The 11 Best Toilet Plunger To Buy In 2023

There are few things nastier to clean than a clogged toilet with an unreliable plunger.

Having a quality plunger may not be the highest on the list of must-haves, but when you are face to face with a clog, it could be the best purchase you ever make.

The materials and design of a plunger are very important in molding to the drain of your toilet.

The best toilet plunger will give you a strong seal to do the job quickly and without a mess. Here is our list.

11 Best Toilet Plunger Reviews

#1 SurePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger


Even with a toilet plunger, tackling the most stubborn clogs can be an extremely back-breaking affair. Now, this toilet plunger is specially designed to let you handle such clogs with ease. The plunger packs tons of fantastic features to get rid of the condition in no time.

CO2 Gas Cylinder

Unlike the conventional plungers, SurePlunge utilizes a replaceable carbon (iv) oxide gas cylinder. This feature allows the user to unclog any type of blockage easily than when using the traditional toilet plungers. You will never have to hire a plumber no matter how tough the blockage seems! The Hi-tech concept it adopts allows you dislodge and clear daily toilet blockages without damaging the pipes.

Simple Design

No one wants to take much time in such kind of a job. Therefore, as you buy a toilet plunger, choose the one with a simple design for easy use. And yes, when it comes to simplicity of use, all it takes to get the job done is the press of a button. In other words, in case you are on the lookout for a toilet plunger that will give you an easy time in the not-so-fun job, SurgePlunge should be your top choice.

High compatibility

Before buying any toilet plunger, you need to ensure that it will work with the design of your toilet. The SurgePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger works effectively on both the traditional and new low-flow toilets. Therefore, in case you have the slow-draining caliber of toilets, this tool guarantees to handle everyday clogs with great effectiveness.


  • It is an automatic plunger.
  • It works in a press of a button.
  • It does not cause damage to the plumbing work.
  • The plunger is easy to use.


  • You will have to pay for the CO2

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#2 ToiletTree Modern Deluxe Freestanding Toilet Plunger


As the name goes, you receive this toilet plunger with a premium toilet brush. Therefore, this purchase guarantees to not only keep your toilet free from mess but also ultra-clean. The duo comes with a hideaway canister. The holder has openings at the rear to ensure that both the brush and the plunger remain out of sight but within reach when not in use.

Premium Construction

You definitely do not want to pay for a tool that will only serve you for weeks or even months. The professional-grade plunger is of stainless steel. Therefore, expect it to give you years of service with an impressive performance in every use. The premium stainless steel finish also dovetails with any bathroom decor. The brush and plunger holder also adopts stainless steel construction for a more streamlined look when not in use.


The design of the plunger gives a proper grip for ease of use. It also delivers an impressive suction power that works on a backed-up toilet. Therefore, expect your toilet to be back flushing again in no time! The high-quality brush features premium bristles that clean your toilet or bathroom effectively. In fact, since the holder takes care of any drips after cleaning, this set guarantees to keep your bathroom clean after every use.

Replaceable Heads

Although you may count on the handles of this set to last for long, the heads are likely to lose their effectiveness over time. To save you the cost, the heads of the plunger and the brush are replaceable. Therefore, no matter how frequently you use the set, you can keep the combo effective and looking brand new without having to buy a new set. In fact, the brushes come in a cost-effective pack of 1, 2, 3, and 4. Therefore, you can buy them in bulk to avoid going back to the market any time soon.


  • The holder is sturdy and handy.
  • The stainless steel finish is durable.
  • The plunger comes with a toilet brush.
  • The heads are replaceable.


  • The brush may lose a few bristles.
  • The holder may catch rust over time.

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#3 Clorox Toilet Plunger


If you need a low-budget toilet plunger that will do the job, this fantastic option from Clorox could be what you are looking for. The package includes a toilet plunger and a caddy. The duo features neutral colors that guarantee to blend with any bathroom decor.

