The 15 Best Gait Belts In 2020

Are you a caregiver in a hospital, facility for the aged, or intensive care unit?

Chances are that you will from time to time receive patients who are too sick or incapacitated to stand on their own.

To be able to handle them with ease, you will definitely have to make use of the best gait belts.

For a start, these are special kinds of belts that are fastened around the waists of the patients concerned.

They are then held up and used to offer the necessary support to the patients as they go about their business.

Find out more about these wonderful pieces of medical equipment here below.

15 Best Gait Belt Reviews

#1: Elgin 3-Handle Ergonomic Walking Belt

Elgin 3-Handle Ergonomic Walking Belt

Handling patients who are extremely sick and weak require some extra confidence. This can only happen if you use a gait belt that is appropriately designed for the job. Why not try your luck on this one?

Washable Pre-shrunken

The fabric comes in the form of washable pre-shrunken material. This allows for seamless cleanliness and maintenance. At the same time, it resists the common means and forms of deterioration by retaining its luster under all circumstances.

Soft Nylon Webbing

Also complementing the raw structure above is the soft nylon webbing. Being soft, the fabric is gentle enough for immediate and seamless direct contacts. It also minimizes friction to allow for maximum comfort while in use.

4-inch Wide Hook-and-loop Closure

To fasten the belt round about your waist, you will have to make use of the hook-and-loop closure which measures a comfortable 4 inches wide. Regardless of the size of your waist, you may be certain of some good outcomes.


  • Operable by two vertical handles on either side
  • Has an extra handle at the back
  • Great for hydro/aquatic therapies
  • Extremely soft for use against the skin
  • Extra durable in nature


  • May not handle obese patients well
  • Limited applicability (performs fewer uses)
  • Not so durable enough as expected

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#2: Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt

Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt

Do you intend to mobilize and transfer your patients? You have this gait belt for your consideration. It is pretty strong, very effective and way reliable in handling the heaviest kinds of patients out there. The belt is hence suited also for transferring patients.

Metal Buckle

Opening and closing the belt happens in the form of a metal buckle. Being made of metal, the buckles last longer and are also able to withstand intense impacts and other agents of the tear. You hence have the reliability necessary to do a good job in the long run.

Machine Washable

Keeping this belt clean is also pretty simple. This stems from the fact that it is machine washable. You simply dip it into the washing machine and there you have it! Gone are the days you had to wait for too long to have the required outcomes.

100% Cotton

It is entirely made of cotton. You should hence expect it to last you longer and also discharge the required warmth levels. This is not to mention that it is resistant also to dirt as cotton is generally a good kind of fabric.


  • Flexible enough to fit various kinds of waistlines
  • Discharges some warmth and comfort
  • Endures intense impacts and weights
  • Easily slides to facilitate opening and closing
  • Performs multiple chores at a time


  • Quite bulky to handle easily
  • Not so easy to care for and maintain
  • Prior expertise is necessary before handling

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#3: GUOER Transfer Belt Gait Belts

GUOER Transfer Belt Gait Belts

Perhaps no other belt gait is as suited for the maximum comfort of the patients as this one. As you are about to note, it is fully equipped with the various parts and components necessary for a good job. You will particularly find it great if you are a nurse.

Nylon and Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Two kinds of fabrics are used to make up the belt gait. These are the sandwich and the nylon mesh fabrics respectively. They are soft, highly breathable and properly ventilated. This means you are less likely to be suffocated as you use it.

Slip-resistant Ring

A slip-resistant ring exists to facilitate the mounting, opening and closing of the belt. This ring is particularly great for your waist as it easily adjusts to fit the various sizes of waists. At the same time, it attaches firmly to avoid the likelihood of slipping off.

User-friendly Buckle and Adjuster Design

Generally speaking, the belt is user-friendly. This is due to the fact that it comprises a buckle and adjuster design which are both easy to handle and engage. You do not have to struggle too much to have your way or even possess great expertise.


