The 10 Best Diy(Do It Yourself) Truck Bedliners 2023

If you own a truck, a car, a pickup or any other vehicle, chances are that they will sustain some scratches, dampening, and corrosion from time to time.

These issues normally have the impacts of diminishing their life expectancies and pose certain undesirable consequences.

You, therefore, have to keep them at bay.

This is the role that the bedliner is intended to play.


1: U-Pol 0820V-Gun Black Urethane Truck Bed Liner Kit with 726 Gun

U-Pol 0820V-Gun

The rear bed of the pickup truck is ordinarily more prone to deterioration and tears. This is why it requires a specially designed bedliner. Such a bedliner has to last longer and generate more permanent outcomes. This indeed is the one to look up to for such applications.


With this bedliner, it may be possible to suppress sounds and other forms of vibrations. This is because it has the ability to absorb these issues and hence lessen the levels of discomforts. If you have a passenger vehicle in mind, this indeed could be the bedliner of choice.

Permanent Outcomes

In all, the bedliner brings about permanent outcomes. This is because the end results are resistant to scratches and stains. As such, the applications last longer than those of the average bedliners. This saves you a great deal of time and effort. It also grants you greater peace of mind to enjoy the accompanying benefits.


The outcomes of the bedliner are also fade-free. They are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and other harmful rays of the sun which can peel off the surfaces. With this feature in mind, you may be sure to reap and enjoy the benefits for a prolonged duration of time.


  • Very simple to apply and use
  • Delivers impressive and unmatched coverage
  • Takes shorter to dry and harden
  • Applicable by an easy-to-handle gun
  • Covers a wider area per container


  • Cannot cope with hardeners
  • Works poorly in extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Can stick on and stain surfaces

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2: Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

Herculiner HCL1B8

Just in case you have many surfaces in mind, you want a universal bedliner. This is one that can bind on as many surfaces as possible and seamlessly for that matter. By virtue of being able to bind to wood, metal, fiberglass, and rubber, this indeed is the bedliner for such an application.

Awesome Protective Coating

First and foremost, the bedliner produces the awesome protective coating. This comes in the form of a tough, and highly textured polyurethane protective coating. This shields most of the contaminants and agents of tear that are characteristic of such surfaces. It is hence more long-lasting and cheaper to maintain in the long run.

Quite Thick

Generally speaking, the coating about outcomes that are up to 5 times thicker when compared to the other roll-ons. This also goes a long way in enhancing the strength, durability, and reliability of the final outcomes. You will thus spend less to care for and maintain the surfaces in the long run.

Skid-resistant Surface Outcomes

Other than being thick, the surfaces are also resistant to skids and other agents of deterioration. As such, the surfaces will hardly peel off, flake, chip, or sustain scratches. This guarantees you the required levels of reliability you require at all times for effective use. It also demands less attention on your part.


  • Works well on concrete, metal wood, and many surfaces
  • Bonds and seals all surfaces to prevent rust
  • Pretty resistant to solvents, chemicals, oil, and gasoline
  • Adds some extra shine to your surfaces
  • Applicable in three simple and easy steps


  • Emits harmful vapor
  • Induces a sense of nausea
  • Can inflict respiratory tract infections

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3: Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit with Custom Coat Spray Gun with Regulator

 Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter

To save yourself a bit of time and effort, you definitely want a bedliner that is multipurpose in nature. This bedliner by reason of being waterproof and flexible fits this bill perfectly well. It can deaden sounds and vibrations over and above shielding surfaces from possible damages. It will thus save you the time and effort.

2.1 VOC 2K Protective Urethane Coating

Coming in first in the list of its key traits is this awesome 2.1 VOC 2K protective urethane coating. This makes it suited for all kinds of surfaces. It also exudes a couple of material coating tasks and purposes by reason of the existence of this particular feature.

Excellent Ultraviolet Protection

It also provides an excellent protection against the harmful ultraviolet radiation. This makes the surfaces that are coated with it last longer and stay in the best shape as well. Other than this, the coating also shields such surfaces from corrosion and dents, among others. The end result is higher returns on investments.

