The 10 Best Cutting Torches 2023

Metalwork, being a daunting undertaking, requires the use of the very best pieces of equipment. No other equipment is as effective as the cutting torches. This stems from their versatility, compact size, and universal scope.

It is only wise of you to know how to make the most appropriate purchasing decision with regards to them. We are aware of this fact only too well. That is why we have taken the initiative to carry out some research in that area.

10 Best Cutting Torch Kit Reviews

#1: Victor Technologies 0384-2045 Performer Medium Duty Cutting System

Victor Technologies 0384-2045

Are you on the lookout for a torch that can effectively handle medium duty tasks? You definitely want to give this one some real try. In its basic scope and construction, this torch is well-suited for the performance of such tasks. This stems from its composition of only genuine parts and components.

Wonderful Cutting Depth

When used as a cutter, this torch pierces through to ¾ inches (19.1 mm) or 8 inches (203.2 mm) when fitted with some optional tips. This awesome cutting depth capability is great as it ensures that you spend as little time as is realistically possible to derive the desired outcomes.

Great Welding Capability

It can also be used as a welder. With regards to this, the machine can weld up to 1/8 inches (3.2 mm) or 3 inches (76.2 mm) when fitted with some optional nozzles. This yet again guarantees your convenience and sees to it that you spend the least realistic time possible to have your way.

Excellent Safety Features

The torch is also structured in such a way as to take good care of your safety at all times. It does have the safe 100FC torch handle which comprises the built-in Flashback arrestors as well as check valves. They jointly work to enhance your safety and good standing at all times.


  • Backed by a robust Acetylene Gas Service
  • Controlled by means of the ESS3-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator
  • Accompanied by some 5 soft-sided shade goggles
  • Able to attach to the CA 1350 cutting equipment
  • Accommodates the striker and tip cleaners


  • Quite oversize and inconvenient to carry around
  • Weighs a whopping 15.75 pounds
  • Imposes too much clutter

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#2: Goplus 10PCS Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit Welding & Cutting Gas Welder Tool Set w/Case

Goplus 10PCS Oxygen

If you are a career welder, you want a comprehensive welding kit for your use. With the ability to handle numerous welding-related chores, no other bag is as reliable as this one. Its use and ownership, therefore, brings about added convenience and well as higher value for your money.

Heavy-duty Metal and Brass

Throughout its frame and exterior, the torch is made of heavy-duty metal and brass. This construction confers some added longevity, high-precision, extreme durability, and high-strength. It, therefore, saves you some bit of time, besides conferring to you some added peace of mind as you tackle your materials.

Blow-molded Case

To expedite your transportation of this torch, its parts are organized into a heavy-duty plastic blow-molded case. This organization eliminates clutter and also makes it possible for you to easily carry it around and about the desired area of use. It also prevents the loss or pilferage of the constituent parts.

Neutral Flame

It does generate some neutral flames which create carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide purges air from the metal that is heated to simplify the cutting and welding of the said metal. You have the joint pleasures of maximum safety as well as relative ease of use to your advantage by settling for this cutting torch.


  • Comes along with some complete parts for quicker tasks
  • Suitable for both the amateur and seasoned professional metalworkers
  • You may carry it just about anywhere you may need to
  • Relatively simple for you to use
  • Exudes some awesome efficiency and precision


  • Produces not too strong a flame
  • High carbon emissions contents
  • Vulnerable to the risk of air pollution

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#3: Harris 4403224 8525GX-510 DLX S Steel Worker Bag Kit

Harris 4403224

Heavy steel, diamond, and iron are materials that cannot be worked on using ordinary torches. It is for this reason that you want some extremely tough cutting torch. No other torch is as perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications like this one. It does produce some extremely strong flames and is therefore handy.

Heavy-duty Nylon Bag

A heavy-duty Nylon bag tops the list of its most awesome features. This bag is water-proof and is ballistic in nature. It is designed to accommodate numerous tools and other accessories which are necessary for the safe handling of the welding process. It also eliminates the need for too much inconvenience.

Double-stitched Straps

Its straps are double-stitched. This reinforces the seams and eliminates the risks of tears and frays. By reason of this arrangement, the bag is able to endure multiple usage cycles which are unachievable by other kinds of bags. This means less operational expenses on your part.

