The 11 Best Foam Floor Tiles 2023

That the floor tiles are great companions in the typical gym and home fitness set up is not debatable at all.

The question to be asked indeed should be how to arrive at the best one.

To do this, you must get to know some expert advice. Just follow this article and our discussions below to gain access to that information.

11 Best Foam Floor Tile Reviews

#1: BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

All factors considered this foam floor tile is suitable for use in a variety of locations and installations. You can use it in the children’s play areas, home fitness rooms, gyms, and garages. It is hence a great possession if you are intent on leveraging the benefit of unconstrained convenience.

Non-slip Surfaces

Its surfaces are non-slip. This is to mean that they are less likely to slip and make you fall off. As such, they guarantee you maximum stability you need to tackle those extreme maneuvers. At the same time, they prevent you from sustaining injuries unnecessarily.

Moisture-resistant Technology

In all, the entire length and breadth of the mat are made of technology that is highly resistant to moisture. The technology allows for easy cleanliness and maintenance. It also makes the tiles be easily washable using water and some soap.

Interlocking Feature

The map is so designed as to be able to interlock firmly. This minimizes fidgeting which is primarily responsible for the injuries. It also confers a stable practicing and exercising surface given that the constituent parts are prevented from falling apart.


  • Guarantees your perfect balance throughout the exercising period
  • Comes in different sizes for you to choose from
  • Provides excellent non-slip traction and cushion
  • Interlocks perfectly for utmost reliability
  • Light in weight and hence easier to manage


  • Highly susceptible to frays
  • May pose injury to delicate feet
  • Does not last as long

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#2: AmazonBasics Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

AmazonBasics Exercise Mat

Who said you cannot work out comfortably? Yes, it is indeed possible for you to uphold a fair degree of comfort in the course of your practices. You can only do so if you lay your hand on a properly made foam floor tile of this caliber.

High-quality EVA Foam

Its raw structure and body are made of the high-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam material. It is dense and is generally devoid of any toxic phthalates. Other than guaranteeing your safety, the tiles also ensure reliable and long-lasting performances.

Non-skid Mat

While practicing your workouts on this mat, you will discover that this mat is very stable and reliable. This is due to its non-skid nature. Its surface is indeed grippy and slip-free. Because of this, you are yet again assured some added peace of mind.

Puzzle-style Construction

As opposed to some other kinds of mats, this one is constructed using the puzzle-style form. This style is very tight and reliable. It prevents frays and other agents of deterioration which are most definitely likely to impact the floor tiles.


  • Made of the unique puzzle-style workout mat
  • Creates a cushioning and non-skid floor
  • Protects your floors from the heavy workout gears
  • Reduces noise which brings about maximum comfort
  • Easy to assemble and deploy for eventual use


  • Takes longer to install
  • Calls for some muscle power to handle
  • Performs fewer operational cycles

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#3: Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat

Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat

If you are an exercising enthusiast, you might want to find a universal mat of this kind. By being able to bear your weight while conducting just about every other exercise, this mat is indeed a great companion. Moreover, it can fit benches and just about every other surface.

Awesome Size

This mat is large enough to handle just about every other size. It measures 24 square feet. Its dimensions are 24 inches long 24 inches wide by ½ inch thick. Because of this, it endures the test of time and brings about higher value for money.

Unique Design

The mat is also uniquely designed. This stems from the fact that it is water-resistant and also structured in such a way as to greatly reduce the noise. What’s more? The tile is also easier to clean and keep in the best shape and form.

Textured Surface

Throughout its entire surface is some awesome texture. In light of this awesome texture, the surface [is non-skid and hence greatly improves the grip as well. At the same time, the surface forestalls the likelihoods of slipping in the course of a workout.


  • Excellent construction and features
  • Lasts longer and provides years of dependable services
  • Generally simpler to put together
  • Not too much of a hassle to remove or disassemble
  • Customizable for each room


  • Quite cold at night
  • Cannot be customized
  • Poor aesthetic value

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#4: IncStores – Tatami Foam Tiles

IncStores – Tatami Foam Tiles

In order to tackle intense workouts well, you need a surface which absorbs shocks greatly. Look to no other one than this. As you are about to note, it is strong and very stable indeed. You will find it particularly great for judo, karate, and taekwondo.

