


  • Gives you some flexibility to set the required time
  • Allows you to customize the timer for your precise gardening needs
  • Works in a broad range of durations
  • Detects and automatically skips watering during the rainy days
  • Does not interrupt with your pre-programmed cycles


  • The limited sphere of influence (impacts gardens only)
  • Single outlet means much inconvenience to you
  • Not so powerful for demanding chores

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#4: Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

A highly-versatile hose timer is by all means called for if you are a career irrigator. This is where this multipurpose timer comes in. it does have the uncanny ability to fit numerous other attachments. You will hence find it pretty convenient.

Highly Versatile

As has already been stated, this hose timer is highly versatile. It is comparatively easy to program and also attaches to quite a number of accessories. These include the garden hose, standard drip tubing, and the outdoor faucet.

On/off Controls

To control the discharge of the water, this timer has some highly-responsive on/off controls. These are further complemented by the diaphragm and the solenoid. They basically put you ahead of the game of controlling the pace and nature of watering.

Low-battery Indicator

And when the battery runs low, the low-battery indicator shall alert you of the same. It shall beep and exude some red light. At this point, you want to peek and see how it goes. You are hence absolved from constant attention and monitoring.


  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Safer to handle and utilize
  • Programs remain intact whenever the batteries are changed
  • Universal fit allows for easy attachment and detachment
  • Saves time and operational expenses


  • Must have some minimum PSI rating to function appropriately
  • Quite delicate and prone to damages
  • May not work for a longer duration of time

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#5: Orbit Dual Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer

Orbit Dual Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer

Do you wish to guarantee your grass constant supply of water year round? Get hold of this hose timer. It will take away the need to worry about ever having to water your lawn time and again. Read on to find out more about its finer details.

Improved Brass Swivel Connector

To attach it to a water source, you will have to make use of an improved bass swivel connector. Being able to swivel back and forth, you will enjoy the benefit of unparalleled convenience. Also, you will be able to have some freedom of attachment.

Automatic Timed Outlets

Each outlet is automatically timed. This is to mean that you will not have to constantly monitor and keep the pace of its progress at all times. Instead, you will have the leeway to spend the extra time to pursue other chores which equally matter.


By its sheer construction and design, this timer is weatherproof indeed. Some of the top benefits it poses are resistance to corrosion, dents, cleavages, and persistent damages. You are hence assured some utmost peace of mind.


  • Reliable at all times regardless of the prevailing weather conditions
  • Fits the standard U.S. garden hose with ease
  • Performs up to 4,000 cycles on only two AA batteries
  • Secures firmly onto the hose faucet
  • Expedites the process of watering your garden


  • Quite expensive to come by
  • Unsuitable for small gardens
  • Generates too water high pressure

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#6: Instapark PWT-07 Automatic On Off Water Faucet Hose Timer

 Automatic On Off Water Faucet Hose Timer

Are you a novice in the field of watering? To be guaranteed some seamless operations, you want to make use of a simple and easy to use hose timer. Look to no other one than this as it is pretty simple and comparatively convenient to comprehend.

Oversized Rotary Dial

To program your timer to be able to perform the required chores, you will have to make use of the rotary dial. This one oversized which makes it clearly legible and easily operable. You just can never go wrong with it at all.

Self-explanatory Pushbuttons

Some four self-explanatory pushbuttons also constitute this hose timer. With these buttons, it is pretty easy for you to set the parameters you so desire. Being self-explanatory, they eliminate the need to possess great expertise.

Clearly Legible LCD Display

A clearly legible LCD display unit exists to keep you posted on your progress. It showcases all the ongoing tasks at hand. Moreover, it is easy to read given that the fonts are larger in sizes. This eliminates all forms of ambiguities while taking the measurements.


  • Manufactured using the strongest and most durable materials
  • Has an impressive waterproof rating of IP66
  • Features the anti-slip grip for ease of handling
  • Comes along with a dust cover for the LED display
  • Possesses a detachable battery compartment


  • Impacts only a small area
  • Prone to dirt and damages
  • Single attachment translates to minimal inconvenience

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#7: Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer

Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer

For light everyday use and applications, you want to make use of an equally simple and straightforward hose timer of this kind. As you are about to realize, this one is also light and compact enough to handle for those kinds of light chores.

Oversized Dial

An oversized dial stands tall among the list of its most desirable features. With this dial, it is possible for you to manually select the parameters you so desire. It is clearly legible and hence unlikely to give rise to any ambiguity.

