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Can You Shoot A Pellet Gun In Your Backyard?

A pellet gun is a type of gun that fires pellets instead of bullets. Don’t get us wrong, they’re just common guns like rifles, pistols, etc. that fire small projectiles called pellets. If you’re a fan of classic movies, then you’ve probably seen it in the movie ”Men at Work”.

If its target practices, shooting sports, or training, then the pellet gun is the right gun for you. It can shoot past 350 yards making it good for game hunting too. If you are wondering, if it has the caliber to do so, then just know it has guns that can fire up to .50 caliber.

Where can you use your pellet gun?

It’s obvious that a pellet gun is a firearm. Thus, it has to abide by the firearm rules and regulations. Laws limit the firing, shooting, and even possession of firearms depending on the geographical location. Example places like hospitals, airports, or government buildings do not allow the possession of firearms (including pellet guns)

There are also regional laws like state laws or county laws that limit the use of firearms. For example, the state of California in the USA has the most strict gun laws. Purchasing and selling of guns (even pellets) in there, is through a dealer and not by a third party. Possession of guns including BB guns is legal on the grounds that the person should be 18 years old and above. However, it prohibits the exposure of firearms of any kind in public places like front yards, streets, schools, etc.

So can you shoot your pellet gun in your backyard? I guess, it depends on where your backyard’s property location and the regional laws of the specific location. Properties located in cities and residential areas are considered public places. Therefore, it’s likely you’ll be limited to shoot your pellet gun. Places that are located outside residential areas may have the upper hand advantage in using a pellet gun but sometimes a permit might be necessary depending on the local laws of the confined location.

Are pellet guns dangerous?

If you were wondering if pellet guns could kill people, then the answer is yes. Statistics show that pellet guns kill at least four people in the world yearly.

Pellet guns vary in caliber and power plants. Some can shoot past 350 yards at very high speed making them as deadly as guns example rifles. That’s not all, pellet guns use air propulsion instead of gun powder explosion to propel pellets. This means that they have a bigger impact than bullet guns (the bullet guns create a more lethal effect due to the size of their bullets and their caliber range abilities)

What is the difference between a pellet gun and a BB gun?

A pellet gun might have the same guns as the BB guns but they are different. Their difference lies between the following factors

  • Design
  • Caliber
  • Ammunition
  • Power plants
  • Safety

Starting with the design, Pellet guns are different from BB guns in terms of structural designs. Pellet guns are training guns, meaning they are just as heavy as bullet guns. On the other hand, BB guns are light and hollow, making them easy to carry and use.

Pellet guns and BB guns also differ in terms of caliber. The pellet guns’ caliber ranges from .177 – .50 caliber giving it the capability to shoot past 350 yards. On the other hand, BB guns are small projectile guns. They have a velocity of 60 meters per second giving them a caliber .177 and below. This makes it less lethal in long ranges when compared to a pellet gun

Ammunition is actually their biggest distinguishing factor. Pellet guns use pellets as bullets. Pellets are small cylindrical projectiles with wide bases in which are either diabolo or cylindrical in shape. Their diameter varies depending on the pellet size but the common ones range from 0.1777 inches to 0.19 inches. On the other hand, BB guns fire bullets called BB(s). The BB bullets are spherical bullets that resemble like ball bearings with a diameter of 0.18 inches. Their material composition varies from zinc, copper, lead, etc.

 Pellets gun and BB gun very in power plants. Pellet power plants have many types of power plants including carbon dioxide, pneumatic, spring-piston, etc. While The BB guns have only the carbon dioxide cartridge as its only power plant.

Lastly, it’s safer to use a pellet gun than a BB gun. This is because their bullets don’t cause friction to the barrel once they’re fired. Also, big pellets do not jam, unlike BB guns. 

Safety tips you need to adhere to when using pellet guns

Pellet guns are weapons and thus they need care when handling them. Now let’s look at some of the safety tips that we need to consider when handling a pellet gun

  • Only hold the trigger when you’re ready to shoot
  • Avoid pointing a pellet gun on someone. Unless its self-defense, never points pellet gun at someone. Remember, a pellet is as lethal as a bullet hence care attention is necessary.
  • During training and hunting, use protective goggles when shooting a pellet gun
  • Never drop a pellet gun as it may fire accidentally.
  • Do not engage on your target until you’re sure that there is no obstacle on the way.
  • Always keeps your pellet gun concealed when it’s not in use to avoid third parties from accessing it.

Why possess a pellet gun?

A pellet gun is something that can come in handy anytime. Thus, many people buy them because

  • For target practice
  • For ranging practice
  • As a weapon for self-defense
  • For recreation and sports.


A pellet gun can be a good substitute for the BB gun in long-range sports. Thus if you are thinking to purchase a pellet gun for your ranging training it best you check out Gamo since they there biggest dealers.

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