11 Best Under Cabinet Radios 2023

Make the moments you spend in the kitchen more pleasurable by bringing an under cabinet radio into play. This audio system lets you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes when doing your kitchen chores, whether preparing a meal, washing dishes, or sipping coffee.

Unlike their cousins that need a ton of space, UTC radios come with space-saving designs for maximum control over your kitchen’s square footage. What’s more, they usually feature excellent engineering for the utmost performance.

Now, like any sound system, you can’t just afford to assume that any UTC radio will work fine. You have to invest time and energy to find the option that works ideally for your needs. So, what makes a good under cabinet radio for you? Well, find out from our today’s coverage.

11 Best Under Cabinet Radios

1. iLive iKBC384S Bluetooth Under the Cabinet Radio

iLive iKBC384S Bluetooth Under the Cabinet Radio

Enjoy every moment you spend in the kitchen by getting an under cabinet radio. The iLive iKBC384S brings entertainment into your kitchen, allowing you to make the most out of every second you spend there.

The unit comes with Bluetooth v2.0. With this technology, you can wirelessly stream your favorite tunes from your mobile phone or any other audio source device. The connectivity range of up to 33 feet means that the Bluetooth functionality will work seamlessly even in large kitchens.

Besides letting you play files from your device, this unit will allow you to listen to your favorite CDs and FM radio stations. That means the iLive iKBC384S is one of the options that come to offer maximum entertainment in your kitchen.

The unit works with an AC/DC power adapter. However, one thing we like about it is that it can also run on 2 AA batteries (clock). Nevertheless, you have to order the batteries separately as they do not come in the package.

The package includes a high-quality remote control. The controller lets you change the track, adjust the volume, and do other operations without having to walk straight to the radio. Other adorable features include an LCD, kitchen timer, and more.


  • 20 memory settings.
  • The slim design is a plus.
  • The remote works well.


  • The clock light is quite dim.
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2. Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

When talking about sound systems, Sony is one of the names that don’t need any introduction. Over the years, this manufacturer has risen to fame, thanks to the relentless efforts she puts into ensuring product quality.

As we all expect of a product from an industry leader, there is much to love about this radio. Firstly, the ultra-slim design maximizes your counter space. Hence, no matter how tiny your kitchen is, you shouldn’t lack a spot for this unit.

The selling point here is the sound quality. Here, you get high-quality sound with deep bass. As a result, if you are an audiophile in need of a unit that you can use in the kitchen, this should be the kind of option you need to buy.

The built-in audio cable means that you can link it with your digital music player. Also, it’s worth acknowledging that this unit also comes with a CD player. And with 15 station presets, you are spoilt of choice when it comes to what to listen.

The UTC radio doubles up as a kitchen clock. The correct EST time comes already set, so you don’t need to adjust it manually. The built-in-lithium battery will power the clock in case of power interruptions. With that said, after choosing the time zone on the first day, that could be all you will ever have to do on the watch.

With all that, it’s clear that you are getting a high-performance unit here. However, before you add the UTC kitchen radio to your shopping cart, be sure that your budget can accommodate its quite hefty price tag.


  • Reputable manufacturer.
  • High-quality output with deep bass.
  • Intuitive cooking timer.


  • No Bluetooth.
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3. iLive IKB318S Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio

iLive IKB318S Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio

The iLive IKB318S is yet another option that guarantees to make your kitchen time more fun. As the name suggests, it goes under the cabinet. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that it will demand space on your kitchen counter.

The unit comes with mounting hardware. Precisely, other than the radio itself, the package contains four spacers, four screws, and an AC/DC power adapter. On top of that, you will also get a comprehensive user guide to avoid guesswork in installation and operation.

The Bluetooth technology means that you can link it with your Bluetooth-enabled devices for more entertainment. What’s more, the wireless range here is 60 feet, better than you will get in other options of a comparable price range.

