The 10 Best Electric Jackhammers 2023

Remodeling or renovating your home or garage comes with many challenges, and it can be all too tempting to hire a contractor to perform these tasks for you.

However, you can save a lot of money by taking on these tasks yourself, provided you have the right tools for the job.

Rather than hire a jackhammer from a hardware store on a daily basis for your concrete removal, making the investment to have one of your own can save you lots of money in the long run.

Top 10 Reviews Of Electric Jackhammers

#1. XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer


A versatile tool is a key to making your workday go by so much more easily. The XtremepowerUS heavy duty jackhammer allows you to demolish and chip concrete blocks and slabs, allowing you to break them down easily whilst caring for the health of your hands. With many useful and functional additions, this jackhammer is the complete solution for anyone who works with concrete.

Professional Comfort

Getting rid of large areas of concrete can really take a toll on your arms, as jackhammers can send vibrations through the delicate bones of your hands and wrists. The XtremepowerUS jackhammer is built to soften this pressure, allowing you to work longer to quickly get through your work with ease.

Powerfully Sharp Tips

Why spend thousands of dollars on a pneumatic hammer when the XtremepowerUS jackhammer allows you to perform the same tasks without breaking the bank. You are provided with both a 1-1/8 inch bull point chisel as well as a 1-1/8 inch flat chisel, allowing you to create fracture lines for larger chipping as well as breaking down larger pieces of concrete with ease.

Built-In Safety

The XtremepowerUS jackhammer is built with your utmost safety in mind. If the tip is not pressed against solid concrete when you engage the trigger button, the motor simply hums, avoiding accidental usage that could harm you and those around you. Not only does this keep you safer, but it helps to reduce unwanted results.


  • Powerful 220 watt motor that delivers 1900 impacts per minute
  • Interchangeable bull point and flat chisel for flexibility
  • Comes with gloves, eye protection and a convenient storage case
  • Built-in safety mechanism allowing only for impact on contact
  • Comfortable design that allows for longer stretches of work


  • The plastic casing may seem light and lacking strength
  • Only allows for one speed without any ability for adjustment

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#2. Neiko Electric Demolition Jackhammer

Neiko Electric Demolition Jackhammer

Your work requires attention to detail, so choosing the right jackhammer that can offer you the usability and stability that you need is important. The Neiko electric jackhammer is a comfortable and elegant solution that can help you to blast through concrete with ease.

High Visibility Trigger

Getting through your toughest jobs relies on being able to work quickly and efficiently. The Neiko electric jackhammer is fitted with a high visibility trigger that not only allows you to hit your target quickly every time, but also increases your safety while you work.

Multi-Angle Handle

When you work long and difficult jobs, staying comfortable can be a challenge. The Neiko electric jackhammer is built with a strong handle that allows for use at any angle, providing you with the support that you require during your full day of work.

Strong And Durable Design

When you’re performing such heavy and physical work, you need a tool that will last through the toughest jobs. The Neiko electric jackhammer is built with a corrosion-resistant alloy steel with a powder coated housing that offers you supreme durability and strength.


  • Comes with useful attachments such as carbon brushes and safety equipment
  • Allows for 1800 impact beats per minute allowing you to get through your job quicker
  • Fitted with a non-slip handle that allows for work at any angle
  • Features a 1-16 inch point chisel as well as a 1-14 inch flat chisel
  • Case features wheels allowing for easy movement between uses


  • Can generate a lot of heat during use
  • The motor can often produce an odor when used for the first time

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#3. XtremepowerUS Demolition Jackhammer

XtremepowerUS Demolition Jackhammer

When you need to get through the biggest demolition jobs, your jackhammer needs to deliver extreme performance. This jackhammer is an elegant and powerful offering from one of the trusted names in demolition equipment, looking great and feeling strong whilst powering through the toughest concrete.

Delivers Super Fast Impact Speed

If you want to break up concrete quickly, settling for a mid-range jackhammer will leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. The XtremepowerUS demolition jackhammer delivers 3,000 impact beats per minute at full contact, allowing you to get your jobs done with speed and power.

Designed For Comfort And Strength

The XtremepowerUS demolition jackhammer features a strong and streamlined body with a lightweight feel, allowing for easy, comfortable use. Not only is the casing designed for strength, but it features a flexible handle that swivels to any position so that you can get into the hard-to-reach areas.

