11 Best Shoes for Elderly with Balance Problems 2023

Elderly people, particularly those above 65 years, tend to lose general balance as they grow old. Poor balance may lead to falling, resulting in some complications like bone-breaking, head injuries, and hip fractures, leading to hospitalization.

It is essential to have shoes that have steady and supportive soles that will reduce your chances of falling. Getting the best footwear will offer comfort and confidence while walking or even jogging on the road. High heels, Sloppy-soled shoes, and laces are examples of footwear you should avoid as an older adult.

We understand we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to matters of fashion. But when talking about footwear for seniors, fashion might not be a factor to consider. A shoe that gives you comfort and prevents you from minor accidents is far better than its appearance or fanciness.

With this in mind, we have put this article together to help you pinpoint the right pair of shoes for men & women of older age. Our hand-picked models will enhance your stability while walking or even doing something strenuous.

Top 11 Best Shoes for Elderly with Balance Problems

#1 Youyun Women’s Elderly Shoes  

youyun Women's Elderly...
  • NON-SLIP SOLE:Wear-resistant non-slip sole, non-slip particle film, with anti-slip effect, increase the friction with the ground, hold the ground firmly, and walk stably
  • PORTABLE: Adjustable Velcro, using a wide opening design, the instep upper can be extended to the toe position, which can firmly fix the instep, making the walking stable and comfortable, whether it is easy to put on or take off

Our first review is the best shoes for older women. Youyun Women’s Elderly Shoes has some very delightful features that will serve all aged women out there. If you are looking for the best gift in terms of shoes to give to your grandmother or mother, I recommend this option for you.

First, this shoe is thought to be a tremendous bargain for folks who spend most of their time on their feet. Wear-resistant sole, nonslip particle films ensure maximum friction with the ground, making one walk comfortably every day.

The shoe is highly flexible. An adjustable Velcro is conveniently attached to the shoe, making it easy to put on and off. It relieves you the nuisance of having to bend down and untie or tie the shoelaces when you need them on or off.

The upper part uses a flying weave while the heels are strengthened to prevent feebleness. Stretched cotton is fitted on the inside and fits the leg comfortably. Support and stability are of utmost guaranteed while in motion.

Lastly, it is fully ventilated. Hence, you can walk for long distances with no stuffy feet that produce an odor because of the high-quality breathable fabrics the shoe possesses. You have refreshing days while doing your daily errands.


  • Good material
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to get on and off


  • Not wide enough

#2 Propét Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On  

Men are naturally more active than women. It is expected to last even when they are in the senior periods of their lives. A good shoe might be of great importance if you enjoy walking to avoid the monotonous nature of the house if you are alone.

We recommend the Propét Men’s M5015 as the best shoe for senior men because of the many mind-blowing features it brings forth. Padded collar, internal and external heel counters for additional firmness and removable soles enhance comfort wherever you are.

The shoe has a synthetic sole that acts as a shock absorber enabling you to have flawless days while you are out there. The sole is highly durable and can last some good duration of time. Hence, you save some dollars for a while.

The material is smooth grain leather with mesh lining. We all know the benefits that come along with that. It ensures you feel protected. Also, the pair is waterproof, durable, and are easy to clean. You can also wear it to an official forum if the need arises.

It is also recommended for people with diabetes, foot pain, or edema problems. The adjustable single strap closure means that you can freely adjust to adapt to the condition of your leg. These shoes will make a tremendous difference in your day-to-day activities.


  • Removable sole
  • Leather material with mesh lining.
  • The polyurethane midsole absorbs shock.


  • The toe box is small.

#3 LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam shoes  

LongBay Diabetic...
  • COMFORTABLE SLIPPER SHOES - Our diabetic slippers have a soft knit upper, faux fur lining, and adjustable design. It provides you with comfort and warmth, especially for swollen feet and the elderly, perfectly fits your feet
  • CUSHIONING & SUPPORT - High-density 80D memory foam cushions your every step and make you feel like walking on ergonomic pillows. Besides, a supportive insole will make your arch feel relaxed and relieve your foot stress

Some elderly women may suffer from swollen feet due to some known reasons that come with old age. Walking might be a bit problematic. They need good quality shoes to relieve them and enable them to walk freely outside and enjoy their surroundings without much struggle. The third-placed pair of shoes is ideal for aged women with swollen feet.

They come with a soft wool-like upper plus fur lining for enhanced appearance. A distinctive hook and loop closure mechanism is ideal for swollen feet as you can freely adjust it to the size of your feet for better stability

High-density memory foam of 80D shields your feet for every footstep you make and feels like comfort-design pillows under your feet. Also, the insole relaxes your foot and calms down pain from all-day strenuous activities.

