The 13 Best Gun Safes 2023 [For Pistols & Long Guns]

With the high rate of crime and increased exposure,

It is very important to lock up your firearms properly. Gun safes are containers used for the storage of firearms or ammunition.

Decades ago gun safes were referred to as gun cabinets, which were used then for the storage of firearms, and they were made of fine stained wood with a glass front.

Although gun safes have really replaced the gun cabinet, some gun safe is designed to look like the former.

Primarily gun safes are used to prevent unauthorized or unqualified access to firearms, which ensures burglary protection and the protection of children.

Some states consider it illegal not to have your firearms stored in a gun safe, which means you could be faced with a serious charge if your firearms are not properly kept.

Another essential reason why you need a gun safe is that it could be devastating to allow your kids to find a firearm in the house knowing that we can’t always keep an eye on them.

Also, it is very insecure when thieves get hold of your firearm. They could either sell or even still, use it against you. The gun safe also protects its contents from being damaged during a disaster such as fires and flood.

Who needs a gun safe? Practically anyone who has a firearm or any handgun carrier needs a gun safe. Weapons should be kept out of reach of family members and burglars.

Best Quick Access Gun Safes:

#1 PRYMAX Biometric Gun Safe


Before you begin building any gun collection, the right gun safe remains the starting point to ensure proper storage of the firearm(s).

The Prymax Biometric Gun Safe is one of the market’s most trusted options you can count on to lock out any unauthorized party from accessing your arsenal. The high-quality gun safe utilizes biometric technology, specifically fingerprint scanner to control access.

The ability to hold up to 32 specimen fingerprints suggests that it will prevent unauthorized access without limiting access by other authorized persons.

In case of wrong password entry for more than three times, this safe will raise an alarm to alert you of the attempted access. The unit is of 16-gauge carbon steel construction for maximum durability and safety.

The pry-resistant door implies that you don’t have to worry that burglars will find it easy to break into in case of an attack.

The door of the unit opens wide enough for easy and safe storage and removal of firearms. The ruggedly constructed model provides plenty of space that can hold up to two handguns and a large pistol.

The size also renders it a nice purchase for the storage of valuables and important documents. Therefore, in case you don’t have a big gun collection, the PRYMAX Biometric Gun Safe should be a nice purchase for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • It adopts durable steel construction.
  • It can hold up to 32 specimen fingerprints.
  • The door is pry-resistant.
  • It holds two handguns and a long pistol.
  • It raises an alarm in case of persistent access using the wrong password.

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#2 Stealth Handgun Electronic Pistol Security Box


Based on a study carried out, 73% of children below age 10 living in homes with firearms reported knowing where they were stored. I mean, if we are to go by this stat, there is a 73% likelihood that your little one knows where you store your gun(s).

Now, with this in mind, finding a reliable way to limit access by the junior and other unauthorized members is very necessary.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is one of the storage tools that will keep your guns safely put. The safe provides ample space that can take up to 5 handguns. The solid steel construction is an indication that the security box will last year after year.

Therefore, in case you want a guard case that you won’t have to replace any time soon, this should be a good way for you to go.

The piece has four buttons that you need to use in making a six-digit combination for controlling access. After clicking the first button, the rest of the keypads are lit. This feature ensures that you make the correct entry when accessing your guns in the dark.

The audible feature acknowledges when you push a button so that you don’t have to repress the button again. However, in case you need the buttons to operate in silent mode, you can also activate this functionality in no time.

After making the right combination, the door opens wide to allow you to remove your intended gun safely. The interior of the box has a high-density foam lining for the safekeeping of your weapons.

Highlighted Features:

  • The unit boasts strong steel construction.
  • The security box controls access using a six-digit combination.
  • It features silent mode functionality for quiet retrieval of your gun.
  • The inner lining is of high-density foam.
  • It holds several handguns.

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#3 BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe


Whether you want to use it for your guns, valuables, and important documents, this storage box will offer reliable protection. The unit grants the user several ways of controlling access, that is, keypad, spare key, and the fingerprint scanner.

With all these options packed in a single unit, unsafe hands will even have a hard time to guess the protection mechanism employed!

In fact, since it utilizes state-of-the-art technology, you can change the password from your point of comfort via the smartphone APP in case you feel that the initial password has become known.

The app also permits you to view the access history from your gadget so that you can know of any attempted intrusion.

