11 Best Tablet Pillow Stands 2023

Even the simplest tasks can be strenuous. That’s especially true if you have to spend more time on them. For instance, no matter how light your tablet feels on your palm, holding it at that perfect angle for extended periods can be tedious.

Of course, I know the last thing you want to bother you when watching that fascinating movie is the positioning of your tablet. And yes, that’s where you can bring a tablet pillow stand into play.

A tablet pillow stand is an accessory that supports your gadget at an angle for a hands-free watching experience. With this stand, you can read that spellbinding novel or watch that favorite show comfortably for as long as you please.

 Now, like any other accessory, the tablet pillow stand you buy matters a lot. So, what model do you need to buy? Well, go through our recommendable models below to identify the ideal pick for your needs.

11 Best Tablet Pillow Stands

1. Ontel Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand

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If you spend lots of hours watching or reading on your tablet, a tablet pillow stand will go a long way to improve your screen-time experience. And yes, this unit comes with almost everything you may need when it’s time to interact with your gadget.

Firstly, it comes with a tri-ledge design. With this design, you have three different angles for your tablet. That means whether you want to watch or read when sitting, standing, or lying down, you will always have the right side for the job.

The unit is of high-quality foam for long-lasting performance. Additionally, it comes with built-in pockets to provide a storage area for earphones, chargers, glasses, and other items you may need when using the stand.

You will appreciate that the material of this stand is non-slip. Therefore, expect your tablet to remain where you place it. That’s not all—when it’s time for cleaning, the cover comes out easily for machine washing.

For the tablet owners who love traveling, this unit by Ontel has them in mind. That’s why it has a convenient carrying handle for easy portability—it’s now possible to read and watch on your tablet without neck strain even when on the go.


  • Removable cover.
  • Multiple positions.
  • Portable.


  • It may come with a few wrinkles that may go away with time.
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2. Flippy with New Storage Cubby Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

Flippy with New Storage Cubby Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

The next tablet holder on our list is also one of the top-rated models we have out there. Like the predecessor, you have three viewing angles here. The multiple positions allow you to choose the angle that works best for your preferred posture.

The design of this accessory means that you will always have a stable stand no matter the angle you choose. When talking about the size, you are getting a unit that’s pretty long. As a result, expect it to work well for your tablet and other smaller accessories.

The unit comes with a storage cubby. The storage area allows you to store stationery, earphones, snacks, and other items you may want to keep within your reach. You will never have to pause that favorite movie to look for a charger when your tablet’s battery is about to run out.

The unit has durable but lightweight foam for enhanced portability. The exterior of this stand makes use of plush polyester material. Hence, you will find it simple to maintain this piece in tip-top condition. Just wipe it clean with a wet piece of cloth.

Since it’s a high-quality unit, it makes a perfect gift for e-readers, tablet enthusiasts, and book reader. The manufacturer avails it in different colors so you can pick the one that works best for your loved ones.


  • High compatibility.
  • Stability is superb.
  • Wide assortment of colors.


  • Non-removable cover.
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3. IPEVO PadPillow Stand

IPEVO PadPillow Stand

This pillow stand will ensure that you and your tablet remain comfortable throughout your interactions. With this unit, you can hold your device at your laps or stomach whenever you don’t feel like using the desk.

A soft hinge links two triangular sections. Additionally, we like that you can fold the sections out when you want the extended position. You will appreciate this feature when you want to use additional accessories like the Bluetooth keyboard. Still, if you don’t want to use the extended position, you can fold this accessory to get a compact pillow for use on the couch arm or another chair.

The pillow comes with soft foam that interacts well with your lovely device. The cover is 100% denim cotton. With that said, you can buy this tablet pillow stand with the confidence that you are getting a unit that will last for a long time.

The material of the cover supports spot-cleaning, but you can also remove it for thorough cleaning. However, one thing to have in mind is that the manufacturer recommends hand-washing in this case.

The size of this stand means you can use it for tablets and other devices. Therefore, if you are looking for a unit that will work for most of your gadgets, this option should be the ideal model for you.


  • It holds the tablet well.
  • You can use a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • High-quality cover.


  • The front lip is a bit small.
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4. Ideas in Life iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder

Ideas in Life iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder

Keep your hands free and your neck comfortable when reading or watching using your tablet. This holder helps you position your gadget at the exact orientation that works perfectly for your needs for a fantastic user experience.

You can use the stand on the kitchen table top, floor, stomach, chest, and any other area where you choose to use it. Thus, with this unit, you can enjoy watching, browsing, and reading without having to engage your hands all through this time.

Like all the predecessors, this tablet pillow stand comes with lightweight foam. That makes it suitable to use and move for users of all ages. A high-quality fleece cover complements the soft foam for a comfortable tablet pillow stand.

