The 11 Best Crab Traps 2023

The trapping of crabs is ordinarily a dangerous undertaking. This is because the crabs are known to poison their captors and are also very elusive.

Especially for these reasons, you badly want to know how to make the most informed purchasing decision of a good crab trap.

11 Best Crab Pot Reviews

#1: Rob Smith Trap Maryland Blue crab pot trap

Rob Smith Trap

Is your search for the right crab trap dictated by the need to catch the Chesapeake Atlantic blue crab? If you answered in the affirmative, this is the one to consider purchasing. It is specially designed and intended for such kind of application only.

PVC-coated Metal Body

Its body is metallic in construction. Throughout the exterior of the metal is the polyvinyl chloride coating. This adornment reduces the pace of corrosion and subsequent deterioration. With regards to this, the material lasts longer and remains optimal enough to undertake many operational cycles.

Heavy Duty Metal

Other than being coated for extra durability, the metal that is used to make up the crab trap is also heavy duty. For this reason, the metal takes longer to deteriorate and therefore remains in its optimal functionality for an extended duration of time. You yet again have the pleasure of reduced operating expenses for your advantage.

Commercial Quality

Lastly, the crab trap itself embodies commercial quality construction. This simply means that it may be successfully used for commercial applications. You, therefore, want to give it a try if you have some desire to catch large scale amounts of crabs for a longer duration of time.


  • Operates for an extended working cycles
  • Pretty high in quality and way very satisfying
  • Inflicts limited repairs and maintenance costs
  • Hardly breaks down and hence calls for fewer repairs
  • Great for commercial purposes and applications


  • Performs limited applications
  • Brings about lower value for money
  • May not catch other equally important species

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#2: Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap

Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap

Are you a large scale commercial crab catcher? Your answer lies in the acquisition and use of this commercial crab catcher. As you are about to see, the catcher is indeed highly optimized for the role of catching many crabs at a time. This stems from the numerous unique features it possesses.

Vinyl-coated Steel Wire Construction

Topping the list of its most awesome features is the vinyl-coated steel wire construction. This kind of wire is extremely durable and as such, lasts much longer than most other kinds of wires. It also folds easily for the sake of simplified transportation.

Four Entrance Doors

Unlike the standard kinds of crab traps, this one has four, rather than two entrance doors. It is this particular feature that makes it suited for the trapping of numerous crabs at a time. This is because the four doors let in as many crabs at a time than most other traps.

Two Escape Rings

Also forming a vital part of the crab trap are some two escape rings which each measure 4-3/8 inches. These rings grant the trap the ability to catch and contain the desired sizes of the crabs you may so desire at any given time. You have the surety to catch even the larger crabs with ease.


  • Collapses flat for the sake of easy transport and storage
  • Able to catch numerous species of crabs at a time
  • Has some vinyl-coated steel construction for added durability
  • Resistant to corrosion and other agents of tear
  • Easier to stack and carry around conveniently


  • Larger dimensions may be cumbersome to handle
  • Quite complicated to a simpler user
  • Has comparatively larger meshes which may allow smaller catches to escape

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#3: Joy Fish Crab Trap – 24″x24″x11″

Joy Fish Crab Trap

Do you care about your environment? You want a crab trap that is friendly to the environment and is also sustainable environmentally. This is the one to look up to as it satisfies both conditions perfectly well. As you are about to see, it does not at all harm the ecosystem where they are used.

Heavy-duty Material Construction

In general, it is made of the heavy-duty material constructing. This comes in the form of the 16-gauge black vinyl coated galvanized wire. The wire is pretty thick and quite stable even in the most distressing of all environments. It lasts longer and brings about greater outcomes.

2 Escape Rings

Some two escape rings adorn much of the crab trap. They basically play the role of limiting the sizes of the catches by giving the crabs that are caught the room to escape as need be. This is great as it prevents the over-exploitation of the crabs in their natural habitat.

Jute Twine Hook

A jute twine hook also forms a vital component of this crab trap. Its role mainly is to erode away and release the catch in the sea if the trap so happens to be washed away in the sea. This is yet another plus as it helps conserve the population of the catches by preventing unnecessary deaths.


