The 11 Best Fruit Pickers 2023

Are you a fruit-picking enthusiast who wishes to make the most of your fruits?

Would you wish to obtain great fruits that are not scratched or damaged at all?

Your answer lies in the acquisition of a good fruit picker.

For you to make the right purchasing decision, you definitely have to be armed with the necessary information and guidance.

We are here to provide you just that!

11 Best Fruit Picker Reviews

#1: Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool

Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool

Looking to harvest your fruits without necessarily climbing a ladder? This is the fruit picker to consider owning and using. As you are about to see, this picker has an extendable pole which has a pretty long reach when fully stretched.

Lighter Pole

Topping the list of the picker’s outstanding features is the fact that it is quite light. This arises from the durable aluminum construction. Because of this construction, you may be sure to confront reduced fatigue even when you engage it for a prolonged duration of time.

Deep Basket

A deep basket which contains a ‘bruise-free pad’ comes in next. It is in this basket that you keep each fruit after you have picked it from the tree. Being safe, it is highly unlikely to inflict any damages to your fruits at all.

Smart Telescoping Pole

Other than being light, the pole is also longer than usual. This is due to its ability to stretch and retract in response to the precise location of the fruit. Simply unlock the yellow locking buckle, extend the pole, and thereafter lock it firmly in place!


  • Super easy-to-use
  • Very long (13 feet long)
  • Comes along with a collecting basket
  • Does not damage the fruits at all
  • Adjustable enough to access just about any part of a tree


  • Fewer operational cycles
  • Costly to acquire
  • Requires prior experience to engage

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#2: EVERSPROUT 13-Foot


Are you a career fruit picker? Your hope lies in the acquisition of a durable fruit picker of this kind. Its durable and tough construction indeed suits it for prolonged use and applications. As such, it is likely to deliver to you numerous operational cycles.

3-stage Extension

With this pole, it is possible to extend or retract the length at will. This is due to its three-stage operations. It stretches from 5-12 feet to reach out to the highest point of the tree. It hence allows for access to those areas that are ordinarily hard-to-reach.

High-grade Aluminum Extension Pole

The pole which makes up the most significant component of the picker is made of the high-grade Aluminum material. It is consequently lighter in weight and hence easier to engage. This makes it also minimize fatigue on your part.

Twist-on Pole

You will also find the pole quite versatile. It is indeed able to fit all Eversprout tools. Because of this trait, you will enjoy unconstrained convenience and expedited operations. This is not to mention the great savings of time and money.


  • Rust resistant and lasts longer
  • Locks poles in place firmly for your safety
  • Weighs below 2 pounds
  • Pre-assembled and hence convenient to engage
  • Withstands the extreme elements and the test of time with ease


  • Unreliable in wet weather
  • Quite slippery and hence prone to dangers
  • Not so easy to maintain in the right shape

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#3: Abco Tech Fruit Picker Tool or Fruit Tree Picking Pole

Abco Tech Fruit Picker

Oranges and apples are quite susceptible to bruises not to mention that they are often located far away from the ground level. To be able to impact and handle them with ease, you have to acquire a picker like this which is safe yet long enough to handle them.

Strong Prongs

Its prongs are pretty strong. These let you reach out to individual fruits and also pick them with the least amount of effort possible. Also, the sheer strength of the prongs means they can indeed bear much weight and also call for minimal effort on your part.

Soft Cushioning Pad

At the same time, some soft cushioning pads also form a vital part of the basket. The padding basically shields your fruits from bruises whenever they fall off into the basket. For this reason, the picker can also serve commercial purposes as it leaves your fruits intact.

Deep Basket

The depth and by extension the overall capacity of the basket if pretty large. It hence allows you to collect and hold quite a number of fruits at any given time. This trait yet again goes a long way in discharging commercial and profitable purposes.


