The 11 Best Grain Mills For Home and Commercial Use 2023

Do you have some grains which you would like to shred into finer particles? You strongly need a good grain mill.

Being many and of diverse kinds, finding the right one might never be a simple task. This is why a strong guidance of this kind is by all means essential.

We are going to guide you through the procedures of finding the right grain mill from start to the finish.

Best Grain Mill Reviews

#1: Kegco KM11GM-3R Grain Mill

Kegco KM11GM-3R

If your search for the right grain mills is determined by the need for lighter duties and general home use, this is the one to look up to. It is generally simpler in scope and also convenient to utilize. By placing your hands on it, you will be certain to tackle these chores with absolute ease.

11-pound Capacity Grain Hopper

It does have the capacity to accommodate and handle 11 pounds of grains at a time. This capacity is pretty awesome as it ensures that you handle a sufficient amount at a time. You will not have to wait for too long to be able to do your job as a result of this.

Heavy-duty 3-Roller Mill

In all, the mill has the ability to generate awesome torque indeed. This stems from its incorporation of the heavy-duty three-roller mill. It crushes the ingredients in three strokes to leave behind extremely finer particles and awesome crushing outcomes.

Integral Drive Shaft and Axles

Lastly, comes the integral drive shaft and the axles. It is these twin components that jointly handle the core tasks of crushing the ingredients. They are elegantly designed and work in unison while tacking the said chores. In return, you gain more efficient outcomes.


  • May be manually and electrically operated
  • Possesses a durable alloy frame which is stronger and reliable
  • Grinds in both the counterclockwise and the clockwise direction
  • Easily adjustable
  • Generates awesome outcomes indeed


  • Handles fewer quantities of ingredients at a time
  • Has a slower operational time
  • Unsuitable for large-scale use and operations

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#2: Happybuy Electric Grain Grinder Mill Powder Machine

Happybuy Electric Grain Grinder

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to make a kill by crushing grains and herbs? You may wish to try this particular grinder out if you answered that question in the affirmative. This is because it is so designed as to be able to handle huge quantities of ingredients at a time.

Awesome Grinding Capacity

Topping the charts is the awesome grinding capacity of the grain mill. The mill is able to handle 150g of grains at a time. This awesome grinding capacity is what makes the mill suitable for commercial applications. It is larger enough for expedited grinding undertakings.

Wider Applicability

With this mill, it is possible to grind various ingredients like grains, drugs, herbs, and condiments. You will subsequently find it suitable for use in medicine processing factory, dispensary, powder processing factory, and restaurants.

Faster Working Time

Other than possessing an awesome grinding capacity, the mill also operates much faster than most other comparable alternatives. It has the ability to crush ingredients within a span of 8 minutes and a resting interval of around 5 minutes.


  • Designed enhance the aesthetics of your rooms
  • Small in size and more compact to lift around
  • Light in enough for you to handle conveniently
  • Highly-efficient in grinding ingredients
  • Comparatively easy to operate


  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Limited geographical applications
  • Handles fewer kinds of foods

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#3: NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Mill

NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Mill

Legumes and other non-oily grains are ordinarily tough to handle. They, therefore, require specially designed grain mill. Look to no other mill than this as it is indeed capable of handling these two ingredients with much ease.

450 Watt Heavy-duty Motor

A heavy-duty powerful motor ranks at the very top of its outstanding features. The motor generates the torque which subsequently performs the chore of grinding the ingredients. This way, you may be certain to handle those intense crushing undertakings perfectly.

Auto Shut-off Thermal Protection

Your safety at all times shall be well-taken care of courtesy of the auto shut-off mechanism. This one basically prevents the motor from overheating and the subsequent dangers of burns. You may, therefore, use the gadget with ease and unconstrained inconveniences as a whole.

Powerful Milling Stones

Forming the core of the grinding mechanism of the grain mill are the near Diamond Hard Corundum Grainmaster milling stones. They are strong, very reliable, and well capable of enduring the most intense pressure and impacts possible.