The product employs a 16-gauge carbon steel structure that can stand up to the abuse by the wrong hands in a hurry! The long-lasting powder coat finish prevents the metal construction from tough elements such as corrosion.

Therefore, expect the unit to hold up well even after years of use. The interior LED lighting illuminates the inside of the box to allow you to store and take out guns safely.

Like some of the options, this model also comes with a silent mode for quiet access at night. This trait also turns handy especially in case of attack since the burglar won’t hear you take out your weapon.

The case uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is long-lasting but recharging in as less time as 2.5 hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • It uses several access-limitation mechanisms.
  • 16-gauge steel construction is long-lasting.
  • The interior side has lighting for safe access.
  • It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The powder coating prevents rust and other effects.

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#4 AmazonBasics Security Safe Box

AmazonBasics Security Safe Box

In case you are of the perception that a good gun safe requires you to spend heavily, the AmazonBasics Security Safe Box is here to prove that it is not always the case.

The security box comes with a budget-friendly price tag that most homeowners can afford comfortably without stepping out of their budget. The storage offers 0.5-cubic-foot space, large enough to accommodate valuables such as jewelry and sensitive documents.

The steel construction means that the box will withstand abuse by a ruthless intruder. The carpeted floor ensures that the box retains its factory-fresh look and prevents jewelry, firearm, and other valuables from catching scratches.

The unit has keypads for password setting. However, in case you forget the password or the batteries run out, you can use the two emergency locks to bypass the need for a password.

The digital display shows the state of the box, allowing you to know when it is locked or unlocked. The display also alerts you of low battery to avoid surprises and let you know when it’s time to replace the batteries.

Unfortunately, this model does not come with the four AA batteries it needs. I mean, you will have no option but to buy the batters separately. The case mounts on the wall, floor or shelf easily with the included bolts.

Highlighted Features:

  • It provides 0.5-cubic feet storage space.
  • The box features pry-resistant steel construction.
  • The hinges are hidden to provide forceful intrusion.
  • It is a mountable option.
  • It features an LCD screen for displaying the lock status and the battery-low signal.

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#5. The Gun-Box Biometric Handgun Safe

 The GunBox Biometric

When a home is being invaded, every second count and easy access to your weapon becomes very important.

Although quick accessibility should always be considered, it should also be restricted so that unauthorized users don’t have access to it, especially children.

That is why the Gun Box biometric handgun safe offers quick access, security, storage, and style. This gun safe can be carried everywhere and can also be mounted in homes, offices and in your vehicle.

It is ideal for the home and the office RFID scanner easily opens the gun safe using the RFID wristband, sticker or ring. The 360-degree provides an alternative lock option.

These Biometric scanners are capable of holding multiple fingerprints. The Internal motion and vibration sensor, having an audible alarm is programmed to raise an alarm in case of an unauthorized entry or a low battery

Wristband, sticker, and ring label are usually sold separately. The two USB ports are for charging other devices, enabling the connection of other accessories to it.

The gun safe comes with an aluminum alloy shell that gives it the strength of an aircraft. The safe can also be mounted nearly in all orientation because of the available mounting holes.

With the FFA approved container, you can safely transport your firearms when inside your luggage.

Highlighted Features

  • 360 degree biometric fingerprint scanner
  • RFID Scanner
  • 2 USB port
  • RF wristband, ring, and sticker label sold separately
  • Internal motion/vibration sensor with audible alarm

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#6. Gun Vault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe

GunVault SV500

This is another handgun safe. Its simple design and shape make an available range of mountain options that are better than what we might be used to.

The SV500 is a simple handgun safe that can be installed and concealed in a variety of locations thanks to its novel design.

Gun Vault Speed Vault SV500 handgun safe performs its duties which is to keep firearms out of sight of children or unauthorized users and at the same time, to ensure you don’t find it difficult to reach out to your firearms in emergency situations.

The keypad works well and is easy to use even in the dark, thanks to the large buttons. The safe audible beeps can also be turned off so it can be accessed quietly without drawing attention.

The speed vault can be trusted to keep your handgun safe, hidden and prepared for action. You can always tag the speed vault along with you. It can also perfectly suit the home and business

Highlighted Features

  • Quick access and easy digital keypad
  • Has an 18-Gauge steel body and
  • Interior made lined protective foam
  • Fast Activation drop down drawer
  • Backup override key included
  • Multiple mounting options

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#7. Sentry Safe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe

SentrySafe PP1K

Looking for a portable pistol safe? Are you looking for something that is compact enough to perfectly fit under your car seat?