Smart Design

Most users love that the hideaway caddy adopts a hands-off operating system. In other words, this holder is designed to automatically release the plunger once it is lifted and stores it neatly after cleaning! The caddy also comes with a rubber base. With such a feature, you are sure that this tool will not tip or slip even when on a wet surface.

Anti-microbial protection

The anti-microbial protection of the cup keeps the plunger safe from bacteria, mold, and mildew for a more hygienic space. In other words, unlike other plungers that will develop odor with extended use, the anti-microbial prevents all the odor-causing elements, keeping your toilet space not only clean but also smelling fresh.

Ergonomic Handle

For good user experience, ergonomics is vital. And yes, our hand-picked toilet plunger is one of the few models that embrace ergonomic design at its fullest. The design comes out clear in the handle since it is tailored to grant you a super-comfortable grip. The handle is also longer since it measures 15.5 inches. This height indicates that you don’t have to bend too much, giving you a bigger safe distance when not in use.


  • The handle offers a good grip.
  • The anti-microbial protection is a plus.
  • The brush holder opens with ease.
  • It is affordable.


  • It may not be the ideal option for the most stubborn clogs.

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#4 ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger


This plunger will also be a good purchase for any homeowner operating within a tight budget. Although it goes for a fraction of the cost of other expensive models, the revolutionary plunger is highly effective than some of the expensive models out there. In fact, the unique design of the plunger handles the troublesome blockages gently without splashing water everywhere.

Strong and Durable

This hand-picked model is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, natural ABS plastic, and premium TPR. With such construction, you can buy knowing that the revolutionary plunger will serve you for years to come. Also, the stainless steel material is rust-proof. Therefore, even with extended exposure to water, this plunger will maintain its new brand new look throughout its lifespan. Its high compatibility works in most modern toilets.

Two-in-One Design

Getting a plunger that can handle the most stubborn clogs is great! What about getting one that can do this when still doubling up as squeegee? It would be even greater, right? Well, this is exactly what the ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger does. The convenient 2-in-1 design means that you pay for a mere plunger but in turn, get one that can also scrub your toilet interior.

Caddy Holder

Not all the plungers our there come with a holder. However, this model arrives with a caddy holder. The holder allows you to keep the unit safe when not in utilization. The caddy also employs an innovative design that releases the plunger readily when its cleaning time without even touching it.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The 2-in-1 design is a plus.
  • This model is pocket-friendly.
  • The innovative design works with most toilets.


  • It would have been better with a longer handle.

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#5 Neiko 60167A Toilet Plunger and Brush

Neiko 60167A

The Neiko 60167A set constitutes of a plunger and a brush. The duo adopts durable aluminum construction that will stand the test of time with regular use. The sleek aluminum handle provides exceptional strength without attracting bacteria like the wooden handle.

Highly Effective Design

This unit is designed with quality materials right from the end of the handle to the suction cup. The rubber cup is designed to create an ultra-tight seal that gets the work done faster than ever before. I mean, even with a toilet that clogs more often, you can always count on this unit to provide a way out in no time. The brush bristles on the other side are very sturdy. Therefore, you can rely on it to keep the bowl surface of your toilet looking clean.

Easy Hanging

This combo comes with a handy caddy that allows for easy storage when not in utilization. The canister is ruggedly constructed for durability yet lightweight for easy movement from one corner of your washroom to the other. The canister provides a drip-free hold, ensuring that your toilet remains clean without any messy drips finding their way onto the floor.

Varieties of Cup Designs

The design of the suction cup works with different toilet openings. This is because the cups feature four different-sized graduated opening that handles different drain holes. The peg hole on the aluminum acts as a hooking mechanism to let you store the unit above the floor to free your toilet space and keep bacteria from spreading.


  • It works exactly as expected.
  • It looks great.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The aluminum handles are durable and lightweight.


  • The base is quite thinner.