  • Neither bends not breaks nor warps
  • Quite reliable in all weather conditions be it sunshine, snow or rain
  • Impacts the different heights with relative ease
  • Imposes no strains on your hands at all
  • You will not feel fatigued or strained even with prolonged use


  • Requires some assembly before use
  • Smaller basket means less carrying capacity
  • Inapplicable for commercial purposes

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#4: Flexrake LRB190

Flexrake LRB190

Most pickers will usually require that you twist and turn the fruits to pluck it from the tree. Not so with this particular picker. That is because it operates via the pull style which eliminates those two steps. It hence follows that your use of this picker makes your picking a fun-filled activity.

Bruise-free Pad

A bruise-free pad comes in first among the list of its most notable features. The pad basically shields each piece of fruit from bruises or possible damages while in the process of picking. It hence preserves the natural look and appearance of the fruit in the process.

Longer Reach

With the ability to reach out to 13 feet when fully stretched, the picker has a longer reach indeed. This allows you to access those fruits which are farthest away from the ground. It also negates any strains on your part and also leaves no fruit untouched.

Stronger Wire Basket

It also comes along with a stronger wire basket. This one is made of the heavy-gauge vinyl coating. The coating lasts longer and also withstands the various elements of wear and tear perfectly. You may be sure of years of reliable services with this basket in mind.


  • Grabs and pulls the fruits for easy picking
  • Extends to a whopping 13 feet to reach whichever fruit
  • Prevents the need to get onto a ladder
  • Has a light yet durable fiberglass handle
  • Extendable and tractable for maximum convenience


  • Moderately heavier than other kinds of poles
  • Prolonged use may inflict too much fatigue
  • Predisposes you to the risks of blisters

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#5: Home-organizer Tech Fruit Picker Package

Home-organizer Tech Fruit Picker

Fruits which are located at the top of a tree are ordinarily hard-to-reach and difficult to pick. You need not to worry though. Simply get hold of this picker from wherever you can and you will be sorted out. That is because it is long enough to reach wherever you might want to.

Pull Style Picking

This picker also operates via the pull style picking action. This basically means it does not twist and pull the fruits while plucking it from the tree. At the same time, it is, on the whole, lighter and can also pair with just about any handle available.

Screw-tightened Band

To securely lock the length of the pole in place, you will have to make use of the screw-tightened band to do the job. This one is tight and reliable enough to handle all kinds of weights and basket sizes. You may count on it to be reliable at all times and under all circumstances.

Awesome Teeth

Making your plucking even more convenient are the various awesome teeth. They basically grasp and get hold of the fruits tightly in place. While at it they minimize the slipping of fruits and also ensure smooth operations at the same time.


  • Very slim and easy to handle
  • Lightweight which means no strains on your part
  • Convenient to handle and operate
  • Labor saving meaning that you will not put in much effort
  • Handles all kinds of fruits


  • Manufactured by not so reputable company
  • Poor customer service regime
  • Cannot bear much weight

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#6: The Twister

The Twister

You need necessarily damage the trees while picking your fruit. For you to do so, you have to lay your hand on a reliable picker of this kind. By virtue of being designed to easily and correctly the right fruit, this is the picker to think of in this case.

Ultraviolet-resistant Construction

Its construction stands apart from the others in that it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. This makes it great for use for those areas that experience plenty of sunshine and solar radiation. This is made possible by the then reinforced polymer.

Slim Lightweight Design

In all, its design is lighter in weight and also slim enough to handle. This allows you to target individual fruits easily. At the same time, it also negates the strains and excess fatigue which arises when the pole is engaged for a longer duration of time.

Rope Length Adjuster

You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to adjust the length of the rope. A rope length adjuster exists to make this a reality. The adjuster allows you to stretch the length of the pole from 7 to 12 feet conveniently.


  • Reduces the struggles which you might normally confront while engaging such a pole
  • Does not require pulling or tugging which damages the tree
  • Prevents the fruits from falling to the ground
  • Easily reaches the highest fruits and picks it
  • Usable by an entire family safely and conveniently


  • Requires some twisting actions with both hands
  • Not for persons who lack some decent muscle power
  • Takes longer to yield the desired outcomes

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#7: Professional Metal

Professional Metal

Of all the fruit pickers in vogue, none of them is as awesome as the metal pickers. They are stronger, longer lasting and very reliable in the long run. Think of this as it is one of the best pickers of that kind on the market today.