Velcro Closure

To open and close the bag you will make use of the Velcro closure. This one, just like the double-stitched straps, is tough and capable of enduring numerous operational cycles. You will yet again confront limited tears and also spend less, on the whole, to repair and maintain the bag.


  • Meets the UL CGA E-4 certification
  • Fitted with some four non-skid feet for easier transportation
  • Comes in the comprehensive Harris Steelworker CGA-510 Classic toolkit
  • Adorned with some safety features like the single-stage oxygen regulator
  • Includes the 90-degree torch head


  • Costs a fortune to afford
  • Not so easy to transport
  • High power consumption rates

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#4: Victor 0384-2036 Journeyman Heavy Duty Cutting System

Victor 0384-2036

Some materials like diamond and iron are extremely tough. As such, they cannot be handled by the ordinary cutting torches. As such, you will have to acquire a heavy-duty cutting machine such as this one for your consideration. It is extremely tough in scope and make and will thus do you some good.

Acetylene Gas Service

It only accommodates the acetylene welding gas. Though limited in scope, the torch, through this feature, engraves deep cuts and makes awesome welds within fractions of minutes. It is a great facility to use if you are that kind of a person who deals in very tough materials.

ESS4-125- 540 Oxygen Regulators

Besides engraving those cuts and welds well, this facility also channels the oxygen where and when it is needed well. This is made possible by the said regulator. In light of this, you may be sure to confront the limited hassles possible when tackling your most arduous of all the tasks.

ESS4-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator

You also have your safety well-taken care of. This is due to the existence of the fuel gas regulator. You will enjoy the privilege of determining just how much gas to channel to the material to be welded at any given time. The chances of doing a poor task will definitely be kept to an absolute minimum.


  • Cuts up to ¾ inches (19.1 mm) or 8 inches (203.2 mm) with some optional tips
  • Able to weld up to ½ inches (12.7 mm) or 3 inches (76.2 mm) with some optional nozzles
  • Has the reliable H 315FC torch handle
  • Comes with some built-in flashback arrestors and check valves
  • Possesses the t-grade hose which measures 6.1 m by 6.4 mm


  • Prone to loss and pilferage of parts
  • Will cost you a fortune to acquire
  • Demands too much attention and care

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#5: Thoroughbred GasPony1 Portable Welding/Cutting Torch Outfit, Model# TB-GP1

Thoroughbred GasPony1 Portable Welding/Cutting Torch Outfit

You do not want to waste too much of your time handling those tough chores, do you? This is why possessing this GasPony 1 makes sense. In general, it gives you an all-in-one package which ensures that you handle all your chores ‘under one roof.’ The pleasure of limited inconveniences is yours to leverage.

Thoroughbred Cylinders

The gas that welds the materials and substances are enclosed in some thoroughbred cylinders. These are extremely tough, way very reliable, and able to contain too high a pressure. Moreover, they are exchangeable over numerous locations world over. You, therefore, stand to reap some convenience as you make use of it.

Awesome Welding Depths

It has the ability to cut through some deep depths. When used on mild steel, it can cut through a whopping 5/16 inches while for ordinary materials, up to ½ inches. Why would you even want to look elsewhere for your remote cutting needs? This is the one to look up to!

Convenient Storage

Lastly, you will also find the torch a bit convenient to store. This is because it comes in a complete outfit that is easily stored in an easy-carry tote. By reason of this arrangement, you will find the torch a great companion if you happen to have limited storage space at your disposal.


  • Comes in a comprehensive GasPony 1 all-in-one package
  • Handles welding, brazing, and torching tasks perfectly
  • Works well with both the oxygen and the acetylene gases
  • Backed by the Shade 5 goggles
  • Comes in the form of the Victor-style torch


  • May impose too much drag on you
  • Inflicts higher operational expenses
  • Not for use in remote locations

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#6: ZENY NEW Portable Gas Welding Cutting Torch Kit

ZENY NEW Portable Gas Welding Cutting Torch

Do you change locations every now and then? You want a torch that is extremely portable if your answer to this question was in the affirmative. This is because this torch is very light and will not impose too much drag on you as you carry it along.

