The 11 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos 2023

Keyboard and mouse are the most important peripherals when it comes to the use of computers. They give you full control over the computer system and allow you to make changes and adjustments to computers with simple clicks. The traditional keyboard and mouse rely on wires to deliver commands to the computer.

However, the advancement in technology has brought about a dramatic change in the way these devices work. Currently, some keyboard and mouse rely on wireless technology to make requests to the computer systems. These devices are easy to operate, and the best part is that a good number are compatible with most computer systems. As such, you can use them on your desktop and laptop without making a software change.

Like most electronic devices, wireless keyboard mouse come in different varieties, depending on the technology used in linking these peripherals to the computer. Wireless keyboards and mouse make transmissions through radio frequencies via Bluetooth or Nano receivers. Once the connection is made, the keyboard and mouse will be able to communicate with the computer system without using wires.

Since these devices are designed differently, you have to be very cautious when making a purchase. The other thing that you should keep in mind is that some keyboard and mouse are task-specific. That being said, some combos are meant for office work and other general computer operations, while others deliver exceptional results when used in gaming functions. As such, always ensure that the combination that you are buying will meet all your task requirements.

To help you make the right choice, here is a review list of the best wireless keyboard and mouse that will help you get rid of the extra set of wires.

11 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

#1 Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Logitech provides you with a full layout keyboard that will completely change how you type. The convenient palm rest provides you with a comfortable typing experience, thus maximizing your productivity. It features easy-access keys that will give you quick access to the available functions. Additionally, the keyboard has a spill-resistant design, which protects the internal componentry from accidental spills. The keys are ergonomically arranged to facilitate fast typing without straining the fingers and wrists.

The MK345 uses a 2.4 GHz wireless technology with a 30ft working range. All transmissions are made through the Nano receiver, which has to be inserted in any of the USB ports on your computer. Both the keyboard and the mouse use the same receiver, so you won’t have to overload your computer with multiple receivers. You will be happy to know that all the transmissions are AES encrypted with a 128-bit security block. This way, all your data will be safe.

More to this, the hand-friendly mouse uses a powerful optical tracking system, which allows you to move the cursor with exact precision. Besides, the mouse is contoured to give you a reliable grip when making maneuvers. The mouse and the keyboard have long-lasting batteries that will save you from making frequent battery changes. Plus, the battery inside the keyboard can last up to three years, while the one in the can go up to eighteen months. Nonetheless, this may change depending on how often you use the devices.


  • Plug and play design
  • Keyboard has media access keys
  • The mouse has a convenient scroll wheel
  • Quiet keys for peaceful typing


  • The mouse may not suit left-handed users

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#2 Vssoplor Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Vssoplor Wireless Keyboard and Mous

The keyboard and mouse from Vssoplor are uniquely designed to give you an easy time when operating your computer. One of the features that will impress you is the fact that the mouse makes noiseless clicks. This will allow you to stay focused on what you are doing, thus maximizing your work output. More to this, the mouse has an adjustable design, which allows you to tune the DPI level from 1000-2400. Through this, you will be able to customize the movements of the cursor according to your preference.

On the other hand, the keyboard has an ultra-slim design with well-placed keys for enhanced typing. The keyboard is equipped with quiet keys, which allow you to type without distracting those around you. This feature has been achieved through the application of the scissor-switch design on each of the keys. The keyboard has a durable aluminum casing, which protects it from abuse.

Both devices have built-in lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable. When fully charged, the batteries can last for more than three months even when used daily. The batteries only take two hours to charge to full capacity, so you won’t have to wait for long to resume tasks.


  • Sleek keyboard design
  • Compatible with common operating systems
  • Keyboard and mouse use one dongle
  • Auto-sleep mode


  • The package comes with one charging cable

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#3 VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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This combo offers you a keyboard with perfectly spaced keys that will allow you to type faster. The keyboard has an 8-degree tilt, which raises the upper side to release wrist pressure when typing. You can use this feature by pulling out the built-in stands at the back of the keyboard. Also, the keys make a short travel when pushed downwards, thereby limiting finger strain. The mouse and the keyboard have intelligent power management systems that conserve the energy in the batteries.

The battery indicator on the keyboard will inform you when the battery is about to run out. This will allow you to make battery replacements at the right time before the unit shuts down. Additionally, the on/off switches on the keyboard and mouse will enable you to shut down the devices when they are not in use. The mouse has an ergonomic design, which enhances grip, while the scroll wheel allows you to scroll through pages with ease.

Depending on how sensitive you want the mouse to be, you can adjust the DPI to 800, 1200, or 1600. Moreover, the mouse has a standby mode, which activates automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. This will allow the AAA battery in the mouse to last longer. The keyboard, on the other hand, runs on 2 AAA batteries.