Detachable Edge Pieces

You will find this floor tile customizable. This is because it comes along with some two detachable edge pieces. They allow you to place the tile in whichever corner or place you so desire. The pleasure of maximum convenience is hence yours to enjoy.


This tile is eco-friendly. This stems from the fact that it is manufactured using non-toxic and non-recycled high-density closed cell EVA foam materials. It is also light in weight and durable enough to guarantee long term applicability.

Excellent Reliability

Given the interlocking nature of the tiles, you will find them pretty safe and very reliable indeed. No matter how intense the exercises are, you may count on the tiles not to fidget unnecessarily and hence predispose you to the dangers of falling off.


  • Great at absorbing shocks and diffusing tension
  • Confers a unique workout surface
  • Extra thick and hence long lasting
  • Offers unparalleled support for the martial arts
  • Resistant to water and moisture


  • Easily punctured by animals and rough nails
  • May be eaten away by termites
  • Demands too much effort to handle

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#5: Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats Foam Interlocking Mats Tile

Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats

Showcasing your products ought not to be too much of tedious task. Indeed, it is possible to organize a convention, trade show, and other events hassle-free. Given its specialization to daycare facilities, office environments, and classrooms, this is the mat of choice for such circumstances.

Detachable Edge Pieces

The mat possesses some detachable edge pieces. The pieces make it possible for you to fit the tile in just about every other center, corner, or border of your choice. Regardless of the size or shape of your room, count on this mat not to let you down.

Jigsaw Puzzle Connections

To fit the individual pieces of the mat together, you will have to make use of the jigsaw puzzle connections. These are tight fitting and also hold very tight to one another. They subsequently prevent any slipping yet guarantee a fair degree of reliability.

Great Aesthetics

On the whole, the mat confers some great aesthetics indeed. Other than this, it is structured in such a way as to fit just about every other interior décor. It hence prevents any clashes with your room to give off some great appearances indeed.


  • Achieves multipurpose needs and performances
  • Reduces stress and strains to make your experience enjoyable
  • Manages easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Requires no adhesive to put in place
  • Durable enough to withstand the numerous foot traffic


  • Higher acquisition costs
  • Calls of a fair degree of attention to assemble
  • Difficult to keep clean and manage

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#6: Stalwart Foam Mat Floor Tiles, Interlocking EVA Foam Padding

Stalwart Foam Mat Floor Tiles

Are you a lover of exercising, plays and other intense workouts? Consider leveraging this foam floor tile. Its strength, construction, and makeup are all geared towards providing a tough and reliable surface for such kinds of activities.

Non-Toxic Fabric

The fabric which makes up this tile is non-toxic. This is due to its lack of harmful lead, Phthalates, and BPA materials. Due to this toxic-free construction, expect the tile not to inflict any dangers to you at all. In particular, you may count yourself completely free from the risks of cancer.

Non-skid Foam Padding

Its surface is intact and as such, does not skid at all. This stems from the high texture which subsequently offers some stable and right grips. You will enjoy using this tile just about every other place.

Puzzle-piece Edge Design

Generally, this tile is manufactured in the form of the puzzle-piece edge design. When these constituent designs interlock, they give rise to some firm construction which does not fidget but stays firmly in place. It is this structure that assures you of maximum reliability while exercising.


  • Offers adequate protection to your floor
  • Creates a comfortable workout space
  • Provides some exceptional support and cushion
  • Connects quickly and easily in the course of installation
  • Disassembles simply for quick storage


  • Heavily affected by the agents of wear and tear
  • May not handle extreme impacts
  • Complicated to comprehend and master effectively

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#7: IncStores 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles

IncStores 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles

Is your search for the right tile dictated by commercial reasons? Do consider leveraging this particular tile. By virtue of measuring a decent 5/16 inches, this tile is indeed a perfect standard commercial grade. It is hence more likely to yield you the reliability you require for commercial purposes.

Seamless Appearance

This tile has a seamless appearance indeed. As you look at it, the tile appears so great and breathtaking indeed. It can and indeed does enhance the interior décor of your home. For this reason, it brings in more benefits than what you pay for.

