The 10 Best Camping Hammock Underquilts In 2023

Camping is fun. However, it is not without its share of downsides and issues. The chief among these issues is the excess cold that arises mainly at night.

Since you do not want pneumonia, lung issues, and hypothermia, you have to acquire the right insulation materials.

Perhaps the best material for the job is the underquilt. We have dedicated the entire page and review to the subject matter.

10 Best Hammock Underquilt Reviews

#1: Snugpak Hammock under Blanket

If you plan to sleep out in the open in an extremely chilly environment, you certainly want an underquilt that is pretty effective at warding off cold. This one, as you are about to see, is well suited for the task. It is particularly awesome at preventing gushes from underneath the hammock.

MicroDiamond Fabric

Throughout its makeup is this wonderful fabric. It is highly perforated, very breathable, and warm. For this reason, the material is less likely to inflict the risks of suffocation, overheating, and other problems that might often arise.

Paratex Antibacterial Treatment

You will also enjoy the benefit of being free from the infestation of germs. This is made possible by the antibacterial treatments. It kills bacteria and thus prevents you from falling sick or having to spend too much to fight sicknesses later.

Compression Stuff Sack

To carry it around, you will simply have to utilize the compression stuff sack. This is a carrying case in which you place the underquilt whenever you are not using it. It is easier to engage and is thus pretty convenient to carry around also.


  • Fits most hammocks
  • Confers great comfort and insulation
  • Reflects and traps heat at the same time
  • Fits well on the exterior portions of the hammocks
  • Provides you with warmth and comfort for good night sleep


  • Cannot withstand extreme weather variations
  • Wears out easily after intense washings
  • No stable enough for long-term reliability

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#2: OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

If you are that kind of person whose whole life is centered on camping and outdoors, you require an underquilt that can withstand all weather conditions. This underquilt, by reason of also being suitable for all-around usage, fits that bill well.

Premium Material Construction

Top of the list of its key features is the premium material construction. It comprises Polyester Filling, Ripstop Nylon Shell, 300T Polyester Pongee Lining and DWR coating. These materials are tough and reliable enough for regular use.

Comfortable Temperature Range

This underquilt is suited for use in all seasons as hinted above. This stems from the fact that it can perform well in a wide temperature range of approximately 40°F to 68°F (5°C to 20°C). It is, therefore, a very worthy companion indeed.

Highly Compressible

It is also designed in such a manner as to be highly compressible. This trait comes in handy when you want to store it or transport it to a remote location. What’s more? It even comes along with a nylon stuff sack that aids in storage.


  • Great at keeping you warm in extremely chilly temperatures
  • Backed by a generous lifetime warranty
  • Extremely lightweight camping quilt
  • Covers the entire length of the body
  • Very quick and easy to set up and take down


  • Quite bulky
  • Complicated to the average user
  • Not for emergency situations

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#3: Chill Gorilla 40°F HAMMOCK UNDERQUILT

Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt

Are you constantly on the move? If you answered ‘yes’, you certainly want an underquilt that is light enough to transport and is also easy to wash. Look no further than this underquilt. As you are about to see, it embodies both traits.

Water-resistant Material Construction

In its entirety, the underquilt is made of the premium and water-resistant materials. This is the 20D Ripstop Nylon shell. For this reason, you may rest assured that you will confront those rainy and chilly conditions with ease.

40°F Synthetic Insulation

On the whole, the underquilt can provide maximum insulation of about 40°F. Moreover, it can be washed easily. This is not to mention that it also dries quickly for maximum convenience. You will hence enjoy the benefit of expedited time.

4-strap Compression Stuff Sack

To facilitate your transport and storage of the underquilt, a 4-strap compression stuff sack accompanies it. The sack can reduce in size to 7-inch by 10-inch and is thus wide enough to store all the other gears as well.


  • Fast and simpler to set up
  • Can fit any camping hammock
  • Provides unprecedented warmth and comfort
  • Machine washable and easier to keep clean
  • Extremely light in weight and easy to pack


  • Has a low weight capacity
  • Comprises delicate fabrics
  • A bit weighty (weighs 2.9 pounds/1.3 kg)

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#4: Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 Under Quilt

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember

For the sake of maximum convenience, you might want a hammock underquilt that is usable all year round. This specific item, as you are about to see, is suited for this specific role only too well. It also has the ability to withstand huge temperature variations.

Polyester-filled Quilt

The entire interior portion of the underquilt has polyester fillings. These are materials that are used to provide the padding and support. Being made of Polyester, the material is soft, warm, yet highly breathable to ward off suffocation.

Adjustable Shock Cord

To facilitate the process of setting up the underquilt, this equipment comes along with the adjustable shock cord. This cord expedites the procedures and lets you take comparatively less time indeed.  You will hence not shiver at all while in the winter.