Custom Coats

Lastly, you also have the benefit of being able to customize the applications to suit your unique needs and requirements. This stems from the fact that the bedliner is simpler to apply and may also be specially mixed to conform to the unique requirements that may often arise.


  • Plenty enough to cover the largest truck beds
  • Resists stains and abrasions
  • Waterproof and great for humid environments
  • Handles extreme temperatures differences robustly
  • Provides excellent adhesion


  • Highly flammable
  • Fatal if swallowed
  • Irritates the eyes and skins

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4: Al’s Liner ALS-BL Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

Al’s Liner ALS-BL Black Premium

Some parts of the motor vehicle are more prone to damages than others. These include the bed rails, rocker panels, and the bed trucks. To be able to keep them in the best shape and form at all times, you have to employ a potent and reliable bedliner. Of all that is available, only this one may be of help.

High-build Polyurethane Liner

A high-build polyurethane liner comes in first in the list of its topnotch features. This liner comes in the form of a three-part blended polyurethane high solid coating. This liner is what prepares the various surfaces for subsequent coating. It enables the coating to stick firmly and permanently.

Related Additives

It can also accommodate a host of related additives. This arrangement allows to you create duplicates of the hardness and the texture of the bedliners on the market. For this reason, you do not have to acquire different bedliners for different purposes as this one may do you good.

Custom Color Options

Finally, you will even determine the color of the surface you want. This is courtesy of the custom color options. With these options, you may mix the bedliner in such a manner as to generate the desired appearance and look. This goes a long way in enhancing the quality of the final outcomes.


  • Does not require expensive protective attire to apply
  • Applicable in all texture and thickness levels
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Increases material hardness
  • For interior and exterior finishes


  • Requires some mixing before application
  • Potentially harmful when handled carelessly
  • May inflict burns on the skin

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5: Herculiner HCL1B7 Brush-on Bed Liner – 1 Quart (32 Ounces) Black

Herculiner HCL1B7

A good bedliner ought to go beyond merely coating surfaces. It has to perform as many closely related chores as possible. Perhaps no other bedliner suits this role better than this one. It is multipurpose in nature and thus saves a great deal of your time and effort. This makes it a worthy purchase indeed.

Tough Coating

On the whole, you will be able to generate a tough and reliable coating. This is because this bedliner generates a highly textured polyurethane protective coating. This is tough enough to last longer and withstand all the common agents of wear and tear. This saves you money and confers you added peace of mind.

Maximum Thickness

All factors considered, the bedliner produces very thick outcomes indeed. The outcomes can sometimes be up to 5 times thicker than average. This also complements the quality and durability of the final outcomes. It also shields the surfaces against undue damages and scratches. This saves you unnecessary worries and anxieties.

Customized Formulation

Finally, you will also enjoy the rare benefit of arriving at a formula that is suited to your unique need and requirements. You may, for instance, modify the bedliner to prevent rust, seal surfaces, or strengthen the weak bonds, among other issues. This again confers added peace of mind to you.


  • Creates skid-resistant surfaces
  • Does not flake, nor chip, nor peel
  • Works well on several surfaces
  • Accompanied by an effective brush
  • Reputable and reliable brand


  • Limited geographic applicability (unsuitable for Catalina Island)
  • May induce cancer when inhaled for longer
  • Can spark into flames when exposed for too long

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6: Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3 gallon Black with GUN

Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner

Jeeps, trucks, boats, and the all-terrain vehicles are no ordinary. They ply very rough terrains and work in pretty difficult conditions. This means they lose their paints easily than the personal cars. Only a permanent and potent bedliner may deliver the needed levels of protection. And when you talk of such, this is the one to look out for.

Awesome Finish

First and foremost, you will reap the benefit of an awesome finish. This is because the outcome of the bedliner is semi-gloss in appearance and generally outlasts others. This will subsequently bring about the benefits of enhanced aesthetics to you. This is not to mention the fact that it also performs the ordinary chores.

Professional Quality

Other than the awesome finish, the bedliner also exudes professional-quality outcomes. It possesses the great and reliable epoxy and urethane toughness. These two substances are pretty reliable and durable enough to bring about great outcomes. It is this particular trait that suits this bedliner for professional applications.