  • Mills even the hardest grains with ease
  • Handles different kinds of grinding textures
  • Enhances the beauty of your kitchen’s interior
  • Enclosed in a durable and reliable housing
  • Allows you to choose from 6 different colors


  • Less cost-effective in nature
  • Demands frequent repairs and maintenance
  • Cannot execute intense milling needs

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#4: Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Is your search for the right grain mill dictated by the need for general home and professional applications? You may have to consider this particular grain mill as it is intended for those exact purposes. It is hence a great companion at the home level.

1,250-watt LG Electronics Motor

The powerful LG electronics motor which has the ability to produce 1,250 watts comes in first. Its power output is pretty awesome to the extent of being able to handle the toughest of all the grinding chores. It is also longer in lifespan.

Cyclo-canister and Filtration Tube

An easy-clean Cyclo-canister and a filtration tube also form a vital part of this grain mill. The two basically catches all the ground flour without necessarily leaving behind any big mess. You have the pleasure of cleaner working surface for your leverage.

Appropriately Accredited

This appliance is accredited by the various safety standards. These include the Underwriter’s Laboratory, Canadian Standards Association, and the Conformité Européenne, respectively. These certifications jointly guarantee you safety and awesome experience.


  • Quiet operations spare you from unnecessary discomforts
  • Built to last and endures the extreme stress and impacts
  • Has an impressive 100-pound grinding capacity
  • Sturdy and very reliable in the long run
  • Able to grind numerous ingredients such as rice, corn, barley, and wheat


  • Unsuitable for commercial applications
  • Moderately expensive to afford
  • A bit complicated to master and comprehend

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#5: KoMo Classic Grain Mill

 KoMo Classic Grain Mill

For faster and lighter tasks, all you need is a grain mill which is simplistic in scope and comparatively easier to use. Perhaps no other grain mill may guarantee you both applications better than this one. It is lighter in weight and simpler to use on the whole.

Beechwood Construction

Throughout its exterior is the beechwood construction. This material is eco-friendly yet tougher enough to confer the required support. As a result of it, you may be sure to receive great and awesome support necessary to handle the most intense ingredients.

Corundum-ceramic Burrs

The long-life corundum-ceramic burrs come in next among the list of its awesome features. They are the ones that perform the core duty of crushing the ingredients into their finest particles. The burrs are strong, heavy duty and generate awesome impacts indeed.

360W (1/2 HP) Motor

Its ultra-powerful 360W (1/2 HP) motor crowns the list of its topnotch features. It is the motor the produces the grinding power which performs the role of crushing the ingredients into their finest particles. Being powerful, you should expect nothing but the finest particles.


  • Has the ability to achieve varying grind sizes
  • Crushes a whopping 8-9 ounces of floor per minute
  • Simpler to keep and maintain clean
  • Backed with a generous 12-year warranty
  • Embodies both natural elegance and perfect functionality


  • Less durable in the long run
  • Inflicts higher maintenance costs
  • Not strong enough to endure extreme impacts

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#6: NEWTRY 700g Electric Stainless Steel Grain Grinder


Cereals and condiments are unlike any other ingredient. They are more sensitive and ordinarily difficult to handle than the grains. This is due to their relatively small sizes and slippery nature. Only a specially-designed grinder of this kind may offer the needed help.

Metal Motor Blade

The blades of its motor come in the form of the metal substances. Metal is ordinarily tough and well able to pierce through the toughest of ingredients. You may, therefore, use the grain mill to handle those ingredients that are generally tougher in nature.

High-quality Commutator

Unlike most other grain mills, this one uses the direct current to generate the crushing power. This is made possible by the high-quality commutator. It is this device that streamlines the flow of current as need be. The end results are powerful and more reliable indeed.

Swing Design

On the whole, the grain mill comes in the form of the swing design. The design facilitates the process of grinding substances. It gives rise to some fine and powdery end results. You, therefore, want to make use of this grain mill if all you are looking for is extremely fine particle outcomes.