  • Has some built-in pearl cotton for maximum warmth
  • More breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Equipped with a total of 10 handles for easier engagement
  • Offers comfortable and natural support
  • Allows for easy handling from different angles at any given time


  • Fits only some waits (36-52 inches)
  • Quite inconvenient to buckle and unbuckle
  • May not be easily handled by persons with limited muscle power

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#4: Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

It is impossible to handle those weak legs perfectly without the incorporation of specially designed belt gaits. This is the role that this gait is designed to play. On the whole, it is optimized for more comfort and greater contact area with your patient.

Ultra-strong Reinforced Stitching

The various parts, fabrics, and components of the belt are stitched using some ultra-strong and reinforced the stitching. With regards to this, you can be certain that the belt shall endure the test of time. It is also well able to perform well regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Quick-release Durable Buckle

Its buckle is very responsive. It operates courtesy of a quick-release mechanism. Moreover, it is also durable owing to metal construction. The buckle basically allows the belt to attach and detach onto the body of the patient with ease.

Reputable Brand

The manufacturer of this gait belt is reputable indeed. It is as a matter of fact been trusted by thousands of health care facilities throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe ever since its inception in 1991. You too will join a long list of equally satisfied persons.


  • Lasts longer and also costs less to repair and maintain
  • Wider than most traditional belts of its kinds
  • Simpler to keep clean thanks to the machine-washable trait
  • Gives numerous handling options
  • Allows you to select the most effective position to handle your patients


  • Costs more to acquire
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance
  • May not handle some functions reliably

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#5: Old Nobby Gait Belt

Old Nobby Gait Belt

You can never hope to do a better job of transferring patients without a reliable belt of this kind. In its entirety, the belt is mostly suited for elderly persons. It is mainly applicable in the nursing home facilities or at the homes.

High-grade Quality

All factors considered, this gait belt is rich in quality indeed. It is made of high-quality grade stitches which ensure that it lasts longer on the whole. This means that regardless of the weight of the patient, the belt can accommodate it.

High-back Support

Your patient will also enjoy some high-back support courtesy of the extended length of the belt. With this support comes some comfort and limited predisposition to the risks of backaches or spinal cord injuries.

6 Transfer Handle Grips

Lastly, you will enjoy the rare benefit of being able to handle this belt using some six handle options. Two of them are horizontal whereas four others are vertical. They are gripped to provide maximum comfort to your hands.


  • Provides some security while transferring your patients
  • Stronger stitches give room for added leverage access and handling
  • Greatly cuts down the risks of possible injuries to the patient and caregiver alike
  • Fully adjustable to fit most kinds of patients
  • Works well with the transfer boards


  • Plastic buckle lasts a shorter duration of time
  • Requires too much attention on your part
  • Its delicate nature predisposes you to inconveniences

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#6: Dynarex Universal Secure Transfer Gait Belt

Dynarex Universal Secure Transfer Gait Belt

For your convenience as a career nurse, you want a universal gait belt which is optimized for all kinds of potential users. Look to no other than this one for such kinds of use. That is because it is intended for persons of all weight ranges and groups.

Universal Sizing

As has already been hinted, the belt is suited for use across numerous kinds of potential wearers. This is because of its universal sizing. Courtesy of this trait, it is possible for you to achieve seamless transfers to the various kinds of patients.

Natural Color

It does possess some natural color. As such, it retains its natural color at all times regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions. This means it also discharges some aesthetic values and outcomes to you.

Soft Machine-washable Cotton Material

Some soft machine-washable cotton material concludes the list of its most admirable features. Being soft, it means fewer scratches and by extension minimal bruises on your patient’s delicate skin. It also assures you some fair degree of comfort in the process.


  • Lacks the latex and is thus safer for your body
  • Shields your back from injuries and excess pains
  • Aids sick people with utmost efficiency
  • Not so much of a hassle to keep clean and maintain
  • Backed by a generous and comprehensive customer care regime


  • The metal buckle is not so comfortable to handle
  • Quite large and bulky to handle with ease
  • Not for starters and less experienced persons

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#7: Trademark Supplies Medical Gait Belt

Trademark Supplies Medical Gait Belt

After surgery or operations, it is always necessary to ambulate the patient to help him get back on his feet. This is the role which this belt gait is designed and intended to achieve. On the whole, the belt is strong and heavily supportive of your body.

