The 11 Best Climbing Tree Stands [For RIfle, Bow Hunting 2023]

A hunter knows that having the best equipment that technology can provide is crucial to success. One of the many new innovative hunting types of equipment is the tree stand.

The climbing tree stand can help improve the hunting experience and save time in the woods.

It allows hunters to view and scout out deer and other animals before going on the hunt.

11 Best Climbing Tree Stands

#1 X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand


Whether you are into hunting, wildlife watching, or wildlife photography, you need a reliable climbing tree stand. And yes, among the most reliable options you can rely on is the X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand. The unit has a sturdy design. Therefore, it will grant you the stability you need in your next adventure.

Lightweight Design

For long hunting trips, you should choose a lightweight climbing tree stand. Our option comes with sturdy yet lightweight aluminum construction. This design allows you to carry it to your hunting spot with less hassle without sacrificing stability. Therefore, no matter where you are planning to go adventuring next, this climbing tree stand will not slow you down.

Large Load Capacity

Since this tree stand is lightweight, it is easy to conclude that it has a low weight capacity. However, this isn’t the case. The X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand boasts a large weight capacity of 300 lbs. With such a limit, this model guarantees to stand up to the weight of just about any hunter for hours.

Simple Design

You definitely don’t need an overly complex model that will give you a hard time once you get to the woods. This stand allows you to ascend to your desired height with ease and with minimal time so that you get enough time for hunting or photography. Simply place your feet in the safety loops to climb to your desired height.

Roomy Design

If you are to have a successful day out hunting, you need to get a climber tree stand that will offer optimal comfort and a better vantage point. And yes, with the seat measuring 27″ x 20″ wide, this seat ensures you operate comfortably. The roomy seat combines with the high weight capacity to render this option a nice purchase for any hunter no matter their weight or body sizes.


  • It packs up easily.
  • It is fairly light.
  • It feels sturdy on the tree.
  • It does not make noise.


  • The design isn’t exactly the best in the market.
  • The shoulder strap needs better padding.

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#2 Summit Tree stands Summit Viper Steel Climber

Summit Tree stands

Unless you are new to hunting, I guess that Summit isn’t a vocabulary to you. The manufacturer is well known for producing best-in-class climbers that give you a hunting experience like no other. Coming as one of the models in their iconic viper series of climbers, this unit is designed for use by dedicated hunters who spent a good time of their day out hunting.

Steel construction

When we hear that something is of steel, sturdiness and durability are what comes into our minds. And yes, this climber tree stand adopts the rugged steel construction for maximum strength and longevity. The steel material gives it an impressive weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Therefore, no matter your weight, you can use this unit with the confidence that you are safe.

Powder coating finish

Steel is very susceptible to rust. With this in mind, this climber adopts a durable brown powder coat finish. The coating protects the steel construction from rust and other tough outdoor elements that may impair with its serviceability. The brown coating that conceals the steel construction camouflages to the forest environment. Your prey will hardly see you!

Dead-Quiet Design

Success in hunting depends on many things. Most of us only consider the quality of the weapons forgetting that there are other factors to put in mind. For example, quietness is key. This model employs the dead-quiet design. With this design, you will be able to set up the seat silently so that you won’t scare the prey away. This feature allows you to hunt in less time than when using other noisy models.

Comfortable design

Comfort is essential whether at home or away. The roomy seat of this climbing tree stand comes with more cushion. Therefore, you will be more comfortable to operate using this model than when having the other earlier versions. Therefore, you will never go home tired extremely tired no matter the hours you spent at the forest.


  • It is very reliable.
  • The unit is well built.
  • It’s very comfortable to use.
  • The ultra-quiet design is a plus.


  • The carry straps are quite uncomfortable.
  • Packing may be cumbersome.

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#3 XtremepowerUS Portable Hunting Tree Stand Climber Deer Bow Game Hunt with Step-On Platform


If you are looking for a good hunting tree stand for the upcoming hunting season, this is one of the options you need to try out. The unit is tailor-made for bow and rifle hunting. The sturdy steel construction offers enough strength that can stand up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Also, the steel metal construction makes it one of the most long-lasting models you will come across in the market.

Wide Compatibility

Before you buy any tree stand, you need to ensure that it is compatible with the trees of your favorite hunting spot. This stand is designed for use on trees that have a diameter of between 8-20 inches. The wide compatibility range guarantees to go with most trees so that you can hunt from the exact point you have always desired.

Ergonomic Design

Most hunters love that this tree stand adopts the humanized design. The seat and the armrest are well padded to create for you a comfortable hunting zone in the woods. Therefore, no matter the hours you will spend hunting, you will never come out tired. I mean, in case you often find yourself hunting for long hours, the XtremepowerUS Portable Hunting Tree Stand Climber could be what you need.