Automatic Settings

An automatic setting also forms a vital part of this hose timer. With this timer, you get to obtain the benefit of being able to set some 16 watering duration. These options vary from the 2-90 minutes. They absolve you from the need for constant attention and care.

Easy Installation

Lastly, you will also leverage the benefit of easier installation. This stems from its ability to fit and pair with your standard faucet or hose. You need no prior expertise or experience to be able to handle it given this awesome trait.


  • Allows you to water without any worries
  • Flexible enough for varying watering and automated functionality
  • Performs well in numerous temperature ranges
  • Takes less time to set in motion
  • Saves water even in drought conditions


  • Not so reliable in the long run
  • A bit delicate and prone to some damages
  • No rain delay functionality

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#8: DIG BO9D – Battery Powered Digital Hose End Irrigation Watering Timer

DIG BO9D - Battery Powered Digital Hose End Irrigation Watering Timer

If you lack the time to manage your watering devices, your hope lies in this particular appliance. It is fully automated to guarantee you some smooth operations and reliability. This stems from its battery power.

Precise Controls Apparatus

This timer guarantees you some precise controls. This is mainly because of the LCD display which keeps you posted on your progress all the time. Because of this, you are less likely to miss your steps or make some decisions which are disastrous.

Excellent Inlets and Outlets

Some excellent inlets and outlets are in existence in this timer. These inlets and outlets are attachable to the ends of your garden hose or outdoor faucets. They provide some smooth connectivity which in turn ensure smoother operations.

9-volt Alkaline Battery Power

A 9-volt alkaline battery exists to power your timer. The battery consumption of this timer is moderate that this battery can last a whole year (assuming moderate use). You stand to spend less on your utility but at the same time accrue reliable outcomes.


  • Manages some smooth inflows and outflows of water
  • Allows for easy programming of the six control buttons
  • Can perform well in many intervals of discharge or durations of use
  • Variable programming options enrich your overall experience
  • Accommodates both the manual and the automatic operability


  • Carcinogenic and has the potential to cause cancer
  • When battery charge depletes, it may not operate
  • Stay away from it if you reside in excessively damp conditions

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#9: Orbit 58910 Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit 58910 Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

You do not have to pay too much attention while watering your gardens. You just have to bring in a good timer and you are done. And when we talk of a good timer, look no further than this one. It is indeed truly reliable.

Multiple Controls

Courtesy of this timer, it is possible for you to engage multiple controls. As a matter of fact, you will be able to control a maximum of two ports. All these will be at the comfort of an easy-to-program and read LCD screen.

 Appropriate Settings

With this timer, it is also possible for you to determine quite a number of settings. These include the clock, watering time, frequency, duration, and even automatic timing. You have some guarantee about your reliability and state of mind.

Rain Delay Functionality

The rain delay functionality also exists to aid you in the conservation of water. You can delay the discharge of water by a whopping 72 hours. This also means that you are assured some convenience and minimal attention in the course of use.


  • Supports two outlets for your maximum convenience and discharge of water
  • Can be bypassed manually to give room for limited interruptions while operating
  • Low power consumption by virtue of being operable by only two AA batteries
  • Moderates the discharge and use of water
  • Wards off the need for too much attention on your part


  • Experiences some delays while operational
  • Lacks any automated features
  • Unsuitable for professional applications

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#10: Melnor Simple and Flexible Programming Digital Water Timer

Melnor Simple and Flexible Programming Digital Water Timer

If all your intended use is in the outdoor environment, do get hold of this hose timer. On the whole, it is weather-resistant and pretty reliable for use in such an environment well. Other than this, it is also a good and reliable machine.

Zinc Connection Nut

To attach this timer to your plumbing devices, you will have to make use of the zinc connector nut. This has some non-slip rubberized grip on it to allow for proper and hassle-free handling. It hence gives rise to great connectivity.

Individualized Programming

This timer gives you the freedom to program your watering on a case-by-case basis rather than as a comprehensive batch. As a matter of fact, it is possible for you to manage individual days of the week with this timer.

Easy-to-use Rubberized Multi-function Controls

Controlling it is also a breeze. For this one, you will have the easy-to-use rubberized multi-function controls for your use. They are not only simpler to engage but also yield greater outcomes on the whole.


  • Can water up to 24 times daily
  • Possesses some innovative features which are lacking in other brands
  • Both the setup and programming are simpler to undertake
  • Displays the tasks on progress for the avoidance of doubt
  • Compatible with many other sensors and attachments


  • For outdoor use only
  • Moderately bulky to engage and move freely
  • Inflicts higher maintenance costs on your part

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#11: Orbit 56233D 3-Outlet Digital Watering Timer

Orbit 56233D 3-Outlet Digital Watering Timer

For those impromptu applications, you need a hose timer which is easier to get started in. Here you have one for your immediate consideration. It is generally quite simple to engage and is hence more likely to yield you reliable operations.