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#6. Neiko 60100A Toilet Plunger

Neiko 60100A

The Neiko features a heavy-duty design that will get at the clog in your toilet for a reasonable price.


The cup on this toilet plunger is made with an industrial grade rubber cup that is designed with a “tiered” ridge along the bottom of the cup. I prefer this type of cup because it creates a stronger seal with the toilet drain.

A stronger seal means you will spend less time pushing to get the clog dislodged. This cup is also flexible enough to work with most sized toilets so if you decide to redo your bathroom, you won’t need to replace your plunger.


The handle of the Neiko is made with a strong aluminum that will hold up to a strong clog and the muscle necessary to get rid of it.

One of the nice things about aluminum is that it is rust and corrosion resistant if it gets wet often. It also won’t absorb bacteria and germs that come with contact with a toilet.

Easy to use

The design of this toilet plunger makes it easy to control while you are using it, as long as you have created a good seal.

The handle is sturdy and doesn’t feel like you are going to break it with too much force, so you can feel comfortable pushing it at any angle to get right in the toilet drain.


  • The plunger is lightweight so it doesn’t require a lot of muscle to use effectively
  • The material always stays in the same shape unlike some plungers which end up inverted after plunging
  • There is no reservoir along the bottom of the plunger so water doesn’t pool which makes it easier to clean
  • The aluminum handle prevents bacteria from sticking to the surface


  • The rubber head of plunger has a bad chemical smell
  • The handle can cause pain to your hand if you need to put some muscle behind your plunges
  • Has a tendency to send water spraying from the toilet as a proper seal is not made

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#7. Korky 99-4A Performance Plunger

Korky 99-4A

The Korky is a smaller sized accordion plunger that is specially designed to fit most newer toilet styles.


Korky’s beehive accordion design will fit almost any toilet, new or old. The problem with unclogging a modern toilet is that the bowls are oblong and will only fit a narrow design plunger.

The Korky plunger was made for these toilets but the benefit is that it will still effectively create a seal in older style toilets.


I like the handle on the Korky because it is made with a heavy-duty plastic so bacteria and mold won’t stick to it and it is easily cleaned. It also won’t lose anything in appearance because of regular cleaning like aluminum handles can.

The T-shaped top of the handle gives a little more to hold onto when pushing into a clog and there is a hole in the handle that allows you to hook it up inside the bathroom cabinet.


The cup on Korky has no lip around the bottom so you won’t have to worry about dirty water collecting and causing a mess when you lift it. There is also very little chance of it becoming inverted and then having to reach in to fix it.


  • Beehive design works with old and modern toilet bowls to create a great seal
  • The rubber material is flexible enough to create a sturdy seal and also allow for a strong plunge
  • Plastic handle is t-shaped to allow you to hang up the plunger after use


  • The material on the plunger can become inverted and then you need to touch it with your hand to unstick it
  • The design will not fit all toilets and collapses after moderate use
  • If not properly sealed, the plunger will send dirty water splashing up while you are using it

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#8. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and caddy


The simplehuman toilet plunger is easily one of the nicest looking toilet plungers I have ever seen.

I would gladly display this unit in my bathroom.


The magnetic caddy that comes with this toilet plunger is by far my favorite feature. The magnets create a collar around the handle of the plunger so when you need to transport it from the toilet to the sink to clean it, there is no danger of water splashing onto the floor.

It is mess free and also hides the front of the plunger with a pleasing exterior for when guests are over. The back of the caddy is open so you can easily access the unit when you need it.


The handle of this plunger is stainless steel so it stays rust and corrosion resistant through all kinds of use in dirty toilet water.

The stainless steel is also tough so that when you are putting force behind the plunger you don’t feel like it is going to break off in your hands.

I like the stainless-steel rod because it also has a nice appearance to go with the rest of the plunger design.


The design of this toilet plunger is narrow and elongated to fit any modern toilet drain but also will create a seal with older toilets too.