High-capacity Oxygen and Acetylene Regulators

With the ability to effectively control high-pressure gas, the regulators are high-capacity indeed. Their diameters measure 2-1/2 inches and are generally suited for optimal performance. You may, therefore, count them reliable when handling some extremely tough chores. This is not to talk about your added safety as well.

Deluxe Single-stage Regulators

Other than discharging the right amounts of gases at a time, these valves are also capable of forestalling the reverse-flow of the gases. This is made possible by the deluxe single-stage regulators. This yet again goes a long way in enhancing your overall safety while handling your materials.

Brass Torch Handle and Valve

Its handle and the valves are made of the Brass materials. By reason of this makeup, the valves are pretty reliable and can withstand the most extreme of pressure possible. They subsequently exude maximum strength and awesome durability. You will experience limited breakdowns and fewer repairs.


  • Handles a wide variety of tasks and chores
  • Possess the safe All-brass torch handle and check valves
  • Able to pair with the Brass and steel cutting torch attachments
  • Allows for both Brass and copper welding/heating tips
  • Attaches to the 15-foot welding hose for an extended range


  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Calls for some prior experience before use
  • Works on relatively fewer materials

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#7: Victor Technologies 0384-2692 Medalist 350 System Heavy Duty Cutting System

 Victor Technologies 0384-2692

In case you are an intermediate welder, you badly want a torch that is optimized for medium to slightly heavy-duty tasks. No other torch is as suited for such tasks as this one. Its medium-to-heavy duty system has the ability to cut up to ¾ inches (19.1 mm) or 6 inches (152.4 mm) when fitted with optional tips.

Heater and Cutter

Generally speaking, the torch can both heat and cut substances at a time. These are made possible by the heavy-duty heating and cutting torch kits. They handle both tasks with ruthless efficiency to bring about robust outcomes and results. This, of course, is great for you.

Gasless Operations

Setting this torch apart from the others is the gasless operations. This simply means that the torch can work well without the input of the propane, natural gas, or oxygen. You have it for your taking if you operate in extremely remote areas where there is no reliable supply of these gases.

Ergonomic Handles

Lastly, it is fitted with some ergonomic handles. This design is great as it grants you maximum comfort while transporting and operating the torch. It also eliminates the likelihood of blisters and other forms of injuries to your hands while performing your favorite chores.


  • Allows for easy fuel adjustments courtesy of the color-coded knobs
  • The built-in check valves prohibit the reverse-flow of gases
  • Safer and more reliable than most other torches
  • Pairs with the RM-grade hose
  • Complemented with the Striker and soft-sided goggles


  • Demands huge muscle power to effectively handle
  • For professional applications only
  • No money back warranty

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#8: STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit Victor Type

STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch

Do you have limited financial resources at your disposal? You may want to give this a try if you answered back in the affirmative. This is because the torch is cheaper yet still capable of exuding the optimal levels of performances at any given time.

Reliable Welding Hose

Topping the list of its most admirable features is the reliable welding hose. This measures 15 feet and is ¼ inch in diameter. The hose is able to channel the gases without necessarily being prone to any explosions of lapses in performances.

Victor-style welding Kit

In its entirety, the welding kit comes in the form of the Victor-style. This basically includes some multiple fittings, hoses, and nozzles. They jointly negate the need for the acquisition of numerous welding machinery and are therefore convenient. You, therefore, have the benefit of higher value for money to leverage.

Comprehensive Scope and Design

Other than the victor-style, the torch is also comprehensive in scope and design. This is to mean that it includes the acetylene regulator, oxygen regulator, torch handle, and all the relevant paraphernalia. These prevent unnecessary hassles that may often arise in your use of the cutting torch.


  • Suits numerous metalwork applications
  • Able to attach to numerous welding nozzles
  • Great for all kinds of relevant applications
  • Made of durable materials that endure intense impacts
  • Does not require any batteries to operate


  • Lower power output
  • Not for heavy-duty applications
  • Unreliable in the long run

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#9: Ameriflame T100A Medium Duty Portable Welding/Brazing Outfit

Ameriflame T100A

For handling risky cutting applications, you, by all means, require a torch that is extremely reliable and safer. No other equipment may yield you this degree of satisfaction better than this one. As you are about to see, it has all the parts and functionality necessary for such risky applications.