Convenient Build

With a tool that is lightweight and built for the jobs on the go, you need a way to transport it easily. The XtremepowerUS demolition jackhammer comes with a strong and sturdy carry case that secures and protects it from the knocks and bumps of frequent travel, keeping it in great shape for longer.


  • Requires no oiling, so you can work without carrying out extra maintenance
  • Lightweight design that allows for longer use
  • Can reach 3,000 impact beats per minute at full contact
  • Swivel handle allows you to work in any position
  • Features a flat chisel as well as a pointed chisel for every kind of job


  • No extra accessories provided
  • Instructions are difficult to follow due to lack of detail

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#4. Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer

Jack Hammer by Generic

When you need to perform a difficult concrete job, your first instinct might be to hire a jackhammer from your local hardware store. This heavy duty electric jackhammer gives you more freedom by giving you a strong performance that you can use whenever you want to break up concrete.

Stays Strong And Durable

Many jackhammers feature plastic housings that encase the powerful metal chisels. While this can reduce the cost of your tool, you might feel that the casing might break under the extreme pressures you work at. This heavy duty electric jackhammer is built with a full metal housing, delivering lasting performance over a longer life.

Strong And Fast Impact

Boasting a huge 1,400 impact beats per minute, this strong and powerful jackhammer is built for the heavy duty jobs that you need to be done. With a special rust resistant coating, you will be able to keep your jackhammer looking and performing as good as new no matter how much you use it.

Allows You To Work Quickly

One of the most important aspects of useful jackhammer is the speed at which you can blast through thick concrete. This heavy duty jackhammer is suitable for tearing through concrete of up to 8 inches of thickness in a single effort, allowing you to get through all jobs with speed and comfort.


  • Super strong impact that allows for 1,400 impact beats per minute
  • Full metal housing that confers extra strength during use
  • Vibration-reduced design that makes it more comfortable for longer use
  • Features a handle that makes it easier to use
  • Comes in a convenient carry case


  • Some users report that the motor will leak oil from time to time
  • Does not fit standard sized bits which can make replacement difficult

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#5. F2C Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer

by F2C

When you want a strong and reliable jackhammer at a great price, you need to go no further than the F2C heavy duty electric demolition jackhammer. This model is built with a strong housing as well as an easy to use design, making it perfect for professionals and DIYers alike.

Sturdy, Heavy Design

While some jackhammers are built with a light weight allowing you to move them from site to site, the heavier weight of this model lends it extra strength. Suited more towards people who need to rip up concrete around their home, the F2C jackhammer delivers a strong, effective performance.

Easy To Use

Built using a solid metal construction, this hardy jackhammer will power through the most difficult jobs. However, don’t be put off by the weight, as the F2C heavy duty jackhammer features a handle that allows you to grip it comfortably, making it very easy for anyone to use.

Great For Bigger Jobs

Breaking through larger slabs of concrete can be tough without the right amount of power. The F2C jackhammer is perfect for the bigger jobs thanks to the 1,900 impact beats that it delivers per minute, giving you extra speed and toughness to blast through the concrete.


  • Comes equipped with a sturdy carrying case
  • Features an easy-grip handle that allows for better handling
  • Includes safety equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear
  • Allows for up to 1,900 impact beats per minute


  • You will need to take a break every so often to stop it from overheating
  • The instructions provided aren’t very easy to follow

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#6. Goplus Electric Demolition Jackhammer

by Goplus

For ease and comfort whilst chipping away at unwanted concrete around your home, the Goplus electric demolition jackhammer is the perfect DIYers accessory. Allowing you to take on concrete removal jobs of any size, this low cost jackhammer affords you comfort and strength where you need it most.

Perfect For DIY Work

While the Goplus jackhammer is suited to any job no matter the scale, DIYers will find this model particularly useful. With the swivel handle and easy operation, you’ll see reliable results every time no matter what kind of challenge you’re facing.

Light And Easy To Handle

Weight isn’t everything when it comes to doing a good job when breaking up concrete. The Goplus electric jackhammer weighs a mere 33 pounds yet packs in as much strength and power through the strong metal body that you’d expect from heavier models.

Convenient Accessory Pack

The Goplus jackhammer features a strong carrying case that includes both a handle and wheels so that you can easily transport your jackhammer to wherever you need it. Also including extra tools allowing you to perform safety and maintenance operations, this jackhammer is a feature-rich addition to any toolkit.


