The 10 Best Crimping Tools In 2023

Metalwork is a very intriguing undertaking given the tough nature of most metals. Because of this, you definitely need a tool that can help you out.

The tool in question is the crimping tool. We have thought it wise to explain to you the finer details of this tool and the pertinent pieces of information surrounding it.

This is to aid you in making the best ever purchasing decision you definitely need.

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10 Best Automotive Wire Crimpers

1: TRENDnet 8P/RJ-45 and 6P/RJ-12

 TRENDnet 8P/RJ-45 and 6P/RJ-12

For your network needs, look to no other tool than this one. The tool is specially designed to handle all kinds of network related issues. It can also handle the various network accessories.

All Steel Construction

Unlike most other crimping tools, this one is wholly made of stainless steel. It, therefore, stands apart from the others in that it lasts much longer than the rest. This is not to mention that it is also resistant to corrosion and other elements of wear and tear.

Built-in Cutter and Stripper

The machine can strip and cut wires in equal measure. This is courtesy of the existence of the built-in stripper and cutter. By settling for this tool, you will be sure to reap the great benefit of maximum convenience.

Compact Design

On the whole, the machine features a compact size. It is smaller in dimension and lighter in weight. It does not at all require you to put in too much effort to carry around as the need may so dictate. You will not have to set aside too much storage space also to be able to accommodate it.


  • Toll-free back-end technical support
  • Generous 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Quite convenient and economical to possess
  • Simpler to comprehend and engage
  • Handles and meets immediate cutting needs


  • Handles simpler tasks only
  • Possesses delicate parts and components
  • Returns less value for money

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2: Crimping and Cutting Tool

Crimping and Cutting Tool

Are you a professional tool user? If so, you may wish to take advantage of this tool. This is because the tool has the right level of expertise necessary to handle highly precise jobs and high-quality tasks.

Hot-riveted Joint

Throughout the tool are a series of hot-riveted joints. These joints are very tough and reliable yet convenient enough to allow for smooth actions. This is not to mention also that they prevent the tool to wobble and inflict injuries on you.

Tapered Nose

Featuring a tapered nose, the tool is great for working in extremely squeezed and tight spaces. This is because the nose is smaller in size yet reliable enough to bring about the required levels of outcomes. You will also find it convenient to carry around.

Specially-hardened Wire Cutter

Closing the list of its features is the specially-designed wire cutter. The cutter is hard and sharp. For this reason, it can handle the hardest and toughest metallic materials. Moreover, it also has the ability to crimp 10-22 AWG.


  • Appropriately marked for both the insulated and the non-insulated terminals
  • Has cushioned and plastic-dipped handles for maximum comfort
  • Accommodates a wide variety of wires from No. 10 to 22 AWG
  • Delivers great performance indeed
  • Greatly durable and precise to do the best jobs right


  • Not for frequent use
  • Does not last that long
  • Handles only lighter tasks

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3: Klein Tools Ratcheting Crimper

Klein Tools Ratcheting Crimper

Take the guesswork out of your mind by settling for this universal tool. With the ability to pair and handle CAT5e, RJ45, CAT6A, CAT6, and a couple of Klein tools, this crimper is indeed great and reliable for your use.

Full-cycle Ratchet Mechanism

For a start, the tool operates on the full-cycle ratchet principle. The principle basically entails the prevention of the release of the connectors moments to the full compression. In so doing, the machine gives rise to great outcomes.

Simpler Operations

On the whole, you will leverage the benefit of faster, more reliable, and comfortable workouts. You will not have to put in too much effort to obtain the outcomes you desire. This is mainly made possible by the existence of the ergonomic handles.

High Carbon Steel Construction

In its entirety, the machine features high carbon steel construction. Being tough and long-lasting, you may be sure to also use the item repeatedly and without unnecessary worries. You may also count on the device to save you a lot of maintenance costs.


  • Highly visible which allows for prompt identifications
  • Pretty faster and more reliable than most other crimp connectors
  • Quite safe and reliable while compressing and decompressing
  • Can crimp 4, 6, and the 8-position modular connectors
  • Features the steel construction and exudes higher performance


  • Cannot crimp the AMP connectors
  • Too simple for more complex tasks
  • Require huge muscle power to engage

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4: Etekcity Multifunctional Coax Compression Connector Adjustable Tool

Etekcity Multifunctional Coax Compression Connector Adjustable Tool

If you are a full-time workman, you badly want universal crimping tool. This is basically a crimper that can handle and perform a variety of crimping tasks and chores. By being able to handle the RG59, RG58, BNC, RG6, F, and the RCA this indeed is the tool of choice.

