The 11 Best Tape Measure [2023 Reviews]

As a craftsman, you must have tools that can provide you with accurate results. You also have to remember that the results that you will get will depend on the measurements that you made before starting the project.

Most woodwork and metalwork projects require the use of a tape measure, so you have to ensure that you have a unit that is functional and accurate.

Highlighted below are some of the best tape measure that will give you precise readings on your projects.

11 Tape Measure Reviews

#1 Komelon SM5425 Acrylic Coated Steel Blade Measuring Tape

Komelon SM5425 Acrylic Coated Steel Blade Measuring Tape

Komelon SM5425 is one measuring tape that you can rely on when handling projects that require accurate measurements. It has a long measuring blade, which can extend up to 25ft, allowing you to handle both small and large tasks. This tape measure is ergonomically designed to fit your hands without slipping during use. Also, the outer jacket is made from a tough rubber material, which is impact-resistant. As such, the tape measure will remain intact even when it falls on a hard surface.

This design makes this one of the tape measures that you can consider using in construction and other job sites. The blade has a white color, while the calibrations are in black. This color combination enhances visibility, so you won’t have a hard time reading the measurements. Besides, the tape has fractional graduations, making this an ideal measuring tool when tackling jobs that require utmost accuracy and precision.

The casing protects the blade and the end hook, thus preventing unnecessary damage. Furthermore, the measuring blade is acrylic-coated, so the graduations won’t fade after repeated use. The end hook is tightly fixed on the blade, so it won’t come off easily when you are working. Moreover, this tape measure has a belt hook, which will allow you to attach the equipment on your belt. This way, the tape measure will always be in a place where you can easily access it.


  • Compact design
  • Has a non-glare blade for enhanced visibility
  • The casing is has a rugged design


  • Reading the calibrations is not as easy

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#2 Stanley 33-425 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape

Stanley 33-425 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape

This tape measure is designed with amazing features, which allows it to fit different measuring situations. It features a lockable blade that will assist you when measuring a workpiece that has different dimensions. This feature also prevents the blade from slipping unnecessarily. The high-impact ABS casing will ensure that the blade and other components are well protected, especially when working in harsh surroundings.

Thanks to the Mylar coating, the blade can withstand abrasions and fading. The outer casing has rounded edges and is also extra smooth. This design prevents the tape measure from scratching the surface of the material being measured. The lock mechanism has a grooved surface, which allows you to slide the lock switch with ease without your fingers slipping.

The spring inside this tape measure is heat-treated, so this device will last for an extended period. Additionally, this measuring tool is lightweight, thus allowing you to carry it wherever the job may take you. The Tru-zero hook can come in handy when working on tasks that may require you to draw arcs or circles on the workpiece.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Convenient belt clip
  • Portable
  • Easy to read


  • May break if it falls from a high height

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#3 CRAFTSMAN- CMHT37330S Tape Measure, Chrome Classic

CRAFTSMAN- CMHT37330S Tape Measure

Craftsman is a brand that is well known for producing high-quality tools. Well, you will be happy to know that the Craftsman- CMHT37330S is an excellent tape measure that will provide you with precise measurements. Like all Craftsman tools, this measuring equipment is designed with all your needs in mind. It has all the right features that will allow you to meet the project deadlines, and at the same time deliver commendable results.

The casing has a rubber overmold, which enhances grip, thus preventing the tape measure from moving about as you make the measurements. Unlike most tape measures, the CMHT37330S is fitted with a multi-catch hook. Through this feature, the tape measure can grab surfaces from both sides of the blade. This will allow you to customize the equipment according to the task requirements.

Moreover, the blade has a protective coating, which shields it from destructive and corrosive elements. The blade is 1-inch wide, so you won’t have a difficult time reading the measurement values. This tape measure can help both professionals and DIY enthusiasts since it is easy to use. Plus, the tape is 30ft long when fully extended, so you will have enough tape to cover whatever you are measuring.


  • Easy-to-read font
  • Chrome-coated
  • Durable


  • Only has the inches labeled

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#4 FastCap PSSR25 25 foot Lefty/Righty Measuring Tape

FastCap PSSR25 Measuring Tape

The FastCap PSSR25 is a tape measure that is designed for all users. That being said, it won’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. The ergonomics of this tape will allow you to hold it with ease when carrying out measurements. This is a standard tape measure, so the blade is 25-feet long and an inch wide. The blade is well calibrated to limit strain when reading the measurements.

This tape measure will give you accurate readings in all scenarios since that is what it is meant to do. You just have to ensure that the hook is well set to prevent the blade from retracting back. Alternatively, you can lock the blade using the available lock switch. This tool features an erasable fastpad on which you can record some of the measurement figures. As such, you won’t have to carry notepads when going to the worksite.