The exterior cover offers better resistance to stains and dirt. However, since it’s removable, you can zip it off for machine washing. With that said, you should find this pillow stand easier to keep clean and neat than most competitors.

The black color blends in with a wide variety of decors. Other color options include red, brown, blue, and grey.


  • Flexible lip.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Perfect for folks of all ages.


  • The lip obscures some bottom part of the screen.
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5. Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand

Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand

The next tablet pillow stand comes in a beautiful dark grey color. However, it’s still available in other color varieties. Therefore, no matter the style of your décor, expect to have a perfect pillow stand that works best for your needs.

You will find this stand helpful when playing games, watching, browsing, typing, reading, viewing files, or any other activity that pertains to using your tablet. In terms of compatibility, you can use it with any tablet, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini, and more.

In fact, since it comes with a triangular design, this pillow stand can hold two tablets at once—one in the opposite side of the other. That makes it possible to support two users concurrently.

Like most of the previous options on the list, this tablet pillow stand allows for three-angle adjustment. I mean, you can pick the side to place your tablet depending on your sitting posture and what works ideally for you.

The materials used here are of the highest quality. With that said, unlike some models, this unit will retain its original shape for years. Therefore, no matter how often you intend to use this tablet pillow stand, expect the unit to stand the test of time.


  • Multiple grooves for different angles.
  • Reusable plastic cover.
  • Easy to maintain clean.


  • Deeper grooves would be better.
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6. Padded Spaces Prop ‘n Go Slim

Padded Spaces Prop n Go Slim

When it comes to buying accessories, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is more often true than not. Now, while this unit will cost you a little more than the standard options, it comes with more than its counterparts.

For instance, with a standard tablet holder, expect three placement positions. However, this unit supports up to 14 angles ranging between 9 degrees and 70 degrees. With all these options, whether you are lying down, sitting down, or standing up, there will always be that ideal setting that works ideally for you.

The base of this stand features thick padding. The memory foam also contours your stomach, chest, bed, desk, or any other area where you may want to place your tablet. The base also keeps the unit stable for a shakes-free watching experience.

Another area where this pillow stand shines is in versatility. I mean, you will appreciate the universal design of this unit. That’s because, with this design, you can use it for any tablet and other devices of the kind as well.

The anti-slip design ensures that the unit holds your gadget at the exact angle you choose. Finally, most users appreciate that it comes with size and weight that supports portability. That means if you often spend time on the road, this tablet pillow stand is one of the models worth buying.


  • 14 placement angles.
  • Universal design.
  • The base remains comfortable on the surface.


  • A little costly.
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7. MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand

MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand

Make the most out of your screen time by bringing this tablet pillow stand into play. The unit comes with a beautiful purple color, although there are other varieties just in case purple doesn’t match your preference.

Here, you are getting one of the tools with the best compatibility in the market. In other words, regardless of the tablet model you are using, you can buy this pillow stand knowing that it will work ideally with your machine.

Also, you will fall in love with its convenient design. Precisely, you will notice two pockets—one on either side of the stand. With the two storage compartments, you now have a perfect place for the stylus pen, headphones, charging cable, and other accessories for multimedia applications.

Now, when talking about versatility, you can use this pillow stand at any place of your choice. The lightweight design makes moving the unit within the home and beyond a breeze. Finally, the intuitive design makes it possible for anyone to reap the most out of it.


  • Convenient design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Aesthetically appealing.


  • The fabric lip could be stiffer.
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8. LapGear Microbead Tablet Pillow Stand

LapGear Microbead Tablet Pillow Stand

Keep your hands free and your neck from straining the next time you are watching or shopping online.  The Lapgear Microbead Tablet Pillow Stand is one unit that comes with your expensive tablet in mind.

That’s why unlike some models that have a lip, this unit offers a front pocket. This device slot holds your gadget more tightly and securely against the stand. Therefore, with this unit, there are minimal chances that your tablet will slip and fall off.

The pocket here is long enough to fit most tablets. Also, you will realize that it isn’t too deep. Instead, it is fairly deep. This way, it will keep the tablet from falling without covering too much of the screen’s bottom.

Also, this pillow stand has cushion filling. Thus, it conforms to your laps, bed, table, or any other surface you may want to place it. Therefore, no matter where you choose, always expect to have the best experience with your tablet.

Besides the long device slot in the front of this pillow stand, you will realize a smaller side pocket. This compartment will hold your phone, earbuds, stylus, charger, or any other accessory you might want to use when interacting with your tablet.


  • Décor-inspired patterns.
  • Conforming cushion.
  • Very functional.


  • The small size doesn’t work the best for larger tablets.
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9. Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

The ninth option is also one of the customers’ most favorite options. The very option comes in a beautiful sky blue color, although you can also pick the color that works ideally for your décor needs.

Like the earlier brother, this stand allows you to choose one of the three distinct angles for your tablet. That means no matter the orientation you want for your device, you should get the side that works ideally for you.