Durable Construction

In all, the tool features a rugged design. An anti-rust coating further accompanies this rugged design. These two are durable and great indeed. They guarantee the durability of the tool which further makes it great for long-term heavy use.

Built-in Cutter

The tool has a sharp, tough and reliable cable cutter. It is also thick and quite able to tackle the coaxial cables quite easily. You will thus enjoy the benefit and privilege of tackling heavy items easily. You will not have to strain at all to do so.

Double Springs

Some two double springs do exist in the crimping tool. These springs see to it that the tool lasts longer and exudes maximum elasticity at all times. They hence ensure that the outcome of the crimping task is great and reliable indeed.


  • Comes along with three coaxial cable adapters
  • Easier to use and adjust appropriately
  • Switches alternate adaptors in a matter of seconds
  • Features three different adapters for the various kinds of connectors
  • Possesses a built-in cable cutter for expedited services


  • Backed by a less generous 3-month warranty
  • Only for the highly-skilled users
  • Adorned by inadequate safety mechanisms

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5: Titan Tools 11477

Titan Tools 11477

For lighter tasks and faster outcomes, a simple tool such as this one definitely comes in handy. This tool is exclusively intended for light and fast tasks. This is because it is lighter in weight and is devoid of the very many complicated parts and components.

Ratcheting Action

It operates by use of the ratcheting action. This action moves back and forth in stages rather than wholesome. This arrangement lets you track the progress of the crimping exercise with ease. You will not at all miss any steps.

Built-in Safety Release

Your safety is well taken care of at all times. This is mainly because of the existence of this built-in safety release mechanism. This feature disengages the crimp whenever it detects any obstruction that is not related to the load that is being worked on.

Adjustable Compression Wheel

Its compression wheel is highly adjustable. This allows you to handle and accommodate various kinds of loads easily. You will find it easier to alter the amount of effort and strength you need to tackle the various kinds of loads.


  • Comes in the form of a ratcheting mechanism design
  • Has an adjustable crimping compression system
  • Provides comfortable grip
  • Possesses strong steel jaw for maximum reliability
  • Accompanied with color-coded wire sizes for greater visibility


  • Quite complicated to an average user
  • Only for heavier tasks
  • Calls for higher maintenance costs

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6: Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-RJPRO HD

Platinum Tools 100054C

For handling extremely tough and complicated chores, an equally complicated and tough machine is by all means called for. Perhaps no other machine guarantees this level of performance than this one. It has very elegant, up-to-date, and complicated parts and features to let this happen.

Zero-flex Frame

The frame of the tool does not bend at all even when subjected to the most extreme external impact. This is because the frame is tough and structurally strong by reason of the stainless steel construction. By reason of this, you may be sure of no loss of torque during the crimping process.

Steel Die-head Assembly

Accompanying the tool is a steel die-head assembly. This confers 360-degree support to the connector during the crimping process. By reason of this, you will be sure to engage the tool appropriately and at all times.

Ultra-flush Trim

On the whole, the tool features an ultra-flush and trim finish. This finish is great to behold indeed. In light of this, you may be sure to accrue the added benefit of excellent aesthetics and improvements to your toolbox.


  • Has a larger surface area which delivers uniform crimp force
  • Works flat and round cables equally due to possessing built-in cutter
  • Equipped with the patented crimp and trim system that delivers a clean and flush trim
  • Provides a stable platform that is great for consistent and repeatable terminations
  • Enables a full surface-to-surface contact to give rise to uniform crimp force


  • Quite expensive and unaffordable
  • Potentially injurious if handled inappropriately
  • Moderately cumbersome to engage

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7: Hilitchi Professional Insulated Wire Terminals Connectors

Hilitchi Professional Insulated Wire Terminals Connectors

Handling and working all kinds of butt terminal connections is no mean feat. This activity requires a special kind of crimping tool that is well able to handle such issues hassle-free. This tool handles both the semi and the fully insulated terminals and is thus great for the task.

Self-adjustable Ratchet Mechanism

To expedite your operations of the tool, the crimp does have a self-adjustable ratchet mechanism. You will not have to put in too much effort to be able to handle and operate the tool at all. Instead, the tool shall carry out some of the attendant tasks and purposes.

