11 Best Thermal Scope for Coyote Hunting 2023

Night hunting requires you to have a lot of skills and the right equipment. Well, nothing changes when it comes to hunting coyotes late in the night or at dawn.

Coyotes are quite agile and are also known to be nocturnal. As such, they are mostly active at night, but the only problem is that making a kill shot in pitch darkness is close to impossible.

However, you can simplify your work by mounting a thermal scope onto your hunting rifle.

These pieces of equipment will allow you to see your prey in the dark, and the best part is that they won’t even know that you are there.

Besides, some thermal scopes have a video recording function that allows users to store footage from different hunting sessions.

The review list below provides you with some of the high-quality thermal scopes for coyote hunting that will enable you to acquire targets in complete darkness.

11 Best Thermal Scope for Coyote Hunting

1. Pulsar Core RXQ30V Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar Core RXQ30V Thermal Riflescope

The high-resolution thermal scope from Pulsar may just be what you need to improve your coyote hunting skills.

This equipment is uniquely designed to ensure that users get quality results at all times. It has amazing features that will give you an added advantage when hunting at night or in low-light conditions at dawn.

Moreover, the scope is equipped with an advanced micro-bolometric matrix, which will provide you with thermal images that are not only crisp clear but also detailed. This feature enables you to acquire targets easily even when hunting in pitch darkness.

The device has a refresh rate of 50Hz and provides you with thermal images in real-time, thus increasing your chances of hitting the target.

In addition to this, the magnification power ranges from 1.6x to 6.4x, so you can customize the field of view according to your needs.

The AMOLED display is frost-resistant and will provide you with exceptional results in extreme temperature conditions.

This thermal scope is designed with reliable components, which allow it to detect the target’s body temperature even when you are several yards away.

After processing the heat signatures, it will provide you with a clean sight picture that will help you land the bullet in the right area for a kill shot.

Besides, the scope also features a picture-in-picture function, which allows the shooter to place the shot with military precision.

The Pulsar Core RXQ30V generates thermal images in a viewable green sapphire shade. It also reduces eye strain, meaning you can scope around for long hours as you seek your targets.

Plus, this scope comes with all the accessories that you may need, so you can go on your first hunt immediately after unwrapping the product.


  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Has a remote control function
  • Lightweight design


  • No recording function
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2. ATN ThOR 4 Smart Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN ThOR 4 Smart Thermal Rifle Scope

American Technology Corp (ANT) is one of the brands that has earned a good reputation when it comes to designing thermal scopes, and this particular model has all the features that any night hunter may need.

For starters, it is designed with an ultra-sensitive sensor, which can pick heat signatures even when scoping long-range targets.

This allows it to create high-quality sight pictures that you can rely on when hunting at night. It has amazing color modes that will allow you to spot and recognize your targets with ease.

The other feature that you will like is the dual-stream video function, which enables users to stream live feeds to their mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. If you like, you can also record and store the videos on an SD card.

Thanks to its recoil-activated function, you won’t have to worry about anything because the intelligent circuitry system will do all the work for you.

With that being said, this device will start recording videos automatically prior to and after firing your rifle.

Consequently, this will make your work easier since it gives you more time to focus on the target.

With the ballistic calculator in place, each shot that you take will count. This feature will help you analyze the parameters that are likely to affect the movement of the bullet as it travels towards the target.

That way, you can easily make adjustments to the scope, allowing for accurate shot placement regardless of the prevailing conditions.


  • Professionally designed
  • Low power consumption
  • Recoil-resistant


  • Not the cheapest option
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3. FLIR R-Series RS32 Riflescope

FLIR R-Series RS32 Riflescope

The Flir R-Series RS32 is also another dependable thermal scope that you can use for coyote hunting.

This device is durably built to give users long-lasting service, so you won’t encounter any problem provided that you use the scope the right way.

With a maximum magnification power of 16x, this equipment will enable you to see close to long-range targets without straining your eye.

More on this, it will provide you with unlimited eye-relief in all shooting scenarios, making this a suitable option for all shooters.

It has multiple resolution settings that you can apply depending on the environmental conditions that you are in.

To make it even better, you will get high-quality images that will allow you to accurately place the reticle on the target. This increases your probability of hitting the target with each shot that you take.

Furthermore, the scope body features a shock-resistant design, so all the components will stay in place before and after the recoil.

The scope has different reticle settings that you can choose from depending on your preference. As such, you can use the fine duplex reticle, German, or duplex reticle.

All the options will provide you with a definite aim point, thus lowering your chances of missing the target.

Since the scope only has four buttons, you won’t have a hard time adjusting the parameters to the preferred level.

To top it all up, the internal battery will provide you with up to four hours of continuous runtime.


