The Best Watering Wands In 2018

Watering gardens, flowers, shrubs, and bushes is a fun-filled activity.

It is however sensitive in the sense that it is heavily regulated by various jurisdictions and municipalities.

These regulations are mainly due to the need to conserve water.No other gadget does this job better than the watering wand.

This is because it has the ability to discharge the same volume of water at a slightly lower pressure.

In so doing, it minimizes wastage yet still guarantees the same level of efficiency.

The aim of this review is to aid precious would-be users like you to make the right purchasing decisions.

Top Watering Wands

NameMain FeatureEditor's ScorePrice
The Relaxed Gardener Multiple Spray A++ Check Price
Dramm 14804 One Touch Rain Heavy-Duty Shut-Off Valve A+ Check Price
Orbit Hose-End 58674N Has Fireman grip lever A+ Check Price

Ten Recommended Reviews

1: Dramm 14804 One Touch Rain Wand with One Touch Valve, 30-Inch, Green

Is your search for the most suitable watering wand dictated by the need for convenience of use?

If you said yes, then you may consider this particular one. That is because as you are going to see, it does ft that particular bill well.

Thumb Control Valve

Its most prominent feature is this thumb control valve. This is so designed as to be easy in your hands. You just have to move the control lever using your thumb to trigger and control the flow of water. You won’t have to expend too much effort.

400 PL Water Breaker Shower Head

This feature ejects a stream of a gentle-soaking rain shower. The water that is so ejected does not at all harm plants but soaks the root zone thoroughly. On the whole, the component is pretty effective at doing its work of soaking the plants.

High-strength Aluminum Construction

Most of its components are made of the high strength Aluminum material. This material is strong, tough, stable, yet light in weight. Because of this, you will find the wand manageable, reliable, and convenient to handle around.

100% Quality-tested

The entire wand is quality tested before being shipped to the various distributors and retail outlets. This ensures that they meet the highest standards that are set forth by the various accreditation agencies. Because of this, you should rest assured of nothing but the highest levels of satisfaction by opting for it.

Reputable Brand

Dramm, which is the manufacturer of this watering wand, has been engaged in the business of producing high-quality watering tools since 1941.

All its past clients have returned favorable verdicts as regards the quality of services they accrued from their products. You too are guaranteed the same, if not better, experiences.


  • Ejects a stream of gentle, full-flow, and quick water
  • Saves your water while moving from one plant to another efficiently
  • Eliminates the need to strain from squeezing as is the case with many current watering tools
  • Light in weight
  • Exudes a durable feel


  • Accompanied by less generous manufacturer warranty
  • Moderately expensive and out of the reach of many deserving users
  • Not so effective in reaching the hard-to-reach areas

2: Orbit Hose-End 58674N 36-Inch 9-Pattern Turret Wand with Ratcheting Head

Is yours a small garden on which you grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers? If you answered yes, then you require this extra long watering wand. As you shall see from the proceeding review, it is equipped with all the relevant features that suit such a garden.

9-spray Options

Coming in at position 1 of its elegant features is the 9-spray options. With this watering wand, you can choose from the cone, center, fan, flood, shower, flat, angle, mist, or jet watering. Because of this, you can be certain that all your watering needs will be well taken care of.

Lever Fireman Grip

It does come along with a lever fireman grip that basically enables you to adjust the flow of water. This component has a very tight yet comfortable grip. By reason of this, it allows you to easily adjust the flow of water.

Durable construction

All its parts and components are made of tough and durable materials. These include stainless steel, Aluminum, and high-density polyethylene. They are resistant to all kinds of wear and tear. You should hence anticipate the wand not to fray, rust, or deteriorate easily.

Extra-long Size

In total, the wand has a length of approximately 36 inches (91.4 cm). This length enables you to reach out to those otherwise hard-to-reach areas with ease. These include hanging baskets, remote portions of the garden, and extreme ends of a typical garden.

Ratcheting Head

The wand’s watering mechanism comes in the form of a ratchet head that rotates 180-degrees. It is hence able to channel water in all directions at a time. This design, therefore, allows you to enjoy the benefit of unhindered convenience.