  • 360 degree swivel handle that makes it easier to use
  • Accessory kit featuring safety wear and tools to maintain your jackhammer
  • Performs 1,900 impact beats per minute
  • Full metal body conferring strength and durability
  • Comes with a wheeled carry case for easy transport


  • Difficult to find replacement parts
  • Requires extra pressure to use which can result in pain through your arms

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#7. Morphon Electric Demolition Jackhammer

by Mophorn

A professional level jackhammer can be heavy and burdensome, but most cheaper models are too small to deliver the power you need. The Morphon electric demolition jackhammer is the perfect compromise as it stands bigger than most of the others on this list which helps to break up thicker concrete.

Double Insulated Design

The Morphon electric jackhammer is built with a strong and durable aluminum shell housing. The motor is double insulated to reduce vibration, so that you can use your jackhammer for long stretches when you need to get through tough concrete.

Easily Power Through Concrete

The Morphon electric jackhammer really lets you put your tools to the test. Blasting easily through concrete blocks of up to 10 inches in depth, allowing you to take on any demolition job around your home. This makes it perfect for DIYers.

Useful Additions

The basic functions of a typical jackhammer are all available with the Morphon electric jackhammer. However, a useful addition to acquiring is the shovel attachment, which allows you to use your jackhammer for digging through tough soil, adding versatility and flexibility to your tool.


  • Delivers 1,400 impact beats per minute
  • Comes with a carry case, wrenches for maintenance and safety gear
  • Features a 360 degree swivel handle for easy use
  • Includes both a bull point and flathead chisel with the option to purchase a shovel attachment
  • Drills at a diameter of 95 mm


  • Some users have reported not receiving the case
  • The trigger switch can be easy to break

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#8. TR Industrial Electric Jackhammer

TR Industrial Electric Jackhammer

If a jackhammer is one of the tools necessary to get through your daily work, then spending the extra money to purchase a professional level tool is essential. The TR Industrial electric jackhammer is a strong and powerful model that is designed for tough everyday work.

Use In Any Weather

Stopping work when the weather turns bad means delaying your progress and missing targets. The TR Industrial electric jackhammer is designed for use in any kind of weather thanks to the solid and water tight housing and insulated electrics.

Safety Certified

Not only is the TR Industrial electric jackhammer UL certified, meeting all required safety standards, but the design itself increases your safety as you work. The electrical plug is double insulated to keep you safe while you’re working.

Strong Performance

When blasting concrete is your primary job, you need a jackhammer that can perform at the top of its range. The TR Industrial jackhammer delivers extreme impact energy at 1,800 impact beats per minute so that you can get through tough concrete quickly and easily.


  • Delivers 1,800 impact beats per minute
  • Housed in a strong casing that resists all weather
  • Certified for use according to national safety standards
  • Swivel handle constructed from soft grip rubber allows for easier use
  • Constructed from graphite so it is strong yet light to use


  • You may experience a high level of vibration
  • May occasionally jam during use

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#9. XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Demolition Jackhammer


When it comes to quality tools, nothing beats XtremepowerUS. Appearing for the third time on this list, the 2200 watt demolition jackhammer is one of the brand’s most powerful concrete breakers and comes with many useful accessories that make tearing up your ground easy and convenient.

High Velocity Crank Shaft

Getting through tough concrete can be hard if your tools don’t live up to the challenge. The XtremepowerUS jackhammer is built with a toughened, high velocity crank shaft that delivers more power as you work, breaking up the hardest concrete with ease.

Convenient Transport

Featuring a handy carry case with wheel attachments, the XtremepowerUS jackhammer is light and easy to transport to various job sites. This allows you to take on many types of job with more convenience, so you can focus your efforts on concrete removal.

Shovel Attachment

When you want to perform more flexible tasks, you usually need to purchase extra bits to suit the job you need to do. This XtremepowerUS jackhammer features a shovel attachment that allows you to start digging in soil straight out of the box.


