The 13 Best Drafting Chairs In 2023

If you prefer to work while standing, then you either work on a kitchen counter or drafting table. However, you and I know that standing for long hours can be tiresome and even result in a share of adverse health issues.

As such, it pays to get a chair that is tall enough so that you can work on your standing desk with a lot of ease.

While there are a variety of chairs designed to let you work with tall heights, it is only the best ergonomic drafting chairs that can leave you feeling comfortable even after working for long hours, the reason I recommend that you spend some time and have a look at the review below.

The article consists of 13 drafting chairs that have proven themselves to be reliable in terms of delivering comfort and support, the reason you need to give them a try.

13 Best Drafting Chair Reviews

#1. Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Professional Adjustable Drafting Stool

Boss Office Products

Looking for a stool that will provide a comfortable seating experience despite what you are doing? Then you shouldn’t look further than Boss Office Products adjustable drafting stool. The seat features an ergonomic design that confines the natural shape of the spine so that you can benefit from comfort and thus more productivity.

Apart from that, the stool is designed for those in need of a drafting stool that will deliver years of reliable performance. The reason is that it is upholstered in a durable care soft vinyl meant to ensure easy maintenance and ease of cleaning. You can get this drafting stool when you are in search of one that will work with most persons due to the adjustable seat height that provides for a 6” vertical height range.

Further, the stool serves as a great pick when you are in need of one that will enhance easy mobility when working due to the dual wheel casters that enhance easy movement. Boss Office Products stool comes in black, beige, and gray so that you can pick the color that fits your decor. On top of that, the stool features an attractive chrome finish on the gas lift and base to enhance style.

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#2. HON H5705.SB11.T Volt Task Stool

HON H5705.SB11.T

You can now get the comfort that is required when drafting at an affordable price once you opt to get the Volt Task Stool. The stool is designed with comfort, style, and value in mind so that you can benefit from comfort without sacrificing style or your money.

Some of the features that are included in this stool in the aim of delivering comfort include smooth, pliable SofThread leather seats, a wide range of adjustment meant to guarantee personal comfort, optional height-adjustable arms that aid in reducing strain to the back, neck, and shoulders, among others.

The stool is a great plus for sit-to-stand applications, thanks to the chair’s height adjustment and the adjustable footrest that eliminate the hassle of raising and lowering your desk. Further, the stool is a great choice where teamwork is involved due to the swivel casters that make it easy for you to move around.

Von Task stool is designed with durability in mind due to the durable caster wheels and base. Also, the chair is designed for people of all sizes. The reason is the pneumatic lift that makes it easy to raise and lower the seat as well as the tilt tension that controls the amount of resistance once you lean back.

You can get the stool when you are in need of one that will fit different decor styles since it comes in different colors including blue, black, navy, and crimson. Also, the seat is available in leather or fabric material making it possible for you to locate a chair that suits your preference. The chair is suitable when you are in need of one that will deliver comfort in an upright posture due to the tilt lock function that locks it in an upright working posture.

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#3. Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair

Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair

Accomplish more as you relax better once you add Veer drafting chair in your workplace. The chair is designed to last, thanks to the durable nylon frame and the sturdy nylon base. Moreover, it is designed to deliver unmatched comfort due to the form-fitted breathable mesh back and the padded waterfall mesh seat that maintain the back and thighs on a comfortable position.

The chair includes a pneumatic height adjustment that lets you adjust the height so that people of different heights can locate a comfortable sitting position. Further, it includes adjustable arms making it easy for you to match the seating position and height. Due to the user-friendly seat tilt plus tension control knob, you can adjust the chair to suit your body weight.

The hooded dual casters are another plus so that you can glide effortlessly over carpeted offices. Also, there is a chrome-plated foot ring and an extra tall gas cylinder meant to ensure comfort. The Veer drafting stool comes in a variety of colors including red, blue, black, and gray.

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#4. AmazonBasics Drafting Stool

AmazonBasics Drafting Stool

Designed to fit in homes, offices, clinics, among other workplaces the AmazonBasics drafting stool combines comfort, style, strength, and reliability all in one. The stool measures 24.2L x 24.2W x (19.9- 25) H inches while it weighs 13.9 pounds. What’s more, it is designed to hold people of up to 250pounds making it suitable for use with people of different weights.