This is a pretty handy feature to have if you have several different types of toilets in your home. Carrying this toilet plunger to another toilet without making a mess is also possible because of the caddy design.


  • Magnetic caddy allows you to carry the plunger from the toilet to the sink without any dirty water hitting the ground
  • The narrow design will fit most modern toilets and is easy to use
  • The uniquely shaped handle makes plunging easier and not painful on the hands
  • Rod is made of stainless steel, which will resist bacteria, mold, and rust


  • Stainless steel handle has a tendency to rust after a few uses
  • Handle design can make the plunger difficult to center on the drain
  • Has a strong scent which can irritate sensitive noses

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#9. Rubber Toilet Plunger for Bathroom, Sink & Drain Clogs – Best Sink Plunger

Rubber Toilet Plunger for Bathroom

One extra that this toilet plunger comes with that I thought needed mentioning is the e-book “How to Poop Like a Pro” which you will get with the plunger after ordering it online at Amazon.


The handle of this toilet plunger is only 21’ tall, which makes this easier to store under cabinets or behind the toilet and out of sight.

The handle is also made with a durable plastic that is comfortable to use when pushing into a toilet drain. It is easy to clean and won’t collect mold, bacteria, and germs associated with toilets.


I like the flexibility the cup of this plunger has to work with all of the drains in your home. The rubber will stretch out at the bottom so that it creates a strong seal in the toilet, but also changes into a regular sink cup.

The cup is made with soft rubber that can be molded to any surface easily.


You can use this toilet plunger to take care of clogs throughout the entire house because of the cup design and short handle. The cup will actually turn into a standard sink cup for the other drains that need some attention.

The handle is short enough at 21’ so that you can comfortably stand over the sink and get enough power to dislodge a tough clog.


  • Cup design is versatile enough to use in all drains of the house
  • Plastic handle is short enough to be stored under cabinets
  • The material on a handle is easily cleaned and doesn’t attract mold or bacteria


  • Design of the rubber tends to get debris lodged in it and can only be cleaned by using your hands to stretch it out
  • Short handle causes a lot of splash-back on the person using it
  • There is a strong rubbery odor to the plunger that is not pleasant
  • The handle is flimsy and doesn’t provide enough support for strong use

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#10. Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger with Holder

Kleen Freak Antibacterial

The antibacterial feature is unique to the Kleen Freak and is the only toilet plunger in this category that claims to clean your toilet without spreading germs.


The plastic material on the Kleen Freak holder tray kills germs associated with the bathroom and toilet.

This material will eliminate the worry of mold and bacteria spreading after you use it to get rid of a clog. The rubber on the cup also kills bacteria while it is cleaning your toilet bowl.


The cup is a lovely teal color and is made of flexible rubber that creates a strong seal in most toilets, new or old. I like the design because it doesn’t collect toilet water in a flap so you need to use your hand to clean it.

Drip tray

The storage tray that comes with this toilet plunger makes it easy to stand the plunger up after using it without causing water to get everywhere.

It also provides a cleaner option for taking the plunger from the toilet to the sink to wash it. The tray is sturdy and holds the plunger securely so it doesn’t fall and spray dirty water all over the bathroom floor.


  • Antibacterial feature on toilet plunger means that it doesn’t spread germs after use
  • Storage tray is convenient for storing the plunger after use without dripping water on the floor
  • The handle is comfortable to use and sturdy enough to put some force behind plunging
  • Design of cup creates a strong seal around most toilet bowls


  • Cup has a tendency to invert if pushed too hard into the toilet bowl
  • The handle is not made with the strongest material and can break with use
  • Plunger tray is not very attractive to have displayed in the washroom

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#11. Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

Mr. Clean 440436

  • For smooth and easy cleaning, it has large round brush.
  • Made by natural rubber and Durable Plastic
  • It has rubber grip handle and extended rubber plunger

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What To Look For When Buying A Toilet Plunger


There are three types of plungers available to dislodge a household clog.