PVC Coating

Throughout the exterior of the pole is the PVC coating. This layer not only lengthens the lifespan of the pole but also shields it from exposure to the ultraviolet radiation. Because of this coating, you enjoy the dual benefits of maximum reliability and awesome performance.

Fruit Pad

Also adorning the picker is the fruit pad. The role of this pad is basically to protect your fruits from any bruises or damages in the course of transport and handling. You may hence be sure that your fruit will be preserved in the best shape and form all the time.

Impressive Length

When fully stretched, the pole reaches 15 feet of length. When retracted, it becomes 8 feet long. This impressive length allows for maximum reach of those fruits that are ordinarily not so easy to impact under normal circumstances.


  • Lasts longer than most other poles
  • Operable courtesy of the grab-and-pull action
  • Simplifies the picking of fruits
  • The stretchable handle makes you feel very comfortable
  • Reaches extreme heights and wards off the use of ladders


  • Only picks a limited number of fruits at a time
  • Quite tedious to engage
  • May disparage those who are impatient

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#8: Corona FP 2312

Corona FP 2312

Do you know that is still possible for you to pick fruits in wet conditions? All you have to do is grab this rust-resistant and powder-coated fruit picker. It will handle those conditions well not to mention perform well above average at the same time.

Powder-coated Basket

Chief among its most notable features is the powder-coated basket. This one, as has already been stated, is pretty resistant to both rust and corrosion. It is this trait that makes it quite suited for use in wet weather and other damp conditions.

5.5-inch Deep Basket

Making your fruit picking an even more awesome experience is the basket which measures a comfortable 5.5 inches in depth. This is large enough to be able to handle and accommodate all kinds of fruits.

Twist Pole

Its pole stands apart from the others in that it operates in the form of the twisting action. This action is necessary as it ensures that those fruits which are tougher and difficult to pull are plucked with ease. What’s more? You can also reach the highest levels of a typical tree with ease.


  • Extendable to 12 feet for maximum reach
  • Imposes no damage at all to the fruits
  • Backed by some unparalleled customer service
  • Preserves the natural look and appearance of the fruits
  • Particularly safer for the oranges


  • Damages the leaves and parts of the stem
  • Continual use may bruise the palm of your hand
  • Calls for additional safety measures on your part

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#9: Lopunny Fruit Picker 13-foot Lightweight Telescoping Aluminum Pole

Lopunny Fruit Picker

Succulent fruits like oranges, apples, papaya, and avocadoes are extremely sensitive to the slightest bruises. When planted for commercial purposes, they have to be preserved in their natural shapes and looks. This can only happen if you make use of a nice picker of this kind.

Multi-change Connector

This multi-change connector is a component of the picker which pairs and attaches to several accessories. It hence allows you to extend the functionality of the picker to handle chores which are outside the scope of a standard picker.

Sturdy and Stable Lock Design

On the whole, the picker comes in a sturdy and stable lock design. Because of this construction, it won’t bend, collapse, or warp even when stretched to its fullest length or extension. This is to mention that it ensures continued and dependable applicability.

Effortless Picker Design

By use of this picker, you may be certain not to confront too much stress and strains. That is because the picker is designed to discharge its duties in an effortless manner. If you are looking for commercial applications, this is a nice place to start with.


  • Retracts and stretches faster and easily
  • Pairs and accepts several other tools
  • Durable and telescopic enough for long-term use
  • Super easy to transport, utilize and store
  • Usable in remote locations conveniently


  • Easily breaks when subjected to intense weight
  • Performs fewer operational cycles
  • Slightly expensive to acquire and use

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#10: Soledi Fruit Picker

Soledi Fruit Picker

Picking fruits ought not to be too complicated a task. Indeed, it is possible for you to do so quite easily. You only have to lay your hand on a picker that is coincidentally simpler in scope and easier to handle. Start with this a sit is simpler to master and comprehend.

High-quality Construction

All factors considered this picker comprises only high-quality materials. That is because they are all brand new and hence more durable on the whole. As such, they are pretty resistant to all forms of wear and tear which may be thrown at them.