Environmentally Friendly

The tile is constructed only from recycled tires which are drawn from landfills. Your purchase of this tile is thus a contribution towards the maintenance of the environment. If you truly care for your environment, you can never overlook the acquisition of the tile at all.


You will find this tile ultra-durable. This is due to the fact that it is particularly designed to bear much abuse and extensive use. In light of this, you are freed from the need for constant repairs and maintenance as is the norm with most other tiles.


  • Rated highly for outdoor applications
  • Suitable for gyms and other intense applications
  • Fits a variety of uses and applications
  • Requires no adhesives or great expertise to install
  • Grants you the leeway to fully control your space


  • Not Ultraviolet stable
  • Fades while in direct sunlight
  • Loses aesthetic value too soon

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#8: LEVOIT Puzzle Exercise Mat

LEVOIT Puzzle Exercise Mat

To be able to enjoy the best possible outcomes imaginable at any given time, you have to secure your rooms and workout areas. Try this particular tile out. As you are about to realize, it has the ability to provide some protective flooring to all kinds of workout spaces.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam

Only the high-quality EVA foam has been used to make up this tile. This material is very safe and secure by reason of lacking the carcinogenic substances. At the same time, they are also soft enough to guarantee maximum comfort.


The tile is resistant to water. Regardless of how much dampness it is subjected to, you may be certain that it shall not suck up any excess amounts of it. This also makes it comparatively easier to keep clean and in the best shape at any given time.

Slip-resistant Points

Closing the list of its most awesome features are the slip-resistant points. As the designation suggests, these points do not subject you to the risks of sliding and falling off. On the contrary, they confer to you some firm grip which is great for intense exercising.


  • Unparalleled for the home gym workout exercises
  • Comes in seven wide colors for you to choose from
  • Stable enough for long-term use and applications
  • Provide non-slip protection to your floors
  • Confers some perfect interlocking mechanism


  • Low weight-bearing capacity
  • Quite fragile and prone to damages
  • Unsuitable for too intense impacts

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#9: Forest Floor 3/8″ Thick Printed Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats

Forest Floor 3/8″

Do you change locations frequently? If you answered the question in the affirmative, you will have to lay your hand on a customizable tile of this kind. This tile basically allows you to modify its shape and size in response to the dimensions you have in mind.

Highly Attractive Appearance

Its overall appearance is highly attractive. It comes in the form of the wood grain patterns which are imprinted on the fabric. For this reason, the tile also serves some aesthetic values over and above the ordinary functional purposes.

Great Construction

Making up this tile are some comfortable interlocking foams. The foams give rise to some tight and reliable end results. They eliminate the likelihoods of frays not to mention that they give out some reliable surfaces for intense workouts.

Detachable Pieces

Some two detachable pieces form a part of this tile. It is these detachable pieces which allow you to modify the shapes and dimensions of the tiles to respond to the storage space you have at your disposal. With this tile, you can smile and say no to all forms of inconveniences.


  • Awesome thickness which provides maximum comfort
  • Concludes your assembly with some straight edges
  • Assembles in a matter of minutes
  • Suited for all surfaces, be they hard, flat or indoor
  • Capable of fitting the wall-to-wall installations


  • Not recommended for assemblies over the carpet
  • Does not last as long as is necessary
  • Breaks down fewer impacts

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#10: IncStores – 1″ MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

Are you a martial artist who prefers to practice at the comfort of his home? You have no better companion than this floor tile. It is compact enough to be usable at the convenience of the home environment. It can also facilitate numerous lighter workouts.

High-density Closed-cells Foams

These tiles are constructed using the high-density closed cell EVA foam materials. Due to this construction, you may be certain that the tiles shall confer to you the utmost support you need to exercise well. They also minimize the likelihood of injuries.

2-edge Pieces

At the edges of the tiles are some two pieces. Given their removable nature, they are easier to engage and get rid of when the time comes. The two jointly measure 1 inch which makes them leaner and all the more very stable for use.

Simpler Installations

Generally speaking, the tiles are simpler to install. This is because they lack the sophisticated parts and components which other tiles possess. Apart from this, the tiles also do not require any expertise or prior experience to handle appropriately.