Wide Coverage

The bedliner has the ability to impact a whopping 100 square feet of surface at a time. This is pretty large enough to impact whole cars, tracks and a host of others surfaces. This means that you will not have to dig too deep into your pocket to be able to cover such surfaces at a time.


  • Backed by a wealth of experience spanning 20+ years
  • Generates more durable outcomes and appearances
  • Simple and easy to follow use instructions
  • Well suited for professional applications and use
  • Stands ahead of all its peers!


  • Quite costly to afford
  • Too thin to spread with ease
  • Not so reliable brand/manufacturer

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7: Rust-Oleum 248914 Automotive 15-Ounce Truck Bed Coating Spray, Black

Rust-Oleum 248914

If you have a truck bed that was previously finished but which nevertheless lots its paint, you might want a bedliner that is great at rejuvenating surfaces. This is the one that is designed for such circumstances. It can re-coat and restore the worn-out and unfinished surfaces, among others. It is hence great for mechanics.

Textured Finish

Unlike most other bedliners, this one can bring about textured finish. It may for instance be applied in such a manner as to form contours on the surfaces or the truck bed. This makes it well suited for enhancing the aesthetics of such surfaces over and above discharging the basic functions.

Stop-rust Formula

It also possesses the stop-rust formula. With this formula, the bedliner shields the surfaces from sustaining rust and corrosion alongside other agents of deterioration. This leaves behind a sparkling finish at all times besides lengthening the lifespan of the surfaces as well. You have no better bedliner to rely on than this.

Elegant Design

Lastly, the bedliner possesses an elegant design indeed. This is available in the form of a smooth finish that is breathtaking to behold. By reason of this, the bedliner can enhance the appearance of the surfaces of the said surfaces. This brings about a higher return on investments.


  • Shields the surfaces from weather, rust, and scratches
  • Mitigates impacts, fading, and other agents of abuse
  • Reduces the road noise
  • Also ideal for running boards and bedrails
  • Conforms to the exact shape of the truck bed to avoid unnecessary inconsistencies


  • Induces the risks of suffocation
  • May pose damages to the lungs
  • Produces irreversible outcomes

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8: Raptor Black 2 L Coating Roll On, 1 Pack

Raptor Black 2

You cannot gamble at all in some instances. You definitely have to generate the most excellent outcomes imaginable. This is especially the case for those tasks that are professional in nature. This is the bedliner to consider utilizing as it suits such uses perfectly. It is also rich in formulation and design.

Slip Resistant Additive (UP4800)

At the top of its list is the Slip Resistant Additive (UP4800). This gives off a slip-resistant finish to the floors and the surfaces on which it is applied. This additive thus makes it possible for you to walk atop these surfaces without the fear of sliding or injuring yourself unnecessarily.

2-part Urethane

A 2-part urethane material comes in next. This is a tough yet highly versatile protective coating. It is specially developed to withstand the extremely tough conditions with ease. This indeed is the bedliner to go for when seeking to coat those vehicles that ply tough environments with ease.

Roll-on Raptor

Unlike most other bedliner, this one is applied by use of the roll-on technique. This technique stands apart from others in that it does not spill the contents unnecessarily to the ambient air. The chances of cancer and other respiratory tract infections are thus kept at bay significantly.


  • Performs many related chores at a time
  • Handles quite a number of surfaces
  • Brings about a black and textured final outcome
  • Tackles a number of issues that may impact the surfaces
  • Enhances the outward appearances of the surfaces as well


  • Contains some harmful chemicals
  • Harmful to kids
  • Too potent a formulation

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Do you have some light and quick duties in mind? This is the bedliner not to overlook. It is simple to use, contains less sophisticated formulation and is easier to apply. For these reasons, the chemical is suited for those quick outcomes. You should, therefore, consider giving it a try over and above the other competitors.

2-component Urethane System

The formulation of this bedliner comes in 2-component urethane system. This system is designed for easy applications to many of the original manufacturer’s paint finishes. It also works well on any surface that is a self-etching primer. For this reason, you may count on it not to let you down at all.