  • Allows you to set the grind times as per your expectations
  • Can grind hard materials like the pseudo-ginseng
  • Has a faster grinding speed
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Possesses a pretty long life


  • Difficult to wash and keep clean
  • Prone to burns and overheating
  • Potentially complicated to an unskilled user

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#7: Mophorn Grain Grinder Electric 1000g Mill Powder Machine Mill Grinder

Mophorn Grain Grinder

For your maximum convenience, you want to lay your hands on a universal appliance. Try out this particular grain mill as it is well capable of handling all kinds of grains and corn. It crushes the ingredients into extremely finer particles as well.

Polypropylene Plastic Handle

A Polypropylene plastic handle comes in first among the list of its most reliable features. The handles are easier to operate, have loose adjustments, possess the rotary firmware, and very reliable indeed. They will greatly enhance your overall use and experience on the whole.

Motor Cooling Vents

Next comes the motor cooling vents. These basically prevent the grain mill from sustaining damages which generally arise from the high-speed operations of the motor. They also improve the safety and the overall performance of the grain mill altogether.

Overload Protector

When the motor is overworked, it does have the tendency of being too hot and even burning out. The overload protector which forms a vital part of the motor prevents these two from happening. It hence guarantees your motor a longer service life and your maximum safety.


  • Offers adequate protection from overheating and burns
  • Made of the natural rubber material
  • Has a high wear resistance
  • Possess a four-point stability setting for added stability
  • Does not slide on any material desktop


  • Calls for extra mounting and storage space
  • Quite cumbersome to carry around
  • High power consumption

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#8: CGOLDENWALL 300g stainless steel electric high-speed grain grinder


Grinding grains is never a mean feat at all. This is because the grains are generally larger in size and also tend to fidget when in the process of grinding. You require a tougher and extremely heavy-duty grain mill of this kind to be guaranteed the best possible outcomes and experience.

Thickened Sealing Strip

Its strip possesses a thickened seal. This basically prevents the powdery outcomes from leaking and dirtying the floor. It minimizes the loss of the outcomes besides sparing you from having to clean your premises every quite often.

Timed Power Switch

The power switch of the grain mill may be timed to operate at some designated durations of time. This prevents you from having to pay too much attention to operate the device. It also simplifies the process of grinding your grains and other materials.

Professional Leak-proof Design

Further empowering this grain mill to leave behind clean outcomes, the mill is also designed to minimize the seeping of the grains. This happens courtesy of the professional leak-proof design. It comes in the forms of unobstructed openings, greater locking, and more secure outcomes.


  • Made of the reliable stainless steel materials which are durable
  • A polished groove which is more beautiful and simpler to wash
  • Has an elastic adjustment nut which allows for free elastic adjustments
  • Made of the extremely safe food-grade silicone seals
  • Completely eliminate spills and soils


  • Handles only grains
  • Brings less value for money
  • Incomprehensive in scope and applications

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#9: Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock

Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill

Frequent and prolonged home applications require grain mills that are very strong, durable, and reliable. This is to be able to withstand the intense impacts and other agents of wear and tear. Try your hand on this one as it is way very reliable and trustworthy indeed.

Foolproof Fineness-adjustment

You will enjoy the pleasure of being able to determine the fineness of the grounds. This is made possible by the fineness-adjustment feature of this particular grain mill. This is a plus as you shall not be restricted at all in your scope and application of the device.

Corundum-ceramic Mill Stones

The mechanisms that grind the ingredients come in the form of the corundum-ceramic millstones. They are generally harder-than-granites, are made of the near-diamond metal, and possess the distinctive proprietary “star sculpted” engineering. They do a very thorough job on the whole.

Durable Housing

Lastly, the appliance comes enclosed in some durable housing. The casing is made of the earth-friendly, and renewable materials. It is also on the whole very durable. You will enjoy the pleasure of spending less, on the whole, to keep the entire grain mill in proper working condition.


  • Compact in size and convenient to mount and store
  • Generates faster milling outcomes
  • Automate in nature and requires less attention from you
  • Produces pastry-fine flour at the push of a button
  • Allows you to set the fineness of the outcomes


  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Limited grinding capacity
  • Cannot handle extremely high capacity

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#10: BestEquip 2 Roller Grain Mill Homebrew Electric Barley Grinder

BestEquip 2 Roller Grain Mill

If you are an entrepreneur, you yet again have this particular grain mill for your consideration. It has the ability to handle extremely high volumes and is also pretty efficient to engage on the whole. You will find it great at handling those chores and tasks that are of commercial scales.

