Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Vacuum Cleaner Review

A Perfect Option for Everyday Cleaning

The Eureka Mighty Mite is one of the oldest vacuum cleaners in the market. It was debuted in 1982 and was very popular for the design of it.

With some minor upgrades, the new model is popular among the users.

Let me tell you, it is a quality product when it comes to cleaning your house and tight spaces.

Despite the low price of this vacuum cleaner, it will provide excellent service for cleaning the dust and debris of your house.

This is me speaking from experience. I’ll discuss the features and benefits you’ll have in my Eureka Mighty Mite Cannister 3670G Vacuum Cleaner Review.

The Handy Design

The Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner has a weight of 12 pounds. I can carry it easily thanks to the weight.

It also provides the mobility while cleaning. You will not be tired of moving it around here and there and can even lift it.

The lesser weight of this vacuum cleaner also takes care of your soft carpet and other floorings by not putting too much pressure.

The machine can clean the dirt from the carpet or tiles while keeping the material perfect. There is an extension wand that comes with it.

This allows you to extend your reach. You can reach the toughest corners and furthest areas in a jiffy. There is a blower that is perfect for garage areas.

I use mine to blow the debris away. Also, a dirt bag comes along that you can use perfectly.

12-amp High Power Motor

A strong 12-amp motor of this vacuum cleaner makes cleaning quicker and hassle-free. This vacuum cleaner won’t stop and start frequently.

Thanks to the powerful motor, Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G sucks in more dirt and cleans efficiently than its peers.

Some customers may mark the high noise of this cleaner bit problematic. It creates more than 80 decibels while cleaning stuff.

This harsh noise is little more for a house cleaner.

Auto-shutoff feature

Eureka 3670G cleaner comes with an Auto Shut-off feature. If your machine gets too hot, it will automatically be turned off.

The company engineered a smart technology to build this vacuum cleaner.

It can sense the heat of the machine and understand when to stop it.

This excellent feature reduces the chances of damaging the motor and makes cleaning safer and problem free. This contributes towards the longevity of the machine too.

20’ Cord and Power-Touch handle

I love the 20’ long cord my Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum cleaner. It lets me use the space and carry the vacuum cleaner without changing the port frequently.

I have a big house with some spacious rooms. The long cord makes my cleaning a delightful experience, to say the least.

The vacuum cleaner also has a handle with the “Power Touch” feature. You can control the cleaner with your fingertips.

I like this option as I don’t have to bend over and stop the machine, while I am taking a pause. I can halt the machine from the standing position if I need to.

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  • The lightweight machine is easy to carry
  • The vacuum cleaner works with a powerful 12-amp motor
  • 20 feet chord makes it simpler to clean the whole room
  • It has Power-touch handle to control the cleaner
  • Auto shut-off feature reduces the chances of motor damage
  • Durable and smart design for a cheap vacuum cleaner


  • Creates a loud and harsh noise while cleaning

FAQ Regarding the Product

How well does it clean the pet hair?

With a competent upholstery tool, cleaning pet hair will not be a problem for anybody.

How good is the vacuum cleaner really?

If you are using this one for your house, it is great. It is a competitive basic level vacuum cleaner.

I’ve had all sorts of accidents that one can imagine in the 1.5 years that I’ve used it. I’ll advise you just to change the dirt bag and filter frequently. You are ready to go.

Final Verdict

The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner comes with some useful features to make cleaning very easy.

I find the Auto-Shutoff option and the power touch handle of this machine particularly beneficial.

The powerful engine will help you clean any kinds of floors. The product is user-friendly and durable for making your house-cleaning comfortable and safe.

The harsh noise is not a big problem if you consider the other features of the product.

All the quality and the advantages will make it favorite for most of the users. I recommend this excellent vacuum cleaner.

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