The 8 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos 2020

The advancement of technology has made our life easier with the way we are able to use our devices.

One of the best wireless devices that have been on the market is the wireless keyboard and mouse.

There are a variety of brands that manufacture these items and it can be difficult to determine what the best wireless mouse and keyboard are. There are several things to consider when making a final purchase.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Reviews

1. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

Logitech MK270

It will provide an increase in performance and is easy to use for long periods of time. These features will help you decide if this combo is a good choice for you.

The shortcut keys can make big difference in functionality and time. The shortcut keys are keys that can be clicked to open and use your most favorable apps.

The keys can be used to control volume, play, pause, and stop. The shortcut keys are a quick way to access your programs.

The advanced wireless capability provides a wider range of use. You can work, play, or surf the web from all areas of your home.

The advanced wireless connection can work up to approximately 10 meters of range. The ability to have the option to use your devices wirelessly where you want is an amazing feature to have.

The battery life of the wireless mouse and keyboard is phenomenal. The keyboard can last up to 36 months before needing to be charged. The mouse can last up to 12 months before needing the battery recharged.

The on and off switch can help save the battery and be turned off when not in use. The battery life features can make your life easier and save you time from needing to recharge when it is less convenient for you.

The mouse is compact and can be taken with you on the go. You can put it in a computer bag, purse, or luggage. It is easily compactable and takes up minimal space.

The mouse can be taken with you for business meetings, trips, vacations, and much more. The ability to take the mouse on the go can make your life easier and allow you more access to your programs and files.


  • The wireless keyboard and mouse combo works in all areas of the home
  • It has a decent range and does not drop connection or buffer
  • The device is easy to install and setup
  • It can be used on different surfaces without any issues
  • The battery life lasts a long time and there is no need to charge it every day.


  • Did not come with the Logitech universal receiver
  • Had problems installing the wireless combo

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2. LogitechMk520 Wireless Keyboard/ Mouse Combo


The features will provide more information for you to understand what the benefits of the product are. The features will help you determine if this is the product that you want to purchase.

The keyboard has been constructed for complete comfort. There is a padding rest that helps to take pressure off your wrists when typing.

The rest can help you place your fingers on the keys and provide more support.

The support allows you to use the keyboard for long periods of time with complete comfort. The mouse has comfy grips on the size for easy use.

The side grips are designed to keep your hands comfortable while manicuring the mouse.

The battery life of the mouse and keyboard are well worth it. The keyboard has a battery life of three years and the mouse has a battery life of up to 18 months.

You can use the combo set without worrying about them needing to be charged when you need them the most. The battery life will keep you working without any interruptions.

The keyboard and mouse combo set is easily hooked up using a unifying receiver. There is no need to use your USB ports and once it is hooked up, the products can be used instantly.

The wireless devices will be ready to use within minutes of receiving them. It is simple to install and setup.

The media shortcut keys are easy to use and can control your media faster with the shortcut keys. You can play, pause, stop, and fast-forward with the touch of one button.

The shortcut keys can let you skip songs, movie parts, and more without needing to touch your mouse. The keys make using media easier and quicker than ever before.


  • The wireless keyboard/mouse combo took little time to setup
  • The design of the keyboard and mouse made using them simple and they were comfortable for long-term use.
  • The long battery life is a great feature to have with this product
  • The shortcut keys make using media simple and are easy to figure out


  • The letters disappear off of the keys after about a year of use
  • The combo came but did not come with the receiver

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3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech Wireless

It has a nice appearance and works great with a variety of operating systems.

The keys are quiet and easy to use. There are 12 different keys that can be programmed and personalized for your convenience. You can use these keys to access your favorite programs with one touch service.

There are 11 keys that can be used for multimedia applications. You can control your music, videos, and movies with one touch buttons for easy functioning.

The battery power lasts for months before needing to be recharged. The mouse battery life can last up to a year before needing to be charged up. The keyboard can work up to 2 years before needing to be charged.

The battery life can ensure that you continue working without interruptions or needing to charge up the combo. It is a great feature to have available.

The mouse and keyboard are comfortable to use. The keys are light and easy to push down. The design of the mouse and keyboard help to use the product longer without cramping or soreness.

These comfortable designs can let you use your devices for longer periods of time without the need to take a break.


