The 10 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners 2023

From time to time, you may need to sharpen your blunt tools and objects of trade. This is because such items lose their sharpness due to corrosion, cleavage, and other elements of the tear.

You have to possess the right skill and knowledge to be able to arrive at the best decision of this kind. We are here to aid you in just that.

We have compiled 10 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners. Here is our list.


#1: Drill Doctor 500x Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill Doctor 500x Drill Bit Sharpener

This sharpener is great for sharpening the masonry, high-speed steel, tin-coated bits, and carbide, among others materials. You, therefore, have to acquire it if you have in mind these or indeed closely related materials. It is also fitted with some great features on the whole.

Added Durability

On the whole, the sharpener is very durable. This stems from its possession of the die-cast point angle shuttle and the metal split-point port. You may thus count on it to endure the toughest forms of abuse and generate the desired levels of performance reliably.

Permanent-magnet Motor

It uses a permanent magnet motor to generate the consistent power that is necessary to produce the drilling forces and impacts. The power is so strong that it performs better irrespective of the load or the speed of drilling. It hence guarantees you some awesome outcomes on the whole.

Strong Sharpening Wheel

Lastly, comes the industrial-strength diamond-sharpening wheels. These wheels being strong, can penetrate and handle all kinds of surfaces and materials. The pleasure of maximum reliability is, therefore, yours to leverage. You also will not have to worry at all about the maintenance costs.


  • Develops sharp and perfectly angles cutting edges on your bits
  • Repairs have broken bits by putting back some edges
  • Accommodates a wider angle range (118° to 135°)
  • Comes in a professional construction and design
  • Penetrates the surfaces much faster than other drills


  • Sharpens only those bits that measure 3/32 to ½ inches
  • Generates much noise while sharpening
  • Consumes plenty of power to operate

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#2: Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

Are you a serious tool user? You may want to consider this particular sharpener if I heard you answer back in the affirmative. This is because the sharpener is well able to handle all kinds of drilling actions, needs, and surfaces. It hence has the ability to guarantee you utmost performances.

Custom Point Angle Sharpening

With this tool, you can set the sharpening angle to fluctuate anywhere from 115° to 140°. This allows you to handle your sharpening tasks regardless of how inclined or hidden the point is. The arrangement thus assures you some level of comfort and thorough outcomes.

Adjustable Material take-offs

Other than sharpening at whichever angle, the sharpener also allows you to determine the number of materials to take off while sharpening. This is due to the fact that it can get rid of split points and create holes while drilling objects. In the process, you also get to extend the lifespan of your bits.

Multiple Sharpening Capability

You will also enjoy the pleasure of being able to sharpen multiple tools, surfaces, and materials. Courtesy of the high-speed steel capability, the drill is able to penetrate a variety of surfaces. Its cobalt and tin-coated drill bits also endure the agents of deterioration pretty well.


  • Simplifies and hastens the process of sharpening
  • Saves you a great deal of money
  • Sharpens dull and broken drill bits also
  • Grants you the ability to adjust the number of materials removed while sharpening
  • Quite safe and less predisposed to injuries


  • Handles a wide range of drilling dimensions
  • Safeguarded by a whopping 3-year warranty
  • Requires some expertise to fully handle

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#3: Drill Doctor DD350X 350X Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill Doctor DD350X 350X

In case you are an owner of a shop that employs the most common styles of bits, you have this particular sharpener for your consideration. It is simple in scope and style, yet incorporates a variety of features and capabilities. In light of this, you will be able to do more with it.

Easy-to-use Design

Generally speaking, the sharpener comes in the form of an easy-to-use design. This features a front-loading chick. It also comes along with some simplified alignments and sharpens in easy steps. As you have seen, you do not have to possess too great technical skills to engage the machine at all.

V-block Jaws

To secure your work and prevent you from inflicting injuries on yourself, the sharpener comes along with some V-block jaws. These hold the tip of the sharpener firmly in place and see to it that you do not injure yourself. It also minimizes fidgeting and makes the work a smooth undertaking indeed.

Two-step Drilling Mechanism

It carries out the task of sharpening the bits in two simple steps. You thus do not have to align the port at all. This saves you a great deal of time and effort. Moreover, the mechanisms make the sharpening process on the whole, very simple!