  • Delivers 1,900 impact beats per minute and performs quickly
  • Features a reinforced crank shaft that reduces maintenance costs
  • Comes with a full accessory kit including case and safety gear
  • Features a shovel attachment that allows you to dig through soil
  • Built with a swivel handle that allows for easier use


  • The handle doesn’t swivel as well as other models do
  • May not work well on softer material such as wood

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#10. e7tools Demolition Jackhammer

e7tools Demolition Jackhammer

Working with concrete all day can be tough on your body, especially your wrists, hands and arms. The e7tools demolition jackhammer is the perfect solution for people who want comfort while they work, allowing for a great grip as you bust up concrete.

Ergonomic Design

The e7tools jackhammer is a uniquely designed model, built with many features that make it easier for you to handle. The innovative dual-grip system means that you’ll have full control over everything you’re doing in a comfortable and convenient manner.

Reduced Vibration Use

Working with a jackhammer all day long means that you’re expecting to feel vibrations through your arms. The e7tools model is designed with extra shock-absorption enabled features allowing you to use it for longer stretches.

Superb Strength

This strong jackhammer is built with the toughest jobs in mind. The motor delivers a hammer frequency of 2,900 impact beats per minute at its maximum capacity, allowing you to work more quickly and with more power.


  • Comes with a heavy duty metal case for safe storage
  • Delivers 2,9000 impact beats per minute
  • Features a dual-handle design that makes it easier to use
  • Comes with both a point chisel and a flat chisel for versatility
  • Lightweight design that makes for easy use at multiple sites


  • Does not come with additional safety gear
  • The swivel handle is not as strong as for other models

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What is an Electric Jackhammer?

You’ve probably dug a few holes in your time, so you know how time consuming it can be, particularly when you have solid material blocking your way.

Rather than use hand tools that can become exhausting within a few minutes, an electric jackhammer can help you to blast through the toughest asphalt and concrete with little to no effort on your part.

A jackhammer is essentially a motorized hammer but on a larger scale, which allows you to drive a chisel into solid surfaces, breaking it up for easy removal.

While many jackhammers are powered pneumatically, electric jackhammers use a motor to power the movement of the drill, making light work of your concrete.

How To Use A Jackhammer

Using an electric jackhammer for the first time might make you nervous, but it is actually a very easy and intuitive process. Here, we take you through the steps for how to use an electric jackhammer.

Keep Yourself Safe

The first step in using a jackhammer is protecting yourself. Wear goggles and ear protection, and be sure to wear gloves to reduce the vibration you feel. Boots are also essential to protect your feet from harm. Lastly, wear a dust mask if working with concrete.

Choose the Right Bit

Change the bit of your jackhammer depending on the type of work you’ll be doing. If you’re taking the edge off concrete, change to a flat head. If you’re digging, fit the spade attachment to your jackhammer. If the ground you’re working on is a solid slab, use the point chisel.

Place the Jackhammer

When you are ready to start work, place your jackhammer over the appropriate surface. It’s best to start from the outside and work inwards, as breaking off smaller chunks is much more intuitive than starting in the middle.

Press the Trigger

Once your bit is in place, press the trigger on the top of your jackhammer. The motor will engage, and the bit will start driving into the concrete. If your jackhammer requires pressure in order for the motor to engage, push gently down as you work, as this will allow the bit to penetrate the surface you are working on.

Angle the Bit

Once you’ve hit the deepest point you want to drill to, release the trigger to stop the hammer from moving. Then, angle the tip without removing it from the hole to break off the chunk of concrete you’ve been working on.

Clean as You Go

Once you’ve broken off the segments you’ve been working on, remove them out of your way so that you have a clear space to work with. Not only does this prevent you from causing hazards, but it also gives the jackhammer’s motor time to cool down between uses.

Tips And Tricks For Using A Jackhammer

When using a jackhammer, there are several tips and tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier. Be sure to take the following points into account while performing your task, so that you can work quickly and efficiently.

Use The Right Tool

Your jackhammer is fitted with a particular style of drill bit. Most jackhammers are provided with either a flat head chisel or a point chisel, both of which can be used to achieve certain effects. Use the flat chisel to chip large chunks of concrete, and use the pointed chisel to create fracture lines for easy concrete break up.

Lever Concrete Using The Tip

Once you’ve worked at breaking up your concrete, you can use the bit to lever up the chunks so that you can remove them more easily. This will help you to get the looser concrete out of the way so that you can keep working.

Use A Slight Angle

Never approach your concrete from a 90 degree angle, as this will make for slow work. Always angle the tip slightly, so that you can avoid getting stuck in the concrete. This also allows you to keep better control of the jackhammer.