  • Ideal for reaching out to shrubs and hanging baskets
  • Highly versatile and convenient to utilize
  • Provides years and years of reliable use
  • Extremely light in weight (weighs a paltry 13.6 ounces)
  • Great for outdoor use


  • Quite complicated for a simple user
  • Can only be used with cold water
  • May damage young plants

3: The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

Do you have arthritis? Are you intending to water hanging baskets, gardens, lawns, shrubs, flowers, and small plants?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then this watering wand is indeed yours for the taking. That’s because it is designed for such circumstances.

Professional-grade Aluminum Construction

The wand is constructed mainly by use of the professional-grade Aluminum material. It is hence resistant to slips, light in weight, and very reliable. By reason of this, you should anticipate to use it for long and to also carry it around with ease.

Strong and Gentle Settings

Its settings are not only strong but also gentle. They enable you to both drinks of water your seedlings and wash your car with ease. This is in sharp contrast to most other watering wands in the market today that is ordinarily difficult to handle.

Multiple-spray Pattern Settings

It does have the ability to spray water in various ways and patterns. For this reason, it spares you from the need to acquire several watering wands to carry out different watering needs at a time. Moreover, it also expedites the processing of watering plants.

Thumb-operated On/off Switch

The watering wand grants you the ability to control the intensity of water flow by means of a thumb-operated on/off switch. By reason of being thumb-operated, it is simple to engage and convenient to operate as a whole.


Coming in last of its top features is the nozzle/sprayer head. As the name suggests, it is indeed able to eject water both in the form of spray or gush. This grants you the freedom to determine the kind of use to which you may put the wand at any given time.


  • Spares your hands from the strains of the normal trigger-operated nozzles
  • Confers 100% customer satisfaction
  • Backed by no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • Easier to store when not in use
  • World class customer service


  • Contains limited features
  • Has low capacity
  • Weighty (weighs a whopping 1 pound/0.45 kg

4: Orbit Underground 56287 Green Thumb Water Wand, 16-Inch

Do you just want a wand that is simple to master and engage?

If indeed that is the case, then your search comes to an end with this wand. This watering wand is designed for persons who just want a device that can simply water their gardens, nothing more!


It is stealth-designed. This is to mean that it is designed to eject water quietly. This feature makes it all the more suited for use in facilities that are sensitive to noise. These include libraries, bookshops, cyber cafes, and government installations.

Front Trigger Activated

The wand does have its front trigger nozzle activated. This means of channeling water is not only easy to use, but also provides several spray patterns. This makes it suited for a variety of watering needs. Other than that, it also enables a constant flow of water.

Ratcheting Head

Apart from the trigger nozzle, it also comes along with a ratcheting head. This is capable of rotating to various angles. By so doing, it channels water to the four directions. You are thus assured of easy watering of your gardens.

16-inch Water Wand

Its watering wand measures 16 inches. This is moderately long enough to reach out to those critical areas of your garden. You hence won’t strain too much in your attempt to reach out to those ordinarily hard-to-reach areas.

16-inch Long

It also measures 16 inches long from top to bottom. This again allows you to enjoy the benefits that have already been mentioned. It further reduces the hassles you will generally have to confront to have your gardens watered.


  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Comparatively easier to use
  • Helps to protect your vulnerable plants
  • Light in weight (weighs only 11.2 ounces)
  • Does not require the mastery of too much technical skill


  • Limited applicability
  • Fewer features
  • Not so convenient for prolonged use

5: Garden Hose Nozzle Water Wand

Are you so much concerned about your comfort while watering your gardens?

If so, then you may wish to consider this relaxed gardener watering wand. This is because it is packed with a host of elegant features that are geared towards ensuring your overall comfort.

Soft Rubber

Its handle area is made of soft rubber. It offers ergonomic comfort grip to your hands. It hence prevents your hands from slipping off even when they develop a sweat. In light of this, you can count on the wand not to let you down at all.