  • Great for drilling light metals and wood
  • Sharpens a vast array of tools and materials
  • Designed as a value-priced sharpener
  • Able to sharpen the 3/32-inch to ½-inch with ease
  • Has some replaceable parts and components


  • Incomplete and requires other attachments to operate
  • Tackles relatively fewer surfaces
  • Generates less value for money

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#4: Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

Are you a starter in the field of bit sharpening? Did I hear you respond with a firm ‘yes’? You may consider acquiring this cheap drill bit sharpener. It is simple in construction, possesses the bare minimum set of features, and on the whole very easy to use.

Wide Sharpening Range

In all, the sharpener has a pretty wide sharpening range. You may use the tool to sharpen drill bits that range from 1/8 inches to ¾ inches. This is pretty comfortable as to negate unnecessary inconveniences and guarantee awesome outcomes on the whole.

Highly Adjustable

You are assured of the benefit of being able to adjust the sharpener as per your expectations and unique needs. As a matter of fact, the sharpener has the ability to stretch and contract to accommodate a variety of drill-point angles. It hence enhances your overall comfort.

Awesome Dimensions

The sharpener measures 8.7 inches long by 5.3 inches wide by 2 inches thick. These dimensions are great as they demand less storage space on your part and also make it possible for you to carry the sharpener out and about conveniently as need be.


  • Sharpens speed and utmost accuracy
  • Can be installed right next to your bench grinder
  • Weighs a paltry 1.37 pounds
  • Accommodates several accessories
  • Requires no assembly before use


  • Too basic in scope and design
  • Not for professional applications
  • Inconvenient to handle

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#5: Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek DBS-22

Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek DBS-22

For precise outcomes, an equally technical sharpener of this caliber is by all means essential. The sharpener possesses several parts and components that are great for the purpose of bringing about precise outcomes. Its controls are easier to set and are also way very reliable.

4-facet Point

Its sharpening edge comes in the form of 4-face point. This arrangement guarantees you some chisel edge sharpening tip which greatly hastens the process of sharpening. It also bores all kinds of holes like the round and the straight ones. This is not to mention the straight holes.

2 Cutting Edges

The 4-facet point is further accompanied by some two cutting edges. These edges are sharpened symmetrically and are designed to operate in perfect union. The end result of this arrangement is the prolonged lifespan of the drill bit and ultimately higher outcomes. You have the pleasure of maximum convenience for your leverage.

Optimal Clearance Angle

Lastly, the optimal clearance angle does exist as a vital part and parcel of this sharpening bit. You have the leeway to set the angle to respond to your precise drilling requirements. These angles are 7°, 9°, 11°, and 14° respectively. With this bit, you will say no to all common inconveniences.


  • Compatible with the Tormek T-7 and the T-3 sharpening systems
  • Fits a variety of drill bits especially those that range from 1/8-inch to 7/8-inch
  • Achieves optimal drilling performance
  • Backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty
  • Has the ability to sharpen many drill bits


  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Complicated to master and effectively engage
  • Only for industrial applications

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#6: 3/32-Inch Cobalt Drill Bit, 10 Pack, Jobber Length

3/32-Inch Cobalt Drill Bit

Curved surfaces are unlike any others. This is because they pose some unique challenges which are not found in straight and flat surfaces. Subsequently, they understandably require some specially designed drilling bits. Look to no other drilling bit than this one for surfaces of that kind.

M-35 Cobalt Jobber Length

Generally speaking, the drill bit sharpener is intended for extended lifespan and higher durability. This stems from its M-35 Cobalt Jobber length constituent part. You will thus enjoy limited breakdowns and with it, comparatively fewer repairs and maintenance. The benefit of lower operating expenses is indeed yours to leverage.

M35 Cobalt High-Speed Steel Construction

The M35 Cobalt high-speed steel construction comes in next. This one is pretty strong and very resilient to the common agents of deterioration like stress, impacts, corrosion, and cleavages. The end result is reduced incidences of breakdowns and operational expenses. Higher rates of satisfaction also come along as a result of this construction.