Front Valve Welding Handle

At the handle of the torch is a front valve which is basically set up for your safety. The valves comprise some stainless steel ballpoints which basically guarantee some accurate gas controls. You may, therefore, be sure not to confront any lapses in your safety at all.

Welding Goggles

This torch secures your eyes as well. It does have some welding goggles which have flip-up lenses. They are further designed in such a manner as to accommodate prescription eye-wear. Regardless of the health of your eyes, you may rest easy knowing your eyes are safer.

Contractor-grade Portable Oxyacetylene

Lastly, the torch possesses the professional contractor-grade portable oxyacetylene welding and brazing outfits. It is these outfits that make the torch suited for handing extremely harsh and risky chores. They are way very reliable even under extreme pressure.


  • Pairs with the Acetylene and Oxygen safety regulators
  • Backed by some protective rubber-gauge boots
  • Attaches to the Size #0 and #2 welding/brazing tips
  • Brazes up to 1-inch copper tubing
  • Has a stable plastic carrying stand


  • Requires some extra safety considerations
  • Not for remote use and applications
  • Inconvenient to carry around

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#10: Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit Victor Type Professional Grade Set

Gas Welding and Cutting Torch

Do you desire a torch only for welding? You may have to consider this one. It is designed and indeed suited for welding different kinds of materials. It is, therefore, a safer bet. On the whole, it comprises numerous features that jointly make this dream a reality.

Welding Nozzles

In all, it is capable of handling diverse welding nozzles. These are the No.0, No. 2 and No. 4, respectively. This arrangement makes it possible for you to use it on various materials with ease. It also eliminates the need for the acquisition of numerous torches for the sake of handling different kinds of chores.

Oxygen Regulator Acetylene Regulator

For your safety, the torch comes with the Oxygen Acetylene Regulator. These ensure that you release only the quantities of these gases you desire at any given time. They subsequently suppress the possibilities of any explosions and other accidents.

Twin Hose

Unlike most other cutting torches, this one has the ability to handle twin hoses. These measures 15 feet long by 4 inches wide and accommodates several other fittings as well. They allow for the smooth flow and channeling of the gases to the materials under welding.


  • Has a tip cleaner for convenient maintenance
  • Comes along with some shade goggles for protecting your eyes
  • The Spark Lighter makes the ignition safer and more reliable
  • You will adjust it easily by use of the spanner
  • Its handle is ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort


  • Performs welding only and is thus less lucrative
  • Only for lighter duties
  • Brings about lower value for money

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What is a Cutting Torch?

This is welding equipment which makes use of the oxygen and fuel gas to cut through metals, solder, and weld them appropriately.

They are generally smaller, compact in size, and easier to carry around as the need may so dictate. As such, they are suited for those who change locations every now and then.

Benefits Of Using A Cutting Torches

Cuts Thicker Metals With Ease

Perhaps no other welding equipment has the ability to cut through thicker metals with greater efficiency as these ones. By placing your bet on them, you will get to spend less time and also accrue the required outcomes with relative ease and within a limited duration of time possible.

Awesome Portability

Being lighter in weight and compact in size, they are very portable. You will find them simpler to carry around and deploy to the desired location of use. This trait comes in handy when you have been called to do some work in an extremely remote location.

Highly Versatile

Generally speaking, the torches van weld, braze, solder, heat, and gouge, at a time. This versatility reduces the hassles that you might have to confront to have your way on a couple of these issues. They also negate the need for acquiring numerous equipment at a time.

Limited Sparks

Unlike most ordinary tools, they produce comparatively limited sparks. This means you will hardly sustain any burns like is the case with most alternatives. Your safety is therefore well taken care of at all times. Why would you want to gamble with the other equipment?

Low Carbon Emissions

Their energy-efficiency is also impeccable. The torches indeed emit lower quantities of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases. Your use of the torch, therefore, means you will also save your environment by not predisposing it to any long-term damages.

How To Set Up And Operate A Cutting Torches

Ensure that the main and torch valves are off before starting the setup and operational exercises. To do this, gently adjust the regulator pressure while checking for the readings. All the markings should point 0.

Slowly turn on the oxygen cylinder valve. Do not hasten as this can explode the gases and cause unnecessary flames. Face away from the regulator while doing this.