Cup plunger

These are not designed for toilets because they don’t create a good seal with the drain and won’t have enough strength to dislodge toilet debris.

Although some people do use this type of plunger for their toilets, these plungers are better suited for sinks and bathtubs.

Accordion plungers

These plungers are named because of the accordion style rubber head that can be very effective in dislodging tough clogs in most toilets. The cups are small in design and create a nice seal over the drain of the toilet.

Industry reports state that the majority of new toilets that are being bought are low-flow toilets, which are narrower in the bowl. The accordion plungers are very effective for this type of toilet.

Toilet plungers

These plungers look like cup plungers that have extra rubber on the bottom of the cup. These plungers consist of a flap forms a seal around the toilet drain and makes it easier to get the necessary force to unclog any toilet.


Most plungers will come with a plastic or aluminum handle to stop bacteria from sticking to the surface and spreading germs.

It is also important that the handle is lightweight enough to carry the plunger easily but also strong enough to put some force behind it while getting at the nasty clogs.

The difference in the handles for most toilet plungers is in the shape and how comfortable it is to hold while plunging.

Some plungers will have a T-shaped handle while others will have a larger rounded handle. It is a personal preference on which you find the most comfortable.


With the popularity of low-flow modern toilets finding a toilet plunger that is narrow enough to fit the drain and create a good seal can be challenging.

Depending on how old and wide your toilet is, the design of the plunger can make a big difference in how strong a seal it makes with your toilet. A weak seal is ineffective at dislodging a touch clog and can also cause “splash-back” of dirty toilet water.

Drip Tray

With all of that dirty water and debris that gets stuck to the bottom of a toilet plunger, having a tray to sit it in after the job is done is a definite plus.

Some plungers will come with trays that can easily be transported from the toilet to the sink, ensuring that there isn’t a dirty trail of water along the floor when it is moved.

Other Factors to Consideration

  • Easy to use– while all plungers say they are easy to use, some can hurt your hands if you have put some force behind it
  • Aesthetics – if your bathroom has no good place to store a toilet plunger, then the nicer it looks the better
  • Price – some plungers can be pricey because of additional features like magnetic trays and aluminum handles

How To UNCLOG A Toilet With A Plunger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the perfect toilet plunger to buy?

We have many toilet plungers on the market. However, this does not mean that every option out there is the ideal for you. Therefore, before you buy a toilet plunger, consider the features. Nevertheless, our review provides you a more straightforward way to land the plunger you are looking for without having to sift through the bazillion models.

How do I keep my toilet plunger sanitary?

Keeping the plunge sanitary means that keeping it clean from any germs. To kill the germs, simply submerge the plunger into a disinfectant and leave it for some time. Examples of the disinfecting liquids you may count on include apple cider vinegar and bleach.

How do you disinfect a toilet brush?

Like the plunger, you also need to keep the toilet brush clean. You can do this by immersing the brush in a bucket of hot water containing bleach and leaving it there for an hour. Remove the scrubber and rinse it using hot water and allow it to dry.

How often should you change your toilet plunger?

Provided that the toilet plunger is getting the work done, you don’t have any reason for a replacement. In fact, since this is a tool that you won’t have to use regularly, a good plunger should last for several years without replacement.

Where do you keep your toilet plunger?

When buying a toilet plunge, ensure that you buy a model that comes with a caddy holder. This holder provides convenient storage for the plunge when not in use. You may consider buying a plunge with a peg hole for easy hanging.

Clear Winner & Final Thoughts

The winner is the simplehuman toilet plunger and caddy because of the attractive and effective design.

The narrow, elongated design makes this effective at creating a seal with modern low-flow toilets that tend to be a little smaller than older toilets.

The handle is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is unique to other plungers in this category and does the best job at eliminating corrosion and rust, especially with a tool that is constantly being used in water.

This toilet plunger has a very modern and attractive look which will add to the décor of your bathroom if you are at a premium for space.

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