  • Keyboard delivers light keystrokes
  • Hassle-free connection
  • Silent mouse
  • Ergonomic design


  • The keyboard is not as quiet
  • Batteries are not included

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#4 Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Compact Quiet Small Keyboard and Mouse

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If you are looking for a keyboard and mouse that you can carry with ease, the combo from Jelly comb may just be what you need. The keyboard measures 11.1-inches by 4.6-inches wide, making this one of the mini options that you can consider using. It does not take up a lot of room on your desk, so you will have enough room to maneuver the mouse. Besides, the mouse makes whisper-quiet, thus giving you noiseless user experience.

The keyboard has anti-slip pads, which locks it in place, thereby preventing it from moving as you type. This increases your accuracy and allows you to strike the right keys. The silicone cover on the keyboard shields the internal system from dust and other destructive elements. More to this, the mouse fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and allows you to work for long hours without getting fatigued.

You can connect this unit to your computer by using the 2.4 GHz Nano receiver. The receiver is highly advanced and can make multiple transmissions in seconds. As such, you can type and move the mouse at the same time, while using a single one Nano receiver. If you like, you can raise the keyboard using the available stands.


  • Scissor-switch keyboard keys
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Ultra-slim keyboard


  • Not a full layout keyboard
  • Some keys don’t work with Mac OS operating systems

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#5 WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

The combo from WisFox provides you with a large keyboard that has 104 keys. Twelve of the keys will give you quick access to multimedia functions. As such, you will be able to get your music, photos, emails, videos, and other files with a single push. The low-volume keys will allow you to work without disturbing the peace of others. This makes the combo an ideal option for office settings.

Also, the keys are anti-fingerprint, so they will remain neat and clean full time. The keyboard has a splash-proof design, which allows it to withstand accidental coffee spills. This feature also plays a critical role in ensuring the internal components are dust-free. The mouse is uniquely curved to give you a slip-free user experience when operating the mouse. These devices rely on a micro receiver, which has a plug-and-play design.

As such, you won’t have to install additional drivers or software to get the keyboard and the mouse to work. The receiver provides you with a reliable working range of up to 33ft, hence allowing you to work with your computer without being close to it. Furthermore, the scroll wheel on the mouse is grooved to give you slip-less scrolls.


  • Wide range compatibility
  • Provides you with hotkey functions
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti-scratch keys


  • Both mouse and keyboard don’t come with the required batteries

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#6 Cimetech Compact Full Size Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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This keyboard and mouse are built with a durable ABS material, which is abrasion-resistant. The keyboard is slightly raised on one side to prevent the build-up of pressure on the wrists. This way, you will be able to type for an extended period without hurting your wrists. The smart indicator system will keep you updated on the current keyboard settings. Through it, you can view the power status and know if the caps lock key is activated.

The wireless mouse has advanced features, which will allow you to customize the settings to meet your task requirements. As such, you can adjust the DPI level to suit office or home use. More to this, you can set the polling rate at 125 Hz or 250 Hz depending on how often you want the mouse to report to your computer. As a result, you will have a reliable connection that won’t fluctuate regardless of how long the unit has been on.

If you want a keyboard that is well organized, the combo from Cimetech will deliver exactly that. The alphabetical keys and the numeric keys are set differently to give you an easy time when typing, or when running programs that require you to use numbers. This combination comes in a wide range of colors, so you can pick the pair that rhymes with your laptop or desktop.


  • The mouse is equipped with a powerful optical engine
  • Sleek design
  • Both units operate with minimal noise
  • One dongle operation


  • Does not charge batteries

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#7 RATEL Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

RATEL Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

This pair is also another great option that you can consider purchasing. The keyboard has laser curved keys, which are easy to press, while the mouse provides you with an anti-skid roller that will assist you in fast scrolling. The crater-switch design increases tactileresponse, thus improving your typing speed. Moreover, the keys move smoothly without generating annoying sounds as you type. This feature will allow you to use the keyboard anywhere without worrying about noisy clicks.

The mouse has a special compartment, which houses the receiver. After removing the receiver, the only thing that you need to do is insert it into one of the USB ports. The keyboard measures 16.9-inches x 4.9-inches, while the mouse is 3.9-inches x 1.8-inches.As you can see both devices are not as large and will allow you to work continuously without straining your arms.

You can connect this set to your PC, desktop, TV, etc. The mouse uses infrared technology to trace the maneuvers that you make, so you will be able to direct the cursor in whichever direction that you want. Additionally, the mouse allows you to select, highlight, and perform other functions in an instant.


  • Compatible with all Windows machines
  • Stable Nano receiver
  • Waterproof
  • Portable


  • Multimedia functions are not compatible with some operating systems

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#8 Seenda Slim Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse with Numeric Keypad

Seenda Slim Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse

With this keyboard and mouse at the tip of your fingers, you will have a better chance of finishing your projects on time. This is because they have all the right features that will provide you with the speed and accuracy that you need to accomplish tasks. The keys on the far right side will give you easy access to the keyboard’s number functions. Since this is a full-sized keyboard, the keys are strategically placed to maximize user efficiency, while limiting fatigue.