Excellent Dimensions

The length, breadth, and width of this picker are all great. It measures 14 cm in diameter and has a bag which is 20 cm deep. These dimensions both combine to bring about maximum convenience and suitability for long term applications.

Stronger Material Composition

All the constituent parts are made of stronger materials. The iron frame and durable cloth are two of these stronger material compositions. They too work hand-in-hand to deliver to you maximum reliability when you need it.


  • Convenient for your use and applications
  • Labor-saving by reason of requiring limited effort on your part
  • Practical enough for great outcomes
  • Weighs a paltry 160 grams which makes it easier to handle and carry around
  • Simple in scope and hence easily comprehensible


  • Nonstretchable and hence cannot handle a number of chores
  • Never use it for commercial purposes
  • Brings about lower value for money

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#11: Bond Manufacturing 9164 Wood Handle Fruit Harvester

Bond Manufacturing 9164

If your shrub or fruit tree is shorter and easily reachable, you need not to acquire a longer picker. You can make do with an equally shorter one such as this. It does have a wooden and rigid handle. This makes it possible for you to reach out to lower levels of trees easily.

Heavy-wire Basket

Its basket is pretty durable. That is because it is made of the heavy wire material. Due to this durability, you may be certain to enjoy maximum reliability and long-term applicability. This is not to mention the reduced operational and maintenance expenses.

Foam Cushion

A foam cushion exists to prevent your fruits from direct contact with the heavy wire. You may hence yet again be sure that your fruits will not be bruised or charred. While at it, you may also be confident of the fact that your safety will be upheld at all times.

Vinyl-coated Head

Its head is coated with some vinyl. This coating achieves two roles at a time. It prevents direct bombardment of the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Other than this, it also extends the life of the pole by eliminating rust and other agents of deterioration.


  • Helps you to reach those inaccessible fruits with ease
  • Its cushion prevents bruising of the fruits
  • The handle is made of wood and is thus safer to handle
  • Measures an impressive 8 feet long
  • Comes in two pieces for easier applications


  • Too rigid to handle
  • Only reaches the lower levels of the crown
  • May not yield you a higher value for money

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What is Fruit Picker?

A fruit picker is a tool which is used to pluck fruits from trees.

The tool is largely extendable, lighter in weight, and long enough to reach those areas that are largely inaccessible by hand or ordinary tools.

This is not to mention also that they do not bruise or inflict damages to the fruits.

Benefits of Using Fruit Picker

Eliminates the need for ladders

Fruit pickers generally eliminate the need for ladders. That is because they are stretchable and long enough to access even the farthest corner of the tree. Your use of this tool, therefore, reduces the costs of operations as ladders are generally more expensive.

Minimizes strains and fatigue

Other than being tall, the fruit pickers are also lighter in weight. This is because they are made of materials such as Aluminum which are extremely light. It, therefore, follows that your use of these tools will not really predispose you to fatigue even when you hold them for a longer period.

Preserves the fruits

The typical fruit picker is so designed as to inflict almost no bruise or damage on your fruit. For this reason, it preserves the fruits to their original and natural conditions. You can never hope of obtaining commercial-level benefits without using this tool.


Most fruit pickers are two-in-one. This is to mean that they incorporate a basket over and above merely picking your fruit. As such, they allow you to pick and then collect the fruit at the same time. Your use of this tool will thus save you a great deal of time and effort.

Extendable length

Unlike most ordinary tools, their lengths are extendable. Simply put: you can stretch or retract their lengths as need be. This allows you to adjust the lengths to respond to the location of the fruit. The pleasure of maximum comfort in times of use is hence yours to leverage.

How to Use Fruit Picker

Determine the desired length

Start off by determining the desired length for the specific job. This is because fruits are located at various points on the tree. It is necessary to match the location’s distance with the length of the pole for better outcomes and reduced incidences of inconvenience.

Wrap the hook

Now proceed to wrap the hook around the fruit which you are interested in. After wrapping, tighten the picker in such a way as to obtain a firm grip. This is to minimize the possibilities of the fruit slipping through the picker.

Twist the poles

Go ahead to twist the poles. The aim of this is to detach the fruit from the stem or the point of attachment. Do so gently in order to prevent the possibility of inflicting some harm or damage to your fruit.