4-inch High Back Design

It comes in the form of the 4-inch high back design. This allows the patients to leverage some maximum comfort throughout the ambulation process. That is because it confers some added support to the body which is essential for the task.

Hand Grips

Some hand grips are also present in the belt gait. These are six in number and basically, serve the role of enhancing the caregiver’s handling of the patient. In the course of doing so, they make for the shaping of the patient in the best orientation.

Universal Applicability

With this belt gait, it is possible for you to handle and manage a number of applications with relative ease. This is due to its high-quality makeup which also allows for the pairing and communication with many other co-operant tools.


  • Provides a wide range of benefits at a time
  • Does not tear off even when used for hard impact applications
  • Allows for easy cleanliness and maintenance
  • Fastens easily and firmly courtesy of the adjustable quick-release buckles
  • Releases patients comfortably and conveniently


  • Finds less applicability outside the theaters
  • Very inconvenient to carry around
  • If broken, may cost a fortune to fix

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#8: Mabua Physical Therapy Gait Belt

Physical Therapy Gait Belt

You can never hope to transfer the patients safely and seamlessly without employing the relevant gait belt. Try your hand on this safe transfer belt which is coincidentally recommended by all therapists as well as nurses.

Functional and Durable

In its entirety, the belt gait is both functional and durable. In particular, its gait belt stitching and handles are specifically strong and reliable. As a matter of fact, it is the best placement in the market. You have some peace of mind awaiting you.

One Loop

Unlike your ordinary belt, this one comes along with just one loop. As such, it greatly simplifies the process of operating as it negates the need for too much expertise. This, in turn, gives off some maximum safety and transfers.

Best Quality

All factors considered, this belt confers to you the best quality for the most reasonable of all prices available. By placing your bet on it, you get to spend comparatively less yet still leverage the high quality which is characteristic of the pricy kinds.


  • Has one loop for a proper grasp
  • Requires limited hassles to wash and keep clean
  • Manufactured by use of durable materials
  • The smooth and firm belt which allows for great ambulatory aids
  • Operable by an easy-to-fasten metal buckles


  • Its one loop makes it rather inconvenient
  • Manufactured by a less reputable company
  • Besides transferring patients, expect not much from it

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#9: Prestige Medical Nylon Gait Transfer Belt

Prestige Medical Nylon Gait Transfer Belt

To mobilize and transfer your patients with ease, do get hold of this belt. It is dual purpose in nature and is hence a good companion for the job. At the same time, it also expedites your use by reason of being comparatively simpler to engage.

Heavy-duty Nylon

Setting this belt apart from the others is the fact that it features a heavy-duty nylon material. Generally speaking, this material is strong and way very durable. It subsequently allows for repeated operational cycles and use.

Quick-release Plastic Buckle

Most plastic buckles are not so easy to deploy for use. This is not the case with this one. On the contrary, it is easier to deploy for use notwithstanding its plastic makeup and nature. You hence stand to enjoy cheaper price and reliable outcomes.

3.75 Ounce

Closing the list of its most awesome features is the extremely low weight of just about 3.75 ounces. With this low weight, it is possible for you to carry it around with ease. If you change locations every now and then, this is the belt of choice.


  • Cheaper to come by on the whole
  • Has a longer length which makes it quite comfortable
  • Performs numerous chores and tasks
  • Adjusts and retracts quickly and smoothly
  • Great at mobilizing and transferring patients


  • Too low a weight capacity
  • Does not possess a variety of equally desirable parts
  • Brings about less value for money

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#10: Posey Deluxe Transfer Belts

Posey Deluxe Transfer Belts

To handle excessively bulkier people, you want to make use of an equally weighty tough gait belt. By virtue of being twice as wide as your standard belt, this is the one to go for. Apart from being wide, it also confers topnotch support to your lower back.

Seamless Operations

You will find this belt quite simple to operate. To do so, you will have to make use of the quick-release buckles. They are pretty easy to attach and detach without having to put in too much of your effort in it. This leads to more comfort on your part.

