Top 15 Best Disc Golf Bags 2023

Are you an enthusiastic player of the disc golf sports?

If you do, you will have to carry around the discs from place to place, this calls for your acquisition of the best kinds of bags for the job.

With many such bags on the market, finding the right one may be tricky.

Worry not though. We are here to help you out.

15 Best Disc Golf Bag Reviews

#1: Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag

Do you have the need to transport numerous discs at a time? You should consider leveraging this particular golf bag. As you are about to note, it is large enough to handle and transport many kinds of discs at a time.

Padded Straps

Standing tall among the list of its most admirable features are the padded straps. These combined with a back panel jointly allow for a comfortable carry all day long. That is because they ward off too much pressure and stress.

Large Main Disc Compartment

At its core is a large main disc compartment. This can hold around 18 discs comfortably well. It is this compartment that makes the bag suited for handling any discs at a time.

Reinforced Haul Handle

To carry it out and about the desired area, you will have to make do with a reinforced haul handle. By virtue of being reinforced, this handle is unlikely to sustain frays and tears. For this reason, it shall last you longer.


  • Holds in excess of 3-4 putters at a time
  • Can accommodate numerous other accessories as well
  • You can slot in your water bottle holder
  • Its zippers are easier to pull and manage
  • Allows for the easy access of interior contents


  • Requires too much storage space
  • May difficult to keep clean and tidy
  • Not for those who lack the necessary muscle power

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#2: Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Are you short on cash? Worry not! It is still possible for you to enjoy the awesome benefits of a great golf disc bag. We invite you to try this one out as it is the one that is designed for persons of your kind. It is still able to discharge the required roles with ease.

Awesome Appearance

You will find this bag to possess some awesome appearances indeed. It is mostly black yet elegantly designed. For this reason, it also plays a secondary role in enhancing the appearances of your rooms.

Compact Size

The bag is on the whole smaller in size and very convenient to carry around. This is complemented by a smaller weight which is lighter to carry. Regardless of your muscle power and strength, the bag is a ‘must have’ for your occasions.

Numerous Storage Spaces

Aligning most parts and components of the bag are pockets for the safeguarding of your gears. It has a water bottle holder for maintaining your bottles while on the go. This is not to mention that it allows for easy access of the said gears.


  • Cheaper to acquire
  • Requires limited storage spaces
  • Exudes some elegance and appearances
  • Simpler in scope
  • Great for starters and non-experts


  • Limited storage spaces
  • Does not last as long as need be
  • May not handle tears and impacts well

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#3: Athletico Disc Golf Bag


If you happen to maintain a fast-paced lifestyle, you want a bag which is also easier to manage and use. By reason of providing easy access to all of your most crucial needs, this is a bag you desperately want to leverage.

Padded and Detachable Shoulder Strap

Its shoulder strap is both padded and detachable. These arrangements allow you to configure the bag to the parameters which are comfortable for you. In particular, you will easily determine the length and the position of your liking with ease.

Durable 600D Polyester Fabric

Adorning much of the fabric component of the bag is the durable 600D polyester material. This type of fabric is highly breathable, pretty light and very pervious. With regards to this, it forms a very significant part and parcel of the bag.

Metal Hooks

Some metal hooks are available on the shoulder straps as well. They are strong and indeed built to last. At the same time, they also allow for easy fastening and detachment of the bag whenever the need so determines.


  • Pretty easy to carry around
  • Does not inflict any hurts on your back or shoulders
  • Holds numerous accessories and gears
  • Built to last
  • Resists the various incidences of wear and tear well


  • Indices too much bulk
  • Impedes motions
  • Requires intense care and maintenance

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#4: Innova Discover Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Innova Discover Pack Backpack

Are you constantly on the go? Well, you will usually experience too much discomfort while traveling around. That is because heavier bags are not so easy to carry along as they induce too much weight. It is nonetheless spacious enough to handle all of your gears.