These closed toes shoes for seniors provide comfort in and out of the house. You can shift from your bedroom to the living room or go outside and check the mailbox without switching to other shoes.  They are also machine-washable, which makes them easy to take care of and wash.

However, they are not ideal for long-distance walking. The nonslip rubber sole may wear and tear when used often out of the home. Nonetheless, women with swollen feet are also advised not to strain their feet for long hours.


  • Good for swollen feet
  • Perfect gift choice
  • High-density foam


  • Not ideal for long-distance walking.

#4 DENACARE Women’s Wide Width Shoes 

DENACARE Women's Wide Width Shoes...
  • WIDE WIDTH & EXTRA DEPTH: Sufficient volume with Wide Width offers customized fit. Roomy toe box eases pressure on the toe to offer comfortable fit. Extra depth for custom made Orthotics.
  • EASY TO PUT ON & OFF: Adjustable Hook and loop fastener allows easy adjustability and personalized comfortability for elderly and indications include swollen feet, edema, plantar fasciitis etc.

After being diagnosed with ailments such as diabetic edema, you are recommended some specific types of shoes that will help you cope with the disease. A shoe that is flexible and wide enough to accommodate your feet is ideal enough. And yes, here comes the best shoe for women with edema condition.

DENACARE Women’s Wide Width Shoes are the perfect option for this kind of situation. The shoe is wide enough and has an extra depth that will comfortably suit your precision. They are tailored and perfectly suit the orthotics.

They are incredibly weightless with a rubber outsole and a feathery midsole. Walk with less fatigue for an extended period. The EVA molded midsole and the TPU air custom system absorb shock, promoting a bouncy feeling while moving.

A removable insole cushioned with a 0.23-inch memory foam reduces pressure and ensures pain and heel relief. It also creates space for breathability and freshness all day long.

The shoes for seniors are highly versatile. An adjustable wide hook-and-loop strap design enables the individual to put them on and off depending on convenience. The outsole is designed with bottom treads that offer grip and are slip-defiant.


  • Wide space for comfort
  • Slip-resistant
  • Perfect for orthotics.


  • The hook and loop may loosen.

#5 New Balance Men’s 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe 

New Balance Men's 813 V1 Hook and...
  • 13 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 13 mm drop are approximate
  • Hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit that’s quick and easy to adjust

We all want comfort while walking on the road. Having the right shoe might be a step towards achieving the desired comfort. However, it is not easy to identify the shoe that fits that precision. That’s why we took the initiative and came up with this option as the best comfy shoe for senior adults with balance problems.

These shoes feature a lightweight foam midsole and soft comfort collar for cushioning that fits your way of life. They also come with motion-control technology for steady and smooth motion. You can comfortably move around and for long hours.

They are made from genuine leather and synthetic materials, which enhance durability and comfort. They will serve you for a long time without wearing out quickly. The material is of high quality and precision. It will give you a fantastic outlook and serve you with enthusiasm.

They are foot-friendly and are designed to keep you moving. The shoes have a stylish appearance. They create a more appealing look and satisfy your zeal.

Lastly, they are built to suit the ground.  A ROLLBAR stability post system is calibrated to control back movement for increased support for every step you take. You can walk naturally with the aid of the strike path technology, maintaining a natural gait in every move you make.


  • Durable
  • Offer comfort with soft fabric lining.
  • Foot-friendly


  • The straps might be a bit long

#6 DENACARE Men’s Diabetic Shoe with Wide Width  

DENACARE Men's Wide Width Shoes...
  • WIDE WIDTH & EXTRA DEPTH: Sufficient volume with Wide Width offers customized fit. Roomy toe box eases pressure on the toe to offer comfortable fit. Extra depth for custom made Orthotics.
  • EASY TO PUT ON & OFF: Adjustable Hook and loop fastener allows easy adjustability and personalized comfortability for elderly and indications include swollen feet, edema, plantar fasciitis etc.

The condition of plantar fasciitis may be a great nuisance while wearing some types of shoe that may squeeze your foot, causing much pain. If you are suffering from the condition, I think we have the right kind of shoes for you. The DENACARE Men’s Diabetic Shoe is ideal for the task.

It offers a wide width and additional depth, which offers customized fitness. The Roomy toe box reduces pressure to offer comfort, and the extra depth is mainly made for podiatric. Also, the shoe is light; it will reduce fatigue and enable you to be in motion steadily.

The fit is good, and putting them on and off is easy. The Velcro on them makes that possible. For convenience, the inserts come in multiples giving you an option to change from one to the other if one feels uncomfortable.

