The 9 Best Ear Protection for Shooting 2023

Whether you are an outdoor or indoor shooter, or probably just love to visit the range.

It is recommended that you use hearing protection every time you are going to be exposed to gun shots or continuous shooting.

Some of the best ear protection for a shooting is designed to suppress very loud sounds, which is unavoidably very harmful to your ear. It can lead to hearing loss or some associated damages.

This plaque, however, can be avoided by the committed use of hearing aids. It doesn’t matter if you have been visiting the range and nothing has happened yet.

It is very dangerous to use a firearm without the hearing protection as some people have ended up with hearing loss or an associated problem.

Who are these devices meant for?

If you are an indoor or an outdoor shooter or you work in a very noisy environment, then you definitely need the hearing protection aid to prevent damages to your ear.

Best Ear Protection for Shooting

1. Honeywell R-01526-PK2

Honeywell R-01526-PK2

Perfectly suited for a hunt, the Honeywell Howard Leight Electronic Earmuff keeps you protected from indiscriminate and harsh noises and yet keeps you connected to your environment.

It comes with a 22db Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) even in off mode. With the R-01526, you can hear important commands on the range environment and crucial sounds in the hunting environment.

This is possible because the electronic ear protection when switched on employs an in-built directional microphone, which magnifies ambient sounds to a safe region of 82db. For added safety,

It actively listens to ambient sounds and automatically shuts down the application when very loud sounds such as firearm discharge get to 82db.

This 2-pack Howard Leight Electronic Earmuff comes with a Patented Air Flow Control technology, which has a slim ear-cup design that makes sure that your firearm stock is cleared for shooting.

For a comfortable and customized fit, the padded headband comes with telescope height adjustment.

In the range environment, you can be connected to your MP3 player, a scanner and other radio sources. An external audio jack allows this connection to be possible. The earmuff also features an automatic shut-off program after 4 hours to prolong battery life

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in directional microphones
  • AUX input with 3.5mm connection cord inclusive to attach MP3 players and scanners
  • Severely listens and then automatically shuts off amplification when immediate surrounding sound gets 82 dB
  • Adjustable headband for secure fit
  • Compact folding design for convenient storage; classic green color
  • Has a Noise Reduction Rating of 22db
  • Low profile ear-cups for firearm stock clearance
  • 2 AAA batteries each with an automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours prolongs battery life

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2. Honeywell Howard-Leight Impact

Honeywell Howard-Leight Impact

Some have rated this earmuff as the best ear protection for shooting and for hunting exercises.

If u require maximum ear protection then I recommend the Honeywell Howard Leight impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff.

Its Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 30 in both the on and off mode. It employs in-built directional microphones that magnify range commands and other crucial ambient sounds to a safe region of 82db when this electronic earmuff is turned on.

This provides the shooter with a more natural listening and improved communication.

When loud impulses get to 82db, the earmuff shuts off the application automatically. This is featured for improved ear safety

The earmuff carries a padded headband featuring telescopic height adjustment for a comfortable and customized fit. The impact of pro sound amplification is known for its rubberized pressure points designed to prevent scratching.

The earmuff can be connected to an MP3 player, scanner and other audio sources with the aid of an external radio jack. It also has an external shut off feature. The earmuff also features an automatic shut-off program after 4 hours to prolong battery life.

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in directional microphones
  • Severely listens and shuts off amplification automatically as soon as the ambient sound gets to 82dB
  • NRR of 30
  • Rubberized pressure points to prevent scratching
  • Blocks out noise at 30db
  • Features a 2 AAA batteries
  • Padded adjustable headband for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours increases battery life
  • 3.5mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners

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3. Walker’s Alpha Series Power Muffs

Walker’s Alpha Series Power Muffs

The Walker’s Alpha power Muffs Super Slim Lite offers an unmatched sound quality.

With two wind resistant, a high-frequency stereo microphones for accurate sound directionality,

This power muff provides up to 5x hearing enhancement and a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24db.

Excellent speech clarity, highly improved hearing protection and an enhanced sound is as a result of the advanced technology that has been incorporated in this earmuff

An added layer of protection is also enabled with the aid of the electronic sound activated compression circuitry that minimizes loud sounds like muzzle blasts to a level that has no effect on the ear.

With this muffs, sound can be amplified to a level of 5 times your natural hearing ability with the 2 microphones on each cup.

The earmuff is incorporated with an antibacterial agent to prevent the growth of molds. They are ideal for smaller heads, youth and women. Its Power source is a 2 Energizer AAA batteries.

Ensure you take these Walkers alpha series earmuffs on your next shooting range or hunting trip.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 wind resistant and high-frequency stereo microphones for precise sound directionality
  • 2 independent volume controls
  • 5x Hearing Enhancement / Power – 50dB
  • Sound activated compression (SAC)
  • Anti-Microbial Ear Pads
  • Noise reducing rating of 24dB
  • 2 Energizer AAA batteries

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4. 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff

3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff

The 3M Peltor Tactical Sport earmuffs provide the best of both worlds to shooters.

It protects the ear from very loud and dangerous noise such as gunfire.