Easy-to-use Water Flow Control Switch

The wand’s mechanism of controlling the flow of water is made possible by the existence of an easy-to-use switch. The switch is in fact automatic. This means you do not have to manually turn it on or off. You just need to point at it and it will automatically begin to spray.

Highest-quality Components

Most of this wand’s parts and components are made of high-quality Polymer and Aluminum materials. These two are famed for great strength and durability. They won’t deteriorate or rust like many ordinary metal garden hose nozzles.

Premium Quality Watering Wand

In all, the watering wand is of high-quality indeed. This is by reasons of being made of durable materials and equipped with topnotch features. By opting for it, you shall join the queue of those past users who have already derived unparalleled benefits from it.

8 Watering Patterns

Closing the list of its key features are the 8 different watering patterns. These ones grant you the freedom to select the one that suits your unique issue at hand. They hence eliminate unnecessary inconveniences that may ordinarily arise.


  • Provides maximum versatility for all your watering needs
  • Highly responsive and super easy-to-use for those tired hands
  • Built to last
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Ensures effortless watering


  • Quite bulky (measures around 18 inches long by 4.2 inches wide by 2.5 inches thick)
  • Inconvenient to carry around
  • Not so reliable brand

6: Dramm 12501 ColorMark Rain Wand

Do you reside in a water restricted area?

Do you still wish to water your gardens notwithstanding the various restrictions that may be in place?

If I heard you say yes, then you might wish to give this wand a try. This is because it is designed for persons of your kind.

One-touch Lever-activated Valve

This watering wand comes equipped with a one-touch lever-activated valve. This basically regulates the flow of water in a very simplified manner. You won’t struggle to achieve the outcome you desire. Moreover, it is also quite effective in so doing.

Comfort Foam Grip

Its handle is lined with an 8-inch comfortable foam grip. This confers maximum comfort to your hands and enables you to hold onto the wand long enough. Because of this, you are shielded from unnecessary hassles and boredom.

Hand-crafted Brass Shut-off Valve

Other than regulating the flow of water, the wand also has the ability to shut off automatically after some time. This is made possible by the existence of this hand-crafted brass shut-off valve. It is this features that make this wand suited for the conservation of water.

30-inches Long

In all, the handle measures 30 inches long. This is long enough to allow you to reach out to those areas that are ordinarily inaccessible. You will also not struggle too much to obtain the outcomes you so desire.

Great Aesthetics

By its design and nature, this wand also exudes the secondary role of aesthetics. This is because it is available in six different colors. These are orange, red, berry, gold, blue, and green, respectively. You may store it in a conspicuous position in your living room when not in use.


  • Accompanied by a generous lifetime guarantee
  • Simpler to engage and operate
  • Ejects a stream of gentle and full flowing water
  • Easier to identify due to brighter colors
  • Saves you a great a deal of utility bills


  • Quite pricey and out of reach of many deserving would-be users
  • Large size (measures 29 inches long by 9 inches wide by 9 inches thick)
  • Requires plenty of storage space

7: Dramm 12804 Touch-N-Flow Rain Wand 30-Inch Length, Green

Is your search for a suitable watering wand mainly dictated by the need to conserve water?

Are you looking for a reputable brand?

Did I hear you answer yes?

Consider this long reach watering wand. It has been used by professionals since 1945 and s proven to be able to meet those needs!

Ergonomic Insulated Grip

To confer you the tight grip you require, the handle of the wand is fitted with an ergonomic insulated grip. This s designed to shield you from unnecessary friction and heat. Because of this, you will achieve the stability you need for hassle-free long-term use.

Anodized Aluminum Extension Handle

Its extension handle is made of anodized Aluminum. This material is famed for being light and sturdy. You will hence not experience unnecessary hassles while operating or carrying around the wand at all. This also minimizes the fatigue you are bound to counter.

Lever-activated Water Shut-off

It does come along with a lever-activated shut-off mechanism. Even though it is not automated, it is nonetheless easier to engage than most ordinary shut-off features. You will hence lose negligible amounts of water in the process of using it.