  • The battery life last for months and does not need charging on a regular basis
  • The combo is comfortable and easy to use
  • The installation and setup of the wireless mouse and keyboard takes little time
  • The sleek look of the products is nice with a comfort shape


  • The combo is designed to only work with certain versions of Window Operating Systems
  • There were complications getting the product installed properly

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4. Logitech Desktop MK120 Mouse and keyboard Combo

Logitech Desktop MK120

Between the wireless options and the benefits that the product has to offer, it is a great choice. The features will let you know what the combo has to offer you and if it would be a good purchase for you to make.

The keyboard has been tested and proved to be spill resistant. The design of the keyboard helps to reduce dampness and accidents when using the device.

It is not covered if the keyboard completely emerges in water or liquid. The spill resistant feature can be a lifesaver when unexpected accidents occur.

The keyboard and mouse are easy to use. The lettering on the keys is bold to help you see them better in low light conditions. The number pad and Functions keys are laid out to help you easily access them without delay.

The mouse has an optical design that makes moving your cursor a breeze. The optical features let you move the mouse freely and accurately without any complications.

This is a nice benefit to have available and it can save you time when in a hurry.

The low-profile design of the keyboard can help to reduce pain or pressure in the wrists. It has an amazing layout that makes typing faster an amazing possibility.

The functionality of the design was considered when the combo was manufactured.

The design is sleek and looks nice anywhere that it will be placed. It is lightweight and easy to move around with little effort.


  • The spill-resistant keyboard is an amazing feature and can save you money in the future
  • The battery life lasts forever before needing to be recharged again
  • The layout of the keyboard is extremely functional and is comfortable to use


  • The keyboard worked good but the mouse was not easy to get installed
  • The buttons were hard to push down on the keyboard

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5. Logitech Mk550 Wave Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

Logitech Mk550

The construction of the combo was made to fit users needs. It has a nice appearance and is lightweight.

The benefits of this product will give you a better idea if it is something that you would choose to purchase.

The sleek design of the keyboard is unique. The curve shape makes it easier to place your fingers when typing. It is comfortable to use because the keyboard has built in palm rests.

The palm rests can be used to keep pressure off of your wrist and allow you to type longer than ever.

The layout of the keys is easy to use and are in a familiar spot that your use to. Your fingers will naturally move from key to key without missing a letter.

The battery life lasts a long time. You will not need to charge the wireless devices often because the extension of the battery life lasts for months.

When you use the keyboard regularly it may not need to be recharged for at least three years and the mouse can last up to two years.

The batteries that it takes is the regular AA batteries that can be easily purchased at a local store.

The wireless mouse has a unique feature that it is constructed with. The mouse has a laser that makes usability simple and accurate.

The sides of the mouse have slip grips made of rubber. The rubber sides make it easier to grasp and maneuver. The laser and grips allow you to use the mouse with ease and it is comfortable to operate.


  • The curve design looks great and makes typing easier to do
  • The laser mouse has the one click option and moves freely without delays
  • The battery for both devices last a long time before needing to be changed out
  • The hookup and installation only takes minutes to complete


  • The mouse did not work at certain distances from the receiver
  • There was a chip in the keyboard when it arrived

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6. Logitech MK710 Desktop Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

Logitech MK710

The combo has a wide range of special features that can improve your time and accessibility of your programs. The features will give you an idea what the product has to offer and if it would be a good fit for you.

The design of the keyboard has a different appearance than regular keyboards do. The keys are curved to better contour to your fingers when you type.

The layout of the keys and design can help improve your typing skills and give you complete comfort moving from key to key.

The palm rest is embedded into the keyboard to give you a comfortable place to rest your palms while your fingers do all the work.

Your hands and palms will be able to relax while your fingers glide over the keys for hours at a time.

The mouse that comes with the keyboard is designed for speed. You can use the scroll feature on the mouse to skim through long documents in minutes.

You can move freely from page to page without any lag or interruptions. The speed of the mouse is fast and can help save you time when you’re working, gaming, browsing, and reading.

The keyboard is equipped with LCD lights. The LCD lights will tell you how much life you have on your battery.

It can let you know by glancing at the keyboard if your scroll, number lock, and caps lock are turned on. The lights can keep you from making mistakes and provide assurance with a quick glance of your keyboard


  • The shape of the keys help to keep your fingers moving accurately
  • The bright LCD lights provide a lot of information about your keyboard and they can tell you what features are turned on or off.
  • The mouse is fast and reliable with every use


  • The letter on the keys disappear quickly
  • The hookup process was confusing and took longer than expected

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7. Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse

Rii i8+ 2.4GHz

The updated Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse, LED Backlit, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery is a unique product to use.