This hearing protection device provides smooth amplification of low-level sounds. It can also be applied to higher decibel situations other than being used to hunt or on the range.

For mobility it folds compactly, making it possible to be carried along with you anywhere you go.

The user or the shooter is given an excellent audio reproduction by the easy adjustment of the level-dependent function.

The sound circuit eliminates snappy and short cut-off while protecting hearing through attenuation of loud impulse sounds.

This earmuff also features the amplification of the ambient audio up to a limited level, thereby enabling the shooter to hear low-level sounds.

It also comes with an audio input feature for connection to external devices and components like the radio and cell phone.

Highlighted Features

  • NRR 20 dB
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Audio jack for external components such as cell phones, MP3 players or dog trackers
  • Designed for all-day comfort
  • External battery compartment with easy access
  • Auto shutoff
  • Contoured ear cups
  • Ergonomically designed

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5. 3M-Peltor TacticalPro

3M-Peltor TacticalPro

This ear protection device allows for clear, surrounding sounds and voice recognition in noisy places.

The tactical pro communication headset is designed with a unique frequency response that magnifies low-level sounds while subduing hazardous impulse noises.

This headset is the perfect fit for a wide range of application and situations, which includes gun ranges, airport ground personnel, maintenance mechanics, industrial workers and forklift drivers.

This communication headset comes with an ear cushion filled with liquid gel with a folding steel band padded to give comfort.

It also features the ergonomic 3 button touchpad and an audio jack for radio connectivity.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides clear, ambient sound and voice recognition in noisy environments
  • Amplifies low-level sounds while subduing dangerous impulse noises
  • Ability to be connected to portable radios
  • Features a deep ear-cup design and soft ear cushions for all round comfort
  • Protects hearing with an NRR of 26 dB

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6. Honeywell Howard-Leight Camo (R-01530)

Honeywell Howard-Leight Camo (R-01530)

Indoor or outdoor, this electronic earmuff keeps you connected to your environment and protected from hazardous noise.

It comes with an NRR of 22 in both the on and off mode. When the electronic ear protection device is turned on,

It employs inbuilt directional microphones that magnify the surrounding sounds to a safe region of 82 dB. These features assist you to hear clearly important commands on the range environment and sounds from likely crucial environment such as hunting.

As an improved safety measure, it is specifically designed to listen and shut off the application automatically when loud abrupt sounds get to 82db.

The patented air flow control technology carries a slim ear-cup design that makes sure that your stock has the required clearance

For a comfortable and customized fit, the padded headband carries a telescopic height adjustment. The earmuff can be connected to an MP3 player, a scanner or other audio sources with the aid of the external audio jack.

The ear protection device automatically shuts off after 4 hours to prolong battery life.

Highlighted Features

  • Has built-in directional microphones amplifier
  • Severely listens and shuts off amplification automatically when the ambient sound gets to 82dB
  • Compact-folding design for convenient storage and transport with a camo pattern for hunting
  • NRR of 22
  • Features an AUX input and 3.5mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners
  • Carries 2 AAA batteries
  • Features low profile ear-cups for stock clearance and adjustable headband for secure fit
  • Automatically shut-off feature after 4 hours prolongs battery life

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7. Clear-Armor 141001 Safety-Earmuffs

Clear-Armor 141001 Safety-Earmuffs

This ClearArmor of a high Industrial Grade with premium quality is guaranteed not to break this earmuff is engineered to work in tough environments

The material is a very high quality and it includes two layers of proprietary noise dampening foam,

A solid single cup design of about 0.25” thick and real screws in the assembly process instead of glue. All of these are the reason why it is the industry-leading NRR.

It is quite expensive but guaranteed to last comfort is essential if you want a smooth shooting or hunting experience that is why the headband carries a 0.5” of padding along with synthetic leather for easy cleaning.

The earmuff is designed with the Snug fit to comfortably keep the set on your head even when sweating or during tough jobs.

The headband is also adjustable to allow the earmuff fit most heads whether large or smallThe compact folding design allows for efficient storage and transportation.

The super soft foams along with the swivel cup design give you a comfortable fit and a better seal around your head.

This ear protection is not an electronic device and therefore does not support batteries. This is the best hearing protection for shooting you can buy

Highlighted Features

  • Highest NRR
  • Compact folding design for efficient storage.
  • Adjustable to Fit All Sizes
  • Padded Head Band
  • Swivel Cup Design
  • Guaranteed not to Break
  • Snug Reliable Fit
  • ANSI S3.19 & CE EN521 tested and certified

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8. Peltor Sport-Tactical100 Electronic Hearing-Protector

Peltor Sport-Tactical100

The Peltor Tactical Hearing Protector was introduced for improved performance, enhanced comfort, and better functionality.

Featuring the proprietary 3M technology that subdues hazardous noises with the amplification of low-level sounds, the hearing protector is designed and fit for both shooters and hunters.

It was also introduced with an Adaptive Frequency Response, which eliminates to an extent background distortion for clearer communication and hearing of commands.

In addition, the Variable Suppression Time feature ensures maximum echo reduction in an enclosed shooting range. You should be aware that this is not a noise canceling hearing protector.