Spacious seat

This model comes with a large seat measuring 19″ x 16″. The ultra-wide design of the seat provides you with plenty of space for comfort. Also, the large seat means that this model is specially designed with people of all sizes in mind.


  • The footrest has plenty of room
  • The weight capacity of 300 lbs is impressive
  • The ergonomic design is a plus.
  • The weight is good.


  • It needs to come with better instructions.
  • It may come with missing bolts.

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#4 XtremepowerUS Tree Stand Climber Climbing Hunting Deer Bow Game Hunt Portable Tree Stand

Xtremepower US

When buying a tree stand climber, one of the important factors you need to consider is the portability. Definitely, you should buy a climber that you can easily carry along to your intended tree far-off. With this in mind, this option adopts an incredibly lightweight design. Transportation to the intended point a breeze!

Sturdy Steel Frame

Construction determines how reliable a unit can comfortably support your weight. Therefore, before you settle for your final option, ensure that it is ruggedly constructed. This unit adopts sturdy steel construction that dependably stands up to the weight of 300 lbs. The steel construction also gives you the confidence that you are getting a unit you can count on year after year.

Portable Design

Although steel construction is not the most suitable metal to use for lightweight unit, this product has a good weight for easy transportation. In fact, the frame nests together and packs on your back so that you can carry it to your target spot with less hassle.

Comfortable Seat

There is one thing that stands out about the XtremePower US climbers- comfort! And yes, it is the same case with our hand-picked option. Like the other siblings, this unit features ergonomically designed seat and armrest. These two parts have padding to deliver high levels of comfort you will hardly find in other options of the same category and price.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is highly portable.
  • The humanized design is a plus.
  • Steel construction ensures durability.


  • Some users find it quite loud.
  • The size is not perfect for the big-bodied hunters.

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#5 Summit Tree stands 180 Max SD Climbing Tree stand, Mossy Oak


Although the majority of the climbing tree stands are of durable materials that can stand up to use by heavyweight hunters, not all offer enough room to accommodate the big hunters. However, this is not the case with this climber. The durably constructed unit offers more room to provide plenty of space for even the largest hunters.

High Weight Limit

Most climbing tree stands have a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Although this amount is good for most hunters, it is not the ideal for the hunters around this mark. The Summit 180 Max SD boasts a high weight limit of 350 lbs. In other words, no matter your weight, you can use this unit with the confidence that you are safe.

Aluminum construction

Aluminum is the perfect material to use especially if you want something sturdy yet lightweight. And for a product like a climbing tree stand, these are two things that you need to prioritize. This climber utilizes a durable aluminum construction. The ruggedness of its construction implies that it can withstand use by a regular hunter. It also indicates that you can carry it with ease to your intended point.

Reversible Surround Seat

Unlike other models that allow you to hunt facing one direction, the seat of this piece rotates to a full 180 degrees. I mean, with this feature, you can rotate so that you hunt facing the tree. This feature gives you that extra dense coverage giving you a comfortable vantage point over a deer. However, although some hunters may not utilize the feature, it will come in handy under some situations.

Additional Features

This climber also boasts a well-padded seat and backrest for longer hunts. The seat is adjustable for increased user convenience. Also, it comes with steel climbing cables and a 4-point harness. In other words, whether you are a professional hunter or a beginner, this climbing tree stand combines all the features you need to have a successful day out in the woods.


  • The seat rotates for greater convenience.
  • It only weighs 26 lbs.
  • It is a great purchase for the tall hunters.
  • The seat is comfortable.


  • The backpack straps are not exactly the best.
  • It’s not the lightest stand.

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#6. Lone Wolf Hand Climber – Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Hand Climber


The climbing tree stand is extremely mobile. It can be carried and moved from one tree to another. This allows the hunter to not be stuck in one tree and one location.

If you want to cover different hunting territory, then this type of stand would be beneficial for that purpose.

The stand could make the difference between finding the animal you are hunting or not seeing anything because of location. The stand easily moves with you while you scout around for the best location.


The stand only weights approximately 17 pounds and is lightweight. It can be compacted into a 5-inch-thick stand, that is easy to carry with little effort. IT takes less time to set up and take down for a quick moveable approach.

If you want to stay a few steps behind the game you are chasing, then this light stand is the best choice for you. It will allow you to travel light while having all the benefits of being up in a tree.


The creative climbing tree stand is equipped with quality construction and a sturdy aluminum platform for a large area to scout and shoot. The platform is 30 inches by 19 inches in size.

The camouflage platform will keep you hid from the game you are hunting. It has a padded seat cushion for comfort.