You can get this stool when you are in need of one that will allow you to multitask due to the 360-degree swivel casters that glide smoothly on smooth surfaces. Moreover, the stool is a perfect choice for one that is designed to let you work on desks of different heights comfortably due to the adjustable seat height that allows you to match the desk’s height to the seat’s height.

AmazonBasics drafting stool includes a Chrome arched base that features dual-wheel casters for easy maneuverability. Further, the stool features a black bonded leather upholstery that matches a variety of decor styles.

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 #5. SUPERJARE Drafting Stool w’ Backrest

SUPERJARE Drafting Stool

Maybe you have been looking for a stool that will deliver unmatched comfort at home, office, or studio. If that is the case, I recommend SUPERJARE drafting stool. The fact that it is an armless stool makes it suitable when you want to play the guitar freely. Besides that, the stool includes an adjustable footrest and a supportive backrest so that you can use it with an assurance of comfort even after spending a lot of hours at your desk.

The stool’s height is adjustable from 35.8” to 44.5” so that you can find a height that will match perfectly with your desk’s height. Further, its footrest’s height ranges from 7.2” to 15.4” from the floor making it easier for you to find a position that will suit your body type. The stool includes a 4” thick cushion that features an updated soft sponge to guarantee comfort. Also, it includes a backrest and a base that features 360-degree casters for better maneuverability.

Once you get this stool, you can rest assured to have received a drafting stool that will deliver years of reliable performance since it includes a stainless steel lift mechanism that is both durable and stable. In fact, the stool can hold a capacity of up to 265lbs which makes it suitable for use by a variety of persons. SUPERJARE drafting stool comes in different colors choices including black, dark gray, and gray. Its base is broad and large so that you can remain stable even after a full 360-degrees swivel.

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#6. Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

Office Star Deluxe Mesh

Might your definition of the best drafting chair entail a chair that is both durable and practical for you? If yes, Office Star drafting chair is designed to meet your needs.

Featuring an adjustable design where you can adjust its footrest, back, and seat height, you can be sure to have received a chair that will be comfortable to use during different tasks. Other than that, the chair includes a heavy-duty nylon base so that it can meet your needs of a durable drafting seat.

You can opt to get this chair when you are in need of a drafting chair for use during projects that take a lot of hours due to the breathable back and the mesh seat. The breathable design is perfect when you want to stay cool and free of sweat even after long hours of seating.

Besides that, the chair is a perfect choice when you want one that will guarantee comfort at all times. The reason is the built-in lumbar support that helps to align your spine and the thick padded seat that is meant to offer comfort during long working days.

Office Star drafting chair is designed to guarantee comfort to people of different heights, thanks to the pneumatic height adjustment that allows you to adjust the seat’s height from 24.25” to 33.75”. Moreover, the chair is designed to guarantee easy maneuverability due to the dual wheel casters that enhance a smooth glide over carpets.

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#7. Devoko Office Drafting Chair

Devoko Office Drafting Chair

Looking for a comfortable yet fancy drafting chair that will suit your home, studio, or office setting? Well, I recommend Devoko office drafting chair. The chair features breathable mesh back cushions and a thick sponged cushion seat so that you can benefit from extra comfort when working for long hours.

Aside from that, the chair includes an adjustable height, where you can adjust the seat height from 21.65” to 29.5” so that you can opt to use it on the low working position or high working position. You can get this chair when you are in need of a drafting chair that is designed to fit in small spaces due to the flip-up arms that make it easy to push the chair under the drafting table. More to that, the chair is a great pick for a drafting chair that is built to last since each of its parts is BIFMA certified to guarantee durability.

The chair can hold a maximum capacity of up to 280lbs which makes it a perfect choice for everyday use. With it, you can be sure to benefit from effortless grinding over carpeted floors since it includes 360-degree swivel nylon casters. The featured footrest ring is another plus of the chair which makes it a perfect choice for guitar practice or painting sessions.

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#8. Flash Furniture Backless Drafting Stool

Flash Furniture Backless Drafting Stool

Having a limited working space doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your comfort and fail to get a drafting chair, the reason I recommend Flash Furniture drafting stool. The fact that the stool features a small frame design and a backless design makes it easy to maneuver around tight spaces.