  • Easy to mount
  • Reliable
  • Rechargeable


  • Does not come with extra batteries
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4. Pulsar Thermion XM Thermal Rifle Scope

Pulsar Thermion XM Thermal Rifle Scope

Pulsar presents you with yet another reliable thermal scope that will provide you with crisp clear thermal images even in complete darkness.

According to the manufacturer, the Pulsar Thermion XM has a heat detection range of 2,500 yards.

The optic housing is constructed from premium-quality magnesium alloy to increase durability.

As a result, the scope is able to withstand powerful recoils, so you can even mount it on heavy-caliber rifles.

The scope features a dual battery system, which provides users with extended operation time. Plus, the internal battery is rechargeable, so you can plug it in for a charge in when it runs out of juice.

On the other hand, the external battery is replaceable and allows for quick and easy replacement.

Thanks to its quick start-up function, you can easily power on this device in seconds. This feature also conserves battery power since it allows users to deactivate the scope with ease when it is not being used.

Additionally, this equipment will allow you to record videos before and after firing the round. To add to this, the internal memory has up to 16-GB worth of storage space.

Aside from the video function, the scope can also record still images in jpg format. There are multiple color pellets that you can use when customizing the display. Through this, you will be able to know the hot spots in a given heat signature.

You can zoom in on long-range targets using the variable focus function. This device is IPX7-rated, so it won’t get damaged even when you use it in the rain.


  • Innovatively designed
  • Full-color display
  • Picture-in-picture function


  • No mounting hardware
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5. Trijicon IRMS-35 Reap-IR Mini Thermal Riflescope

No products found.

The Trijicon IRMS-35 provides you with an extended heat detection range, allowing for rapid target acquisition in low-light conditions.

This unit is designed with cutting-edge thermal technology, thus making it an ideal option for all hunters.

Furthermore, it is fully customizable and also has a user-friendly design, so you can adjust the functions according to your needs.

The scope comes with a strongly built mounting system that you can attach to your rifle in a matter of minutes.

Also, the thermal sensor on this scope can pick up even the smallest heat signatures, so you can easily detect coyotes that are several yards away from your position.

More to this, the variable magnification function enables the shooter to scope both mid and long-range targets without having any problem with visibility.

The circuitry system controls most of the functions automatically, so you only have to apply the appropriate setting.

By using the stadiametric rangefinding technique, this scope will provide you with accurate range measurements before engaging the target. This will greatly increase your accuracy because you’ll be able to fine-tune the scope to match the shooting distance.

The scope has a maximum frame rate of 60 Hz and provides you with multiple reticle patterns that you can use in different situations.


  • Has a flip-up lens cap
  • Quick start-up
  • High-quality


  • A bit bulky
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6. ATN ThOR-HD 384 Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN ThOR-HD 384 Thermal Rifle Scope

Equipped with advanced HD optics, the ATN Thor-HD 384 will enable you to make accurate shots each time.

The scope will provide you with exceptional results in all lighting conditions, thanks to its reliable features.

This unit has a built-in rangefinder, which is very easy to work with. As such, you only have to place the range arrows above and below the target, after which the system will do all the calculations for you, thereby providing you with the precise aimpoint.

There is also a ballistic calculate that will help you estimate the trajectory of each bullet that you fire.

All you have to do is to enter your environmental data and you will be good to go. With this thermal scope, you can record videos and save pictures, so you can review the footage of each hunting session during your free time.

To add to this, you will be able to magnify your targets without distorting the field of view. That way, you can target vital organs around the prey’s body without using additional range-finding equipment.

The included battery will power the device for long hours, allowing you to scope for an extended duration.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Compatible with Android and iOS systems
  • High resolution


  • Somewhat heavy compared to most thermal scopes on the list
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7. TheOpticGuru Thermal Rifle Scope

TheOpticGuru Thermal Rifle Scope

This thermal scope is not only lightweight but also accurate. The in-built thermal sensor will allow you to scan your surrounding for coyotes and other dangerous animals.

It is very effective when it comes to picking heat signatures, so you can rest assured that it won’t fail to detect the target provided that you are within the scope’s working range.

Besides, the circuitry system does not consume as much power, thus allowing the battery to last longer. In fact, the battery will provide you with 10+ hours of usage time.

The scope body is made of high-impact material and is equally durable. This means it can withstand rough handling, recoil, vibrations, etc.

Plus, this device is fog-proof, so it can be used in low-temperature conditions without the lenses getting blurry.

The heat sensors are not only efficient in the dark but will also enable you to detect prey through smoke or dense fog. It can also pick heat signatures from targets that are hiding under vegetation.

This equipment has a magnification power of 8x, so the shooter can customize the field of view depending on his/her needs.


  • High performance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use


  • Only has two color modes
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8. Pulsar Trail XQ38 Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar Trail XQ38 Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar’s Trail XQ38 is just as efficient as the scope that we have just reviewed. This scope can easily detect prey when it is completely dark or foggy.