Specific Cuts

Lastly, it does come along with some hammock specific cuts. These ensure that you derive the very best insulation for all your lounging needs. You will thus derive effective, sufficient warmth and unparalleled comfort at all times.


  • Higher temperature ratings of approximately 50 degrees
  • Comparatively simpler to store and carry around
  • Weighs only 25 ounces and is thus less cumbersome to engage
  • Provides effective and reliable cover at all time
  • Cheaper to afford


  • Moderately difficult to clean
  • Lacks several vital parts, features, and components
  • Not so resilient to wear and tear

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#5: Snugpak Hammock Quilt

Snugpak Hammock Quilt

Regular travels, especially to distant locations, can only be made possible if the underquilt in use is light in weight and very easy to set up. These are the niches for which this particular underquilt is formulated and intended.

Snugpak’s Travel Soft Insulation

Perhaps its most outstanding trait is this extraordinary insulation. This is very effective at trapping heat and keeping off the excess cold. It can be easily folded and stored for a prolonged duration of time. This makes it easier to transport also.

Extra Warmth and Comfort

Generally speaking, this underquilt provides extra warmth and comfort indeed. This is by reason of possessing excess insulation and heavy-duty materials that are nonetheless lighter in weight. You cannot even think of settling for an alternative.

Very Reliable

Most underquilts tend to lose their thermal characteristics when unpacked or not used for long. Not so with this underquilt. On the contrary, it is very reliable regardless of when it is stored or for how long it is not utilized.


  • Has a compression stuff sack for saving space
  • Provides added insulation and warmth
  • Covers your feet and sides as well for complete insulation
  • Easier to embark and disembark for maximum convenience
  • Firm and rigid enough to prevent slip offs


  • Can accommodate only limited occupants
  • Requires a large space to install
  • Not effective at withstanding strong winds

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#6: Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Vulcan Underquilt

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan UnderQuilt

Winter months are particularly terrible. They normally witness extremely low temperatures that are freezing cold. These conditions call for underquilts that are similarly thick and very warm. This is an example of such items.

Primaloft Synergy Insulation Construction

The major material that has been used to make up the underquilt is this Primaloft Synergy. This material is thick, warm, yet breathable enough to be used in all the four seasons. It is also great for the winter months.

Excellent Temperature Rating

This underquilt has a temperature rating of 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially the case if it is used alongside the comparable top quilt. This means you stand to derive the benefits of extra warmth even when the circumstances outside are unfavorable.

Highly Adaptable

In all, the material and indeed the entire underquilt conforms to the contours of your body. This prevents unnecessary hassles and guarantees maximum comfort. You will find this underquilt particularly useful in case you like turning a lot.


  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations courtesy of the cord suspension
  • Keeps you completely dry owing to the water repellent nature
  • Weighs only 30 ounces and is hence light enough to carry around
  • Comes along with a handy stuff rack for added storage
  • Great for adventures, hikes, and expeditions


  • Way too expensive to afford
  • Quite difficult to wash
  • A bit cumbersome to carry around

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#7: Tribe Provisions – Ultimate Outdoor Blanket

Tribe Provisions

In case you are a lover of outdoors, you may have to place your bet on a comprehensive underquilt. This is basically one that can suit different camping and outdoor conditions. This one is universal in scope by reason of being able to serve several outdoor purposes.

240T Nylon Fabric

Much of the underquilt is made of the 240T Nylon fabric material. This material is strong and thus highly durable. Moreover, it comprises triple-stitched edges which confer maximum durability also. This is not to mention that it is also breathable enough for maximum comfort.

Polyester Insulation

The exterior of the underquilt is insulated by use of the Polyester material. The material is less stretchable and therefore does not lose its form unnecessarily. It also easily resists molds, mildews, and other forms of contaminants.

Hollow-core Insulation

The third layer of insulation is brought about by the hollow-core insulation functionality. This basically traps heat that is generated by your body’s muscular contractions and vibrations. You can be certain of maximum warmth at all times.


  • Cleans easily by reason of responding great to brushes and other cleaning equipment
  • Can be washed by machine and is as such simpler to clean
  • Large enough to accommodate two fully grown adults
  • Attaches firmly on your shoulders for maximum reliability
  • Simpler to transport to the desired locations


  • Provides poor insulation on the whole
  • Less durable by reason of comprising delicate fabrics
  • Requires higher maintenance costs

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#8: Outdoor Vitals OV-Roost 40°F UnderQuilt

Outdoor Vitals OV-Roost 40°F UnderQuilt

For your comprehensive camping needs, you certainly want an underquilt that is comprehensively designed. As you are about to see, this underquilt is indeed one of that kind. It is fitted with all the key features of the ideal material.


As has already been stated, this underquilt is comprehensive in scope. It may serve as a double sleeping bag, sleeping bag, and an underquilt at the same time. For this reason, it returns higher value for money besides conferring maximum convenience.