Additionally, the insoles are removable. It provides for excellent moisture management and high-level ventilation. The outsole is molded to provide grip and increase friction with the ground reducing chances of falling

The shoes are made from polyester; the material makes them easy to wash in a machine. Hence, you can easily take good care of them for continued pleasure. In addition, as long as you pull the Velcro tight, these shoes will provide good arch support and heel stability.


  • It comes with multiple inserts
  • Washable in a machine
  • Wide toe box


  • Poor arch support

#7 Feethit Men’s Slip-On Walking Shoes  

Feethit Mens Slip On Walking Shoes...
  • High Elastic Outsole: The modules of mens running shoes that make up the shoe's outsole are designed to offer shock absorption and stability to the feet at key points of impact.
  • Ultra Breathable Upper: Mens tennis shoes stretch mesh for crazy breathability and all-temperature control that adds a lightweight feel with plenty of ventilation to preserve your feet cool and dry.

During hot weather or strenuous activities like playing, shoes might become stuffy due to sweating. To avoid such, you might opt for a shoe with good ventilation to provide maximum breathability for comfort and relaxation while outside. The Feethit Men’s Slip-On Walking Shoes are outstandingly fit for the task.

The upper of the shoe has a stretched mesh that provides for insane breathability and temperature control, adding a flimsy feeling with plenty of air inside, keeping your feet cool and dry.

The comfortable and soft insole is a type of high stretchy breathable foam memory that provides balanced lateral movements and slip resistance. The rubber patch at the bottom increases slip resistance and wear resistance.

Another area of delight is that the shoes are perfect for any occasion whatsoever! You can put them for work or other outdoor activities. They have a great look and give a perfect immersion of taste and fashion.

Also, the outsole is very elastic. It offers shock absorption and offers splendid stability on your general body, and critical points impact like the heels. You can go for long hours wearing the shoe as it offers relief are ideal for work use.


  • Outsole is elastic
  • Perfect breathability
  • Fit for any occasion


  • The sole wears quickly

#8 New Balance Men’s 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

No products found.

Leather products are generally durable and comfortable in any given scenario. That’s why a good leather shoe might also serve you dearly, meeting all your desired needs. We chose the New Balance Men’s 623 V3 as the best All-leather shoes for senior men.

The material is 100 % leather giving you comfort, durability for an extended period without wear and tear. It is also waterproof and provides underfoot protection while in some bushy places or rugged terrain.

The 623v3 gives you exhilarating comfort. It cares for your feet with a stiff yet elastic injection-molded EVA foam midsole and cushioned EVA foam insole. You can comfortably walk for many hours with consolation and stability.

With these shoes, you can expect all-day satisfaction of outside pleasure as they feature breathability, durability, and versatility. Furthermore, they have an athletic design fit for outdoor activities.

The shoe is impact resistant through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance. At a glance, you are getting the value of what you paid for and more.


  • Underfoot protection
  • Good for outdoor activities
  • It fits well


  • Orthopedic insert is poor

#9 W&LESVAGO Women’s Extra Wide Air Cushion Walking Sneakers 

W&LESVAGO Women's Extra Wide Air...
  • 【3 PAIRS OF INSOLE CONFIGURATION】 : We configured 5MM and 3MM thickness insoles, which are convenient for replacement and size adjustment. Diabetes patients can remove the insoleswhen the feet are swollen in the morning. After the swelling is reduced, an additional insole can be placed.
  • 【IDEAL WOMENS WALKING SHOES 】: Extra depth & width design provide enough space for the toes and insteps, reduce the pressure on feet; adjustable velcro straps can be adjusted or fixed according instep, can adapt to edema and deformation of diabetic foot, secure for stable and comfortable when walking.

For those looking for a highly adjustable shoe, the ninth option on the list should be the one that works best for them. Here we pay heed to some specific features like Velcro and straps, which allow for adjustment depending on an individual need.

Firstly, this option offers a wide hook and loop strap closure. One can comfortably modify the loop at any given time. Whether you feel it is too tight for the weather, you can freely adjust to it to the extent to which you feel comfortable.

It comes with three pairs of insole configurations measuring 4mm and 5mm thickness is appropriate to a change at any given time and size readjustment. Diabetic patients can remove the soles when the feet swell and return when the swelling has stopped.

The classic air cushion design is ideal for orthotic support. The cushion disperses pressure from the feet to the ground, easing pain, reducing pressure while standing, and keeps your feet relaxed throughout the day.

With these shoes, you can go out whenever you want without the heck of switching shoes. They are slip-resistant and can adapt to edema and deformation of diabetic foot.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Adapts to edema and diabetic deformed feet
  • Nonslip feature


  • Some users wish it came with double strap closure in place of the single strap closure.