For those that are looking for one that answers these questions, This is safe for you. It is not just portable or compatible;

it also allows you to quickly access to your weapon in case there is an emergency.

This pistol safe is ideal for people who are busy and always on the go and would want to be prepared if found in a situation where defense is required.

I would recommend this to those who just acquired their first arm and who have not added to their collection just yet like the enthusiasts. If you also want something affordable then go for this safe.

It comes with three security options; fingerprint, key and key code. When you try to open the safe and the fingerprint scanner doesn’t recognize your prints, you rely on the key code and if it still fails you can use the key.

The safe ensures that there is no reason for you not to access your firearm. Any of the three is fast and quick. The pistol safe is constructed with a solid 18 gauge steel material.

The durability of this gun, in my opinion, cannot be matched with other safes of this category. So even when burglars come in contact with it, you can be confident that it won’t be easily opened. The gun safe is also spacious. So you can store other small items in it.

Highlighted Features

  • Three locking systems; fingerprint, key code, and key lock
  • 18 gauge solid steel construction
  • Compact and portable
  • Ease of access
  • One of the lightest in its class
  • 25-inch long tethering cable for improved security

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#8. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady 98150

A gun can be a source of protection to us, but when it gets into the hands of an unauthorized handler or the wrong person, then it can be devastating and also poses problems for the owner of the firearm.

Hornady Security Rapid Gun safe is not just highly rated for its security but is also rated to provide quick and easy access. This gun safe comes with a number of advantages that make it unique in its category.

With this safe, you don’t have to be worried about accessibility as it comes with the RFID for quick access. All you need do is place your RFID bracelet card or the alternative key fob over the scanner and it opens up instantly.

Even when you forget your wallet, which usually carries your key, you can rely on the smart bracelet that can always be worn and carried along with you.

This safe has a solid and strong construction. When the gun is not in the safe it weighs 16 pounds and also its length is about 16 inches. These two characteristics make it very difficult to be carried away or stolen.

Its construction material is 16-gauge steel and it possesses a strong dual-lug locking system of the steel material of 0.25”. For a more improved safety, it is equipped with 30 inches long rated 1500 lb. the cable that can keep the safe tied to an immovable object.

Each time you open this safe; the RFID technology ensures that it opens within a click, thus delivering a quick access in less than a second. Yes, it’s true.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast and Touch-Free Entry
  • Child Resistant Design
  • Multiple access
  • The handgun is safe, easy and ready to use
  • 16 gauge steel body with a heavy-duty 0.25″ steel dual-lug system lock for optimized resistivity

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#9. Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Fort Knox FTK-PB

Who is this gun safe meant for? This will suit a first-time pistol owner, for example storing Gluck 22.

You will be pleased with this safe if you are not looking for something expensive. It, therefore, fits first time gun owners looking for cheap guns safe without compromising standards.

The Fort Knox Pistol Box has proven to be everything a gun owner could ever need for storage. It is designed with a mechanical lock and provides reliable security.

It uses the Simplex-type of a combination lock, which is the conventional type. It may not have the sophisticated technology as recent gun safe models especially those that use the RFID technology and the fingerprint scanning, but to some, it may just be perfectly okay.

Some people usually are scared of electronic malfunctioning, battery running low or losing a key. If you ask me, I would say they are right to worry.

Burglars would find this safe very uneasy to break open since it is made of a tough 10-gauge body. It also comes with a massive 3/16 wrap around the door. Due to the steel material, it weighs about 22 pounds. Though it’s built like a tank, it is not so heavy.

It features a gas strut, which allows it to be opened with only one hand. This is very essential in a situation of self-defense. It is also anchor able which makes it difficult for it to be stolen by the bad guys.

Unlike other pistol safes, it can accommodate a handful of pistols at a time. This is a good option if you wish to add to your firearm collection in the future.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick access pistol box
  • spacious
  • Exceeds the CA Firearms Safety Device Requirements
  • 1081 user combinations
  • Gas strut to Assist door opening

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#10. Blue Dot Safes Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Blue Dot Safes

Blue Dot Safes has been in the business of providing quality safes that are sometimes customized to fit individual needs especially in a work environment where it is really needed.

And with their expertise, this blue dot safe was then created. This safe is not in the category of the most expensive safes available,

but it has more storage area than most of the same category that could cost you more. Most buyers have said that this safe is beautifully designed and still offers extreme security.