Tri-Cut Grip Shank

To minimize the likelihood of the sharpener slipping from your hands and predisposing you to injuries, it comes equipped with the tri-cut grip shank. This one confers added grip to your hands by absorbing sweat, minimizing friction, and enhancing the traction. Your safety is hence further guaranteed.


  • Convenient to make good use of
  • Handles cast iron, stainless steel, and sheet metals effectively
  • Lasts longer and endures intense abuse well
  • Exudes maximum strength and reliability
  • Eliminates the likelihood of side-load breakages


  • Unreliable for intense applications
  • Breaks down easily when subjected to too much stress
  • Has somewhat limited parts

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#7: DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener – Model: V390 Capacity: 1/8″ to 3/4″

DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener

With lighter duties in mind, you do not have to acquire too complicated drill bit sharpeners. Only a simple and easy to use one will be of help. And when you talk of such drill bits, think of no other than this one. It is light enough for 35-50 drills every week.

Borazon Wheel

A borazon wheel forms the most basic part and constituent of this drill bit sharpener. This wheel is able to grind and sharpen the cobalt drill bits and the high-speed steel bits. This stems from their strong and tough makeup and construction. You have an answer for those otherwise tough surfaces.

Adjustable Split-point Feature

To vary your style, you will have to make do with this adjustable split-point feature. It also enables you to manage the relief controls well and hence allows for you to achieve a vast array of outcomes and work styles. In light of this, you will gain so much more than you actually pay for.

3-step Sharpening System

In all, the sharpener manages the sharpening process in three main stages. These stages ensure that the overall outcome is great and on the whole very reliable indeed. They leave no part unaffected and also ensure a higher degree of freedom on the whole.


  • Sharpens faster in just under one minute
  • Simple to fully understand and make good use of
  • Affordable and hence less stressful to acquire
  • Great for the small shops and workstations
  • Attaches to the diamond wheels for extended functionality


  • Weighs a whopping 23.8 pounds (10.8 kg)
  • Requires plenty of space to mount
  • Constrained length of use due to corded nature

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#8: Tormek Sharpening System Ultimate plus TBP805 T8

Tormek Sharpening System Ultimate plus TBP805 T8

You cannot afford to gamble with the quality of the final outcomes. This is especially true if you are handling those chores that are professional and hence in need of precise accuracy. If you are in such kind of a state, this is the drill bit to consider acquiring and leveraging.

SE77 Advanced Square Edge Jig

Coming in first among the list of its awesome features is the SE77 advanced square edge jig. This provides you with some adjustable side as well as the square corners. They permit you to sharpen those edges much like you would with chisels, plane irons, and so on.

TT50 Truing Tool

In case you have an uneven grindstone, this is yet again a sharpener for your consideration. It has the ability to fix those uneven surfaces to bring about some uniform worktops and sharpening surfaces. You are hence guaranteed awesome outcomes regardless of the kind of surface you have for your leverage.

SP650 Stone Grader

What’s more? You can also alter the size of the grit of your grinding stone courtesy of this SP650 Stone Grader. This way, it is also possible for you to determine the quality of the sharpening surface and ultimately, the outcome thereof. Why would you even look elsewhere?


  • Delivers great results with unparalleled accuracy
  • Penetrates up to 3 inches wide
  • Grinds and hones beside sharpening the drill bits
  • Cooled by water to enhance the safety and sharpness
  • Comprehensive in scope and functionality


  • Costs you a fortune to afford
  • May call for some elevated skill to effectively handle
  • Clumsy in shape and size

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#9: Multi-Sharp 2001 Multi-Sharp Dual Purpose Drill and Tool Sharpener

Multi-Sharp 2001

For general purpose tasks, an ordinary sharpener of this kind will make do. It has no complicated parts and components. For this reason, it is slightly easier to manage. Other than this, the sharpener can accommodate several accessories. These extend its range of use and guarantee better outcomes.

Multi-Sharp Dual Purpose

All factors considered, the sharpener is multi-sharp. This simply means that its various edges are very sharp and indeed very reliable in shedding the materials from surfaces. Moreover, these surfaces are able to drill and sharpen at the same time. They hence return higher value for money.

3-13 mm Drill Bit Capacity

The sharpener is able to penetrate up to 13 mm from the surface. This depth is deep enough to handle all kinds of materials. It also guarantees better outcomes and longer lasting impacts. If all you are looking for are everlasting impacts, your options are way very limited.