The multi-angle tablet pillow stand has lightweight foam. Weighing just ounces, this accessory works ideally for those that love traveling. The ultra-suede cover wrapping the foam is durable, super-soft, and easy to clean.

You are getting a stand with a convenient size here. What that means, it’s small enough for portability but also large enough that you can use it for all tablet sizes. In fact, it works well for a wide variety of devices and items.

Generally, you are getting a reliable tablet pillow stand that is easy to maintain and highly compatible. However, before you add it to your shopping cart, you need to know about the downsides. The main drawback here is that the cover won’t zip off for thorough washing.


  • The cover is soft.
  • The angles are well-thought-of.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • There are only three angles here.
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10. Flippy Jr, Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

Flippy Jr, Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

If you have one of the most expensive tablets, it’s wise to get a high-quality holder to complement it. You need to buy a unit that will hold your tablet securely without any chances of falling it.

And yes, as you figure out about the unit to buy, consider giving a shot to this tablet pillow stand. This manufacturer here uses materials of the highest quality for the best performance. For that reason, we see it as the perfect match for your lovely tablet.

Like the predecessor, this tablet holder has lightweight foam to keep its weight low enough for travel.  The outside is of plush polyester material, which durable, super soft, and straightforward to keep clean with a damp cloth.

When it comes to positioning your tablet computer, you have several options here. Each side will hold your gadget at a unique angle. Therefore, whether watching, reading, or browsing while standing, sitting, or lying down, expect to get the ideal angle for your needs.

The design of the lip will keep the tablet leaning on the side of the stand. The lip is also thick enough to cover the entire thickness of your tablet. However, unlike some slots that will block the bottom part of the screen, the design of this stand ensures that you enjoy the full display of your tablet.


  • Clip and strap for hanging.
  • The cover zips off.
  • Sturdy but lightweight.


  • The lip doesn’t hold some tablets securely.
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11. Book Couch iPad Tablet Holder

Book Couch iPad Tablet Holder

The last tablet holder works ideally for people of all ages. It is a high-quality piece that makes a decent gift to your treasured ones who love to read, watch, browse, and play games on their tablets.

The unit makes use of materials of the highest quality. With that said, if you are looking for a tablet pillow stand that will deliver long-lasting performance, you won’t go wrong here. Also, the shape and design of this stand promote healthy posture. Hence, it makes a great companion for people who value their health.

Although the cover is sewn together with the inner materials, this pillow stand is still easy to maintain clean. In fact, it’s among the few options that support machine washing. Nevertheless, ensure that you wash it at low temperatures to help retain the shape.

The sloth color is aesthetically attractive and works well for a variety of decors. However, for those that prefer a different color, there are seven more options available for selection—it’s now possible to get the color that goes well with your décor and tablet as well.


  • Will retain shape after washing.
  • Cute design.
  • It holds thicker items well.


  • A few more ounces of weight could make it better.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tablet pillow stand a must-have?

Well, of course it isn’t a basic necessity. If you don’t use your tablet for long periods, holding it in your palm for the short sessions is just fine. However, if you spend hours on your tablet, you need a mechanism to support it at the perfect angle. That’s where a tablet pillow stand comes in handy.

Can I use a tablet pillow stand for any other device?

Although we call them “tablet” pillow stand, they don’t just work for tablets. Most of them will also support other things like iPads, smartphones, books, magazines, and more. However, if you want one that can also serve these purposes, be sure to pick one that supports your needs. It’s worth noting that the level of versatility differs from one model to another.

Is expensive always better?

Well, that’s not a very straightforward question. Of course, most of the expensive models do the work perfectly. But that doesn’t mean all cheap models are actually cheap in the real sense. In the same way a low-quality model may come overpriced, you can also get a high-quality unit going for a low price. Therefore, it’s all about examining the quality and not the price tag.

Why should you buy a tablet pillow stand?

A tablet holder goes a long way to improve your comfort level when it’s time to interact with your device. It will keep your back, neck, hands, and eyes from straining when using your tablet. Actually, it’s more of a necessity than it is of luxury.

What makes a decent tablet pillow stand?

When buying a tablet holder, factoring in a few aspects should guide you to making the correct decision. You have to consider things like the shape, size, weight, compatibility, level of maintenance, quality of the materials, and others.

Final Verdict

Although it doesn’t seem like an essential accessory, a tablet pillow stand remains a must-have for any tablet owner. It goes a long way to ensure that you and your tablet remain comfortable throughout.

Unfortunately, even with their simple design, picking a tablet pillow stand isn’t straightforward as it seems. There are lots of rip-offs out there, and it’s up to you to dodge all.

Luckily, this article does the legwork for you—it sifts out the top models from the rest. After reading through, identify the one that works best for your needs.

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