This beauty is able to withstand the fire of about 1700 degrees for at least 1 hour. This is possible because it is made of 12GA steel, having the finish of the black powder coat. For improved durability,

even the hinges and the ball bearings are made of pure steel. You will find inside the safe plush grey carpeting, which means that you do not have to worry about any form of damage on your valuables. It can also be firmly bolted to the floor, so burglars cannot easily take it out of your home.

If you really want to ensure a safe place for your firearms including your valuables, why not go for this gun safe and learn for yourself what this beautifully designed safe is all about.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 Interior Shelves
  • Two Way Locking System
  • 5 Fixed and 9 Live Bolts
  • Can Hold 30 Guns, 8 Holsters, and 5 Ammo Pouches
  • Drill Resistant Plate
  • Can Hold Guns or Other Valuables with Ease

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#11. Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric-Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

This biometric safe has so many features that you cannot find easily on other safes on the market.

These features have made the Viking security safe a reliable one for the storage of firearms. Here are some of those features.

The safe is made of laser cut solid steel which features seamless welding for maximum security, and also, the door is 5mm thick and opens in less than a second.

A warning lets you know if the door is unlocked or is not properly locked. The interior is fully carpeted to prevent any form of damage on your firearms and the exterior surface has a black powder coating. An integrated led is used to ensure visibility in the dark.

With the VS-25BL gun safe, sound can be effortlessly turned off and on. This feature allows you to keep your firearm secured without compromising the location of the safe.

Burglars would find it difficult to know where you are in case you need to get your handgun quickly.

This Viking safe can be opened quickly and easily in less than a second using a registered fingerprint or PIN code. Alternatively, you can use a key. The size makes it flexible to install almost anywhere for protection of your handguns and other fire firearms.

Highlighted Features

  • Interior is carpeted
  • Made of steel
  • Sound On/Off programmable
  • 5mm door that opens in less than a second
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Warning beeps if the door is left unlocked
  • Upgraded Biometric fingerprint
  • Laser Cut and Integrated LED light
  • Exterior Black Powder Coating

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#12. Steel water Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection

New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection

If you are on a very high budget and the heavy duty perfectly suits your taste then the steel water heavy duty is guaranteed to serve you.

It is significantly cheaper than the 45, 39 and 22 long gun safe. The Steel waters are known for producing a high quality safe even with its price tag.

However, Steel water proves that they’re capable of producing a high-quality gun safe even at this price point. Not to worry, we will be looking at what it brings to the table in terms of benefits and quality.

This gun safe is built with a 12 gauge solid steel material. It has a gear driven bolt system and a 9 steel locking bolts. The door is secured the more, by a steel plate, capable of preventing drills and tough strikes made against the safe.

More like a backup lock, this 20 long gun safe features a re-locking system in-case burglars manage to bypass the lock. The re-locking system ensures your valuables remain safe.

Rather than a combination lock, the safe features an electromagnetic pulse proof lock. This lock comes with a digital keypad in which the user is able to reprogram the combination code whenever needed.

A bypass key is also included with the safe if you forget or misplace the combination, or if you cannot gain access. It is very spacious and can contain up to 20 long guns at the same time. The entire interior is carpeted for the comfort and protection of your long guns.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 Long Gun Capacity/Average Capacity 12 to 16 Long Guns
  • 1/4 inch steel reinforced bolt down
  • 45 Minute Fire Rated at 1550˚F and EMP Proof-Maximum
  • Gear Drive System to stand against attacks; 8X harder plate than Competitors
  • EMP Proof Electronic lock system with High security Double sided bypass
  • Best long gun safe for the money

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#13. Am sec BF7240 Gun Safe

Amsec BF7240

This safe is practically indestructible against fire. It has a very high fire rating.

The Am sec BF7240 is verified to protect your firearms even when it is in a furnace for up to an hour with a temperature of 1275°F that has been stimulated to focus directly on the cabinet.

As required by all safes, it has a security pass. The gun safe comes with 3 brass and aluminum combination wheels, which provide up to 1,000,000 theoretical combinations.

Alternatively, a solid brass-locking bolt with zinc drop lever is also included for maximum security making it very difficult for burglars to penetrate. For punch attacks and forceful entry,

an internal spring loaded brass relock trigger is also incorporated into this safe. The safe features an electronic lock, which provides an added lock option.

