EZ Battery Reconditioning – Ultimate Guide

People have spent thousands of dollars buying new batteries. Batteries are a necessity for many products that we use at home or work.

A new innovative EZ battery reconditioning system can save money and provide workable batteries. It is designed to bring old and dead batteries back to life without the need to spend money on new packaged batteries from the store.

This program is constructed to help you reuse all of those old batteries that are lying around the home. It can help you bring life back into those dead batteries and allow you to reuse them over and over again.

About the Creator

about author

The founder and creator of this program are Tom Ericson. He had begun this step by step program to help other people learn how to reuse all of their dead and old batteries.

He has been reconditioning his old batteries for approximately eight years and wanted to teach everyone else about this wonder process.

Tom and his family are from South Caroline and have been faithfully bringing batteries back to working condition with his unique step by step program.

He had designed this course to teach people to reuse their old batteries and prevent them from wasting money on new ones.

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What is inside the Program?

This is packed full of useful and educational information that will have you reusing your old batteries with little effort.

The guide I so easy that it will have you wishing you had learned about this program before.

The free video will show you how simple it is to recondition any type of battery that you may have around the home, garage, or basement.

You will be able to join the thousands of people who have used the step by step course and are now reusing their own batteries without the need to buy new batteries. Think of the money you will save from having to buy new car batteries and other expensive batteries.

The guide will show you diagrams and simple instructions to follow for each type of battery you want to reuse. It will have you becoming a battery pro by the time you are done with the program.

It will show you the ins and outs of how to make the batteries work. It will keep your battery supply in stock at all times and no need to buy new batteries for anything again.

Battery Types

There are a variety of batteries that can be reconditioned with the use of Tom’s simple presentation. The batteries that are able to be brought back to life are many of the batteries that we use on a daily basis.

These batteries include; alternative, solar, marine, vehicle,12 volts, rechargeable, PC, phone, C, D, 9v, 6v, lithium, long-life, alkaline, nickel, AA, AAA, LGM, SLA and other types of batteries.

Many of the battery types that can be reconditioned are batteries that we use on a daily basis. Think how much money you can save in a year or a lifetime without needing to purchase any type of batteries.

You will never have to be without a much-needed battery when the power goes out, or your batteries die unexpectedly.

This program can help you recharge all batteries to make life easier and more convenient without needing to make an unexpected run to the store for new batteries.

Free Batteries

The program also teaches you how to get free batteries. These batteries can be old and dead that you can reuse time and time again.

Being able to receive free batteries can give you a lifetime supply of batteries that you can recondition for a continuous use.

It can provide your family, friends, and neighbors with a variety of workable batteries and they will be glad that you know how to recondition these batteries.

The course will show you the proper way to recharge vehicle batteries.

It will show you the mistakes not to make when you reuse your car and truck batteries. This information is extremely useful when making sure the vehicle has a battery that works proficiently without any issues.

You will be amazed at a number of batteries that you can have up and working again without little effort after reviewing the program.

Make Money

It teaches you how to make money off your old batteries. You can sell them as reconditioned and have extra income from batteries that you had around the home or by reconditioning other people’s batteries.

The program will also teach you the proper way to recondition vehicle batteries. There is a list of what not to do, to help you not make a mistake reconditioning the vehicle batteries.

Once you have mastered the ability to recondition batteries, you can resell them and make a huge profit.

After using the EZ battery reconditioning program, you will be able to reuse all of your batteries that are taking up space.

How is EZ battery reconditioning Work?

The program is a process that uses a few kitchen products to restore the battery life. The reconditioning process can be used on any type of battery that is restorable.

Batteries are reconditioned and able to be used in approximately an hour. The program is a step by step instructional manual that will teach you how to restore a variety of battery types.

NewBox01Here is a small list of batteries that can be reconditioned is a vehicle, marine, lithium, golf cart, solar, 9v,12v, phone, laptop, and much more. This process and easy to use step by step guide will have your batteries up and working like new.

The program helps you empty out that battery drawer or container. It will also help reduce pollution because of the recycling or reconditioning process.

Restore and Reuse

Once the reconditioning process is complete, the batteries can be used again. There is no need to have a drawer full of dead batteries and no good batteries to use.


The program is written in an easy to understand and easy to use guide. It explains each step to ensure that you are reconditioning each type of battery correctly.

This helps to reduce mistakes during the process. The founder of EZ battery reconditioning will walk you through the complete guide to ensure your safety and positive results of having functioning batteries.

The instruction guide has many diagrams to demonstrate how to recondition each battery. The step by step guide and diagram has the complete process documented and shown for accurate battery reconditioning.

Battery Tester

The reconditioning can be used on most batteries that are old or dead. It is best to test the battery for with a tester. The guide also explains battery testing and what to look for when doing it.

This helps to keep you from buying a bunch of dead batteries that are not able to be brought back to life because of their condition. A battery tester Is recommended to have on hand after completing each reconditioned battery.

You can use the tester to check to ensure that each battery is working up to its full potential before using.

Free Batteries

The program also teaches you how to receive free batteries. The batteries that you get for free can be reconditioned and then reused. You can even sell the reconditioned batteries at a discounted price.

Being able to sell the reconditioned batteries, you do not need can increase your income and help others by selling it at a cheaper price.

You will not only be saving yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, but you will also reduce the amount of money that others will spend.

The step by step manual is a great way to ensure that you never run out of functional batteries.

Support and Education

The program offers a long-term support system that gives support from Frank Thompson, Tom Ericson, and many other professional experts. They provide quality assistance in helping you restore your battery’s life.

You will receive constant updates that are made to the manual when it is made available. You will also have access to all new guides that are released in the future.

The EZ reconditioning system gives you the mobile access. You can pull up your battery guide on your phone and have it anywhere that you need it. You also will receive the vault access.