Besides that, the stool features a heavy-duty nylon base and a durable vinyl upholstery. Because of these, you can get the chair when you are in need of a drafting stool that is designed to last, yet one that features a design that is easy to clean.

Flash Furniture drafting stool is a perfect addition to places where a multi-purpose seat is needed, thanks to the dual wheel casters that make it easy for you to benefit from more flexibility. Also, the stool includes an adjustable height which serves as a perfect choice when you are looking for a chair that will offer the flexibility of working with tables of different heights.

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#9. POLY & BARK EM-367-BLK Benicia Drafting Chair


Designed with the human body in mind, Poly & Bark drafting chair will absolutely keep you supported and comfortable when working at home or in the office. Some of the features that make this chair comfortable to use include a mesh-covered padded seat that slides forward and backward so that you can use the chair with an assurance that it will meet your needs.

Better yet, the seat locks in any position meaning that it is suitable when you are in need of a drafting chair that will provide comfort for different people. Poly & Bark drafting chair includes an adjustable lumbar support cushion meant to provide you with comfort and support. In addition to that, the chair boasts a mesh-backed design meant to ensure breathability and comfort.

You can get this chair when you are in need of a drafting chair that will support different kinds of people due to the five different adjustable features. In fact, the chair includes a tilt/tension mechanism and a quality-tested pneumatic gas lift so that you can adjust the tilt tension and the height. Besides that, it includes 360degree swivel casters so that you can roll on smooth or carpeted with a lot of ease.

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#10. Alvin DC310-40 Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair

Alvin DC310-40

For serious designers and artists, a good drafting chair is one that is both comfortable and sturdy, and you will not be wrong once you decide to get Alvin drafting chair. The chair includes a plethora of features all geared to enhancing comfort and stability.

Actually, some of the features which you should expect this chair to include are dual-wheel casters for flexible mobility, pneumatic height control, a height-and-depth adjustable backrest for better support, and a reinforced nylon base for durability. Also, the chair includes a chrome foot ring where you can rest your feet for even more comfort.

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#11. Thornton’s Office Supplies Mesh Back Adjustable Drafting Stool

Thornton’s Office Supplies

If you are in need of a drafting chair that is suitable for use in the lab, classroom, studio, home, office, or architecture firm, then you can be sure that Thornton’s office supplies drafting stool will be a great pick. The chair features a height-adjustable seat so that it can serve as a perfect pick when you are in need of a drafting stool that will match the heights of different drafting tables.

Moreover, it includes a sturdy base which is strong enough to hold users up to 250lbs. You can use this chair for working on projects that take a lot of hours, thanks to the breathable mesh back that ensures that you remain cool, and the thick seat cushions that provide you with sufficient support.

Besides that, you can use the stool when working on projects that need you to move around severally due to the dual-wheel casters that enhance an effortless gliding over carpeted floors.

The stool includes an adjustable chrome-plated foot ring which is meant to enhance posture. Also, it includes a one-touch pneumatic lift that makes it easy to adjust the height. You can adjust the seat’s arms so that they can match your seating position and height which allows you to benefit from the desired comfort.

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#12. Lorell LLR43101 Breathable Mesh Drafting Stool

 Lorell LLR43101

Add comfort to your workspace once you opt to get Lorell drafting stool. The stool features a breathable mesh back and an upholstered cushioned seat so that you can get it with an assurance of comfort. In addition to that, it includes padded arms that feature an adjustable height so that you can find a position that will enhance your comfort.

The seat is designed to hold a weight capacity of up to 250lbs. This is due to the sturdy nylon base that is equipped with smooth-rolling nylon casters meant to enhance easy mobility.

Once you get this stool, you can work on table surfaces that feature different heights due to the pneumatic seat-height adjustment that helps you adjust the seat’s height. Also, the stool includes a chrome footing that allows you to rest your legs for better support. Lorell drafting stool meets or exceeds BIFMA standards to guarantee durability.