  • Meets the various state regulations
  • Greatly conserves the environment by limiting the number of catches at a time
  • Allows for easy storage and handling
  • Smaller in size and hence easier to handle and carry around
  • Accepts numerous attachments and accessories


  • May not be great for commercial applications
  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • Brings about lower returns on investments

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#4: KUFA Vinyl Coated Crab Trap

KUFA Vinyl Coated Crab Trap

Are you a leisure trapper who resides in or near the Pacific coasts of the United States and Canada? You might want to give this trap a try because it is engineered and perfectly suited for such waters and hunting grounds. This is not to mention that it is also great for recreation.

Rubber Locker

Its bait bag is enclosed with a rubber locker. This is for the sake of simplified opening and closing of the bag if and when the need may so dictate. The rubber construction also means reduced incidences of breakdown which further reduces the costs of maintenance and repairs.

Durable 4-arm Harness

Further securing the trap is the durable 4-arm harness. This one basically shields the trap segment to ensure that the catch does not escape under all circumstances. In this way, you are assured of your catch regardless of what might happen next after catching it.

Awesome Versatility

On the whole, the trap can pair and communicate with a host of sporting accessories. These jointly combine to grant you a wide variety of sizes and styles of catching the crabs. They also make it possible for you to obtain crabs of varying shapes, sizes, and weights.


  • Great for sporting and recreation
  • Able to catch various sizes of crabs
  • Opens and closes without too many hassles
  • Comes along with a separate bait bag for easy catch and release
  • Accommodates various accessories


  • Limited geographical applicability
  • May require some modification to be able to operate outside the stated regions
  • Not so worthy a purchase really

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#5: KUFA rubber wrapped steel ring crab trap

KUFA rubber wrapped steel ring crab trap

Does the area you intend to catch the crabs experience bouts of poor visibility? For your convenience, you might want to lay your hand on a trap that is visible enough under all conditions. It is this arrangement that will guarantee that you observe the nets regardless of how poor the visibility could be.

Highly-durable Polyethylene Netting

A highly-durable Polyethylene netting tops the list of the most outstanding features of this crab trap. It is generally longer lasting and way very resistant to the various elements of wear and tear. It, therefore, exudes awesome reliability for an extended duration of time.

18-inch Deep Net

Other than being durable, the net is also deeper. As a matter of fact, it can perform well in depths that reach a whopping 18 inches. This arrangement ensures optimal catch security for you at all times. It basically sees to it that the net operates optimally regardless of the precise depth where the trap may have been sunk.

16-inch Bottom Ring

Lastly, it does also have a bottom ring that measures 16 inches. This ring opens to let in the crabs. Being large, it can accommodate the comfortable larger crabs which may generally be locked out by the other kinds of traps.


  • Well-suited for the long soaks crabs
  • Its orange rope guarantees awesome visibility in poor weather conditions
  • Catches larger crabs and lobsters easily
  • Suitable for all environmental conditions
  • Withstands heavy impacts and other agents of deterioration well


  • Cannot trap the Blue crabs
  • Quite weighty to carry around with ease
  • May not work well in shallower waters

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#6: Danielson 4-Door Octagon Crab Trap

Danielson 4-Door Octagon Crab Trap

Are you only interested in catching larger crabs? If you do, you have to get hold of this particular crab trap as it is the one that is designed for such kinds of crabs. Its material construction, dimensions, and other vital parameters are all geared to this end.

Fall-away Rot-cord System

Its flagship feature is the fall-away rot-cord system. This basically disables the trap in case it may not be possible to retrieve. In light of this, the trap opens to release the catch safely into the sea. In the course of this, it prevents any harms or damages from befalling the trapped crab.

Large Top-opening Hatch

A large top-opening hatch also forms a vital component of the crab trap. This one is accompanied by a stretch tube as well as a hook closure. The hatch contains the catch whereas the stretch tube and the hook closure expedite the opening and the closing of the system.

Danielson Octagon Crab Trap

In all, the trap comes in the form of the Danielson Octagon crab trap. It does feature a built-in bait cage that is shaped in the form of an octagon. The cage is spacious enough to hold even the largest and clumsiest of the crabs available.