Lightweight Disc Golf backpack

Generally speaking, this backpack is extremely light in weight. Because of this, you will hardly endure any serious strains while carrying it back and forth a particular area of use. This means greater convenience on your part.

Adjustable Straps and Drink Holder

Apart from being light in weight, the bag is also very comfortable. This is because it has some straps and drink holders which are both adjustable. You will enjoy the pleasure of customizing it as per your unique expectations.

Easy-to-access Top Pocket

Closing the list of its most awesome features is the easy-to-access top pocket. In this pocket, you slot in all your valuables as well as your go-to putter. Being easy to access, you will not have to struggle too much to have your way.


  • Light enough to carry around with ease
  • Does not impose any undue strains in the course of the use
  • Fits all kinds of lifestyles with relative ease
  • Safeguards your numerous gadgets and valuables
  • Has adjustable parts for utmost conveniences


  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • Brings about limited value for money
  • Undesirable for long term applications

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#5: MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack

With a large carrying capacity, perhaps no other bag is as suited for handling essential gears and disc golfs as this one. This is the bag of choice if you are desirous of minimizing losses and pilferage of the various essential gears you have to handle.

Thick Padded Straps

Its straps are thick and padded at the same time. Because of this, they not only last longer but also yield much energy, stability, and support in times of engagements. What’s more? Their thick nature brings about some added comfort to you.

2 D-rings

For extended storage and access of your gears, this bag has some two D-rings and a further clip-on. These two play the role of attaching and accommodating a couple of accessories. They also allow for easy access and retrieval of those very gears.

Standard Handle

Unlike those bags that are designed for professional usage, the handle of this one is standard. It is not in any way complicated and is thus easier to manage and handle. In particular, the handle allows for some quick grabbing and movement in times of use.


  • Lasts longer by enduring intense weight and impacts well
  • Highly-resistant to the risks of tipping over on the golf course
  • Withstands the effects of wear and tear reliably
  • The awesome carrying capacity of around 20 discs
  • A larger storage compartment to fit all essentials


  • Demands a higher acquisition cost
  • Induces excessive bulk and strains
  • May wear you out if you carry it repeatedly

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#6: Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced disc golf player, you want a bag that is suited for your unique circumstance. No other bag comes even close to this one. As you are about to see, it is universal in scope and pretty capable of handling those circumstances easily.

Effectively Organized

In all, this bag is effectively organized. With regards to this, it contains some two separate pockets which allow for quick and expedited access to the discs. At the same time, they keep you focused on dominating your opponent.


All factors considered, this bag is built to last indeed. By its sheer nature, scope, construction, and design, it can handle the toughest outdoor elements with ease. You have the leeway to place it in your trunk and cars.

Excellent Customizability

Closing the list of its most adorable features is the fact that it is highly customizable. This means you may alter its dimensions, shapes, and orientations to suit your unique circumstances. Its straps and shoulders are perhaps the two most outstandingly adjustable parts.


  • Made of extremely durable canvas material
  • Perfect for any age or user size
  • Designed for optimal performances
  • Appropriately tested for all skill levels and player types
  • Outlasts all the adverse weather elements


  • May not perform well at the professional level
  • Requires constant upgrades
  • Costly to maintain in the long run

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#7: Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack & Cooler

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Backpack

In case your terrain of travel is rugged, you will experience constant fidgeting from time to time. This might not only damage your discs but make them fall off easily. That is why you need a bag that is designed in such a way as to forestall these twin issues.

High-stretch Pockets

Its pockets stand tall among the list of its most awesome features. They are high-stretch in nature and can accommodate 14-16 discs well. Moreover, they are also easier to access and will hence spare you from unnecessary hassles in the course of so doing.

Water Bottle Storage

You will also enjoy the pleasure of storing your bottle of water. The bag does have an extra storage pocket at the side to allow for this. A double-barrel cord lock exists to fasten the bottle securely to avoid falling off.