  • Holds up to 350 pounds of weight
  • It is compact for easy transport
  • Camouflage for seclusion
  • Large enough area to sit and take aim for a successful shot


  • The climbing tree stand will not hold my size
  • The padded cushion needs to have more padding

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#7. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Wide Sit

The stand has high-quality factors that will benefit any type of hunter.


The tree stand has a comfortable area to sit while waiting for the animals to appear. The stand is great for the gun and bow hunters to enjoy. It has a sizeable platform that is 30 inches by approximately 20 inches in size.

The cushion seat is padded for extra comfort. It is a made of two panels that are approximately 21 inches in width for a roomy and spacious place to sit. Hunter can sit in comfort while watching the ground from above.


The compact size of the stand is an amazing feature. It can be folded up into a 4-inch-thick carrying unit. The size of the stand is lightweight and can be taken to different locations with little effort.


The climbing tree stand comes with a climbing bar that is movable. It has a padded seat, for added support. There are two straps for the backpack and easy transport. One bungee strap is included for added strength and durability.

These extra features are great for hunters to have available when out in the middle of the woods. These features are nice to have available for hunters to take advantage of.


The compact sit and climb tree stand can be easily carried around the woods to improve speed and location. The compacted stand makes hunting easier because it allows the hunter to be completely mobile.

The mobility feature lets hunters move from one location to the next to find that perfect hunting spot.


  • The stand is easy to carry during a hunting trip
  • It has additional padding that offers support for long-term sitting
  • The stand was easy to set up and take down


  • The climbing and sit tree stand was not as comfortable as I thought it would be

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#8. Summit Treestands Viper SD  – Lightest Climbing Tree Stand

 Summit Treestands Viper SD


The construction of the tree stand is durable and offers amazing stability. It is made out of aluminum and is concealed in the front for complete seclusion. The stand has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds.

This feature not only is a high-quality design but can hold the average hunter without any limitations. The stand weighs approximately 20 pounds, which make transporting comfortable.

The stand is made to last a long time and to provide you with the most secure platform for your hunting needs.


The stand has a comfortable seating for you to take advantage of when waiting for your game. The seat is padded for comfort and has a backrest that offers exceptional support.

The seat can be lowered and raised for bow or gun hunting. The bar is added to help you easily stand or sit down. It can also be used as a place to rest your gun when hunting.

The platform has a padded cushioned foam for added comfort and to eliminate and reduce noise. Hunters will enjoy these comfortable features to ensure a longer hunting experience.


The tree stand is completely mobile. It can fold up into a small section and strapped to back. The deer stand is now a backpack and can be easily carried through the woods while leaving your hands free.

The stand can be set up and taken down in a short period of time. Hunters will like this feature because it leaves them more time to hunt and scout and less time setting up their stand.


  • The tree stand is lightweight
  • It is portable and can be carried as a backpack
  • The stand has added comfort and support


  • The product was heavier than what I had hoped
  • It has defected when it arrived

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#9. Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber

 Ol Man Multi Vision Steel

It offers a wide range of features that hunters can take advantage of.


The design of this versatile stand allows you to hunt in style. It has a gun rest, footrest, and bar to fit your hunting comfort. The 3-way mechanism lets you hunt in a comfortable position.

You can set up the stand to fit your needs. The bar is multi-functional for bow and gun hunting. These great versatile features will have ever hunter enjoying the capacity of the stand.


The creation of this hunter’s tree stand was based on comfort and safety. A hunter who uses this product will be able to stay in the stand for a longer period of time because of the comfort features that it displays.

It is extremely quiet to use and can provide more support for your body than a regular tree stand can offer.


The frame of the stand is made out of durable stainless steel. The stainless steel will allow the stand to last for a year. It will not rust and can take a beating without breaking.

It is extremely sturdy and can handle heavy duty use through the different variety of weather patterns that can occur.

The stand only weighs approximately 30 pounds. It has a platform that is 18inches by 32 inches in width. The cushioned seat is approximately 21 inches in width for a spacious room.


  • The stand has added support for comfort
  • It has a mesh padded seat that does not hurt your back
  • It is easy to use and take down
  • The stand is able to be transported from one location to another


  • The mesh had too much flexibility and it felt like I was falling out of the seat
  • The stand was heavy for me to carry through the woods

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#10. Summit Treestands Cobra SD Climbing Treestand

Summit Treestands


The tree stand is a portable contraption that makes hunting a breeze. It is able to be moved around with ease because it is lightweight. The stand can be compacted for easy transporting can be set up in other locations without a little effort.

Hunters will enjoy having the lightweight stand and the ability to move it from tree to tree without any problem. It can allow an increase in finding more animals to hunt in less time.

You can scout out an area and then move to another location in the woods for a wider range of hunting locations.