  • Features the vinyl-coated steel wire construction
  • Perfect for larger catches
  • Conserves the populations of the catches
  • Simplifies the retrieval of the catches
  • Has four entrances for trapping many crabs at a time


  • Lacks the ability to catch smaller crabs
  • Unsuitable for recreational applications
  • Quite weighty to carry around with ease

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#7: Foxy-Mate 120-T Topless Crab Trap

Foxy-Mate 120-T Topless Crab Trap

If you are only interested in catching larger crabs, you yet again have this particular trap for your consideration. In its entirety, the trap is designed and structured in such a way as to accommodate only larger species of crabs at a time. It is hence capable of doing you some good.

Rugged Line and Galvanized Wire

A rugged line and some galvanized wire come in first among its topnotch features. These two parts allow for long-term use and applications. They also guarantee robustness in performance even in currents that are ordinarily very strong. You, therefore, have this particular trap for your use under such conditions.

Topless Foxy-mate Crab Trap

Unlike most other traps, it lacks a top. As such, it is suited for easy catches as it negates the need for unnecessary operations to open and close it anyhow. This means you will generally spend less time to have your way as compared to how you would with the ordinary kinds of crab traps.

Tapered Sides

Lastly, its sides are tapered. This tapering allows for easier stacking and the transportation of the catches. Why would you even look elsewhere for your catches? You do not want to forfeit this awesome benefit of unconstrained use and applications at all times.


  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials
  • Requires no assembly to actualize and deploy for use
  • Heavy duty and way very resistant to all kinds of impacts
  • Allows for easy storage and transportation of the catch
  • Perfectly suited for the biggest kinds of crabs


  • Hardly accommodates any extra accessories
  • Unreliable for the smaller crabs
  • Handles only a few species of crabs

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#8: KUFA Stainless steel wire crab trap

KUFA Stainless steel wire crab trap

Frequent and repeated catches require traps that are very strong and durable. No other trap comes even close to this one as you are about to notice. Its heavy-duty construction means it does not deteriorate quite quickly and is, therefore, a convenient companion.

Stainless Steel frame

Its frame is wholly made of stainless steel. This material as we all know is very strong and durable. As such, it allows for more number of soaks, finds applicability in more seasons, and definitely catches more crabs in its entire lifetime. You have therefore the pleasure of higher returns on investments.

Dual-ramped Entry Tunnels

The entry tunnels of the crab trap are dual-ramped. They also contain one-way latches alongside some two escape tunnels for the smaller crabs. This arrangement perfectly locks the larger crabs in while keeping the smaller ones out. It, therefore, helps in conserving the population of the crabs.

Large latched Tops

Lastly, the trap has some large latched tops. They are further accompanied by the bungee and hook locks. These features jointly allow for the easy access to and the subsequent removal of the catch. You are thus spared of the unnecessary hassles most users of other traps confront.


  • Greatly resists the corrosion of the sea water
  • Very stable while at the bottom of the sea
  • Handles a wide variety of species of crabs
  • Performs numerous operational cycles without breaking down
  • Quite reliable for repeated applications and use


  • May not operate optimally outside the Pacific coats of US and Canada
  • Requires some mastery of technical skills to effectively operate
  • Does cost a fortune to afford and acquire

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#9: Hurricane Two Ring Wire Crab Net (18-Inch)

Hurricane Two Ring Wire Crab Net

Are you short of cash? Do you still wish to enjoy the awesome benefits of a good crab catcher? Do try your hand on this one. As you are about to notice, it is simpler in scope yet still capable of discharging to you the awesome benefits of a fully-equipped crab catcher.

Long-Lasting Wire Netting

Its netting is pretty long-lasting. This is due to the heavy-duty construction which is pretty resilient to the various agents of deterioration. As a result of this construction, you will spend less to keep the trap in its robust and perfect functioning condition.

Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Rings

Just like its netting, its rings are also resistant to corrosion. This stems from the Aluminum material construction. Other than being resistant to corrosion, the Aluminum is also sturdy and way very reliable. It provides you the strength and the reliability you require for awesome feedbacks.

Lightweight Design and Construction

By virtue of weighing only 12.8 ounces, this trap is extremely light in weight. This being the case, you will experience limited hassles while transporting the trap from one place to another. You will also not have to possess too much muscle power to be able to transport and make good use of it.