Soft Nylon Belt

Its belt comes in the form of the soft nylon material. Because of this, it is warm enough to allow for maximum comfort on your part. At the same time, it confers some greater contact areas with your patients for expedited handling.

Variable Waist Size

With this belt, it is possible for you to impact a variety of waist sizes. These range from 30-66 inches (76-168 cm). You yet again have the freedom and space to enjoy your use of the gadget. Regardless of the kind of patient you have in mind, be sure of unconstrained use.


  • Thick and soft to bring about comfort and long-term reliability
  • Safeguards the knuckles of the caregiver to allow for maximum comfort on your part
  • Snaps faster and directly into the stipulated holes for ease of attachment
  • Makes room for simultaneous handling and added comfort
  • Accommodates large persons with ease


  • Unsuitable for those with small waists
  • May not yield much for slim people
  • You must be strong to handle it

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#11: LiftAid Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

LiftAid Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

To save you some bit of time and guarantee the seamless mobility of your patient, you want to make use of multipurpose belt of this kind. In all, the belt is equally suited for transferring and walking the patient. It is hence a good try.

Medical-grade Quality Construction

Only the medical-grade quality construction materials have been used to make up the belt. This being the case, the belt is well able to handle professional applications and give off awesome reliability indeed.

6 Hand Grips

To get hold of this belt, you will make use of 6 hand grips. 2 of them are horizontal whereas the remaining 4 are vertical. They are jointly secured firmly to the belt to allow for immense support and awesome reliability.

Adjustable Quick-release Buckle

It is also possible for you to adjust the buckle to allow for easy fastening and detachment. This stems from the adjustable quick-release buckle feature. The pleasure of awesome convenience is hence yours to leverage.


  • Confers to you the freedom to select the most suitable leverage points for your case
  • Reduces the risks of injuries to your patient and you
  • Provides a wider contact area to allow for added comfort and weight-bearing
  • Handles heavier patients with ease
  • Imposes fewer discomforts to your patients in the course of care


  • Only for medical use and applications
  • Not for home or everyday use
  • Slightly complicated to the average user

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#12: Secure SGB-60B Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

Secure SGB-60B Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

If you are a career nurse whose entire life centered on matters immobile patients, you have to lay your hand on a universal gait belt of this kind. By reason of being optimized for the long-term care facility, hospitals, and home, it is a companion you have to acquire and use.

100% Cotton Webbing Belt construction

In its entirety, the belt is made of the cotton webbing material. As such, it is soft, warm, and comfortable to the skin. Further to this, it also withstands the rigors of the day-to-day applications. It is hence very applicable for use in the professional healthcare environments.

Quick-release Durable Buckle Mechanism

Opening and closing the belt happens in the form of the quick-release and durable buckle mechanism. With this feature, it is possible for you to attach and detach the belt with ease and faster for that matter. It for this reason that you want to enjoy its sheer benefits.

Belt Loop Holder

Also accompanying this belt is the belt loop holder. This combined with the EZ release buckle expedites the use of the belt for all kinds of applications. This is not to mention that it is also great for the therapist, nurse, and caregiver alike.


  • Transfers the patients to and from the various gadgets with ease
  • Prevents the likely injuries of the hips, neck, and the back
  • Highly sterilized for the sake of minimal disinfections and germs
  • Secured for strength and awesome reliability
  • Trusted by numerous professionals around the world


  • Its parts are way too complicated for a simple user
  • Difficult to use and carry around
  • You may find it inapplicable if you lack the necessary expertise

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#13: Vive Gait Belt (60 Inch)

Vive Gait Belt (60 Inch)

Are the patients you have in mind obese or excessively overweight? You have to make use of the strongest kinds of gait belts if your answer to the question is in the affirmative. That is because the belt is stronger and way more reliable.

Locking Teeth

Standing out as the most notable of its features are the locking teeth. These adorn the metal buckle and primarily generate a strong hold on the belt. They will not let your belt go not unless you lift the release latch.

Strong Metal Buckle

Other than possessing some teeth for maximum reinforcement, the buckle is also made of strong metals. This translates into stronger and more reliable support to your hands. It is this trait that in fact makes it suited for obese and overweight patients.