Highlighted Features

  • 22 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Durable recessed microphones to make wind noise minimal
  • Low-profile cups for rifle/shotgun use
  • Easy-access battery door with tether (Runs on 2 AAA batteries)
  • Re-engineered and adjustable headband for improved fit and comfort
  • 3.5 mm-audio input jack compatible with most MP3 and 2-way radios
  • Automatically shuts off after 2 hours

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9. Glock OEM Peltor Hearing Protection

Glock OEM Peltor Hearing Protection

These Glock ear muffs fit all head sizes and are very comfortable for both men and women.

It is very snug, comfortable even when the shooter wears glasses or baseball cap.

Irrespective of the rifle or the arm, the ear protection does an excellent job whether in a closed range or in an open range.

It perfectly fits any of the gun types; hand gun or a rifle. This hearing protection device is affordable and at the same offers premium quality for a shooting range and for hunting.

Its foldable features make it easy for mobility and transportation. This peltor Hearing protection prevents any form of dangerous sounds that might affect your hearing and also blocks ambient noise that might interfere with conversation.

This is why the Glock OEM Peltor Hearing Protection has a Noise Reduction Rating of 26db.

Every gun enthusiast finds this particular earmuff very fitting and useful because it reduces high-level noise in both indoor range and outdoor range.

Highlighted Features

  • NRR of 26db
  • Easy to adjust for head size
  • Can fold the earmuffs under the headband
  • Adjustable headband to fit all sizes

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What To Look For When Choosing an Ear Protection?

Loud noise can lead to a hearing loss that can last a lifetime. Even for a short period of time, noise levels of above 125db can lead to a permanent hearing loss.

How long you are exposed to noise and how loud the noise is are two factors that determine hearing loss

Choosing the best hearing protection is not always an easy job as so many of them are sold everywhere today. Your budget is not the only factor that needs to be considered before any buy.

Considering your budget alone is not ideal because it may lead to the damage of your hearing. Therefore, we get to consider the following in choosing the best hearing protection device.

Type of Hearing Protection Needed in The Workplace

You have to have an idea of the type of hearing protection that you need depending on your specific workplace.

The law that every employer must identify measures to eliminate or reduce the danger of exposing workers to very loud noises demands it. Also, an employer is required to make protection available to all employees ensuring their safety whenever on such a worksite.

In some cases, you might not be provided with the protection device that you need for work. In such cases, you will need to get them on your own if you must protect your hearing

When you know the exact hearing protection to go for, the risk of ear damage is suppressed and then you don’t have to regret in the future.

Many manufacturers today produce different types of hearing protection devices. You should be able to tell which one is more suitable for you. The different types of hearing protection include

  • Ear plugs
  • Ear muffs, etc.

The earmuffs and earplugs are of different of models. It is all based on the nature of your workplace.

Product Brand

You might have gotten to see in some cases that most brands saying that they manufacture and sell the best hearing protection devices that you can ever come across in the market.

Sometimes this is just a market strategy as it is not always the case. This is why before you buy your hearing protection device; you have to carry out proper research.

It is vital that you acquaint yourself with the brand before you get a particular product. One simple way to achieve this is to check online profile.

Further to learn about the hearing device, read the product description section to understand the level to which it suits you.

Another effective way of knowing about a brand is by going through the customer’s reviews about the product. Other than the product description, the reviews tell you more about the product.

It is in the reviews you read about the feedback of users who have had firsthand experience with the product. You also get to learn about the highs and the lows of the product.

Won’t you prefer to learn from the experiences of others rather than repeating the same old mistakes?


The durability of a product is always very essential to the buyer. Not many people are in the luxury of buying a product today and then buying the same type or range of product within a space of 2 to 3 weeks.

It’s the durability of an item that makes people look beyond its affordability. This is what pushes people buy more of a particular product than the is your duty to do some research to learn if the product will last long.

The durability of an item in most cases is dependent on the different materials used to make the device and then the usability too. Even with regular usage, a durable product should last longer than the fragile ones.

Noise Cancellation Capabilities

In fact, this is why you need the hearing protection device. This is the most crucial part for those looking to protect their hearing.

You need to ensure that you buy a suitable hearing protection device by going through the specific features of the device. This particular feature can be identified as Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

It is how much the device can eliminate or subdue ambient noises in ensuring a safe environment. It determines the types of sound you hear when you put them on.

This is commonly featured in earmuffs in which you could still hear a little from your environment

Other Considerations

  • Certification: The certifications makes it easy to know whether the device meets the standard of the industry or not
  • Comfort: buy a hearing protection device that will keep you safe and at the same time fits comfortably in your ears

Final Verdict

You will never be grateful for your good hearing ability until you start developing some hearing problems or even still lose your hearing.

This is why you are the only one responsible for what happens to your hearing. If you have to go hunting, engage in indoor shooting or work in a noisy environment,

I strongly advise you get one of the best hearing protection for shooting that I described.

In choosing, it is advisable you put into serious consideration the nature of the environment and the level of noise generated before you consider cost. You only have a pair of ears!


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