The tree stand has an aluminum frame construction. It is open for easy visibility and shooting angles. The maximum weight of the aluminum frame is 300 pounds. The stand weighs as little as 18 pounds for easy carrying and setup.

The platform of the stand is approximately 20 inches in width which will provide room for the average hunter. The platform and stand also include a full and complete harness mechanism that will keep you safe and secure.

There are two cables that are designed for climbing. These cables are stable and can protect you from injury and accidents.

These two climbing cables are durable because they are constructed of strong steel. Steel is a heavy and durable material that will ensure the security of the cables for a complete measure of safety.


  • The stand weighs less than 20 pounds and is light to carry
  • It comes with support cables that are made of strong material
  • The stand is easy to set up and move around for transport


  • The stand has a few scratches on it when it arrived
  • The stand was missing a cable that was supposed to be included

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#11. Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting Climber Tree Stand

Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting Climber


The Climbing Tree Stand is constructed for a flexible and compacted design. It can be folded down for easy carrying. It is not heavy and can be carried to many locations to find the best hunting spots that will give you the best victory.


The stand is extremely durable because it is constructed of steel material. The platform is large enough for a hunter to sit and stretch out. The platform is 19 inches by 26 inches for enough space to wait for the kill shot.

The sturdy straps are designed to hold the tree stand platform in a locking position. This keeps the platform from moving or falling. The stand will hold up to 300 pounds in weight.

The weight of the climbing tree stand is an estimated 33 pounds for easy portability. It comes equipped with a safety feature to ensure that the hunter is completely secure and safe.

The full safety harness will keep the hunter from falling out of the stand and keep him from having an unexpected accident.


The extra padding will keep your body from becoming sore and feeling uncomfortable. There is padded cushioning on the seat, backrest and on the arms of the seat.

The padding helps to offer support to your back, arms, and legs. The support allows hunters to stay on the stand for longer periods of time while waiting for the final kill shot.


  • The climbing tree stand is made for durability and comfort
  • There are a variety of safety features that come with the stand
  • The steel frame will last a long time without breaking or falling apart


  • The padding on the armrests was not that comfortable
  • The stand was confusing to set up properly

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What to Look for When Choosing a Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand


The weight of a climbing tree stand is a critical factor to consider. A light stand can increase your speed in the woods. It will not use all of your energy carrying it to your destination.

A heavy stand can be awkward and bulky to maneuver through the woods. It can take longer to carry and set up because it is not lightweight.

When you want to find a good quality stand, you will want to ensure it is lightweight. It will make your hunting trip easier and it will be faster to get set up.


A good quality stand is going to be durable and sturdy. It will be made to last and not need any maintenance. The stand should be constructed to hold up during long hunting seasons and unexpected weather conditions.

You will not want to get deep into the woods to find out your tree stand is in need of repair before using it.

Easy Setup

The tree stand should be easy to set up properly. You are not going to want to spend hours setting up a stand and miss out on the main reason your hunting.

It is vital to ensure that the stand you purchase takes minimal setup. A stand that takes a lot of assemblies can make noise and scare off your game that you want to scout.

Other Considerations

  • The design of the stand is an important consideration because you want one that will fit your hunting needs
  • The mobility of the stand is important, you will want a stand that can be moved for convenience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the most comfortable climbing tree stand?

Comfort is key when buying a climbing tree stand. Unfortunately, not all the climbers out there come with this feature in mind. Nevertheless, our hand-picked options include the market’s most comfortable top options.

What is the lightest climbing tree stand on the market?

The lightest climbing tree stands are of aluminum. On our list, the lightest model is the Lone Wolf Hand Climber since it only comes with a weight of 17 lbs.

How do the climbing tree stands work?

The climbing tree stands use cables or chains to connect to a tree at your desired height. To get to the stand, hunters use ladders, climbing sticks or steps.

What is the perfect climbing tree stand?

Although there are many options out there, only a few are worth buying. And since is not easy to tell what is worth picking from the myriad of options available, we have compiled the market’s finest options to make picking your ideal climbing tree stand pretty straightforward.

How do you choose a climbing tree stand?

Before you add one to your shopping cart, you should pay attention to key considerations such as the construction, portability, adjustability, ease of use, ergonomics, and maximum weight limit.

Final Verdict

Hunters will enjoy having a stand that is compact and easy to move from one location to another.

The tree stand can be brought back home to keep it safe while you’re not in the woods. The comfortable design is made to keep you focused on the game and not the uncomfortable feeling of the stand.

The climbing stand has a durable construction to ensure that your safety is always put first. If you’re wanting to purchase one of the perfect climbing tree stands today, then one of these will be a great choice. The stands can provide an exceptional hunting experience.


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