#10 TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes  

TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Walking...
  • Your feet can breathe easy in the latest iteration of fabric upper
  • High elastic MD outsole,slip resistant,easy to manage any area

For balance and coordination of the feet, you need a shoe with the best soft outsole while walking. It will increase grip with the ground and ensure maximum stability, making it easier for people with balance problems to walk freely.

The TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes has a soft-cushion outsole that absorbs shock amid a harsh environment and provides maximum balance and coordination in each step taken. It is suitable for people who have problems standing or walking for long hours like the aged group.

The shoe is made from knitted material. The upper part is exclusively meshed to allow good air circulation inside the shoe for the freshness and coolness of the feet. You can comfortably wear them for a long time without fatigue, and your feet are in good condition.

A smooth shoe mouth without grinding will help you eliminate blisters and sores as there is no friction between the ankle and the shoe’spigskin lining. The topline is also elastic to enable you to take the shoes on and off. In case of an emergency, you can quickly jump into them and dash as they are also lightweight.

The shoes are well designed and shaped for the human foot. They offer environmental protection material. Enables one to maneuver through different terrains as their safety is guaranteed. Expect good performance from these shoes.


  • Smooth shoe mouth
  • Offer environmental protection
  • Soft-cushioned outsole.


  • Mesh could be tighter.

#11 Secret Slippers Women’s Air Cushion Breathable Walking Shoes  

Secret Slippers Women's Air Cushion...
  • CUSHIONING & SUPPORT - With air cushion design of shock absorption to protect your feet and keep your ankle more comfortable. High density 70D memory foam cushions your every step and feels like ergonomic pillows under your feet. Supportive insole relaxes your arch and soothes common foot pains (e.g. plantar fasciitis) from all-day walking or standing.
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF - Forefoot straps are highly adjustable thanks to velcro closures, the range of adjustment is ideal for changes in the degree of swelling. The diabetic velcro closures slipper is placed on the foot rather than the foot having to be forced into it by the wearer.

We can all agree that not all shoes are easy to put on and off. Some give us some extra work which makes the shoes annoying. We all want flexible shoes to be worn almost everywhere we go, whether going shopping, taking a dog walk or in the house. We have handpicked the Secret Slippers Women’s Walking Shoes as the best easy on and off shoe for the elderly in our list.

The forefoot straps are highly adjustable with Velcro closures. You can put them on and off as you please. Adjust the straps accordingly if you have diabetic or edema problems to the position you feel is pleasant for you.

Surround encircle yourself with these super comfy, extra wide shoes that can comfortably shelter swollen feet. The 70D memory foam gives you a breathtaking ergonomic venture while walking. Every step feels like pillows are beneath your feet.

If you want outdoor adventures, you can go in these types of shoes. The durable nonslip sneakers provide for both outdoor and indoor casual wear and offer skid-resistant mechanisms. They are also lightweight. Hence, you will experience no fatigue while using them.

Lastly, with an air cushion design, they can absorb shock and protect your feet from any mechanical problems. Aged women will have a good time with this, and their balance problems might be forgotten for a while when using these shoes.


  • Easy to put on and off
  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight


  • Not recommended for a season

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for the elderly?

From our very detailed review, the various aspects one should consider are stated and discussed widely. Choosing the best shoes that meet the high demands of the elderly might be a hurdle in itself. Luckily, you can go through the article chose your desired option.

What shoe do podiatrists recommend?

Pediatricians mainly wide shoes that are spacious and comfy to the patient. They also recommend those that significantly reduce pressure on their feet, enabling them to move without pain and discomfort.

Can shoes affect your balance?

It has been proven that shoes with high heels have a negative effect on balance and posture, increasing the chances of falling. It is advised to wear a low-heeled shoe for better stability and enhanced movement.

What is the ideal footwear to prevent falls?

A shoe with a stiff sole with treads increases the grip between the shoe and the ground. Enabling you to attain stability and prevents you from falling.

Velcro strap design or laces?

Functionally, the two work the same. There is no reason to differentiate the two. But in terms of preference, one may opt to choose either laces or Velcro straps depending on which one works best for their needs.

Final verdict

Old age comes with many problems, where some can be contained while some are inevitable. Loss of balance and stability might be one of these problems. Fortunately, balance problems can be dealt with accordingly and partially be solved if not wholly. A good pair of shoes with the required specifications might be a solution to poor balance or medical problems like edema and diabetes, which cause swelling of the feet. Now, no matter your precedence, you should have spotted the right shoe for yourself or your grandparent with this article.

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