Tug the fruit

Tug the fruit now. This simply means pulling it off the branch gently to let it fall onto the collecting basket that is attached to the pole of the picker. Yet again, do so gently to avoid bruising or even damaging the fruit altogether.

Lower the fruit picker

After you have picked all the fruit you are interested in, lower the picker gently. Collect the fruits by transferring them onto a larger basket. If you so wish, you might go ahead and repeat the steps stipulated above.

Tips & Tricks

Determine the exact lengths required

At any given time, always determine the length of the pole necessary for that job. This, of course, is to make your experience smoother and work lighter. The required length is mainly determined by the distance between the fruit and you.

Match the exact picker with the right fruit

Different fruits require different kinds of pickers. You also see to it that you match the exact fruit picker with the right fruit. This again will go a long way in enhancing your experience and minimizes all forms of inconveniences and damages to your fruit.

Know when it is appropriate to pick your fruit

You should know when to pick the fruit. Fruits ripen at different times. They also display distinct appearances and characteristics while ripe. Be sensitive to this and only be sure to pick those fruits which have come of age.

Take care of the weather

As you plan your picking exercise, be sure of the weather as well. Picking fruit at an undesirable time may often bring along some undesirable consequences. You may, for instance, fall off, slip, or sustain some injuries in the course of so doing.

Be mindful of the quantity of the harvest

Needless to point out, you should also be mindful of the quantity of the harvest you are looking for. This is to enable you to make appropriate preparations for the job. You do not want to be caught off guard or have to soil your fruits in the process, do you?

What to Look For When Choosing a Fruit Picker

Type of Fruit

As stated above, different fruits require different kinds of pickers. This is due to the differences in their sizes, shapes, and hardness. It is necessary that you only settle for a picker that is specially designed for that particular kind of fruit alone.

Length and Dimensions

Fruit trees also differ in height. Moreover, different fruits also occupy different parts of a typical crown. You should thus be mindful of this fact as well. That is why you have to find a picker that is long enough to reach the farthest part of the tree conveniently.


This refers to the mechanisms through which the various parts, aspects, and parameters of the tree are engaged. A good picker ought to be easy to engage. Its controls and other parts should also be simple and easier to comprehend.


It goes without saying that a good picker has to be very strong and resilient to impacts, warps, and bends. You do not want to keep purchasing brand new poles every now and then, do you? Look out for the Aluminum construction as it is generally sturdy and long lasting.

Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to pick fruit? Do you intend to do so only once in a lifetime or several times in a typical year? The picker has to be extremely durable if you want to use it repeatedly and for a prolonged duration of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much do fruit pickers make?

Full-time fruit pickers generally make $10.00 or $10.50 an hour. This amount however varies mainly depending on the state you reside in as well as the employer. Wealthier states generally pay more than poorer ones, as a general rule.

Q2. When do you tell that fruits are due for picking?

Look at the color, hardness, fragrance, and weight. Mature fruit will generally be brightly colored or extremely dark, be softer, weigh more and exude some pleasant fragrance. You should hence smell or touch the fruit to know whether it is ripe for picking.

Q3. When is the best time to pick fruits?

The best time to pick fruit in the summer as that is when most fruits are due. You should, however, approach the issue from a case-by-case point of view as fruits differ in their makeup and maturity rates. You might consult your agricultural extension office for the best way forward.

Q4. Is fruit picking really safe?

YES, it is very safe! However, just like every other human activity, it is also not without its fair share of potential dangers. You should particularly be wary of the falling fruits as they might normally land on your head and inflict some pain.

Q5. Do I need any expertise to handle the fruit pickers?

NOT really! Most fruit pickers are very simple and straightforward. Moreover, they also require no assembly before use and are hence quite easy to deploy. You might have to undergo some training though if you dream of being a commercial fruit picker.


MY FAVORITE IS EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Picker and that is because I am a career fruit picker? As explained above, the picker is very durable and tough in construction. Because of this, it is able to bear much weight, withstand intense and repeated impacts and also discharge years of reliable services.

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