I would recommend this safe if you want the type of security that matches the vault of a bank. All measures have been put in place against theft and break in. The UL RSC certification makes you understand the extent to which the safe can withstand prying, hammering,

chiseling, tampering and punching attacks by the best UL technicians today. Additional features include; Premium door organizer, 3 cover-plates with 6 side shelves, 4 pre-drilled anchor holes with hardware and then 1 pre cut electrical access hole.

Highlighted Features

  • 40 Guns capacity
  • UL Fireproof Rating at 350 Degrees for 90mins
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • UL-Listed Group 2 Dial Combination and Electronic Combination for lock and security
  • UL Burglary Rated
  • Bolt Down Ready
  • Rich pin-dot fabric and adjustable interior shelving

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What Should I Look?

If you intend to get a gun safe, then I advise you put the following under consideration.

The obvious question is then “how do I know the gun safe I need?”

There are different types of gun safes and getting one for your use is dependent on the following factors.


First, you need to consider what would perfectly hold and store your arms bearing in mind that there could be some additions in the nearest future.

A typical firearm owner would require a reasonably big safe but for others, a small safe will just be perfect for storage. Well, that is a good thing as most safes are usually found in corners, closets, and garages, which can rarely house a 50+ gun monster.

Lock mechanism

You would come to agree with me that it is easier to use a gun safe that has a simple lock mechanism. Personally, I would go with the old fashioned safe that has the ‘spin the dial’ combination lock.

They have been tested to be very easy to use without you encountering any form of complications. Unlike the conventional safes, recent ones come with a variety of lock mechanisms including a biometric pass.

For the proper security of your safes, ensure you change the combinations to something that is not the factory default, as clever burglars are aware of what they are and could use them in bypassing your security.

This combination is safer to be known by at most, you and your spouse.

Quality of safe

The quality of safe really matters if you want something tough that can resist common power tools and can stand against the average house fire. A lot depends on the quality of your purchase as it guarantees lifetime usage. Two main factors should be considered here:

  • The fire rating of the safe and
  • Steel material.

Researchers recommend that at least 10 gauge of steel has a fire rating of 60 minutes at a temperature of 1300f. In all, you should buy what you can afford and at the same time something that offers durability.

Easy Access

After you might have acquired a safe, the next thing is its installation. Since I don’t have an idea of how the structure of your home is, I can’t categorically tell you where you can place the safe.

Therefore, wherever you choose to install the gun safe must be a strategic location that is hidden and yet easy to access. For example, a decorative fabric or a portrait could cover your safe.

However, I would recommend you get a safe that can be fixed in the wall or bolted to the floor, as it is less likely to turn over.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: How heavy is a gun safe?

The weight of a gun safe will depend on the type of construction employed. The stronger the construction, the heavier you should expect the box to be. However, most gun safes utilize rugged steel construction. Therefore, expect them to be very heavy to carry around. Although this limits portability, it is also an additional safety feature since it will also give intruders a hard time to carry it away. After all, it is not made for carrying everywhere you go!

Q2: How much is a big safe?

The cost of a gun safe will depend on the protection mechanism it uses, the nature of construction, the size, and the manufacturer. For a big gun safe, expect the price to go to the levels of $1200 depending on the other price determinants.

Q3: What qualifies as a gun safe?

A gun safe should offer all-round protection to your rifles and other valuables. Hence, it should be strong enough to limit unauthorized and unqualified access. It should also adopt reliable security mechanisms. The ability to keep the contents safe from damage by floods, fire, and other hazards is also a must-possess.

Q4: How much does it cost to make a safe?

This is one of the common questions in home DIYers. Well, you can still make your own gun safe at home. Nevertheless, we highly recommend you to consider buying one because of how sensitive it is. The manufacturers specialized in this field possess vast knowledge and improved technologies for top security.

Q5: What are the top-rated gun safes?

Based on how sensitive this purchase is, you should consider going for nothing less than the top-rated models. And yes, you can pick one from our suggestions since they top the market in terms of customer satisfaction and the level of security they provide.

Final Verdict

This article has highlighted the very things to consider before buying the best gun safe that suits you. I went further ahead to give a proper description of these safes.

All of these have been recommended based on your needs and expectations. Depending on the level of security, the quantity of item and value of safety,

I have proffered you with reliable storage solutions suitable for your homes and business environment. One other important thing to note is your budget.

So I would recommend you go for what your budget can carry especially if you won’t need an addition in the nearest future. Good luck with your firearm!


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