The heavy-duty rubber boot is also another feature that is worth mentioning. It not only increases grip but also protects the entire unit in case the tape measure falls on hard ground. If you are looking for a tape measure that can provide you with stellar results, the FastCap PSSR25 is one of the options that you can consider adding to your list. This tape measure is not so large and is also not small, so it will fit perfectly into your hands.


  • Features a built-in sharpener
  • Ideal for DIY projects
  • Lightweight


  • The labels on the blade are too small

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#5 eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure

eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure

This revolutionary tape measure may look simple at first sight, but you will be surprised by what it can do. It is designed with advanced features that can meet the needs of the modern craftsman. One of the things that will catch your attention is the large LCD display, which will provide you with real-time readouts as you extend the tape blade. This will allow you to record measurements that are accurate and reliable.

Moreover, this measuring equipment is easy to use since it has buttons that will give you access to even more functions. For instance, it will allow you to convert measurements from one unit to another in seconds. This will enable you to change the measurements that are in inches to centimeters and vice versa. To add to this, it can also convert fractions to decimals, thus giving you an easy time when making the entries.

To make it even better, this tape measure has two long-term memories, which will save your measurements at the push of a button. When measuring corners, you won’t have to bend the tape blade since you can easily use the backside of the tape measure as the starting point. As such, the measurements will be more accurate and the blade will be safe from wear and tear. In addition, this device has a heavy-duty coin battery that can last up to 64 hours when used continuously.


  • Has an auto-shutoff feature, which triggers when the device is not in use
  • Designed with a heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic
  • Versatile


  • The blade is only 16-feet long

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#6 Measuring Tape Measure By Kutir

Measuring Tape Measure By Kutir

The measuring tape from Kutir is designed to last, so you can buy this device knowing that it will last. More to this, it has appealing features, which will provide you with precise measuring results. This measuring tape is designed in such a way that it can withstand all sorts of abuse. Besides, the tape blade has a stainless matte finish, which can resist environmental corrosion. As such, you can use this tape measure when handling outdoor projects.

Also, the hook is fitted with a powerful magnet, which allows you to attach the end of the tape blade to any metal surface. This way, you will be able to set the measuring tape onto the surface that you are measuring with less fuss. The labels on the blade are in metric and inches, so you can use the unit that suits you the most. Additionally, the labels on the blade are large and bold, so you won’t have a problem reading the measurements.

This tape is 25-feet in length and is calibrated on both sides to give users an easy time when handling somewhat complex projects. The rubberized casing will ensure that the blade and the hook are kept safe at all times. Apart from that, the rubber will also provide you with a comfortable grip, thereby allowing you to use the tape for long hours.


  • Durable case
  • Dual ruler design
  • Ideal for a wide range of tasks


  • The casing has a strong rubbery smell, which may irritate some users

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#7 Crescent Lufkin- QRL625MP Quickread Yellow Clad Tape Measure

Crescent Lufkin- QRL625MP Quickread Yellow Clad Tape Measure

This 25-ft tape measure by Lufkin features a 1-inch blade with easy-to-read markings. The labels are arranged in a vertical sequence, so you can read the tape from either side. More to this, the hook is held in place by four strong rivets, which will keep the blade steady as you use the tape measure. The casing is also contoured to minimize slippage, so you will be able to use this tape without it falling. The coating on the hook prevents rust, corrosion, and other destructive agents that may degrade the quality of the tape.

The whole blade is coated, so the calibration markings won’t fade out with time. Besides, the graduations are in fraction form, thus making it easier to get accurate measurements. The casing is designed with a heavy-duty ABS plastic that can withstand impact. This tape measure can come in handy when handling both indoor and outdoor projects.

Additionally, the tape measure has a convenient toggle lock at the top, which will allow you to lock the blade in different positions depending on the task at hand. This equipment is ergonomically designed, so you will have a stress-free time throughout the time that you will use. The bright blue color on the casing makes this tape measure conspicuous, so you can easily spot it across the room.


  • The tape blade has a quick-read design
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy-grip


  • Somewhat heavy compared to other tape measures

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#8 Zabiki Measuring Tape Measure

Zabiki Measuring Tape Measure

The heavy-duty tape measure from Zabiki is a reliable measuring tool that will provide you with correct measurements in all your projects. All its accessories are easy to use, so just about anyone can use this tape measure. As such, metal workers, carpenters, and architects can find this tape measure extremely useful. The casing is conveniently grooved to maximize grip. This will give you complete control when using the tape measure, thus allowing you to get the exact dimensions of the workpiece.

This tape measure has a belt clip on the side, which will allow you to hook it to your belt for easy access. Through this, you will be able to free your hands when working, thereby allowing you to work faster. The shock-absorbent casing can survive drops from different heights, so you won’t have to worry about the tape measure breaking. The manufactures have tested this feature multiple times, so you can trust that it will hold.