The internal wire FM antenna lets you listen to your favorite radio stations with excellent sound clarity. With the iLive IKB318S, you are getting 20 presets, which is a pretty good count compared to the competition.

In terms of user convenience, there are lots of features to like. For instance, the radio will “remember” the user’s previous setting before it went off or before power interruption. That means you won’t have to readjust it every time you switch it on.


  • 60-feet Bluetooth range.
  • Dimmer control for the display.
  • Battery backup for the clock.


  • You have to buy the backup battery for the clock separately.
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4. Tyler TKS2-WH Universal Wireless Music System

Tyler TKS2-WH Universal Wireless Music System

The next under cabinet radio on the list is also one of the top-rated models out there. The model is as impressive in playing audio as it is to the eye. Hence, for the audio lovers who want a unit that will bring music and add style to their kitchen space, the Tyler TKS2-WH fits the category.

Like most of the previous options, this music system supports a wireless connection. In other words, you can connect it with your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth device containing the files you want to play.

What’s more about the Bluetooth of this under cabinet radio, it can support incoming calls. That’s because the audio system has a built-in microphone—no more drying your wet hands to respond to your incoming call.

For those that love spending most of their time listening to FM, this radio has 20 station memory. Whether you are using Bluetooth or listening to the radio, the two high-performance speakers should give you high-quality sound.

The unit has practical LED lighting beneath it. This feature helps illuminate the surface under the radio. Also, the Tyler TKS2-WHhas a dual alarm, snooze function, sleep timer, and so on. Now, with all these features, we are safe to argue that it brings more than mere entertainment to your kitchen.


  • LED light at the underside.
  • Programming is pretty intuitive.
  • Sleek design.


  • The instructions aren’t great.
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5. iLive IKBC384SMP3U Bluetooth Under Cabinet Radio

iLive IKBC384SMP3U Bluetooth Under Cabinet Radio

We already have several options from iLive. Now, from the earlier siblings on the list, it’s evident that iLive is one of the names to look for when shopping for your under cabinet radio. And yes, coming from this manufacturer, the iLive IKBC384SMP3U is also a reliable addition to your kitchen.

This sound system allows you to connect it with your Bluetooth device or via USB cable for limitless entertainment. The Bluetooth v2.0 will detect your device to 33 feet away, a decent range that should work well for most kitchens.

The automatic device pairing makes connecting this unit to your Bluetooth device a breeze. Furthermore, the remote control lets you change the track, adjust volume, and perform other operations right from any corner of the kitchen.

The slim design maximizes the compatibility as most kitchens can afford the space the unit needs. For those that are installing it for the first time and don’t know how exactly to go about it, this unit comes with an instruction book and a mounting kit.

The unit connects to a power source through the AC/DC adapter. The internal clock runs on backup 2 AA batteries when there’s no power. This way, it retains the correct time. However, if you want to equip it with the batteries right off the bat, add them to the shopping cart since they don’t come in the package.


  • Sound is loud and clear.
  • Super-cool magnetic remote control.
  • Well-lit display.


  • Buttons are quite small.
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6. Sylvania SKCR2810BT Under Cabinet Clock Radio

Sylvania SKCR2810BT Under Cabinet Clock Radio

The name presents this unit as an under-cabinet clock. However, it can also serve as a radio and Bluetooth speaker as well. It comes with excellent engineering to give you the wonderful experience you’ve always wanted when in the kitchen.

Like the previous options, this unit will allow you to wirelessly connect it with your smartphone, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. In fact, the Bluetooth V 3.0 guarantees seamless streaming of content.

The Sylvania SKCR2810BT has built-in hi-fi speakers that deliver impressive sound quality. With that said, expect to listen to your audio clearly in the manner you’ve always wanted. The LCD lets you read the content on the screen with ease from a distance.

The primary source of power here is the AC adapter. However, in case of a blackout, this under cabinet radio can also work with batteries. For that reason, power issues shouldn’t interrupt your kitchen entertainment.