Color-matched Water Breaker Nozzle

You may also use this watering wand to enhance the aesthetics of your home area. This is because it comes along with breaker nozzles that are of diverse colors for you to choose from. Simply choose the color that matches your theme or home environment.

One-touch Lever-activated Valve

Just like its shut-off mechanism, the valve is also lever-activated. It is nevertheless simpler to engage. You will once more stand to derive the benefit of conveniently altering the intensity of the flow of your water.


  • Measures a whopping 36 inches long
  • Ensures that your plants receive the nutrients they need constantly
  • Quite handy for watering shrubs, gardens, and flower beds
  • Allows you to pour huge quantities of water promptly at your plant base
  • Enables the roots of your plant to grow deeper


  • A bit complex for the average user
  • May not deliver the intended results on some soils
  • May overwhelm the weaker plants

8: Orbit 56044 Front Trigger 10 Pattern Turret Wand with Ratcheting Head, 30″

Is your garden large?

Does it have some hard-to-reach areas?

If these are the cases, then you might want to consider this particular watering wand. This is because it is quite long and generates water of varying patterns. It is hence fit to play those dual roles.

10 Spray Patterns

With the ability to generate up to 10 different spray patterns, this wand is all you need for all your watering needs. This is because it can accommodate all the various watering needs. Because of this, it negates the need to acquire several watering equipment at a go.

Front Trigger Design

It does have a trigger on its front portion. It is this trigger that activates the flow of water. This trigger is unlike any other. This is because it allows for maximum controls of the watering process, in sharp contrast to the ordinary ones.

Lightweight Metal Construction

Also present in the list of its top features is the lightweight metal construction. It is mainly made of Aluminum material. Due to its low weight, it will not exert unnecessary drag to you or predispose you to the risks of fatigue.

Ratcheting Head

Its head comes in the form of a ratchet. This head is able to rotate up to 180 degrees. By so doing, it grants you two benefits in one. It allows you to reach the otherwise hard-to-reach areas. It also minimizes the effort you will have to put to achieve the desired objectives.

Fast and Easy Handle

Crowning the list of its features is the fast and easy handle. This grants you the benefit of extended use as well as reduced fatigue. It is this feature that makes it possible for you to use the wand for as long as you may want.


  • Reduced incidences of fatigue
  • Heavy-duty wand
  • Capable of catering for all your watering needs
  • Reaches out to those inaccessible areas conveniently
  • Has a wider range


  • Saves less water
  • Lacks a shut-off valve
  • Not so easy to use

9: Gilmour 318R 36-Inch Premium Three Pattern Euro Multipurpose Shower Wand

For maximum convenience, a multipurpose watering wand is by all means called for. This is basically a wand that is able to perform several watering related chores at a time. This is that kind of watering wand.

Three Spraying Patterns

Perhaps its most outstanding trait is the ability to eject water in three different spraying patterns. These are the shower, the soaker, and the jet spray patterns respectively. This trait grants you the freedom to select which one suits your unique need.

Adjustable Head Angle

Its head is also adjustable. You basically have the freedom to choose which angle to spray your water. This again enables you to reach those areas that are hidden or ordinarily outside your easy reach. This is not to mention the convenience you stand to accrue also.

Thumb-activated Flow Control

Other than adjusting its angle, the wand also enables you to control the rate of flow of water. This is made possible by the thumb-activated flow control feature. The feature lets you determine the pressure with which to channel your water.


It also comes with a mechanism by which you may shut it off once you are done. This feature ensures that you waste as minimal quantity of water as can be. Expect them to spend less on your utility bills than you would have otherwise done.

36-inch Overall Length

This wand’s handle measures a total of 36 inches. This is long enough to reach those hidden areas. It also makes the wand quite capable of impacting hanging gardens and those areas that may not be accessible personally.