The tape blade will provide you with a better reading performance since all the labels are bold and visible. With this tape, you will be able to make accurate measurements both from the inside and the outside, especially since the blade is marked on both sides. More to this, you will have access to the metric and inch ruler, hence allowing you to handle all types of projects that may require you to take measurements.


  • Durable rubber coating
  • Magnet tip
  • Ergonomic design


  • The hook is not double-sided compared to competitor tapes measures

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#9 Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure

Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure

Milwaukee provides you with a dependable tape measure that is easy to use and equally accurate. This device has several features that will benefit you as you carry out your measurements. The reinforced frame is built to last and will allow you to use this tape measure for a while before you can purchase a new one. Most tape measures have 1-inch blades, but that is not the case with this brand. It has a 1.83-inch blade, which is easier to handle and read.

The finger stop, on the other hand, will provide your fingers with protection against the blade as it retracts. Also, the tape is equipped with dual magnets that will assist you when dealing with steel-built workpieces. The magnets will prevent the blade from rolling, while the heavy-duty coating will ensure the tape blade is safe from wear and tear. The belt hook has a wire design to prevent the tape measure from tearing your pockets.

In addition, the lock switch has a simple slide design, which allows you to hold or release the blade in an instant. This is a premium quality product from a trusted manufacturer, so you can consider giving it a try. If used correctly, you might even be surprised by how precise the readings are.


  • Nylon-bond blade protection
  • Sturdy design
  • Two-sided markings


  • The magnets may pick up metal chips from surfaces

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#10 AmazonBasics Self-Locking Tape Measure

AmazonBasics Self-Locking Tape Measure

The tape measure by AmazonBasics will provide you with measurements that are MID accurate. Moreover, the blade can extend up to 16-feet, making this an ideal tool when tackling small projects that don’t require you to measure objects that are extremely long or wide. The self-locking mechanism will allow you to control the blade according to the demands of the project.

This way, you will be able to extend or retract the blade smoothly without hurting your fingers. With the help of the push-button, you can release the blade from the lock whenever you want. When it comes to longevity, the tape measure features a heat-treated spring and a tough ABS casing. All these features will keep the tape in a good condition even after using it for a couple of years.

Furthermore, the tape measure has a compact design and is also lightweight. As such, you can carry it from your home to the worksite with ease. Besides, it won’t take up a lot of space in your toolbox, so you will have enough room to store the rest of your tools. This tape measure has two scales, which are easy to read.


  • Comes with a convenient wrist strap
  • Anti-skid housing
  • Delivers consistent and reliable results


  • No fractional markings

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#11 Swanson Tool SVPS25M1 Magnetic Savage Proscribe Tape Measure

Swanson Tool SVPS25M1 Magnetic Savage Proscribe Tape Measure

Swanson SVPS25M1 is an innovatively designed tape measure that is easy to use. It features a centering pin, which will allow you to scribe arcs and complete circles without relying on other tools. The pin is retractable, so you can move it out of your way when it’s not in use. Moreover, the tape measure has a scribing guide, which will protect your fingers from wood splinters.

The hook is fitted with two magnets, which can come in handy when working with metal surfaces. Reading measurements from this tape is very easy since the numbers are large. Also, the molded rubber casing protects the blade from potential damage when in the event that the tape falls. Like most tape measures in the same class, the Swanson SVPS25M1 is marked on both sides to give users an easy time when items.

To add to this, the belt clip will easily attach to your tool belt, so you will be able to carry the tape measure almost everywhere while working. Apart from being good at scribing arcs, this tape measure can assist you when drawing clean and precise lines on a workpiece. If you are looking for a versatile tape measure that is reliable, this can be one of the options that you can start with.


  • Easy readability
  • Double-edged hook
  • High-impact case


  • May not be as durable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are tape measures accurate?

Some tape measures are super accurate while others are not. As such, always ensure that you buy the tape measure from a trusted manufacturer.

Can a tape cut my finger?

Yes. Some tape measures have blades with sharp edges and can easily cut your finger if you are not cautious. However, high-quality tape measures have well-designed edges, which are blunt, so you are less likely to get cut if you use the equipment correctly.

Are all tape measures double-sided?

No. Depending on the brand, you may notice that some tape measures are only marked on one side. Nonetheless, a good number of tape measures are labeled on both sides, thus giving you an easy time when working around corners.

Why do most tape measures have yellow blades?

Scientifically speaking, the human eye is more sensitive to the yellow color since it stimulates several nerves at a go. As a result, users will find it easy reading the markings on the tape measure.

Final Verdict

The tape measures listed above may be the final piece that you need to up your game. They will provide you with accurate measurements, thereby allowing you to get the right dimensions of the object in question.

To add to this, these tools are easy to use and are ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort.

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