  • Outlasts most other traps in terms of longevity
  • Resists corrosion and other forms of deterioration perfectly well
  • Large enough for larger catches
  • Traps the smaller crabs with ease
  • Costs less to acquire and utilize


  • Performs relatively fewer roles
  • Cannot accommodate any meaningful accessories
  • Unsuitable for frequent applications and use

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#10: KUFA CT50 Sports Foldable Crab Trap

KUFA CT50 Sports Foldable Crab Trap

Perhaps no other crab trap is perfectly suited for the commercial exploitation of crabs as this one. On the whole, it is very convenient to utilize for such kinds of use mainly by being easier to manipulate and deploy for use. You have it for your consideration if you are a commercial crab catcher.

Collapsible Crab Trap

In all, this crab trap is collapsible. This basically means that you can fold it flat to diminish its size and allow for easy transportation out and about the desired area. You are certainly not to confront any unnecessary inconveniences if you plan to go trapping in a faraway land.

2 Single-direction Entrance

The crabs will get into the trap by means of some two single-direction entrances. This arrangement means that the trap has the ability to let in two crabs at a time rather only one. It, therefore, expedites the process of trapping by reducing the time taken to do the job on the whole.

Faster Operations

It has the ability to fold flat in a paltry 3 seconds! This is made possible mainly by the existence of some 3 stainless steel clip locks. They will do the job also with limited effort on your part. You may hence also rest easy to know that you will not have to put in too much of your effort to have your way at all.


  • Has a large open door to let in larger crabs
  • Easier to empty the contents after a catching session
  • Simpler to carry around compared to other kinds of traps
  • Lasts longer courtesy of the stainless steel construction
  • Saves you a great deal of time and effort


  • Does some harm to the environment
  • Weighs a whopping 7 pounds
  • Cannot withstand numerous operational cycles

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#11: Lixada Collapsible Mesh Fishing Cage

Lixada Collapsible Mesh Fishing Cage

Does your entire life revolve around the trapping of crabs? You badly want one that is universal in scope. This is to guarantee you the required levels of performance and reliability at all times. Perhaps no other trap is as universal in scope as this one.

Large Zipper Design

It does possess a large zipper design. This makes it simpler for you to retrieve the prey as soon as it is caught. The logic behind this is that it eliminates the hassles you will often confront while going about the said business. The pleasure of reduced time wastage is indeed yours to leverage.

Durable Netting

Its netting is also durable. This is mainly because it is manufactured using the stainless steel material. With regards to this, the netting allows for repeated use without having to replace every quite often. It also grants you the peace of mind you need to do a comparatively better job.

Six-hole Design

Lastly, the design of the net comes in the form of the six holes. This arrangement is purposely put in place to allow for the catching of more prey at a given moment in time. It is this specific trait that makes the trap suited for commercial applications as well.


  • Comprehensive in scope and applications
  • Performs numerous tasks and activities with much ease
  • Extremely light in weight and convenient to carry around
  • Lasts a prolonged duration of time without breaking apart
  • Foldable into a smaller size for the sake of easier handling


  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance
  • May not be easily understood by inexperienced users
  • Not for the simpler and lighter everyday use

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What is a Crab Trap?

As the name suggests, the crab traps are special kinds of implements that are used to time and ensnare the crabs.

Their construction, material composition, and functionality are all designed for this job.

Their use also reduces the likelihood of sustaining any poisoning which may often arise in the process.

Types Of Crab Trap

There are many kinds of crab traps in existence today. However, the following three are the main kinds that are in existence today:

Box Crab Traps

This one comes in the shape of a box. It is by far the most common type of crab trap in existence. It is pretty effective at trapping crabs and lobsters alongside other kinds of marine creatures.

Ring Net Crab Traps

The ring net crab trap comprises some small and large metallic rings. These rings expand and contract accordingly to let in the crabs and seal their exits. The trap is suited for the trapping of both the small and the large crabs at a time.

Pyramid Crab Traps

Lastly comes the Pyramid crab traps. They are made of metallic cross-wiring that is shaped like that of the pyramid. These traps are mainly suited for the handling of those crabs that are shapeless and bulkier and in size.

How Crab Pots Works

You basically have to put in some bait in the pot. You then lower the pot into the water. The crab will sense the bait and swim towards the pot.

The entrance of the bait trap will open to let the crab in. Upon entering the trap, the entrance shall close to prevent the exit of the catch. You will have to return after a day or so to retrieve the catch.