The intuitive installation and programming mean that this unit makes for an excellent under cabinet radio for people of all ages. That means if you are looking for a perfect birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, or any other special day gift for your loved ones, this unit is an ideal buy.


  • Intuitive controls.
  • Makes for an excellent gift.
  • Latest Bluetooth technology.


  • Not the loudest.
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7. SYLVANIA SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player

SYLVANIA SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player

The lucky number seven under cabinet radio comes from the same manufacturer as our sixth option. Like the preceding sibling, the SYLVANIA SKCR2713 unleashes lots of fun for anyone looking to take their kitchen entertainment a level higher.

The unit comes with Bluetooth. With that said, you can play your favorite files from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device containing the content you want to listen to as you prepare that elaborate meal in the kitchen.

The radio also comes with a CD player for maximum entertainment. For the latest updates on weather, traffic, and other news, you can listen to your favorite radio station—you will always be up to date, even in the kitchen.

Also, the SYLVANIA SKCR2713 features a large display. With this screen, you can see the radio station and other details of what the under cabinet radio is playing. The screen will also display time to keep you up to date.

The size of the buttons works well for all hand sizes and are easy to read. The remote control is high-quality and will make changing tracks, adjusting volume, and performing other operations from a distance convenient and a breeze.


  • Nice radio reception.
  • Bluetooth works excellent.
  • User-friendly design.


  • No under the counter LED light.
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8. RCA (SPS3688B) Under Cabinet Wireless Speaker

RCA SPS3688B Under Cabinet Wireless Speaker

For those that only want a reliable under cabinet unit that won’t cost them much, here comes one of the options that come with them in mind. Although the name identifies it as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, it has almost everything you will get in higher-end models.

For instance, this unit has 20 presets, just like you will find in most expensive radios. Additionally, it comes with an external antenna. This feature ensures optimal signal reception for the best performance.

The Bluetooth here connects easily to smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices to allow you to play your favorite content from any of your preferred accessories. Thus, expect a better kitchen experience with this unit.

The player also features a 90-minute timer. You should find this feature useful when handling those meticulous recipes. The intuitive design means that you will find it a cinch to set even in your first time. The slim design works well for all kitchens, including those running short on space.

 Of course, there are lots of other spectacular features about this multi-purpose unit. On the downsides, one thing you should know about it is that it doesn’t have a CD player or AM.


  • It tunes in stations well.
  • The clock is easy to read.
  • Low-budget option.


  • No CD player.
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9. Jensen Under The Cabinet Kitchen Radio Music System

No products found.

Keep your kitchen sounding like a party as you work on that favorite recipe. This UTC music system from Jensen produces high-quality sound to make your moments in the kitchen more adorable.

As the name suggests, you are getting an under-the-cabinet unit that won’t take your precious space on the counter. And as anyone would want of a UTC audio system, this unit adopts a slim design. That means it will fit even in the tiniest spots where some models of the kind won’t.  

With this unit, you can play your favorite files, whether on your smartphone, CDs, and other sources. It connects to devices wirelessly. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without the hassle of wires.

While wireless technology is more convenient, it doesn’t give the best sound quality. Now, this player has an auxiliary port. This feature gives you multiple ways to play your preferred music on the speaker.  

The unit comes with an onboard timer, an essential feature when dealing with recipes that require you to follow the time strictly. Therefore, this UTC kitchen radio will save you from buying a separate accessory for the job.


  • Impressively loud for the size.
  • Convenient auxiliary port.
  • Aesthetically appealing.


  • It doesn’t come in the exact color you see in the picture.
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10. Venturer KLV3915 15.4-Inch Undercabinet Kitchen LCD TV/DVD Combo

Venturer KLV3915 15.4-Inch Undercabinet Kitchen LCD TV/DVD Combo

Listening isn’t always enough. At times you will want to see what you are hearing. And yes, the tenth option on the list is different from any of our previous models. Here, you are getting a combo pack—LCD TV and a DVD player.