Ratcheting Action

The ratcheting action further expedites the process of crimping. This way, it guarantees perfect crimps every quite often. Other than this, the action also enhances the process of handling metals and other substances.

Professional Construction

On the whole, the tool features the high-quality and professional construction. It lasts longer and handles all chores and tasks as per the professional standards. With this arrangement, you may be sure to harvest great outcomes indeed!


  • Adjusts accurately before the ex-works deliveries
  • Displays and provides the best handling positions at all times
  • Lighter and compact in structure and design
  • Ensures perfect crimping effects at all times
  • Has an integral lock for added safety and reliability


  • Quite difficult to handle
  • Performs only limited uses
  • Not so generous warranty

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8: IWISS Cable Lug

 IWISS Cable Lug

Are you looking for a machine that can handle standard electrical connections and non-welding applications well? This indeed is the tool to look up to. This tool is tough enough to bring about strong and reliable corners without the use of a welding machine.

Hard Steel Construction

Coming in at position 1 of the key features of this crimping tool is the hard steel construction. Steel is a very tough and reliable material. Because of this, the tool is on the whole very tough and durable. You will find it quite suited for extremely demanding chores.

Accurate Bore Diameter

The diameter of the bore of the crimping tool is also accurate. This accuracy makes sure that the final outcome is also great. In so doing, it forestalls any inconsistencies that may ordinarily come along with the errors of measurements.

Appropriate Reinforcements

Other than the stainless steel construction, the crimping tool also has a thickened and reinforced metallic plate. These thickenings and reinforcements further enhance the strength and durability of the tool. They make the tool more suited for very tough tasks.


  • Robust construction and design
  • Higher in quality and strength
  • Lighter in weight for expedited handling
  • More convenient to carry around
  • Lasts longer and is thus more reliable


  • Only for simpler tasks
  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Suitable only for those with large hands

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9: IWISS SN-2549


Save yourself a bit of time and energy by settling for this machine. This is because the machine can handle and accommodate a range of other co-operant tools and terminals. Examples of these include the XH2.54, the Dupont2.54, and many other terminals.

Precise Die Sets

The crimping die sets are precisely crimped. In light of this, the set allows for precise work and outcomes. This way, they see to it that the quality of the task at hand is also great and reliable indeed. The precise nature also eliminates any errors or ambiguities.

Wire Electrical Discharge

With the wire electrical discharge, you will be sure to enjoy the fringe benefit of reduced human effort or input. This is because the machine may be powered by electricity. Because of this, the machine is pretty effective at tackling heavier and more complex tasks.

Self-releasing Mechanism

Other than the electrical power, the machine also has a self-release mechanism. This mechanism further expedites your usage of the item by eliminating the need for putting in the extra effort. You may thus use the machine repeatedly without feeling tired.


  • Wider crimping range
  • Brings about high-quality crimping effects for repeated crimping
  • Features special steel construction which is very strong and durable
  • Finished with perfect polishing
  • Has an integral lock for added safety


  • Not to reliable brand
  • Calls for regular maintenance
  • Quite bulky to carry around with ease

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10: IWISS PEX Ratcheting

 IWISS PEX Ratcheting

For the sake of your maximum convenience, you want a universal tool that can pair and work well with as many different tools and equipment as possible. This indeed is that kind of tool. With the ability to work well with the ASTM F2908 stainless steel clamp from just about any manufacturer, this tool is indeed convenient.

Steel Stainless Clamps Cinch Tool

The stainless steel construction of the machine sees to it that it is strong and durable enough. This enables it to perform repeated tasks and chores without breaking down easily. This arrangement also lets you use it with peace and utmost confidence.

Rubber Handle

All around the handle is rubber materials. This material absorbs shock and vibrations. This way, it prevents blisters and other skin injuries. This is not to mention that it also gives rise to maximum comfort for handling extremely tough chores.

Ratchet Design

Lastly, the tool is designed in the form of a ratchet. The design allows it to release conveniently whenever the cinch clamp tab is appropriately pinched. This way, it allows for the maximum and convenient usage of the said device.