How To Set Crab Traps

To set up the crab traps, follow the procedures stipulated below:

Place Bait In The Trap

Start off by placing some bait in the trap. This should be meals that are ordinarily delicious to the crabs. They include meat, bread crumbs, and some oily fish. Seal the bait trap effectively to ward off the possibility that the bait might be washed ashore.

Lower The Trap In The Water Body

As soon as you are through with the bait, shut off the entrance. Now lower the trap slowly and gently into the body of water you intend to catch the crab. Be sure to hit the bottom of the water body as crabs can hardly swim atop the sea bottom.

Retrieve The Catch

Leave the trap there for a duration of around 24 hours. Come back after 24 hours to retrieve the catch. This time is sufficient to let the crab sense the trap and swim there. It also gives you ample time to expect any meaningful catches.

How To Catch Crabs By Crab Pots

In order to catch the crabs by use of the crab pots, you have to adhere to the following procedures:

Lower The Crab Pot In Water

Start out by lowering the crab pot in the water. This pot contains the bait which will act as the attractant to the crab. You should place it at that place where the crabs are more likely to find them. Inquire from the various authorities of this possibility to save some bit of time.

The Crab Swims In

The crabs will sense the existence of the bait and will gladly swim in. The entrance to the pot will open to let the crab in. This crab will proceed to feast on the bait. In the process, it will get trapped as the entrance to the bait trap is irreversible.

It Becomes Trapped Inside

After the crab is through with feasting on the bait, it shall ordinarily want to get out of the trap. However, this will not be possible because the entrance cannot open in the reverse side. For this reason, the crab will effectively be trapped inside the crab pot.

Retrieve The Catch

You now have to retrieve the catch. Come back after around 24 hours to check whether the pot may give caught anything. Gently get hold of the crab taking care that it does not at all poison you. If you happen to find no catch, come back after yet another day and so on.

What Should I Look When Choosing A Crab Traps?

Size Of The Crab

Needless to say, crabs come in diverse shapes and sizes. It is necessary that the trap you settle for is capable of trapping the size of the crab you are interested in. To do this, estimate the size you are after and then go ahead to look for the trap that can accommodate that size.

Net Hole Size

You should also be mindful of the size of the holes as you look for the crab trap of choice. A good trap has to possess the holes that are large enough to let in the sizes of crabs you are interested in. They should, however, be small enough to prevent the escape of the catch before you retrieve them.

Material Construction

The kinds of materials that are used to make up the traps can determine to a great extent the longevity and performance of the traps. Those that are made of extremely durable materials will definitely last longer and perform better than those which comprise weaker formulations.


It is also necessary that you figure out the depth which you intend to catch the crabs. A good trap has to be able to not only sink to the bottom of the sea but also perform well under those circumstances. It should also have some automated mechanisms to empty itself in case it becomes irretrievable.

Specific Applications

People catch crabs for various reasons. Some do it just for fun. Others may do it for commercial purposes yet others for conservation. It is necessary that you delineate your exact purpose to match the trap with the exact purpose you have in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Q: What bait do you put in a crab trap?

Generally speaking, you should place a bait that is a delicacy for the grown-up crabs. These include the meat scraps, dog feeds, and some animal parts like the livers of the cows.

Q: How long ideally should crab pots stay in the water?

24 hours would be the most ideal duration of time for them to stay in the water.

Q: Where are crabs caught?

Crabs are available in different species. They are however present everywhere. Some of the best hunting grounds though are the North Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, Sea of Japan, and the Arctic Circle.

Q: How do you catch crabs on a line?

You simply have to attach the bait to the end of the line. Then, drop the line slowly to the ocean and wait for it to pull tight. If the line begins to fidget, the crab has caught hold of the bait. Remove the line quickly and retrieve the catch.

Q: Has anyone ever died on the deadliest catch?

Yes, quite a number of hunters have been poisoned by the crabs. You are therefore advised to exercise great caution as you hunt them to avoid being poisoned too!


MY FAVORITE IS the Lixada Collapsible Mesh Fishing Cage, Hexagon 6 Hole Shrimp Cage Trap given the fact that my entire life revolves around the trapping of crabs.

This trap is universal in scope as has already been explained. As such, it is capable of performing well under diverse conditions of use besides performing numerous relevant chores.


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