Wire Frame

Lastly comes the wire frame. It goes around the bag to aid in the maintenance of the solid structure of the entire bag. This arrangement guarantees smooth handling all the time and minimizes any possible fall offs too!


  • Fits up to 3.5-inch diameter bottles
  • Ensures that none of your discs slips out
  • Maintains the solid structure all the time regardless of the circumstance of use
  • Enables easy access to all of your essentials when needed
  • Comfortable enough for long-term applications


  • Requires great muscle power to handle
  • If torn, may require too much struggle to restore
  • Lacks the trait of expandability and is hence less agile

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#8: Prodigy Disc BP-2 Disc Golf Backpack

Prodigy Disc BP-2 Disc Golf Backpack

If you tackle much of your journeys and trips on foot, you do not want to compromise your balance at all. It is only by utilizing a balanced bag of this kind that you will be able to travel around with relative ease.

Upgraded Design

In all, this bag comes in the form of an upgraded design. The reinforced side panels stand out among these upgrades. These panels furnish you with some additional spaces to safeguard all your gears with relative ease.

Multi-functional Accessory Strap

A multi-functional accessory strap exists to aid you in strapping the bag in when necessary. With this strap, you will enjoy the benefit of securing your seat and also minimize fidgeting of the bag while in transit.

Lightweight Storage

Generally speaking, this bag confers to you the benefits of lighter storage indeed. It is smaller, more compact in size, and also contains some breathable parts and components. This notwithstanding, the bag is large enough to hold in excess of 25 discs.


  • Allows for the access of the contents from the top
  • Its microfiber-lined compartment handles your valuables safely
  • Distributes pressure more evenly for consistent walking
  • Keeps you on top of the game always
  • The multi-functional accessory clip is easier to handle


  • Contains fewer pockets on the whole
  • Weighs a whopping 3.4 pounds
  • Too complex to a simple user

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#9: The Throwback Sack – Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

The Throwback Sack

To allow for longevity of use, the golf bag of choice has to have a durable yet stable base. Look to no other than this one. As you are about to note, this bag incorporates all those elements at a time. You are hence better off with it for your consideration.

Comfort Straps

Its straps are way very comfortable. They are thick, padded and adjustable to allow for this. Due to these comfort straps, it is possible for you to play and use the bag all day long with relative ease and comfort.

Insulated Drink Holder

You will also enjoy the pleasure of carrying along with you some insulated drink holder. The bag has a compartment that is wholly set aside for that very purpose. With regards to this, you will not struggle at all to have your way.

Zippered Pocket

Lastly comes the zippered pocket. This pocket is devoted to matters wallets and phones. It is strong, appropriately shielded and safe enough to handle these sensitive gadgets with maximum safety. You have no cares or worries at all.


  • Cooler and extra padding
  • Has a comfortable strap
  • Holds discs and drinks
  • Contains a sturdy base for maximum stability
  • Its plastic feet resist the various elements of wear and tear


  • Quite cumbersome to handle
  • Slightly more expensive than most other bags
  • May disparage those with less cash

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#10: FITactic Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack

FITactic Luxury Frisbee

Do you play much of your golf in ordinarily damp locations? Chances are that the fabrics of many of your clothing and other gears have been damaged by excess moisture. To prevent these issues from arising further, you need to make use of this golf bag.

Protective Rubber Pads

On its bottom are some protective rubber pads. These ones have been put in place expressly to shield them from direct friction and other elements of wear and tear. For this reason, the bag is more likely to last longer and yield more reliable outcomes.

Extended Bottom Support Rail System

For your stability, this bag contains some extended bottom support rail system. It is hence less likely to fidget, trip or fall of even when tossed or subjected to too intense pressure. You have the pleasure of added peace of mind in times of use.

Thickened Shoulder Traps and Back Pads

Lastly, its shoulder straps and back pads are thickened. The aim of this thickening is to lengthen the lifespan and at the same time enable frequent use and applications. This is over and above minimizing the costs of repairs and maintenance.