The TV is 15.4 inches. That’s a decent size for kitchens without enough space for the larger models. In fact, you will love how handily the space-saving flip-up design comes when you are not using the screen.

The DVD player supports DVD, CD, and JPGs as well. Also, it comes with an in-built radio. This feature gives you a variety of options when choosing what to play. The buttons are conveniently-sized for convenient operation.

The high-responsive remote controller allows you operate the set with ultimate ease from a distance. What’s more, the accessory is magnetic, meaning that you can place it on the refrigerator for quick and easy locating.

Of course, since it’s a combo, expect to pay a bit higher than you would for a single-pack. Another feature the manufacturer should consider adding to the DVD player is Bluetooth functionality for wireless connection.


  • Flip-up screen.
  • High-quality pack.
  • Magnetic remote control.


  • Not the perfect option if you don’t want the TV.
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11. iLive Wireless Under The Cabinet Kitchen Radio

iLive Wireless Under The Cabinet Kitchen Radio

The eleventh suggestion of our coverage is from the same manufacturer as the first product on the list. Of course, it’s also a high-performing unit that will give you that wonderful kitchen experience you’ve always wanted.

The 2.4-watt unit allows you to connect it wirelessly with your audio sources for wonderful audio experience when still keeping the kitchen neat from wires. Also, this unit comes with a CD player, so it supports different types of formats.

As with most members of the list, this UTC kitchen radio comes with 20 station presets. That’s more than most people will need. The drift-free tuning makes it simple to select the FM radio station of your choice.

You can choose the track, adjust volume, change the radio station,  pause play, resume play, and perform a wide variety of other operations using the durably-constructed remote control.

Additionally, there are lots of other features you will find in this model. For instance, it also comes with a clock and timer, eliminating the need for buying them separately. The auxiliary port gives you versatility in file access.


  • Installation is straightforward.
  • The sound is clear.
  • Several bells and whistles.


  • Buttons aren’t easy to read.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best under cabinet radio?

Before we proceed to answer this question, it’s good you know that “best” is usually subjective. The best product for you is one that provides the highest level of satisfaction to your needs. Needs differ. As a result, what I may consider the best under cabinet radio for me may not be the ideal one for you. Therefore, it’s all about comparing the features of each against your needs.

Why under cabinet radio?

Audio can improve your experience in the kitchen. That’s especially true if you love listening to music, radio, and the like. Under-cabinet radio combines the fun of cooking with that of listening to audio without demanding even a square inch of your precious counter space.

 Do all under cabinet radios come with Bluetooth?

Well, if you were keen enough on the reviews, chances are that you noticed that some models don’t have Bluetooth functionality. However, nearly all modern under the cabinet radios come with this feature.

What makes a good under cabinet radio?

As aforementioned, before you buy a UTC radio, you need to ensure that the model you choose has all the features you want. Consider the Bluetooth functionality and the range, size, price, build-quality, color, and CD player. Features like clock, LED light, and timer are an added advantage.

Does the manufacturer really matter?

When talking about electronic tools, considering the manufacturer is one effective way of avoiding knockoffs. When you buy from a well-reputed name, there are minimal chances of disappointment. So, what are some of the reliable names out there? Well, Sony, iLive, Sylvania, and Jensen are some of the trusted names. Actually, most of our options originate from the industry leaders.

Final Verdict

The kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why it deserves to be well-equipped.  Now, most people will tell you that even with all the tools you will ever want in the kitchen, getting that wonderful experience is almost impossible without background music.

An under cabinet radio will meet your kitchen audio needs without claiming any space on your counter in return. Unfortunately, wading through the multitude of options searching for the best can be an overwhelming affair. However, our content narrows down the list of options for you. Go through it, again and again, to know what model to pick for your kitchen.

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