Unlike traditional keyboards and mice, the wireless mouse and keyboard from Seenda don’t lag or freeze-up when they are being used. However, if you notice a change in response, you can consider changing the batteries. The intelligent sleep mode will automatically launch itself when the mouse and the keyboard are left idle for over 10 minutes. Consequently, this will preserve battery power, bringing about an improvement in battery life.

Besides, the package comes with a well-written user manual that will walk you through some of the functions and how you can use the devices for maximum results. The keyboard and the mouse have manual on/off switches that you can use when taking a break from the work.


  • Has a pairing indicator that confirms successful connections with the dongle
  • Allows you to adjust the DPI
  • Stylish design


  • You have to buy the batteries separately

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#9 Dell LP KM717 Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Dell LP KM717 Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Being one of the leading producers in computer hardware accessories, Dell provides you with a reliable mouse and keyboard that will help you tackle different tasks efficiently. To use these devices, you have to attach the USB dongle to your computer. This enables the keyboard and the mouse to send transmissions through radio frequency (RF) technology. Alternatively, you can use the Bluetooth LE feature to achieve a dependable wireless connection.

Compared to most mice, this Dell model is arc-shaped to provide your hands with a natural fit. This feature delivers maximum comfort and allows you to work for long hours without your fingers and wrists getting sore. More to this, the shape allows the mouse to move on effortlessly on different surfaces, even those that are highly glossy.

The keyboard has several shortcut keys that will make your work much easier. Additionally, the stand on the upper side of the keyboard tilts the device at an ergonomic angle. This way, your elbows will be set in the right position, thus preventing possible fatigue or arm strain.


  • Multi-OS support
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to switch connection between devices


  • The keyboard is not as slim compared to other models in the same class

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#10 Lucloud- LC-TZ22-2 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Lucloud- LC-TZ22-2 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Size and shape are very important when choosing a mouse and a keyboard. And that is why Lucloud has designed an ultra-slim keyboard and an ergonomically shaped mouse that will make you more productive with your work. Both units connect to the computer system through a powerful receiver, which picks up wireless transmissions from the keyboard and mouse.

The keycaps rest on a scissor-like mechanism, which increases response, thereby allowing you to type at a higher pace. To power the keyboard, you will need 2 AA batteries, while the mouse requires 2 AAA batteries. The Nano receiver is compatible with USB 2.0 and will easily connect to most computers.

The mouse and the keyboard use a 2.4 GHz connection, which will ensure that the commands you make reach the computer in real-time. Also, the keys have a smooth finish, which delivers a comfortable feel to your fingers as you type.


  • Built with skin-friendly materials
  • Highly sensitive mouse
  • Quiet keys


  • Flimsy construction

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# 11 Rii RKM709 Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

RKM709 Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

This wireless keyboard and mouse are compatible with Android TV boxes, PC devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles such as PS3, among others. The mouse has convenient features, which allow you to personalize the settings according to your preference. Besides, you can tune the DPI from 1600 to 3200.The devices can work with most operating systems, so you won’t have a hard time with the set up.

The keyboard is wide, and the keys are spread out to give you easy access. Despite being wide, the keyboard is ultra-slim and does not occupy a lot of space. The mouse has a convenient bulge on the top side, which will give your palm a comfortable fit. However, the bottom side is flat and allows you to make smooth maneuvers.

Moreover, the lower part of the keyboard has rubberized anchor points, which keep it in place when you type. The retractable frames will allow you to raise the keyboard at an angle to increase efficiency. As a result, you will get high quality results from your typing sessions.


  • Unified keyboard and mouse connection
  • Comes with an instructional manual
  • Ideal for office work


  • Not rechargeable

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DPI stand for in wireless mouse?

Dots per Inch, commonly abbreviated as DPI is the unit of measurement that indicates how sensitive your mouse is.

How does a wireless mouse and keyboard work?

Most wireless keyboards and mice use Nano receivers, which allow the computer to recognize the devices. Through this, the computer can process the radio frequency transmissions generated by the keyboard and mouse.

What is the working range of a wireless keyboard and mouse?

When used in a room with minimal interference, a wireless keyboard and mouse can send signals to the receiver from as far as 30ft.

Can I connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to my TV?

Yes. Smart TVs are compatible with most wireless keyboards and mice.

Final Verdict

The wireless keyboard and mouse listed above will save you the trouble of having to deal with wires. With the plug-and-play design, these devices will take you less than five minutes to set up.

You don’t have to worry about performance since they are just as efficient as their corded counterparts. The only difference is that they are portable and more modern compared to the traditional models.

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