Match The Weight With The Type Of Work

Jackhammers are constructed in many sizes and weights. The heavier the jackhammer, the more power it will deliver through the bit and through to your concrete, so if you have larger areas of concrete that you want to work through quickly, choose a heavier model.

Important Safety Information

When working with such heavy power tools, it is highly recommended that you keep your safety in mind, otherwise, you’ll find yourself at risk of causing injury to yourself and those around you.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Personal protection equipment is essential when working with power tools, and especially when you’re breaking up concrete. Concrete chips have the potential to move at high speeds when they are removed from a larger block, so wearing proper eyewear is a must. In addition, you should consider wearing a mask so that you don’t breathe in any dust, and ear protection to protect you from the sound.

Be Mindful Of The Cord

An electric jackhammer requires that you plug it into an electrical outlet in order to use it. Therefore, you must be sure that you work within the length limit of the cable, so that you don’t cause an electrical hazard.

Take Regular Breaks

Jackhammers send a lot of movement and vibration through the grips, so you must remember to take a break every now and then. If you don’t, you’ll find that you experience fatigue and exhaustion, and you risk causing injury to your arms and back.

Keep The Motor Oiled

Just like with your car, the motor of your jackhammer requires oil in order to keep it moving. Without keeping the oil topped up, you’ll find that the motor of your jackhammer will seize up, rendering your tool useless.

What To Look For When Buying A Jackhammer

Your jackhammer is a very useful addition to your toolkit, but choosing the right properties can enhance your experience and help you to get more use out of it. Here, we take you through the important considerations to make when buying an electric jackhammer.

Chisels And Bits

The main working part of your jackhammer is the chisel, as this is the part of the tool that helps you to achieve your result. Your chisels and bits should be bought depending on what kind of job you want to perform. For removing concrete, standard point and flat chisels will work, but if you want to dig a hole in compacted dirt, you may want to consider adding a shovel or spade attachment.

Impact Beats Per Minute

Jackhammers are designed to deliver strong impacts into a surface in a repetitive motion. Therefore, the speed at which your jackhammer works can benefit you when working on thicker, more solid ground. By choosing a faster impact speed, you can get through larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

Ease Of Use

Jackhammers are heavy and can be difficult to use for the first time user. In order to make your experience more comfortable and efficient, choose a model that features handles for both hands so that you can handle it more easily and for longer stretches of time.


Once you use your jackhammer for the first time, you’ll begin to realize how versatile these tools can be. To get a lot of use out of your new tool, be sure to choose one that comes with the accessories and maintenance tools that can help you keep it in good working order. Many jackhammers feature cases which allow for easier transport and storage, so if this is important to you, be sure to keep a look out for one that has this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to oil a jackhammer?

Most jackhammers require that you oil the motor in order to keep it working. The oil ensures that the motor can move smoothly and without resistance, and without it, you’ll find that the motor will seize.

Q: Why is my jackhammer not hammering?

Jackhammers have a built-in safety feature that requires contact before the hammer will start to move the way you expect it to. Without pressing the chisel into a solid surface, your jackhammer will just hum.

Q: Can I replace the bits for my jackhammer?

Yes. Most jackhammers fit a standard sized bit, so if yours break you can easily pick up a replacement bit online or at your local hardware store.

Q: Can you use a jackhammer horizontally on a wall?

Yes, most jackhammers feature a swivel handle that allows you to position the jackhammer at any angle so you can remove concrete from walls.

Q: Can I use the jackhammer at different speeds?

No. Most jackhammers, including all featured on this list, allow only for on or off states.

Q: Can I use a jackhammer to remove ceramic tile?

You can if you are careful, but you might find that an air-powered hand chisel is more suitable for this kind of delicate job.


If you’ve got concrete to remove from your home or workplace, you need to choose the right jackhammer for the job. Owning a jackhammer that can tackle any kind of challenge, big or small, is the best way to get the most value for your money.

Our favorite is the TR Industrial electric jackhammer thanks to the comfortable grips that make it easy to use all day long. We also love the power that this particular model delivers, as it makes quick work of any unwanted concrete.

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a new electric jackhammer that can allow you to undertake renovation and remodeling jobs around your home.

We hope that our list of the best electric jackhammers has helped you to decide which factors are the most useful to you so that you can be successful in your concrete removal.


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