  • Partitioned into two removable disc spaces
  • Supports a whopping 30-50 pounds
  • Has some four side straps to hold numerous gears
  • Contains some two drink holders
  • Possesses a rain protection cover to care for damp conditions


  • Too tedious to care for and maintain
  • May not work well in hot conditions
  • Gets too hot and stuffy at times

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#11: Latitude 64 Golf Discs Slim Bag Disc Golf Bag

Latitude 64 Golf Discs

Are you a golf player who values some elegance? You have this particular bag for your consideration. It does have some aesthetic appearances which ‘tops up’ its awesome functionality. With this bag in your hand, you will leverage the dual advantages at a time.

Large Zipper Pocket

Coming in first among the list of its most admirable features is a large zipper pocket. In this pocket, you can store all your valuables intact and with the least inconveniences possible. Being large, you will not really have to look elsewhere.

Comfortable Shoulder Strap

At the shoulder segment of this bag is some comfortable padding. The role of the padding is to enhance your maximum comfort while carrying the bag wherever you go. It is also highly breathable to allow for some smooth operations.

Drink Holder

Also forming part of this bag is a drink holder. As the name suggests, the drink holder is used to safeguard your water bottles. It is flexible enough to stretch to accommodate your bottles regardless of their sizes.


  • Exudes excellent aesthetics
  • Yields higher value for money
  • Easy to carry around when needed
  • Calls for limited care and maintenance
  • Cheaper to acquire


  • Has a smaller carrying capacity
  • Frays easily when subjected to great impacts
  • Possesses a shorter lifespan

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#12: Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch

Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch

For your maximum convenience, you want a bag which is multipurpose, don’t you? Look to no other bag than this one. It serves numerous roles like disc expansion, putter pocket, pouch, and a towel at the same time! It is hence likely to yield you the convenience you require.

100% Knit Cotton Textile

Throughout the bag is the knit cotton textile material. This is soft, very warm, and absolutely comfortable. The material allows for longer durations of use and is also very tolerant of the various elements of wear and tear.


Unlike your ordinary golf bag, this one is expandable in scope. This is to mean that you may stretch or add some parts and components to it. With this ability, it is possible for you to accrue and enjoy numerous tasks and functionality at a time.

Highly Versatile

Apart from being expandable, the bag is also highly versatile. With regards to this, it is possible for you to use it as an add-on putter pocket. This arrangement lets you store, hold, and safeguard numerous other incidentals at a time.


  • Gives you a choice of 11 colors to select
  • Fastened tightly to minimize tears
  • Possesses some elegant external appearance
  • Has sufficient storage spaces
  • Handles numerous tasks at a time


  • Holds a paltry 3 to 5 discs
  • Requires some expertise to handle effectively
  • When dirty, may require too much cleaning

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#13: Fade Gear Crunch Disc Golf Bag

Fade Gear Crunch

Do you have numerous other gears apart from golf discs to care for? Well, you cannot choose any bag at random. That is because such bags are highly unlikely to yield you the convenience you so desire. Only a special one of this kind may help out.

2-Putter Front Pockets

At its front are some pockets that have the ability to hold two putters. These pockets are strategically placed to allow for some easy access to the contents. At the same time, they also are large enough to completely immerse the putters.

Padded Shoulder Straps

Its straps are designed to fit at the shoulders. They are also padded for extra comfort and minimal inconveniences. For these reasons, you will hardly strain or feel too many discomforts as you utilize the bag.

2 Big Zippered Pockets

Lastly, come some two big and zippered side pockets. It is in these side pockets that you safeguard your other vital essentials like cups, bottles, keys, and so on. Being big and zippered, they guarantee some maximum convenience of reach.