Shorter Cure Time

Generally speaking, the bedliner takes a shorter time to cure. It, as a matter of fact, takes less than one hour to do so, depending of course on the film buildup. Because of this, you will not have to wait for too long to enjoy the accompanying benefits.

Easy Applications

Lastly, you will also find the bedliner simpler to apply than most others of its kind. Its formulation and application technique are both designed in such a manner as to enable this to happen. This again goes a long way in enhancing your experience and the overall outcomes.


  • Deadens sound both inside and outside the vehicles
  • Minimizes vibrations and the noise from the road
  • Protects surfaces against the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Dries rapidly for maximum convenience
  • Ideal for light duty uses


  • Exposes you to harmful chemicals
  • Can cause cancer and birth defects
  • Potentially gives rise to other reproductive harm

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10: U-Pol Products RAPTOR Black Truck Bed Liner Kit – 4 Liter

U-Pol Products RAPTOR Black Truck Bed Liner

If all you are searching for in a bedliner is the need for faster response and outcomes, this is the one to think about. Its formulation is such a way that it brings about this benefit. It spreads faster and dries within the shortest time possible. This minimizes the time you take to enjoy the benefits.

UV Resistant

For a start, the bedliner is pretty resistant to ultraviolet radiations. As such, it neither fades nor peels off easily. It is also less likely to be damaged by the string and harmful rays of the sun. This is not to mention that it lasts relatively longer and exudes the required levels of outcomes with ease.

Scratch and stain resistant

Other than being resistant to the harmful ultraviolet radiation, the bedliner is also resistant to scratches and stains. This makes it pretty awesome at staying reliable under all working conditions imaginable. It also seals ugly marks and other unwanted looks as well. This makes it great for enhancing the appearance of your surfaces.

Rapid drying

Lastly, the bedliner also dries comparatively faster than most others of its kind. As a matter of fact, it takes just one hour to do so. For this reason, you will not be subjected to too long a wait time to enjoy the benefits that come along with the item.


  • Helps to deaden sounds and vibrations
  • Has a high adhesive power
  • Quite flexible and convenient to utilize
  • Simpler to apply
  • Light enough to carry around with ease


  • Limited applicability
  • Less potency
  • Brings about lower value for money

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Bedliner is a range of products that are designed to shield the inner portions of the beds of trucks from the aforementioned damages and agents of deterioration.

It is basically a kind of paint or oil which is applied to the said surfaces through a variety of techniques and application processes.


Mitigates Rust

Perhaps the most significant role of the bedliner is to mitigate rust. It shields the surfaces and blocks them from sustaining corrosion and other agents of deterioration. This leads to longer lifespans and also wards off other attendant negative issues. It also drives down the cost of maintenance as the result of this.

Reduces Scratches

Some kinds of bedliners can also reduce scratches. They basically seal the pores and other areas of surfaces which are prone to this issue. In light of this, the bedliners increase the overall lifespan of the surfaces not to mention that it enhances the looks of the surfaces as well.

Eliminates Dampening

Most bedliners are also waterproof. This is to mean that they shield the surfaces from the percolation of water. This subsequently wards off the likelihood of rotting or deterioration. This waterproof capacity is particularly handy for wooden surfaces as they are most susceptible to the risks of dampening.

Improves the Overall Lifespan of Surfaces

By reason of shielding surfaces from all the aforementioned issues and problems, the bedliner improves the overall lifespan of surfaces. These surfaces will often last much longer than the ones on which they are not applied. This saves you greatly on costs and other maintenance expenses. This also brings about added convenience to you on the whole.

Prevents the Insect Infestations

Lastly, the bedliner can also prevent the surfaces from being infested with insects. The wooden surfaces are particularly prone to the infestation by termites and spiders. By use of the material on these surfaces, the end result is a longer lifespan. It also prevents the surfaces from unnecessary damages.


Follow the instructions below to apply the bedliner:

Step I: start off by mixing the liquids precisely and as per instructions contained on the box. Do not be tempted to violate this rule as these chemicals are ordinarily dangerous and flammable.