  • Accompanied by excellent calibrations and instructions
  • Has a wider crimping range to handle all kinds of tasks
  • Very durable and long-lasting than most similar tools
  • Exudes great precision for higher quality tasks
  • Performs simpler operations pretty well


  • Lacks any unique or great feature
  • Cannot handle complicated tasks well
  • Breaks easily when subjected to great stress

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What is a Crimping Tool?

As hinted, a crimping tool is basically a piece of equipment which aids you in conjoining two pieces of metals.

It does so by deforming one or both metals in such a way as to cause them to hold tight on each other. The end result of this task is what is technically referred to as a crimp.

Purpose of Use a Crimping Tool

These tools play a vital role in attaching cables to connectors. For instance, the cables of networks and phones are generated using these tools.

They also facilitate the process of working metals and other tough surfaces. This is because they play a crucial role in deforming the substances to conform to the desired shapes, sizes, and postures.

How to Use Crimpers

Crimpers differ in their complexities and applications. Notwithstanding these differences, they exhibit some common characteristics and applicability. The following is the general procedure to follow to use a typical crimping tool:

Step I: Start by opening the handle of the tool. Follow this by inserting a contact into the crimping tool. Do this in accordance with the detailed diagrams that accompany the crimper.

Step II: Close the handle of the crimping tool. Do this making sure that the barrel and the terminals are not at all deformed in the process.

Step III: Insert the cable to the stopper of the conductor. Thereafter, close the handle until the ratchet releases.

Step IV: Remove the crimped contact, if need be, while reopening the handle.

Step V: Press the knob to open the handle during the crimping exercise.

Benefits of Using a Crimping Tool

These tools serve a variety of tasks and purposes in the field of metalwork and construction. Below are but a few of those uses to which they may be put:

Cut Wires

This tool can cut wires. This is especially the case for RJ-45 connectors. It can also play the same role for the RJ-11 connectors. This stems mainly from the fact that it comprises the wire cutter and a built-in cable stripper. Being portable, they can also cut wires while on the go.

Handle Cables

With this tool, you may support, place, or hold cables correctly in place during a crimping process. This is mainly because it has a pushing bar and an adjusting nut. These are the components that fasten the said materials appropriately during the crimping process.

Terminate Components

Apart from handling cables and cutting wires, you may also terminate some kinds of wires. These include the twisted pair modular plugs, compression connectors, and the jacks. These help the said wires to fix effectively in the item they are connected to.

Join Specific Connectors

You may also use this tool to join specific connectors. This is because the tool has connector shut heights which are specifically engineered for the various specific connector requirements. This way, they enhance the strength and the reliability of the joints.

Strip Wires

Lastly, you may also strip wires using this crimping tool. This simply means peeling off the rubber coating that insulates the wires to prevent direct contacts with the same. This tool can handle all kinds of wires like nylon, rubber, neoprene, PVC, Teflon, standard, and the solid wires, among others.

What are the Components of a Crimping Tool?

The following are the major parts and components of the crimping tool:


This is the portion of the tool that does the actual task of crimping. It occupies the portion of the tool that is directly opposite the handles. It is round in shape and is designed to capture the load and hold it tight.


The ratchet engages the teeth and the handles of the crimping tool. It is what sets the strength and the tightness of the device to respond to the unique weight and nature of the load.


It is the handle that you get hold of to carry and engage the crimping tool as need be. The handles of the crimping tool are shaped in the form of those of the pliers.

Open Knob

Coming in the form of a rounded ball that is found at the handles of the tool. The knob regulates the opening and closing of the crimp and the mouth portion of the tool.


Located inside the crimper, the contact is what holds the load tightly. This way, it makes it easier for the load to be worked on appropriately.

Conductor stopper

Conductor stopper is basically a plug that seals the load tightly. This is to make it safe, secure and reliable at all times by preventing it from swaying back and forth while in the process of being worked on.

TIPS TRICKS and Maintenance Guide

Ascertain the Compatibility of the Devices

Be sure to ascertain the compatibility of the device and the load you intend to handle. Specifically, ensure that the crimping tool measures up to the wire or the terminal you intend to crimp. This is to prevent any mishaps of inconsistencies during the crimping process.

Check the Validity of the Heights

After crimping the items concerned, check that the heights of the crimps are valid. This again is to see to it that the outcome you have received is legitimate.

Keep the Tool Intact at all Times

Make every effort to keep the crimping tool intact at all times. Do not attempt to remove the screws from the tools. You should also see to it that you do not disassemble the tool at all. This is to prevent any failures and the associated injuries that accompany these problems.