This is where many of the manuals, instructions, battery articles, and information are kept. There are even downloads that can help you increase your knowledge of battery reconditioning.

It is good to have a complete support system when working on the restoration of your batteries. The experts can help you increase your battery life.


The bonus gifts are educational and resourceful. They teach you how to make money from reconditioning batteries. The founder of the company, Tom, will share his secrets of making thousands of dollars each year.


He explains how he is able to get free batteries of many different types and reconditions each one of them. Then he sells them at a discounted price which saves money for the buyer.

It is a win and wins situation. He makes money and the buyer is saving money. Each time the customer is saving money, he is still receiving the battery that he needs.

It also explains how you can receive free batteries to reuse and resell if needed.

The free batteries can be received from companies who have died or old batteries lying around.

They may not have the time or money to recycle them. The company waits for someone to come and pick them up to get them out of the way.

This is a good opportunity to pick up a bunch of lifeless batteries that need to be restored to working condition.

Bonus 2


The battery reconditioning takes a little time to complete. It can be done in about an hour depending on the type of battery and how much research that needs to be done before to ensure accuracy.

The program offers a money back guarantee that is valid for 60 days from time of purchase. If you are not happy with the program or are in a mood, you can request your money back with no strings attached.

There are professional battery restorer’s who answer questions that you may have. The founder of the company is also available to answer problems and provide solutions to your battery issues.

The step by step guide comes with several bonus features for free. The bonuses teach you how to make money with your reconditioned batteries. It will help you learn to build a profitable business with the knowledge that you will learn from the program.

It will teach you how to sell those workable batteries at a discounted cost to help the buyers save money. You will still make a profit and help others save money at the same time.

The battery reconditioning is easy to follow and it teaches a variety of battery types to restore. The guide is extremely informative and reliable. The information is accurate and detailed to ensure that each battery is restored successfully.

The manual is a nice go to source when working on unfamiliar batteries. When you are away from your printed manual, you can go to the EZ app for instructions.

It has all of the instructions that you have in your manual on the app. You will have the accessibility to pull up your battery restoration instructions from any location.

The battery strategy works on a variety of batteries. It can be used on an automobile, ATV, golf cart, AAA, AA, D, C, 9v, 6v, 12v, phone, camera, laptop, and other popular battery types.

There is no more need to buy another battery that you use on a daily basis. You will be able to keep each battery functional without the need to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

You can even charge up dead golf cart batteries and reuse them to save you thousands of dollars. The golf cart battery can be hooked up to solar panels and ran consistently without any issues.

These are the types of batteries that work with solar as a backup source. There is no need to wait to use your solar because you won’t have to spend any money on battery backup.


The EZ battery restoration manual and step by step guide are hard for me to understand. The guide has pictures to show you how to recondition but my battery is not coming back to life. I am not sure if it is that I am misunderstanding the pictures, or if my battery is bad.

The battery reconditioning method is not working on my 9v battery. I had used this method on another type of battery and was successful. Then I moved to the 9v and nothing has worked.

The guide had said that it worked on 9v batteries, and I was disappointed that it did not fix mine. I am not sure if the brand of my 9v is not a reconditioning brand or if the process is just not working. I thought that I would not have to buy another 9v battery but I did.

I was not happy with the customer service that was offered. The agent did not help solve my problem. I could not get my boat battery to work. I followed the guide and there was no success.

I had searched the vault to find information on the specific battery manufacturer but had little results. I would like to find out how to get my boat battery back to life because I am planning a trip.

This was the main reason that I wanted the program. The boat batteries are not cheap, which is why I had purchased the step by step guide.

I am not able to get very many free batteries like I had hoped. The reconditioning process worked as it was supposed to. I wanted to get free batteries to resell once I had them working.

This is hard to do when I am not successful at finding free batteries. Many of the companies I contacted wanted to charge me to take haul them away.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is the EZ battery reconditioning a scam?

A: No, the program is not a scam. It works successfully on most batteries. Once you use the step by step guide, you will be able to revive your old or dead batteries.

Q: Does the reconditioning process actually work?

A: Yes, the process of battery reconditioning does work. It takes less than an hour to have your batteries back to life. You can use a few simple items from your garage, shed, or kitchen to complete the process.

Q: How do I gain access to the step by step manual?

A: You can get the manual in a few simple and easy steps. First, scroll down on the site and click adds to cart button. You will then be directed to another page. That page will ask you to fill in your information and pay the one-time fee of $47.

The one-time fee also has a money back guarantee that is valid for 60 days. Then you will be given the page to automatically download your guide. You can own the guide in just a few seconds from now by following these few steps.

Q: Are there any other charges, membership fees, or hidden costs that I do not know about?

A: No, there are no hidden fees, membership fees, or charges that you are not aware of. Once you pay the one-time fee, then you will never need to pay anything again. There is never going to be any charges in the future.

The $47 payment is the only one you will make to the company for the purchase of the EZ reconditioning battery guide. There are several bonuses that will cost you nothing and will be delivered with the restore manual.

The manual and two bonuses are well worth the low price that you must pay. The manual will save you money in the long run.

Final Verdict

I recommend buying the EZ reconditioning battery method because it can save you tons of money. It will ensure that you are never without batteries in critical circumstances.

The restoration of these batteries can prevent you from being stranded at work because your car battery died. It can save you from not having any batteries for your flashlight when there is a power outage.

The guide can also help you fix golf cart batteries and use them for solar power and off-grid living. The bonuses show you how to find and receive free batteries of all types.

It also helps you learn how to sell your restored batteries that you do not need.

You can charge a lower price to achieve a faster sale. The resale of the batteries can make you a lot of money and save other buyers thousands.

I suggest trying this product today and start saving money immediately.

Buy it Now!


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