Step II: Shake the mixture thoroughly for around 2 minutes continuously. This is to let the finer ingredients mix well to be able to generate awesome feedbacks.

Step III: Remove the lid of the container and attach the gun. In case the container has a sprayer, use it. The same case applies to the roll-on.

Step IV: Adjust the inlet pressure appropriately to be able to obtain the desired texture outcomes. Follow the user manual and be mindful also of the exact surface you are trying to impact.

Step V: Hold the gun, sprayer, or roll-on at a distance of around 24 inches from the surface. This is enough clearance which makes the task of application much more effective.

Step VI: Apply the paint in the right format. The sweeping motion may do for a gun. For a sprayer, you might want to utilize the sprays while for a roll on, attaching the tip on the surface to be sprayed is what will yield the required outcome.

Step VII: If you intend to add extra layers, wait at least an hour to let the current one settle and harden. Thereafter, go ahead and add the successive layer.


As hinted above, the bedliner chemicals are generally harmful. They are in fact able to inflict a variety of cancers and respiratory tract infections. This is why you inevitably have to shield yourself from it. To be able to achieve this feat, you have to put on a variety of attire and protective gears. Chief among these include:

Nose Guards

These are materials that cover your nose and prevent you from inhaling the fumes or other smells that may be devastating to you. This is crucial because these bedliners are potentially carcinogenic and have the ability to cause cancers. Be mindful of your breathability. You do not want to suffocate yourself to the extent of not being able to breathe well.


Some of these chemicals are also able to inflict burns on your skin. This is especially the case if you happen to touch them with bare hands. It is for this reason that you want to put on a pair of gloves. These materials have the ability to shield your hands and skin from direct contacts with these chemicals. In so doing, they prevent the possibilities of these burns from arising.


It is not uncommon for the chemicals to splatter in the process of applications. If and when this happens, your garments may be soiled. You do not want this to happen. This is why you want to put on an apron to shield your garments from such splatter.


If you are planning to coat an entire vehicle or building facility, you have to put an overall. This is to take care of your legs and lower parts of your body. They too are equally as important as the upper portions of your body. The overalls are particularly handy if the whole of your career is centered on the application of this bedliner.


Lastly, the wigs or head covers are a must if you are a woman who cherishes her hair. You do not want to soil your hair or spend too much to keep it in shape at all times. Such material shall cover your head and prevent the chemicals from soiling them. This way, your hair will be clean and reliable at all times.


Before commencing the application process, you have to prepare the surfaces on which you intend to apply the bedliner. Follow the procedures stipulated here below to achieve this:

Step I: Remove the dirt and debris. Use a broom to sweep off the dirt and dust that may exist on the surface. Be sure to repeat the process over and over again to leave behind a sparkling clean outcome.

Step II: Next, clean and degrease the surfaces. Use the tack rags and the gun wash to do these. Removing the grease will make the chemicals settle much faster and more conveniently than in a situation in which they exist.

Step III: If the surface in question is wooden, consider sanding it. This will make it extra smooth and enhance the absorption and hardening of the chemicals. Use the 120 grit paper to do this. Sand the surface until there are no longer any shiny parts left.

Step IV: Clean the surface yet again. This is to get rid of any residual dirt and dust that may be found on the surface at the time. This procedure is the final preparation which ensures a robust outcome.


To obtain the best ever outcomes, you have to uphold certain principles and best practices. Among these are the following:

#1: Match the Type and Purpose

Different bedliners are designed and intended for different purposes. Be sure to match the right bedliner with the right purpose. Doing this will prevent any errors or inconsistencies from arising unnecessarily. It will also guarantee awesome outcomes at all times.

#2: Apply the Bedliner in the Recommended Frequency

Just like the differences in their formulation and intended use, these bedliners are also recommended for use in different frequencies. You have to take note of this as well. This is the only way you will obtain the desired outcomes and awesome finishes.