Use the Tool Moderately

Do not overuse the tool. Only use it if and when you absolutely have to. Overuse will often accelerate the pace of deterioration and increase the rate of wear and tear.

Seek Expert Advice Always

In case you are stuck seek expert advice. The expert here should ideally be a person who is knowledgeable in matters engineering.

Care and Safety

Regular Lubrication

Make sure you lubricate the movable parts and components at all times.  Lubrication reduces friction and also slows down corrosion and the subsequent deterioration of the said parts. You should do so moments before use and before a long storage process. Please do not lubricate the crimp as this might interfere with the operations of the tool.

Thorough Inspection

From time to time, inspect the tool thoroughly. In particular, get rid of the extra materials from the stripping as well as the scrap metal from the stopper of the cable. Doing this sees to it that the item works optimally at all times and ward off any operational problems.


Always store this tool in a cool and dry place. When exposed to moisture, the tool corrodes and deteriorates in quality. This not only interferes with the functioning of the tool but also predisposes you to all kinds of injuries.


While in store, ensure that the tool is as far away from the reach of children as possible. This tool is very dangerous and has the potential to inflict injuries. You do not want to subject your children to these injuries, do you?

Replacement of Faulty Parts

Every quite often, be sure to check for any faults in the constituent parts and components of the crimping tool. In case you notice any dangers or weakened joints, do not hesitate to replace them soonest possible. This will prevent further damages and the attendant injuries that do come along with the situation.

What to Look for When Choosing a Crimping Tool?

In your search for the right crimping tool be sure to consider these, and indeed so many more other pertinent factors:

Volume of Operations

How many tasks do you intend to handle at any given time? Do you intend only to use the tool for small light tasks or for many heavy tasks? In case you intend to use it for the latter, you require a tool that is too huge and is very high in quality. A small and lighter tool will, however, do for the former.

The Complexity of the Tasks

How complex are the tasks at hand? Extremely complex tasks require more sophisticated tools. These tools subsequently require some great deal of technical expertise and skill from you. The lighter tasks, on the other hand, require only the most basic of the crimping tools available.

Warranty and Certification Requirements

Different tasks and items require different standards. To prevent a clash between the expected final outcomes and the set standards, be sure to settle for a tool that is accredited for the said purpose. Do some research first and foremost before proceeding to look for the most appropriate tool.

Desired Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to use the gadget? Are you searching for a gadget for one-time use only or does your entire occupation revolve around crimping? If you spend much of your time crimping, you should look for one that is extremely tough and durable. This is to be able to exude the needed levels of reliability for a prolonged duration of time.

Nature of the Crimping Tool

There are two main kinds of crimping tools available today. These are the full cycle and the diagonal types respectively. The full cycle crimper is so called because it performs a range of tasks and purposes. The diagonal crimper, on the other hand, has limited applicability and slants in shape.


Q1. What is a crimp connector?

This is basically a connection that is not soldered. They are instead made possible by the use of the crimping tools. They are more permanent and reliable than the soldered connections.

Q2. What is an RJ45 connector?

The RJ45 connector is a type of crimp connection that is mainly utilized in Ethernet wired connections. It stands for the registered jack and is the standard for networking interfaces.

Q3. What dangers should I look out for while using a crimping tool?

Crimping tools can squeeze or even cut out your hands. You should be on the lookout for your hands while engaging the tool to prevent the likelihood of this accident from happening.

Q4. How much effort or skill ought I to possess to handle a crimping tool well?

This depends on the complexity of the tool and the tasks at hand. Complex tools require more skill and effort whereas simpler tools require less skill. The same goes for the nature of the tasks for which you intend to utilize the tools.

Q5. What are the top manufacturers of crimping tools?

TRENDnet, Klein, Etekcity, Titan, Platinum, Hilitchi, and IWISS are the top manufacturers of crimping tools at the moment. Do give them a higher priority as you search for the right tool.


My favorite is IWISS SN-2549 Crimping Tools. Indeed this tool is strong, reliable, and very suitable for repeated uses.

You will be sure to derive higher value for your money besides utilizing it without any hassles. In your search for the right crimping tool, consider giving it a topmost priority.

In all, you can never hope to work metals and other workshop tasks effectively without the best crimping pliers at hand.

This is why we earnestly urge you to invest some time and money in identifying acquiring the best of this kind of item.


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