The backlit option is a handy feature that can be taken advantage of consistently. The backlit feature works great for low lit areas.

It is convenient to have when working in the dark or late evening and night. Being able to use this feature can help from straining your eyes at night and can make it easier to see to type in low light areas.

The combo has approximately 92 keys that function and operate. The key options can help you type quicker and have different functions to make typing easier.

The high definition touchpad is easy to use and has an adjustable option for your convenience.

The unique keyboard has multifunctional keys that control media, audio, video and work great for gaming. The keys make online gaming a breeze.

The keys functional all of your gaming needs with different key usage. These controls are a great choice for people who use media and are heavy gamers.

The sleek size gives you complete control of your game and how your keys operate.

The unique combo has a battery saver feature. You can change the setting os the auto sleep feature to fit your usability. You can program the auto sleep to work after a certain amount of time of not using the product.

If you want to have your device go to sleep after 10 minutes of not being used, then it will turn off in that amount of time. It is a nice feature to have and saves time and money on battery life.


  • The small and sleek design allows the combo to be easily held without bulkiness
  • The auto sleep features to control the wireless device and turns it off for you
  • The gaming keys are phenomenal and work great with a variety of online games
  • The keys work easily without sticking and are easy to push down


  • The mini wireless mouse and keyboard is smaller than what I had liked
  • The keys are too small for my big fingers to use easily

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8. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

It has a lot of great features to take advantage of. The benefits of the wireless combo can help you decide if it is what you’re looking for. These benefits will explain how the features can assist your typing needs.

The keys have a different shape that resembles the curve key feature. The shape of the keys helps you glide from one key to the next with ease.

The key functionality keeps you working without any complications. The design of the keys makes it easier to place your fingers where they need to be for accurate typing and speed.

The layout of the keyboard keys is great for office functionality. It has the separate number pad for easy to use numbers without missing a key.

The layout was constructed for added usability and functionality of the keys. The Windows button gives you a shortcut to the start screen which can save a lot of time when you’re in a hurry.

The comfort of the keyboard and mouse is nice to have. The keyboard is laid out nicely which makes it easier for you to type without straining your hands.

The keyboard comes with a palm rest to keep your palms in place and provides extra support while your typing.

The mouse has a nice shape that is easy to hold, grasp and move around. There is a built-in thumb intention for you to use that keeps your hands from cramping after long use of the mouse.


  • The keyboard is easy to use and the buttons are not hard to push down
  • The mouse can scroll fast through pages and documents
  • The connection is perfect and there is no buffering or lag when using the combo
  • The support for the palms helps to reduce cramping and tiredness when using the keyword for long hours each day.


  • The keyboard and mouse does not provide full functionality with my Android device
  • The mouse does not roll very well on certain surfaces

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What to Look for When Buying a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

Key Function

The key functions are important and there are several to choose from. You will want to find a keyboard that is easy to use and that can improve your typing speed.

The type of keys that are installed on the keyboard can work differently.

Some keys are spring loaded and do not need to be pressed all the way down when typing. It is important to feel the keys on the keyboard before making a final decision.


A mouse and keyboard are the prime points of contact that our hands and fingers touch. It is important to find a mouse and keyboard that feels comfortable on the fingers and hands.

You will want to try out the products and make sure they are easy to use and contour to your fingers and hands.

A comfortable mouse and keyboard can improve your performance and allow you to type and browse for hours at a time.


The accuracy is another important factor to consider when deciding on your final purchase. A wireless mouse and keyboard can be moved around to different areas and surfaces.

If you will be using your wireless products on the carpet, table, or other surfaces, it is a good idea to make sure your devices will provide accuracy and functionality on these surfaces.


The wireless keyboard and mouse combo should be compatible with your operating system. You will want to review the product’s compatibility options before buying the products.

It is a good idea to make sure your system is compatible with the wireless products that you are looking to buy.

Final Verdict

I suggest purchasing one of these products because they all have amazing features that you can utilize with each use.

The wireless ability lets you use each of these products wherever you want and you are not bogged down with any cords to deal with.

If you’re wanting to purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard combo, I recommend every one of these products to choose from.

They all have similar features with unique benefits that can make your typing skills easier and faster.

Being able to use a keyboard and mouse wireless is a nice advantage to have available.

Every one of these products will provide you with the freedom to move around without cords and provides the top of the line functions to make life easier.


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