Now turn in the acetylene or the fuel gas cylinder valve. Do so slowly and progressively starting off with the ½ through to the ¾ turn and so on.

Set the pressure on each regulator as per the manufacturer’s standards and recommendations.

Purge each hose at a time by opening the valves consecutively for a couple of seconds

You are now ready to light the torch. Open the valve at about 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn. Use a torch striker to finally light the torch.

PS: It is necessary to open the valve wide until such a time that all the smoke goes as far away from the flame as possible.

Using Tips & Tricks

Start off by checking your work surface to ensure that it is not too hot. This will determine whether to proceed with the welding or not. You are generally advised against welding on too hot surfaces.

Skim the hoses and the electric cables to ascertain whether they have any leaks, tears, or extreme wears. These have to be effectively dealt with before the commencement of the welding exercise.

Now proceed to inspect the condition of the tips. You should particularly skim any clogs or blockages that might inhibit the smooth flow of the gases. Get rid of them before proceeding with the cutting process.

Lastly, be sure also to work with only those tips that are appropriate for the tasks and jobs. Any mismatch between these two may often compromise your final outcomes and outputs. You should particularly be mindful of any rust or corrosion on these tips.

Safety Features That Should Look

Make use of the shaded face to shield your eyes from excessive glare and direct impacts of the sparks. These shades also minimize the eye fatigue and in so doing enable you to work for a prolonged duration of time without tiring.

Examine the pockets of your overall or protective gears. Get rid of any flammable lighters, matches, and lighters. These might normally predispose you to all kinds of dangers such as fire outbreaks and sparks of fire.

Keep the gas bottles in an upright position at all times. By the same token, secure the caps of the cylinder whenever you are no longer using them. This way, you will safeguard your kinds and members of your households from any associated dangers.

Always put on the flame-retardant welder jackets and welding gloves. These two protective attires are to shield your body from direct exposure to the naked flame and therefore guarantee your safety at all times.

Remove all accessories which are capable of conducting heat or may become entangled in your equipment. You do not want to experience any falloffs or other associated dangers as you weld, do you?

What Should I Look When Choosing A Cutting Torches?

Fuel Type

The source of fuel that these torches operate on should be your primary concern. In most instances, the torches operate on the oxyacetylene, oxygen, and plasma sources of fuel. You have to be sure that the one you settle on can be well accommodated by your premise or workshop.

Material to be cut

You should next mind about the materials you are interested in cutting. Generally speaking, materials are classified as either medium, heavy, or heavy-duty respectively. By matching the material and the kind of torch, you will definitely be sure to obtain one that is as relevant to your course as possible.

Purpose of Application

These torches can weld, cut, or create seams on materials alongside other chores. To be able to prevent all kinds of inconveniences, you want one that can perform the chore you have in mind. Alternatively, you might also look out for one that is universal in scope. This will save you some time and money in the long run.


Due to their variations in structure and makeup, these torches are capable of generating different temperature ceilings. You should also take care of this in your search for the right torch. Find one whose temperature rating exceeds the material that you have in mind.

Storage Space

If you are not a career welder, you will generally use this equipment rarely. For a large part, you will have to store them and retrieve them for a short while. You should, therefore, be mindful also about the amount of storage space at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Q1. Is it possible to cut stainless steel using a cutting torch?

Not really! This might require some complete burning before any cuts may be sustained. It is not only time-consuming but also often leads to permanent and irreversible outcomes.

Q2. What gas is used for cutting torch?

Oxygen and the acetylene are two of the most common gases that are utilized for welding.

Q3. How hot is a cutting torch?

Some welding tasks may reach as high as 6,300 (3,480) British Thermal Units.

Q4. What is a cutting torch tip made of?

Most are manufactured using a Copper alloy,

Q5. How does a cutting torch work?

The tip of the torch releases a flame which heats the material that is to be cut until it is cherry red in color. The oxygen from the air reacts with the metal and forms an oxide during the heating process.


MY FAVORITE IS Goplus 10PCS Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit Welding & Cutting Gas Welder Tool Set w/Case. This is because I am a career welder. It might not necessarily be relevant to your cause.

It is for this reason that you have to find yours. Just determine your expectations and go ahead to look for one that meets or has the possibility of meeting it.

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