  • Multipurpose and suited for various tasks at a time
  • Quite affordable and within the easy reach of many deserving persons
  • Bestows a sense of class and elegance
  • Has an extended range
  • Lighter in weight (weighs only 14.2 ounces)


  • Possesses fewer features
  • Some assembly required
  • Larger in size (measures 12.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches thick by 14 inches long)

10: Dramm 22341 Carded Classic Rain Wand with Shutoff, 24-Inch

Are you looking for a long lasting watering wand?

If that is all you are looking for, you should consider this commercial watering wand. It is built to last by reason of possessing several durable parts and components.

Comfort Rubber Grip

The wand features a new comfort rubber grip handle. This is to provide traction to your hands at all times. Even when your hands are sweating, they still won’t lose the grip they are supposed to have. The benefit of maximum reliability is indeed yours for the taking.

Durable Construction

In its entirety, the watering wand is manufactured using unbreakable cycolac plastic, brass, and drawn aluminum materials. These materials are tough, resilient, and resistant to the common elements of the tear. Expect the wand not to rust or bend unnecessarily.

Large Easy-to-use Shut-off Valve

Its shutting mechanism comes in the form of a large and easy-to-use shut-off valve. Being easy to use, it will less likely wastewater by way of leakages. You will, therefore, save greatly on water and the accompanying utility bills.

Measures 24-inch length

With a total length of around 24 inches, this watering wand is long enough to allow you to reach inaccessible areas of your garden. You will not strain to reach the said areas. You will also apply minimal effort to do the said job.

Compact Size

By reason of measuring only 28 inches long by 5 inches wide by 1 inch thick, this wand has a compact size indeed. It is hence convenient to not only transport but also engage and store as the need may dictate.


  • Emits a stream of gently flowing water for faster outcomes
  • Backed by a generous lifetime guarantee
  • Built to last longer than most watering wands
  • Possesses a sleek appearance
  • Most of its components are removable


  • Lacks the mechanism for regulating intensity
  • Not so convenient
  • Not so reliable

commercial watering wand

What Should Look?

Size of Garden

How large is your garden?

The size of your garden mainly determines the length of the wand. This is because a larger garden will ordinarily require a longer wand and vice versa. Ascertain the size of your garden first and foremost. Proceed to select that watering wand that is long enough to reach every corner of your garden.

Control Features

A good watering wand has to possess elegant control features. These include the valves, shut-off mechanisms, and flow controls, among others. This is to prevent the loss of water and to minimize the hassles you will have to undergo to achieve the desired end.

Water restrictions

Does your city, municipality, or jurisdiction impose any restrictions on the usage of water? If yes, then you will have to be sensitive to these restrictions as well. This is to avoid getting into conflicts with the various authorities. As such, the wand of choice has to be pretty effective at minimizing the loss of water. (Source)

long reach watering wand

Intended Duration

For how long do you intend to utilize the watering wand? Do you intend to utilize it once or repeatedly over a prolonged duration of time? In case you intend to use it frequently, choose a tough and long lasting wand and vice versa.

Other Considerations

  • Material Construction – What materials have been used to make up the various components of the watering wand? Select lighter materials to allow you to carry it freely and unhindered. Select tough materials if you intend to use the wand repeatedly for longer.
  • Available Storage Space – How much storage space do you have at your disposal? These wands are not used year round. They are rendered useless in the winter and spring. You will thus have to find some space to keep them. Pick a watering wand that can fit the storage space at your disposal.
  • Spray Pattern – This refers to the way in which the wand ejects water. The ideal watering wand has to be able to spray water in more ways than one. This is to grant you the convenience you require for maximum satisfaction.

Final Verdict

No serious urban dweller may even afford to overlook the watering wand at all. That is because this equipment is the ultimate solution for all of a gardener’s watering needs. It is pretty effective at conserving water and enhancing the growth of plants.

This being the case, we strongly urge you to consider purchasing at least one such equipment. Just in case you are stranded, we recommend that you try out the Gilmour 318R 36-Inch Premium Three Pattern Euro Multipurpose Shower Wand. This is due to its multipurpose nature.

Please be warned that the list above may not hold indefinitely. This is because of the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of such products. Consider carrying out some research before you eventually embark on a purchase.

Water wand for garden


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