The built-in Wi-Fi module is compatible with a wide range of devices, so you can pair this scope with Android and iOS operating systems.

It features a quick-change battery unit that will allow you to swap power packs with ease. This will, in turn, reduce your downtime, allowing you to get back to your shooting position before the target escapes.

The scope body is fully waterproof, so you won’t have to stop the hunt because of rain, snow, or any other harsh condition.

This thermal scope ships with a straightforward mounting system that you can install on different types of rifles.

More to this, it features a tool-less design, so there will be no need of using fastening tools. This equipment allows users to save up to three zeroing profiles. And each profile can accommodate a maximum of five range distances, making the scope even more convenient.

The thermal imaging sensor will provide you with clear images that allow for better detection of targets that are around your vicinity.


  • Easy target acquisition
  • Highly advanced
  • Shock-resistant


  • No extra batteries
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9. Armasight by FLIR Zeus Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Armasight by FLIR Zeus Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Armasight is proud to introduce Zeus, a highly advanced thermal imaging rifle scope that you can count on when hunting prey in low-light environments.

This device offers excellent thermal sensitivity and allows the user to detect prey within the shortest time possible.

The housing is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure that users get a scope that is both accurate and tough.

Additionally, the scope will allow you to see through heavy foliage, total darkness, smoke, dust, just to mention but a few.

The software used in the design will deploy algorithms that will filter the images, thus providing you with high-quality sight pictures.

This equipment has multiple color modes that you can apply when scoping targets in different settings.

The mounting system is designed with a reliable locking mechanism that you can attach or detach without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, it is compatible with most standard-size Picatinny and weaver mounts. The components are made from materials that are of superior quality for durability purposes.

This scope is extremely lightweight compared to most thermal scopes in its class. That is not all; it comes with a well-designed video recorder that has playback capabilities.

The scope features different patterns of reticles that will help you land the bullet in the targeted spot.


  • Rapid start-up
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Ideal for day and night hunting


  • It is somewhat heavy
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10. ATN ThOR-HD 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN ThOR-HD 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

You can easily upgrade your hunting rifle using this high-quality thermal scope by ANT. And since it comes from a reliable brand, you can fully depend on this equipment when hunting coyotes late in the night.

It comes with futuristic features that will allow you to see what is lurking in the dark. As such, you will be able to take down the targets even before they know you are there.

This thermal scope not only has a ballistic calculator but also features a smart rangefinder that will make your work easier when scoping targets.

By using the two features, you can accurately place the crosshairs on your target, thus giving you clean shots each time.

The scope has a smooth zoom function, which allows for fast magnification of distant targets. And the best part is that it won’t interfere with your field of view.

This means you can mark multiple targets, especially when dealing with a large number of coyotes.

Also, this scope generates thermal images in HD format, meaning you will be able to recognize your targets without closing in on them.

The scope ships with a tactical remote that will give you quick access to the available functions.


  • Supports wireless connectivity
  • Professional-grade
  • Versatile


  • No replacement batteries
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11. IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

The IR Hunter Mark II provides you with a long list of features that will completely change how you hunt at night. It is accurate, reliable, and exceptionally tough.

With a heat detection range of 1000+ yards, you can easily spot distant targets without relying on other optics.

The scope is equipped with a powerful battery pack that will provide you with long hours of service.

It uses different patterns of reticles and allows users to customize the display to match their environment.

The components making up this scope are designed for performance, thus making it a suitable option for professional hunters.

Plus, the scope body is strongly built, so all the parts will remain functional after firing your rifle.

With the help of this equipment, you can easily take down targets while keeping a safe distance.

In addition to this, the scope is dustproof, fog-proof, and waterproof, meaning it can withstand anything that the weather may throw at it.

Plus, it can work under extreme temperatures, so you can hunt at any time of the day. However, most of the features can prove helpful at night. All in all, this is an excellent option that is worth trying out.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Generates clear images
  • Clip-on capability


  • Not Wi-Fi enabled
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all thermal scopes for coyote hunting have a video recording function?

Thermal scopes come in different designs and also vary when in terms of performance. As such, some have additional functions like video recording while others don’t.

How do thermal scopes work?

In a nutshell, thermal scopes are equipped with specialized components that can detect temperature through the recognition of different wavelengths of infrared light.

After which, the built-in software will assign appropriate colors to the image using the available hot spots.

Can I use a thermal scope during the day?

Thermal scopes are exceptionally versatile and can operate in all lighting conditions. That said, they are just as effective during the day as they are at night.

Nonetheless, ensure that you customize the device according to the environment that you are in since this will affect the quality of the thermal images that you will get.

Final Verdict

The thermal scopes for coyote hunting that we have reviewed in this article are some of the best options that you can find out there.

We have only gone for products that are user-friendly, accurate, reliable, and durable. As such, you can buy any of the scopes provided that the product in question is compatible with your hunting rifle.

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