High-quality Wheels

It does employ high-quality wheels to do the task of sharpening surfaces. These wheels are made of Silicone Carbide and Aluminum Oxide. They have the ability to jointly sharpen around 150 high-speed steel and a couple of other masonry tools. You yet again have the answer for those surfaces that are ordinarily hard to penetrate.


  • Handles a wide variety of chores, tasks, and roles
  • Powered by any electric drill available
  • Grinds the relief handles and correct tips
  • Allows you to replace parts as need be
  • Endures intense abuse to last longer


  • Delicate and hence prone to some damages
  • Inflicts higher maintenance costs to you
  • May not serve you right in the long run

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#10: General Tools 825 Drill Grinding Attachment

General Tools 825 Drill Grinding Attachment

Perhaps no other tool has the ability to accommodate as many relevant attachments and accessories like this one. Its versatility indeed sees to it that it adapts to a variety of environments and perform numerous closely-related tasks. If you wish to save some of your time, you have this bit for your consideration.

Angle Adjustment Gauge

Setting the sharpener further apart from its peers is the ability to match the precise point of the angle of your bit of choice. This ability is conferred to you by the angle adjustment gauge. The gauge performs well even in the countersinks. It enhances your comfort and quality of outcomes.

Pivoting Neck

A pivoting neck comes in next. This neck basically allows you to perform simple grinding tasks on either side of the bit as you may desire. The next tilts and directs your drilling efforts to the desired direction of your choice. It hence contributes to your overall comfort as a whole.

Drill Grinding Attachment

Lastly comes the drill grinding attachment. This pairs and works well with the tools that meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the American National Standards Institute. You, therefore, have your safety and overall well-being properly catered for. This is over and above the great and awesome outcomes!


  • Nice for both the home and workshop
  • Approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratory
  • Very light by virtue of weighing only 0.32 ounces
  • Able to sharpen the drill bits to their factory settings
  • Delivers wholesome customer satisfaction


  • Requires much human effort to operate
  • Suffers from high friction rates
  • Quite noisy and hence somewhat disturbing

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Your answer lies in the acquisition of suitable drill bit sharpener. These are tools which are used to sharpen materials.

They basically do so by eliminating excess and unwanted materials from off surfaces and also create some holes in them.


The following are the many benefits of using these items:

Saves Time

By sharpening the edges of the cutting tools, these tools contribute to saving a great deal of your time. This is because sharer tools take shorter to cut or drill through materials. The amount of time you save can be invested elsewhere. You also gain the advantage of maximum convenience from them.

Enhances Efficacy

As stated, the sharpened tools cut and drill through materials faster and more effectively. It, therefore, follows that these tools enhance the efficacy of the cutting and drilling machines. You will not have to invest too much of your physical effort, time, and expectations to derive the required outcomes.

Brings about Higher Value for Money

By saving you time and bringing about greater efficiency, these tools also confer to you a higher value for money. You get to receive more for less. Why would you even entertain the thought of ignoring these tools, to begin with? The benefits are far too many to ignore or downplay.

Enhances your Safety

These tools are appropriately designed and equipped as to minimize injuries and accidents. This stems from the many safety features they possess. You should thus be sure not to confront any injuries that are ordinarily experienced while handling such tasks. The pleasure of greater outcomes is hence yours for the taking.

Imbues Maximum Convenience

Lastly, these tools imbue a sense of maximum convenience. This is due to their comprehensive nature and the many benefits they bring along. You do not have to buy numerous disparate tools and equipment to be able to enjoy the sum total benefits that these tools bring along.


To sharpen your drill bit, you simply have to follow the procedures stipulated below:

Hold the drill bit the right way. Do so in such a manner as to get rid of only those metals which are necessary for cleaning the cutting edge. The direction that is parallel to the grinding wheel surface is by far the best.

Bring the drill bit into close contact with the grinding wheel slowly and progressively. Maintain it as straight and level as possible. Do not rotate it.

Grind the heel portion of the cutting surface slightly more than that of the edge. This is to drill the cutting edge first and foremost while not in use.