  • Absorbs shocks in such a way as to prevent any discomforts
  • Resists mildew, molds, and water for reliable long-term services
  • Comparatively simpler to clean and maintain
  • Fits just about every other storage space available
  • Made from recycled materials


  • Quite delicate and hence easily damaged
  • Not so reliable in the long run
  • Inflicts many expenses in the long run

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#11: Skip Hop Playspot Foam Play Mat for Baby, Grey/Cream, 70″ X 56″

Skip Hop Playspot Foam Play Mat

Even your infants and toddlers require some great place and mats to play. In case you have them in your household, you might want to try this mat out. It is specially designed with them in mind and hence you are more likely to obtain the best outcomes.

Thick Foam Tile

This tile is very thick indeed. Being thick, this mat will surely provide your child with a very soft surface to play and crawl on. It will in the course of so doing prevent your baby from sustaining any injuries which they are always more likely to.

40 Foam Interlocking Pieces

Its entire makeup features some 40 foam interlocking pieces. These are complemented with 32 foam edges. The two create some multiple puzzle designs which may be customized for your good. They guarantee your baby some stable playing surface.

Oversize Foam Floor Tiles

Perhaps setting this mat apart from the others is the fact that you may stretch it. The mat has some oversize foam floor tiles which offer added playing area to your child. You can never complain of inadequate play space especially if you have many children at your disposal.


  • Handles the tummies and crawls well
  • Very comfortable for your small children
  • Greatly complements the interior décor of your home
  • Enables stress-free maintenance
  • Cleans by simple wipe cleans


  • Only for small children
  • Quite delicate and susceptible to damages
  • Cannot bear much weight

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What is Foam Floor Tiles?

These are special kinds of floor tiles that are manufactured using foam materials. The materials are softer, highly breathable, and extremely comfortable. They subsequently absorb all shocks and impacts to confer to you some added comfort and stability during a workout.

Benefits of Using Foam Floor Tiles

Extremely Durable

Compared to other forms of tiles, the foam floor varieties are extremely durable. Due to this trait, the tiles are well able to accommodate heavy exercise equipment. On the same note, the tiles are also reliable in that they demand fewer repairs and maintenance.

Provide Extra Insulation

With these tiles, it is possible also to insulate your property and floors from excess cold. That is because they block the smooth flow of heat and cold into and out of the tiles. They are also great at absorbing sounds and other undesirable echoes.

Simple to Install

These kinds of tiles are also simpler to install. Most of them come pre-assembled and do not require any effort on your part to engage. You will hence experience some convenience and limited wastage of time. By placing your bet on the tiles, you will enjoy the benefits faster than usual.

Easier to Clean

Also, you will find the tiles quite simple to clean. Most require that you just use a small piece of clean cloth to do the cleaning. You do not have to soak the surface or take too long to obtain the desired outcomes.

Confers Aesthetic Values

Some of these kinds of tiles are also optimized for aesthetics. They are colorful and also exhibit special formulation and drawings. Long after they are functionally inapplicable, it is still possible for you to derive some utility from them.

How to Install Foam Flooring for a Children’s Room

Prepare the Room

Start off by preparing the room. Remove all furniture and any other obstacle which might be in that room. Clean the room thoroughly to rid of all dirt and debris. Open the room to make it properly ventilated for the task of installation.

Set the edge pieces in place

Now move on to set the edge the pieces in place. Start off from the corners of the room and then advance to the other parts of the rooms. Pull out any edges which are superfluous and hence not needed.

Lock the teeth together

After placing all the pieces on the floor, proceed to lock their teeth together. Leave no space in between the pieces to see to it that the end result is very tight. Conclude this stage by installing an edge piece throughout the entire length of the wall side of your tile.

Do some final touches

Skim the tiles and look out for any inconsistencies. Rectify those inconsistencies appropriately. In particular, push the pieces which may have fallen out of place back to their original positions. See to it that the tiles are intact and cannot shift.

Apply the necessary aesthetics

If you so wish, you might also apply the appropriate aesthetics. This entails putting some decorations, markings and other overlays as much as possible. These decorations should be made in line with the desired outcomes in mind.

How to Install Foam Flooring for a Gym

Prepare the gym

Just like the children’s rooms above, you should start this procedure by preparing the gym. Clean it, empty it of all contents, remove any debris and open all windows. Be sure that the floor is dry before proceeding to the next step.