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#13. Safco Products Metro Extended Height Chair

Safco Products

The perfect solution for a workspace that requires a chair that is designed to deliver comfort and versatility is Safco Products extended height chair. The chair highlights a thickly cushioned seat and a form-fitting contoured back so that you can get it with an assurance of comfort. Moreover, it includes an adjustable foot ring and a waterfall seat edge which help in improving circulation by reducing pressure points on the legs after long hours of sitting.

You can customize the chair’s seat-height so that you can use it for a range of jobs thanks to the pneumatic lever under the seat that provides you with the chance to adjust the height from 23” to 33”.  Plus, you can move around when seated on the drafting chair thanks to the 360-degree swivel casters that ensure easy maneuverability. The chair includes a heavy-duty 5-star aluminum base meant to support people of different weights.

Also, it includes adjustable arms that makes it easy for you to locate the perfect seating position. The Metro extended height chair comes in a variety of colors including grey, black, and black vinyl so that it can fit different décor styles. The chair can be used with its back on a tilted position since it includes an adjustable tilt tension that makes it easy for you to tilt the back.

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Q1. What is a drafting chair?

A drafting chair is a chair that is designed to accompany drafting tables. In fact, this chair is designed with comfort in mind since many users spend a lot of hours seated on it. As a result, you will find most of these chairs designed to including a soft and high-plush seat, a footrest, a backrest that contours to the user’s back, an adjustable seat height, among other features meant to guarantee comfort.

Q2. What should be the height of my drafting chair?

A drafting chair’s height should be determined after you have determined the height of the drafting table you will be using it alongside with. As a result, you should begin with selecting a drafting table so that you can get a clear idea of its height and later select a chair that features a mid-height that will match to that of the table. Remember, the chair’s seat-height should be adjustable so that it is easy to use it on different working surfaces. However, most drafting chairs have a height that ranges from 20” to 37”.

Q3: What should I look for so that I can select a drafting chair?

Comfortable seat– It goes without a say that we spend a lot of hours seated on drafting chairs. Hence, it is crucial for you to pick a chair that will support your thighs and back so that you can leave the seat feeling comfortable.

Supportive backrest– Besides getting a chair that includes a padded seat, you will want to ensure that it includes a backrest that will support your back. In particular, opt for a chair that features a backrest with a gentle “S” shape so that it can contour to the shape of your back.

Padded armrests– Drafting chairs are of two types: those with armrests and those without. For you to determine the appropriate drafting chair when armrests come into the picture, begin with determining the reason you need the drafting chair.

For instance, if you will be working with a keyboard, armrests can provide a place to rest your arms. However, if you will be drawing or practicing with a guitar, these are not very necessary unless you prefer to have a chair that includes them. Also, ensure that the armrests feature a thick padding so that you can remain comfortable when using them.

Durability– A good drafting chair should feature a strong base and frame. Moreover, the gas cylinder that helps in adjusting the seat’s height should be designed to last. Therefore, select a chair that features a heavy-duty 5-star nylon base and one that includes a strong metal cylinder with hydraulic lift.

Footrest- A footrest or a foot ring plays a crucial part in providing you with a place to rest the feet. Consider a drafting stool that includes a footing since this plays a vital role in enhancing your posture.

Swivel casters– For those who multitask, swivel casters are a great addition to any drafting chair. After all, the casters can provide a helping hand when you want to reach for something without the need to stand up. Therefore, better opt for a drafting chair that includes smooth-rolling caster wheels.

Adjustability– The chair should provide for a range of adjustments including the ability to adjust the height of the seat, the tilt angle of the back, the height of the foot ring, among others. With such possibilities, you can use the chair with different table heights, and better yet, give a chance to people of different heights the chance to use it.

Q4: Can I use a drafting chair as an office chair?

Yes, you can. The only factor that you will need to consider is the lowest seat height of the chair, considering that these chairs are designed for use with standing tables. So, before getting a drafting chair as a solution to an office chair, think about the height of your office desk and ensure that the chair is suitable for use with such a height.


Drafting chair should be one that is designed to guarantee your comfort even after long hours of sitting.

As a result, such a chair should be constructed using high-quality materials, and these should feature a design that will ensure your comfort. In addition to that, it should offer a wide range of adjustments to let you get the perfect position when working on a variety of projects.

Therefore, give a try to the reviewed items without a doubt of getting chairs that will deliver comfort without sacrificing style and functionality.

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