Durable Material Construction

In all, the underquilt is made of durable and very reliable materials. These are the hollow filament synthetic filling, zipper guard, and 300T rip-stop shell. They are strong enough to resist tears and other elements or deterioration.

Heavy-duty Zipper

To guarantee you maximum form and peace of mind while asleep, this underquilt has heavy duty zippers. These zippers are strong and tough enough to keep you from falling off even when you are turning vigorously.


  • Confers higher value for money
  • Provides you maximum convenience during use
  • Has some coating which repels water from the exterior of the sleeping bag
  • Keeps you warmer and drier all the time
  • Helps to ward off moisture from percolating into your skin


  • Requires a great deal of expertise to operate
  • Not for the average user
  • Quite difficult to maintain

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#9: Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30°F Down Underquilt

Outdoor Vitals Aerie Down Underquilt

If you are a seasoned camper or if your life depends entirely on camping and outdoors, you want an underquilt that is strong and very reliable under all conditions. This is one such underquilt as you are about to see.

Heavy-duty YKK zippers

The Heavy duty YKK zippers come at the very top of its key features. They are by far the highest standard of zippers you will find around. They provide the needed strength and support necessary. They also call for limited repairs and maintenance.

Maximum Insulation and Filling

You will also get to enjoy the rare benefit of maximum insulation. This is made possible by the existence of the certified and premium 800+ fill power that is brought about by the DWR-treated filling materials. You will hence keep warm at all times.

Grid Baffle Design

Unlike most other underquilts, this one features the grid baffle design. This one locks the down to the desired places. This eliminates the likelihood of cold spots that may seep in excess colds. You can thus be sure of maximum warmth all the time.


  • Very reliable by reason of providing greater resistance to moisture
  • Features lightweight and high quality at the same time
  • Lasts longer and is very reliable in the long run
  • Less prone to damages and other agents of wear and tear
  • Provides five different options to use


  • Quite unaffordable to many people
  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • May not b so convenient to package

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#10: Thermarest Tech Blanket

Therm-a-Rest Tech Blanket

Are you constantly changing locations? The underquilt you settle for has to be light in weight, compressible, and easier to transport out and about the desired area. This is one such underquilt as you are about to see.

High-loft Synthetic Fill

Coming in at position one of its features is the high-loft synthetic fill. This is basically some materials that are used to stuff up the interior of the underquilt. This is what confers the support, warmth, and comfort necessary.

Soft Polyester Interior

Further complementing the fill is this soft polyester interior. Polyester is warmer by reason of possessing some plastic materials in its makeup and composition. This, in turn, allows you to derive the home-like comfort at all times.

Extreme Lightweight

On the whole, the underquilt is extremely light in weight. This is mainly due to the polyester and nylon material compositions. You will find the underquilt quite convenient to carry around as the need may so desire.


  • Highly versatile and comfortable for use
  • Manufactured by a reliable and reputable brand
  • Outperforms its competitors in the wild and outdoors
  • Perfect for emergencies, winters, and country camping
  • Can be carried around ad utilized in remote locations with ease


  • Provides less reliable warming
  • Not so durable
  • Provides less value for money

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What is a Hammock Underquilt?

For a start, an underquilt is a special kind of padding or material that is used to line the hammocks and other bedding. Its primary purposes are to provide extra warmth and comfort.

It does so by trapping heat, providing extra support, keeping off cold from percolating into the interior. Some underquilts may also drain excess moisture courtesy of their waterproof characteristics.

Types of Hammock Underquilts

Hammock underquilts may be classified on the basis of the roles they are designed to play. These are as follows:


These kinds of underquilts are mainly intended to keep off water and moisture from percolating into the hammock. They have impervious exterior fabrics and are less likely to get soaked even when exposed to too much water.


As their name suggests, this kind of hammock underquilts is designed and intended to trap heat rather than block excess cold. This is because of their extra warmth and high trapping power. They are great for extremely harsh locations.


Unlike the other types, these ones are mainly designed for use in rainy and extremely damp locations. They are much more resistant to the percolation of water and moisture than their waterproof counterparts.


By their nature and design, these underquilts are mainly intended to ward off excess cold rather than trap heat. They have thick outer layers that are pretty good at resisting the absorption of cold. They come in handy in extremely cold months.

How do I use a Hammock Underquilt?

Step I: Fix the Hammock in Place

Start by fixing your hammock in its place. Tie the hammock on trees or any other support structures. Do so tightly to ward off any possible injuries. Test the installation at this stage to be sure that the connection is strong and reliable enough.

Step II: Place the Underquilt atop the Hammock

Now proceed to place the underquilt atop the hammock. Take good care not to misplace the underquilt place it inappropriately. Be sure that the entire underquilt fits well within the dimensions of the hammock before proceeding to the next step.