Dip the bit into some water from time to time to cool it. You do not want your hands to be burned as a result of excessive heat buildup.

Spin the bit at an angle of half a turn as soon as its cutting edge is sharp. Proceed thereafter to sharpen the other face. Try to make the cuts as even as possible.

Ascertain the width of both edges. See to it that they are of the same size. Make any corrections if there are some inconsistencies noted.


Take good care of your fingers

Your fingers are by far the most vulnerable to the risks of cuts and injuries. You, therefore, have to take good care of them while using these sharpeners. Doing so will prevent any further complications such as cuts. Keeping your eyes on your fingers at all times during a drilling session will help you out.

Store the tools well

Given that they comprise plenty of metallic parts and components, these sharpeners are susceptible to corrosion and a host of other contaminants. Because of this, you want to store them in completely dry places that are devoid of any moisture. You also have to keep them as far away from small children as you possibly.

Maintain them on a regular basis

Needless to say, you have to maintain them on a regular basis. This is to prevent them from predisposing you to injuries and other forms of bodily harms. Inspect them from time to time to anticipate any impending dangers and issues.

Cool your fingers every now and then

As noted above, these sharpeners have the tendency to heat up in the course of working on surfaces. To prevent them from inflicting injuries and harms on your fingers and hands, you want to cool them every now and then. Dip them in some ice cold water to achieve this noble goal.

Replace and upgrade the parts and components

It goes without saying that the various parts and components that make up the sharpener do get torn, obsolete, and worn out. You have to put in place appropriate arrangements to upgrade and or replace these components. Keep a watchful eye on these parts and acquire the replacements as soon as possible.


Nature of Application

Applications differ in terms of complexity, severity, and other vital parameters. This is why you have to factor these differences in your search for the right sharpener. Be sure to match the sharpener with the exact application to prevent unnecessary inconsistencies and inconveniences.

The toughness of the Sharpening Jig

The jig is the piece of the device which clamps the workpiece together and also offers guidance to the tools that operate atop it. The toughness of this jig determines the suitability of the sharpener to some roles. You will need a tougher and more reliable jog for those tasks that are laborious in nature.

Materials at Hand

Other than the toughness of the jig, the materials being worked on also determines the suitability of the sharpener for the job of sharpening the tools. Tougher materials definitely call for equally tougher sharpeners and vice versa. You, therefore, have to ascertain the kinds of materials you intend to work on first and foremost.

Planned Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to use the sharpener? Do you plan to use it only once in a while or every now and then? If you plan to use the sharpener on a daily basis, be sure to find that one which is very strong, tough, and reliable. This is to guarantee the required levels of performances at any given time.

Budget vs. Costs

Lastly, you want to factor your budget and the costs of acquiring the sharpeners. Compare the prices of the various sharpeners on offer and settle for that one which lies within your affordable range. Finding the right sharpener need not necessarily be too much of a hassle.


Q1. Is it possible to sharpen the cobalt bits?

YES, you can! However, you will have to acquire the bench grinder for the job as these bits are very tough and resistant to any sharpening.

Q2. What is the most recommended angle to sharpen the drill bit?

60° is the perfect angle for sharpening the drill bit. This is because the typical drill bit comprises two cutting surfaces. These are best confronted at that angle.

Q3. What is the standard angle of the drill bit?

This angle varies from the drill bit to drill bit. The key determinant of this angle is the kind of material that is to be drilled. Most drills are set at 59° point angle (118° included angle). They further have 9° to 15° clearance angle and chisel edge angles of 120° to 135°.

Q4. What does the term split point drill bit mean?

These are drill bits whose sharpening points are split. They are hence able to tackle two surfaces at a time. They expedite the process of sharpening but are nonetheless complicated to handle.

Q5. What is the flute design with regards to sharpening?

This is a design which comprises a deep groove that basically coils around the bit. It contributes to the cleanliness of the task by channeling the wastes out of the hole with relative ease.


MY FAVORITE IS the Tormek Sharpening System Ultimate plus TBP805 T8 and that is purely because I pursue sharpening of tools as a full-time occupation.

The sharpener is well equipped for handling tough chores on a repeated basis. This may however not hold true for all kinds of users.

You, therefore, have to find one that closely mirrors your expectations and unique needs.

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