#3: Follow the Instructions to the Letter

Instructions are not just there for fun. They are meant to guide you on your way and guarantee smooth experiences. They are also meant to ward off any errors or harms. It is for these reasons that you have to follow them to the latter. Your failure to do so may often bring about undesirable end results.

#4: Mix the Solution thoroughly

In case you are using the bedliner that requires some mixing before use, you have to shake and mix the solutions thoroughly. This is to let the ingredients mix properly to be able to generate the required levels of outcomes. You should also see to it that you mix the ingredients in the right ratio as well.

#5: Employ the Right Application Technique

Lastly, each bedliner and surface requires unique application techniques. You have to take care of this fact as well. Be sure to employ the right application technique on the right surface and bedliner. This will save you a bit of time and generate higher quality outcomes as well.


Below are some of the tips you have to adhere to while applying the bedliner:

Work in a well-ventilated environment

The bedliners have potent and potentially harmful chemical compositions. For this reason, you have to apply them in an environment that is well-ventilated. This shall prevent the risks of cancer and other respiratory tract infections. The backyard may be the best environment for this.

Put on the protective gears

It is important that you put on the right protective gears. This is to shield your body and garments from the sprays and their harmful consequences. You do not want to compromise your health at all, do you? The nose guard and the gloves are two of the ‘must wear’ protective gears.

Store away from children

You should never attempt to place these items within the easy reach of small children. They are way too harmful and potent for such kinds of persons. Instead, place them as far away from them as possible. Keep the safes locked and inaccessible at all times as also.

Read and adhere to the manufacturer’s manual

Instructions are always designed to guide you along the way. Do invest some of your time to read through them and adhere to them as well. It is only then that you will be able to ward off unnecessary dangers and be assured of the high-quality outcomes you have been looking for.

Apply the Bedliner moderately

Lastly, apply the bedliner moderately. Do not overdo it. This is because, the longer you expose yourself to the chemicals, the more likely you are to suffer from its adverse consequences. Moderate use also spares your surfaces from unnecessary issues and problems. This sees to it that they last longer than average.


Below are some of the top factors to consider while searching for the bedliner:


This refers to the strength of the formulation of the chemicals that constitute the bedliner. A good bedliner has to possess the right levels of potency. It ought not to be too strong nor too weak. Be sure to check your surface first and foremost before deciding the best for you. This is because different surfaces require varying degrees of potency.

Mode of Application

The manner in which the bedliner is applied also determines to a great extent the kind of bedliner settle for. There are three main modes of applications. These are the sprays, the roll-ons, and the paint, respectively. Choose the one that is relevant to your surface and is also convenient for your use.

Surface to be coated

As hinted, different surfaces require different kinds of bedliners. This is because they differ in strength and also call for varying modes of applications. To find the best bedliner, identify the kind of surface you are interested in and thereafter look for the bedliner that handles that surface conveniently.

Readiness for Use

Some bedliners come ready for use. This simply means that they are already mixed and ready to go. Some, however, require some mixing before use. Factor this as well. You are better off with the readymade ones as they are more convenient to utilize. They also save you a bit of time.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Obtaining the right bedliner ought not to be a life and death affair. You do not have to dig too deep in your pocket to do so. This is why you have to ascertain your financial resource endowment first and foremost, after which you are to look for one that fits your budget.


Q1. How much is a spray in a bedliner?

The actual cost varies with location. However, expect to part with around $500 per spray

Q2. What are the various kinds of bedliners?

These are the spray, the roll-on, and the paint, respectively

Q3. Which surfaces might bedliners find applications?

All kinds of surfaces may be impacted by the bedliner. Among these are the asphalt, fiberglass, rubber, wood, concrete, wood, aluminum, and metal, to mention but a few!

Q4. Can you mix different kinds of bedliners?

Not really! This may result in violent and often dangerous chemical reactions.

Q5. How long does a typical bedliner take to dry?

Most modern bedliners take around one hour to fully dry.


My favorite is the Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit. As you may deduce from the review above, this bedliner works well across several surfaces.

It also accomplishes a vast array of tasks and purposes. This makes it a worthy purchase indeed. It saves a great deal of money and resources. You should hence give it a topmost priority in your search for a good bedliner.

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