Step III: Fasten Appropriately

After you have placed the underquilt in place, proceed to fasten tightly. This is to prevent it from swerving back and forth. It is also to guarantee maximum reliability at all times of use. Use only the materials that are provided by the manufacturer.

Step IV: Put in Place Extra Padding

Of course, the underquilts are not the only padding available. There are others like the pillows, mattresses, and liners. In case you intend to utilize them, this is the stage to do so. Put them in place well according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step V: Test the Installation

Finish off by testing the installation. Try and push the entire hammock back and forth to check whether the installation is strong and reliable enough. Make any necessary adjustments at this stage to see to it that the final outcome is reliable.

Are Hammock Underquilt Safe?

YES, they are! They are equipped with a range of features and functionalities that are geared towards enhancing their overall safety. These include waterproof, heavy duty zippers, and strong fabric composition.

You are thus less likely to fall off or sustain excess cold when utilizing them. They are however not so resistant to fires. You should, therefore, keep them as far away from this particular hazard as possible.

Tips and Tricks of Using a Hammock Underquilt

Wash regularly

This is by far the most significant tip. Wash your hammock underquilt on a regular basis. Doing so prevents the fabrics from weakening due to the fact that dirt and dust do not accumulate. This way, you get to lengthen the lifespan of the item as a whole.

Dry before Storage

Dry the hammock underquilts thoroughly before storage. Damp fabrics are prone to tears, molds, and mildew. They are therefore more likely to last a shorter duration of time. You do not want your underquilt to expire prematurely. Do you?

Be mindful of the weight capacity

Each fabric is designed to withstand a given weight. Be sure not to exceed the weight limit of your specific fabric. You do not want it to tear out prematurely. Ensure that only those who are lighter than the set weight limit uses it.

Use moderately

Generally speaking, fabrics wear out faster when used excessively or every quite often. You want to ward off this capability. This is why you want to use the hammock underquilt moderately. Use it only if you have to and not every now and then.

Carry routine inspections and maintenance

‘Prevention is better than cure.’ This is why you have to carry out routine inspections and maintenance. This way, you will get to identify any emerging issues and act on them soonest possible. You will also save more in the process by diminishing the extents of damages thereafter.

What should I Look for in a Hammock Underquilt?


Listed and explained below are some of the factors you ought to consider while on the lookout for a suitable hammock underquilt:

External Environment

As stated, these items are suited for use in various external environments. These are the rainy conditions, snowy or winter conditions, and extremely chilly conditions. You should see to it that the underquilt you settle on can be utilized in the environment you intend.

Intended Location of Use

Just like the environment above, the location you intend to use the underquilt also counts. Be sure that the underquilt you choose is well able to blend well with the environment you intend to use it. Pay keen attention to strong winds and the nature of the terrain.

Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to use the underquilt hammock? It goes without saying that the underquilt you select has to be strong enough if you plan to use it every quite often. This is to guarantee that it will withstand the elements of wear and tear.

Entire Duration of Use

How long in total do you intend to use the underquilt hammock? Just like the frequency of use, you want one that is strong enough for prolonged long-term usage. Pay particular attention to the fabrics and stitches as they are the key determinants of durability.

Specific Objective

As hinted above, these underquilts are designed for specific jobs. These include keeping off excess colds, trapping heat, and provision of comforts and support. In case you can find one that is comprehensive in scope, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, be sure to match the intended use with your own desired ends.


Q1. What are the main features of a hammock underquilt material?

They have strong fabrics, numerous ventilations, very safe and secure. Each manufacturer also designs their hammock underquilts especially to confer other benefits as well.

Q2. What are some of the top benefits of hammock underquilts?

Some of the benefits that await you are sound sleep, added comfort, the convenience of use, and higher returns on your investments.

Q3. To what other uses might I devote these items to?

Even though they are mainly used to pad the hammocks, they can also serve as sleeping bags, pillows, and even blankets. This depends on the precise designs and construction of the hammock underquilt you have in mind.

Q4. Are there any precautions I need to consider while utilizing them?

As stated above, these items are not designed to resist fires. As such, they will easily catch fire and burn whenever they are exposed to them. Take good care of this fact as well by using them far away from the sources of flames.

Q5. Are there any dangers associated with these items?

YES, there are! You may suffer from suffocation or excessive heating of your body. You should, therefore, see to it that you pick only those that are well ventilated and properly breathable.

Final Verdict

My favorite is the Tribe Provisions – Ultimate Outdoor Blanket. As you may have already deduced, it is comprehensive in scope as it is able to discharge all outdoor roles at a time.

For this reason, it returns a higher value for money besides conferring to you the benefits of maximum convenience. In your search for the right hammock underquilt, give it a topmost priority. Al the best in your search for the best hammock underquilt!

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