Food-grade Stainless Steel Construction

Its entire casing comes in the form of the food-grade stainless steel construction. It is hence safer and more reliable for use as a grinder. It also sustains fewer incidences of corrosion and other damages that are likely to arise whenever appliances confront external elements.


This appliance does not make use of the brass bushings. Instead, it uses the bearings to do the actual task of crushing the ingredients into their finest particles. The choice of this material is advantageous in that it extends the life of the mill considerably.

Alloy Block Frame

An alloy block frame does exist on which some two rollers are mounted. It forms the frame of the appliance against which all the components are attached. Being sturdy and reliable, it confers the most reliable of all the support mechanisms imaginable.


  • Pretty resistant to corrosion and other agents of tear
  • Makes the entire grinding process extra effective
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can hold up to 11 pounds of grain at a time
  • Able to be driven clockwise or counterclockwise


  • Possesses some delicate parts
  • Unable to generate finer particles
  • Takes longer to achieve the desired outcomes

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#11: Suteck 500g Electric Grain Grinder Mill Powder Machine

Suteck 500g Electric Grain Grinder

Are you a professional cook or housewife? Have you been on the lookout for a reliable kitchen companion? You may have this particular grain mill for your consideration. This is because it is suited for handling all kinds of dehydrated foods and recipes.

Food-grade Stainless Steel

The food-grade stainless steel material forms a vital part of its construction. The material is generally tough and durable and adorns much of its exterior portions. It leaves behind almost no processing pollution and is therefore way very reliable indeed.

Ultra-high-speed Motor

Next comes the ultra-high-speed motor which generates the crushing power. Being speedy, the motor ensures that you obtain the results you require within the shortest realistic duration of time. You will not have to wait for far too long to be able to enjoy these benefits as a result of this.

Commercial Swing Type Grinder

Lastly, the grain mill also comes in the form of a commercial swing type grinder. It is hence capable of tackling the most intense of grinding activities with ease. This particular trait also makes the mill capable of discharging commercial duties and benefits.


  • Beautifully-designed to exude great aesthetics indeed
  • Small in size and hence calls for limited storage and mounting space
  • Highly-efficient in shredding the ingredients into their finest particles
  • Easier to operate on the whole
  • The faster operation time of around 5 minutes


  • Too simplistic in scope and applicability
  • May not perform well for those intense operations
  • Unable to handle certain ingredients appropriately

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A grain mill is a mechanical device which breaks solid materials to finer particles typically by cutting, shredding, crushing, or grinding.

As stated, these mills come in various shapes and sizes. They are also optimized for grinding different kinds of foods apart from grains.


The following persons will find the grain mills quite suited for their use and applications:


Cooks require the grain mills to pound and crush the grains into finer particles. These devices are particularly useful when making porridge or any other meal that entail the use of whole grains. They are handy and very easy to use within the typical cooktop.


Housewives play a great role in the preparations of meals. They too badly need the grain mills to crush the various pieces of condiments and spices into finer particles. The possession of these mills also has the consequence of cutting down the time needed to cook.

Commercial Applications

If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to purchase a commercial grain mill. You may thereafter use the grain mills to crush the ingredients and grains for others in exchange for profit. You must be living in an area that has many potential clients to travel this path.


In a hospital setting, there is usually the need to also crush some drugs or medicinal ingredients into their finer particles for the sake of easy administration. Yet again, the grain mills come in handy at such times. They have that ability to crush medicines finely.


Lastly, restaurants will usually find these gadgets quite handy for their use. They are mainly used in the process of preparing food. It crushes the ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and cereals into their finer particles and conveniently for that matter.


Saves Time

As stated, these devices cut down the time necessary to crush the ingredients into finer particles. It, therefore, follows that your use of these devices contributes to saving your time. You will obtain the end results without having to trek many miles to find the services.