Lay the tiles

Now go ahead and lay the tiles on the floor. Start out at the corner of the empty room. Leave around some gaps that measure ¼ inches in between the tiles and the walls. This is to allow for the expansion of the tiles when the heat and humidity levels spike. Expand to the rest of the rooms.

Interlock the tiles accordingly

As you lay the tiles, make every effort to interlock the accordingly. By far the puzzle-style is the most reliable way of doing. Be attentive to the direction of the grains of wood as you do so. For coherence’s sake, you want to keep all directions flowing smoothly.

Reconnect the border strips

After interlocking the tiles and ensuring that they blend smoothly, you have to reconnect the border strips. Simply place the strips at their designated locations and seal tightly. Leave no space at all for the sake of tight and reliable connections.

Tips & Tricks for Using Foam Floor Tiles

Ascertain your desired dimensions

Before installing these tiles on the floor, you have to ascertain the dimensions of your room. This is necessary to minimize any wastages which might have to arise. It also ensures that you have enough tiles for your space.

Be mindful of the purpose at hand

You have to make sure that you match the purpose you have in mind with the tile of choice. You definitely want the tile to bring about the required value for money. At the same time, you also want to minimize wastage and losses.

Color vs. interior décor

For best outcomes, match the right tile color with your interior décor. A good tile has to possess the same set of color as your interior room. This again is necessary for the sake of deriving some aesthetic values on your part.

Clean and maintain the tiles

Needless to say, you have to clean and maintain the tiles regularly. Spray the ties with anti-termite insecticides as they are prone to these nasty insects. Take note of any breakages and damages and be sure to handle them as soon as possible.

Keep off from flames

These tiles are highly flammable. It is hence in your best interest to keep them off flames or any other substance which might trigger flames. In particular, keep off paraffin, petrol, lighters, and matches as far away from them as possible.

What to Look For When Choosing a Foam Floor Tiles


This refers to the lengths, widths, and the thicknesses of these tiles. The best tiles on the basis of this consideration have to possess dimensions which can fit as nearly as possible to the space you have at your disposal. It should also be of the desired thickness.


What exactly do you intend to devote the tile to? Is it for aesthetic purposes, support, or for your child plays? It is also necessary to match the purpose with the tile. The logic here is that you have to reduce inconveniences which might arise when you devote the wrong tile for the job.


You definitely want to spend the least realistic amount of money to acquire the tile of your choice. This is why you have to pay some attention to the price of the tile as well. Do compare prices and arrive at the one that fits your budget space.

Color vs. Interior Décor

It is necessary to match the color of the tile with your interior décor. Any clash between these two might normally result in some ghastly appearance. Apart from the color, look also at the patterns and the grains of wood. They too determine the aesthetics.

Duration of Use

For how long do you intend to utilize the floor tiles? It is necessary to go for a durable tile if you want to derive some long term use from these tiles. For this to happen, the tile ideally ought to be made of hardwood and be properly structured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the best kind of flooring for a home gym?

A good flooring for the home gym should ideally comprise vinyl, turf, or rubber. These materials are light enough to be carried around with ease. This notwithstanding, they are also tough and reliable enough for intense exercising.

Q2. Are foam tiles really safe for babies?

Not really! It has been established that they contain the carcinogenic Formamide which may predispose your baby to the risks of cancer. Moreover, this substance may easily be absorbed into the body of your baby through the skin or breathing.

Q3. Do rubber mats damage hardwood floors?

It all depends on the exact kind of mat. The rug pads are generally good as they inflict almost no harm to your hardwood floors. The rubber-backed mats, on the other hand, have the ability to dull your floor’s shine, not to mention causing some discoloration.

Q4. Is EPE foam toxic?

NOT at all! Indeed, the expanded polyethylene is 100% non-toxic. It can easily be recycled not to mention that it is great at absorbing the shocks, stress, vibrations, and dampening.

Q5. How soon after refinishing my wood floors can I put rugs down?

On the whole, you are advised to wait for around 4 weeks before replacing the rugs after a refinishing your wood floors. This is to give your floor some adequate time to cure and recover.


MY FAVORITE IS Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat. My preference for this mat is informed by the fact that I am generally an exercising enthusiast. Being universal, this mat is able to fit numerous spaces and allow me to do all kinds of exercises.

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