Easy Ambulation

Whether you are transferring patients from the wheelchairs to the chairs or beds, you will find this belt quite a breeze. It is on the whole intended for the smooth handling and operations of people of that kind. What’s more? It is applicable both at home and in the hospital.


  • Enables you to ambulate your patients easily
  • Simpler to put on and put out
  • Secures firmly in place to create some strong holds
  • Strong enough to handle obese patients
  • Has some strong grab handles


  • Not for you if you have weaker muscles
  • Performs limited operational cycles
  • Easily loses balance and support

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#14: Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt

Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt

Sometimes you have to go beyond merely controlling your patient to monitoring him as well. This is the belt to look up to for functions of that kind. You may, for instance, use it to keep watch of the patient as he progresses through the recovery phase.

Durable Buckle

Its buckles are very durable. They are made of the durable steel and nickel chrome materials. This means it can endure repeated impacts not to mention discharging repeated and prolonged operational cycles.

Awesome Makeup

On the whole, this belt features an awesome makeup indeed. This stems from the fact that it is made of heavy-duty wide cotton webbing that measures a decent 2 inches. With this awesome makeup, you may be certain to accrue great outcomes.

Larger Waistline

Lastly, the belt can stretch up to a whopping 60 inches wide. This makes it better suited to accommodate waists that are way very larger in size. It is this fact that makes it quite reliable in handling all kinds of waists.


  • Provides some secure handling mechanism for you to utilize
  • Quite great and comfortable at handling the patients
  • Easier to engage and work with
  • Color coded for easier operations
  • Cheaper to care for and maintain in the long run


  • The metal buckle is vulnerable to corrosion
  • Too narrow to accommodate larger wearers
  • Comprises only 1 stripe and is hence inconvenient

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#15: Essential Medical Supply Gait Belt

Essential Medical Supply Gait Belt

In case you are a professional medical practitioner who wants the best for your patient, you can never hesitate to make use of this gait belt. The belt is indeed appropriately equipped and suited for professional applications and use.

Cotton Blend Material

It comprises a cotton blend material which is needless to say very strong and durable. Other than this, the material is also soft enough to allow for your maximum comfort in times of engagement. The material is also easier to keep clean.

Plastic buckle

Rather than the metallic buckle, this one has plastic. It is hence more comfortable, especially whenever it gets into direct contact with your body. Moreover, it is also comparatively easier to handle and engage, which means added comfort to you.

Professional Makeup

As has already been stated above, this belt is especially suited for professional applications. You will find it particularly awesome for those undertakings that are ordinarily complicated to handle. This is made possible by the combination of the total features and qualities.


  • Great for therapists and medical caregivers
  • Stretches up to 54 inches width
  • Provides a secure and reliable handhold
  • Fits your waist securely and comfortably for that matter
  • Pretty reliable for all kinds of applications


  • Easily gets broken when subjected to intense weight
  • Sustains breakages simpler and faster
  • Requires constant repairs and maintenance

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Is a gait belt considered a restraint?

Yes, it is! It does play a vital role in preventing your patient from falling off unnecessarily.

Are gait belts safe?

Most modern gaits are equipped with tons of safety features. They are hence very safe and secure enough to guarantee your patient maximum safety and security.

How tight should a gait belt be?

Generally speaking, there should be some decent space in between the belt and your waist. This space has to be large enough to be able to fit in your fingers without any much ado.

Do gait belts prevent falls?

Some kinds of these belts can indeed prevent you from falling off. That is because they are strong and supportive enough to allow for maximum support to your patient’s structures.

Why is it called a gait belt?

Gait belts are so-called due to their ability to lift and support crippled or incapacitated patients from their wheelchairs. They do provide the support necessary to be able to safely transfer them to the desired destinations.

Final Verdict

Which specific belt gait has fascinated you?

Other than merely possessing it, would you also recommend it for a friend?

When are you intending to get hold of it for your use and applications?

Drag not your feet because the benefits of these pieces of medical equipment are too great to forfeit.


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