Dirt Devil UD20015 Review

One Vacuum Cleaner for the Whole House

Cleanliness is actually a way of living. It ensures you a healthy and hygienic life.

And since charity always begins at home, so by starting to keep your home clean you can have that way of life.

For this purpose, what else can be better than an upright vacuum cleaner?

The Dirt Devil UD20015 is one of such upright vacuum cleaners that is great for all types of home. Here is my review of the machine to help you know more about it.

One Cleaner For The Whole House

When it comes to upright vacuum cleaners, weight is a big factor. There are ones that weigh so much that it becomes hard to move it.

Dirt Devil UD2015 saves you from the trouble. It weighs only 9 pounds. Thus, it is very easy to maneuver, and you can carry this anywhere in your house.

Many people keep two cleaners, one for downstairs and other for upstairs. But the lightweight UD20015 can easily be carried up-&-down the stairs.

Plus the dimensions make this Devil appropriate for dorms or smaller spaces.

Supplied with a lengthy cord

Vacuum cleaners always have a thing with their cords. Shorter cords are like an inhibition to your freedom of cleaning.

Dirt Devil UD20015 is provided with 20 feet long cord. 20 feet is a length which covers most of the rooms.

Plug it into the power socket and start cleaning without the worry of being held back. You can reach every nook and corner with ease.

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The key feature of any vacuum cleaner is the filtration. UD20015 is no exception. It is designed with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration.

This type of filtration traps fine dust and allergens (microbes that cause allergy). That is Dirt Devil does not only clean the floor but also cleans the air in your living space.

And for stubborn dirt, you’ve Cyclonic Filtration. This provides a powerful suction from which no dirt can escape.

With an 11” cleaning path, the cyclone-like pull off the Devil sucks in all dirtiness.

Hose For The Host

The corners and edges of any room can be easily cleaned with Dirt Devil UD20015. Nothing can escape its pull.

But they are not the last tricky places. What about the crevices of your sofa or places which can’t be reached with the UD20015?Don’t worry.

The Devil is equipped with 8 feet long Premium Stretch Hose. With the help of this hose, you can reach and clean any crevice of your lovely home.

You can use it do some instant cleaning, like during a party, and you don’t have to rev the whole Devil.

This Vacuum Cleaner Is Bagless

It is very common for vacuum cleaners to have dirt bags

. But they are a mess. Because cleaning those bags is a real fuss.

Not anymore. Now bags have been replaced with cups in Dirt Devil UD2015. It is transparent and helps you to know when it needs to be emptied. Cleaning the cup is also easy.

Taking it off of the cleaner, all you need is to remove the bottom of the dirt holder, and all the dirt slides down into the bin.


  • It is lightweight; weighs only 9 pounds.
  • It can be easily carried up-&-down the stairs
  • A long cord is provided
  • It is designed with HEPA filtration along with Cyclonic Filtration
  • It has an 11” cleaning path
  • 8 feet Premium Stretch Hose cleans crevices
  • Bottom empty dirt transparent cup


  • It makes noise
  • It is small in size
  • Setting up the hose is a tricky job

FAQ For the Product

Can I use it on Carpet?

Yes, you can! I don’t have carpet, but I regularly use it on my rugs. The vacuum cleaner cleans those very well.

Does it come with On/Off switch for wooden floors or carpets?

No, without the switch it works just fine. No adjustment is needed for different floors or surfaces. There’s a power pedal to compensate for the issue.

How much power does it consume?

The motor consumes 7amps or 120 volts of power.

So, We Come To This

Vacuum cleaners are built for a single purpose – cleaning households. And before getting one for yourself, you should check if this one is perfect for your home.

If it is, you should get it. As for Dirt Devil UD2015, I can vouch for its quality. The Dirt Devil UD20015 Review is made to help you know if this is perfect for your home.

You have read it all in the review. The final verdict is still yours. I can recommend this hands down.

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