Produces finer outcomes

Unlike the traditional threshing floors, the grain mills are very effective in their roles. They do have the ability to produce finer outcomes. This makes your use of the said devices quite a fruitful undertaking as you end up creating more excellent recipes.

Space requirements

Most of the standard grain mills are smaller in size and lighter in weight. You do not have to set aside too much space to hold or mount them. Only a small space may be necessary for the said job. You, therefore, have them for your taking if you live in a squeezed environment.

Convenience of use

Given that most of them are compact in size, you do not require too much space to safeguard them. You can use them at the convenience of your home or kitchen. That they are powered by electricity also makes them all the simpler and convenient to utilize.


Even though they are primarily designed for crushing grains, these gadgets may do more than just that. They also have the ability to crush herbs, spices, pulses, and other condiments. This means you are guaranteed higher value for money by placing your bet on them.


Power source

As their name suggests, the electric grains derive their power from either batteries or electricity whereas the hand-powered derive theirs from human brawn. The choice of the right one here largely depends on your accessibility to the national grid.


Due to the fact that the electrically powered mills possess motors to generate the grinding force, they require less effort on your part. You will, however, have to possess great muscle power to be able to handle the hand-powered grain mills well.

Convenience of Use

In all, the electrically powered grain mills are more convenient to use than the hand-powered counterparts. This is because they are automated and equipped with awesome controls. As such, they minimize unnecessary strains or too much attention on your part.

Milling speed

It goes without saying that the electric-powered grain mills are faster than their hand-powered counterparts. This is brought about by the powerful motor which generates the awesome torque which in turn crushes the particles at a faster speed.


Generally speaking, the electric-powered grain mills generate finer grindings than the hand-powered mills. This is because of their massive crushing speed and torque. At the same time, they also produce consistent outcomes, unlike the hand-powered gadgets that generate a combination of fine and coarse grinds.


While on the lookout for the right grain mills, the following are the factors to consider:

Power Source

If you plan to acquire an electric-powered grain mill, be mindful of the power source. That is because most of these devices either draw their power from mains electricity or are battery-powered. You should find one which you can conveniently power using your existing resources.

Materials to be milled

As hinted above, these mills can and indeed do mill different kinds of materials. You have to be certain that the one you eventually settle on can indeed handle the materials you have in mind. This, of course, is to negate the likelihood of acquiring one you do not really have to use.

Milling Capacity

This refers to the number of ingredients the grain mill can handle and effectively mill at a time. It is largely determined by the total quantity you desire to handle on the whole. If you plan to use the mills for commercial purposes, find one that has the largest realistic capacity.

Space Requirements

You will usually use these gadgets only occasionally. For a large part, you will often have to store them. This is why you also have to be mindful of the storage space you have at your disposal. Find one that is compact in size and well able to fit the limited storage space.

Operational Expertise

Lastly, these devices come in varying degrees of technical expertise. These variations have an impact on the expertise you require to operate them. You, therefore, have to pay attention to this parameter as well. You do not want to end up with a gadget that will not do you any good.


Q1. How do grain mills work?

This depends mainly on the nature of the grain mill. In the electric-powered mills, the motor generates the torque which rotates the blades the eventually crushes the ingredients. In the hand-powered mills, it is the human brain that generates the crushing power which handles the ingredients.

Q2.What are the different types of grain mills?

Apart from the hand and the electric-powered grain mills, there are some that are powered by the winds, water, horse, treadwheel and ships.

Q3. What is the difference between milling and turning?

In milling, it is the tool that rotates whereas in turning, it is the ingredients that are crushed which actually rotate.

Q4. What does grain milling really entail?

The activity basically entails the crushing or shredding of the grains and cereals into their finest particles. This happens mainly by use of a motor or the human effort.

Q5. What is peripheral milling?

This entails the use of peripheral teeth to do the actual job of cutting the materials or ingredients into their finest particles.


MY FAVORITE IS the Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock. This grain mill is pretty strong and durable.

It is hence capable of withstanding the most intense of abuses possible. This way, it is able to perform extraordinarily well for a prolonged duration of time.

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