  • Extremely light in weight (weighs only 20 ounces)
  • Has a darn and fine-looking appearance
  • Wears out at a much slower pace than other bags
  • Quite stable and less likely to fall over
  • Suitable for everyday use


  • Easily sustains dirt and debris
  • Requires too much attention
  • Performs fewer operational cycles

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#14: Infinite Large Disc Golf Bag with Straps

Infinite Large Disc Golf Bag with Straps

If you are that kind of a golfer who has a lot of discs, you will often suffer from too much clutter. It is for this reason that you want to lay your hand in a comprehensive bag of this kind. The bag is large and equipped appropriately for accommodating many discs.

Premium 1680D Fabric Construction

Some premium 1680D fabric has been used to make up the bag. This is further complemented with some quality YKK zippers. Together, they enable the bag to withstand extreme impacts which is absolutely crucial for the longevity of services.

Ease of Accessibility

You will find it pretty easy to access the mini disc pockets and the putter. This is due to their strategic locations which are easier to come by. You will not have to confront too much of a challenge to have your way at all.

2 Large Water Bottle Holders

Lastly, the bag has some two large water bottle holders. In these holders, you may slot in a whopping two bottles. This allows for their easy access when needed and is also convenient on your part.


  • Carries a number of accessories
  • Comes along with the backpack style straps for ease of fastening
  • Very compatible with a number of backpack style straps
  • Holds 15 – 22 discs comfortably
  • Has a small accessory pocket


  • Calls for too much care and attention
  • Quite clumsy and cumbersome to carry around
  • Only for the professional golfer

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#15: Slingshot Disc Golf Bag by Driven

Slingshot Disc Golf Bag by Driven

Do you happen to be that player who wants to leverage much comfort while carrying and transporting his golf discs? You have this particular bag for your taking if your answer to this question is a firm yes. That is because the bag is meant for persons like you.

Lightweight and Open-faced Design

On the whole, this bag is lighter in weight. This stems mainly from its open-face design. Courtesy of this design, you will be able to enjoy some comfortable carrying as well as ease of access to your discs while in transit.

Rugged 1680 Denier Polyester

Some rugged 1680 Denier polyester material adorns the entire length and breadth of this bag. The material is durable, strong, and extremely light in weight. It hence exudes some longevity of service yet is hassle-free to manage and carry.


For safeguarding your keys while in transit, this bag contains a carabiner. It is as a matter of fact large enough to accommodate even your other essential accessories. Why would you even what to opt for any other bag than this one?


  • Allows you to select or replace some discs without necessarily removing the bag
  • Has plenty of storage space for keys, wallets, phones, and other essential gears
  • Greatly compartmentalized for ease of organization
  • Contains some two zippered pockets
  • Secures your cards as well owing to the cardholder


  • Holds only 6-8 discs at a time
  • Traps and retains too much dirt
  • May harm you if you fidget a lot

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you play disc golf with a regular Frisbee?

Yes, you can! However, most modern disc golfs are designed in such a manner as to allow you to play but without the need of a regular Frisbee. That means that the requirement is somewhat optional.

What are the various flight ratings for disc golf clubs?

There are four main categories of flight ratings. These are the fade, turn, glide, and speed, respectively. They handle each aspect of a flight or use.

What makes a disc understable?

Understable is a term that describes the variation between where a disc was supposed to and versus where it actually lands. The frictional force between the air particles and the discs is responsible for this.

What is turnover in disc golf?

Turnover refers to the ability to throw a disc straight for a distance or more than 150 feet. Definitely, the more experienced players have better turnover than the less experienced ones.

What does pin mean in disc golf?

This is pretty much the same as the understable; only that it describes height rather than distance. It is the variation between the desired and the actual height of the pin.

Final Verdict

Having received the necessary insight, we now leave it to you to make appropriate arrangements to find the right bag for your use. If I were the one selecting, I would prioritize the Throwback Sack – Frisbee Disc Golf Bag mainly owing to its durability and longevity of use.

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