Flexible Watering Frequency

With this hose timer, you will enjoy the benefit of the flexible watering frequency. You will be able to alter the frequency from 6 hours to 7 days. This gives you the freedom to customize it to your unique requirements.

Variable Valves

Further making this appliance all the more suited for your use are the variable valves. They are two in number and are also programmable. One of them is automatic whereas the other is manual. Simply choose one of your likings.

Dial Controls Programming

To program the parameters of the watering schedule, you will make use of one dial control. This dial is legible and easier to handle on the whole. You can just never go wrong with it at all. On the contrary, you will enjoy better outcomes.


  • Longer watering durations for your convenience
  • Its swivel connectivity allows for simplified installation
  • Weather-resistant construction for reliable operations
  • The manual bypass allows for some instant faucet use
  • “Low-battery” warning alerts you of the possibilities of power loss


  • Gives off some less value for money
  • Limited range of use
  • Cannot handle high-pressure water

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What is a Hose Timer?

A hose timer is an addition or attachment to your ordinary water hose. It plays the role of automating your hose watering system. This attachment is basically a simple way of avoiding the problem of overwatering your garden. Also, it absolves you from the need to stand and pay all your attention to the watering process.

Why Do You Need a Hose Timer?

Automates the Watering Process

Most hose timers are automated in nature. That is to mean that they let you determine the parameters you are interested in and they implement them without your effort. This way, you get to obtain consistent watering outcomes as opposed to a situation in which you had to do so manually.

Extends the Functionality of the existing Plumbing Mechanism

When attached to your sprinkler, faucet, pipe or other plumbing systems, the hose timer can and indeed does extend the functionality of this mechanism. This lets the plumbing system achieve feats which would ordinarily be unachievable.

Replaces the existing Watering System

In some extreme cases, these hose timers can even replace your existing watering system. This is especially if they are designed to be comprehensive in nature. If and when it discharges this role, it frees you from the need to spend too much of your money in putting up the system.

Ensures Uninterrupted Supply of Water to your Vegetation

Given that they are designed to alert you on your watering progress, these systems also ensure some uninterrupted supply of water to your vegetation. For this reason, your vegetation is more likely to thrive in a healthy and luxurious manner.

Eliminates the Need for Too Much Attention on your Part

Lastly, they spare you from the need to pay too much attention. This stems from the fact that they are for a large part automated in nature. With the extra free time, you are able to handle and minister to other chores which equally matter.

What to Look for When Choosing a Hose Timer?

Operational Modes

These appliances can function as either manual or automated. The former is cheaper and generally easier to operate. You will have to possess great expertise though to be able to operate the latter. However, the automated versions are more convenient to handle by reason of requiring limited effort and attention on your part.

Land Area

How much area of land do you want to impact at any given time? To ascertain this parameter and look out for that timer that has the capacity to handle that much land. You do not want to settle on an appliance that is ill-equipped or prepared to handle the land mass.

Water Handling Capacity

This refers to the quantity of water that the hose timer can discharge at any given time. A good timer, needless to say, has to be able to handle the right amount of water at any given time. Failure to consider this parameter may lead to your system getting overwhelmed.

Power Rating

For those that are battery-powered, it is necessary that you factor the power rating. This is basically the description of its power consumption and power output respectively. You should strike a balance between these two extremes while searching for the right one. This is to be assured low utility bills and steady performance.

Skill Level vs. Degree of Sophistication

Your skill level also comes in handy at such times. You want to settle on a timer which is well within your controls and sphere of influence. That is why you want to figure out your skill level as well as the degree of sophistication of the timer you are interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size of hose timer do I need?

This entirely depends on the land mass you are interested impacting. There is a direct correlation between the diameter of the timer and the water discharge rates. Choose one with a larger diameter for larger land mass and vice versa.

Which is the most durable hose timer?

Some of the brands which have been identified to be durable are RainRobot, Gardena, Raindrip, Claber, Orbit, Melnor, and Instapark.

To what other uses can a typical hose timer be devoted?

Some may be used to water your garden yet others can also play the role of extinguishing flames.

How many operational cycles can I perform with a typical hose timer?

With moderate use and assuming strong construction, a good hose timer should do you some good for around 1 year.

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