11 Best Comfortable Shoes For Your Ankle After Surgery 2023

We all know that injured ankles aren’t a pleasant thing. The pain can last for days, weeks, or even months depending on the severity of the injury and how well you handle the situation. That’s why if you just sustained a foot injury, or maybe had ankle surgery, it’s always a wise thing to get the right footwear.

A decent post-operation shoe provides much-needed support for your ankles. It makes walking more comfortable and eases the pain when moving. Actually, it will also go a long way to expedite the recovery process.

However, one area you have to be careful of is the footwear you choose. When selecting post-operation footwear, pay attention to the comfort level, design, size, and material.

So, what qualifies a shoe as the perfect option for you after an injured ankle? Well, in this article, we will be revealing some of the market’s top-notch options. Once you get the size right, you will like how life gets easier with any member of the list.

11 Best Shoes To Wear After Ankle Surgery

1. Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

For the decades she’s served in the industry, we expect Ossur to have a better understanding of what customers want in post-operation shoes. And yes, the first option on the list comes with almost everything you need to make life easier for you.

The walker boot is a unisexual design, meaning that it works for men and women alike. It’s medium-sized footwear, although you can also get a smaller or bigger version. Hence, no matter your size needs, you should get the pair that works perfectly for you.

The boot has a single-point air valve. This feature allows you to inflate or deflate it to the level that works ideally for your needs. Also, most users like that it has a rocker bottom that helps promote a natural way of walking.

The flex edge material at the top of the footwear ensures that the unit doesn’t cause pressure points when worn for extended periods. With that said, we are safe to conclude that it’s one of the post-surgery shoes designed for utmost comfort.

The adjustable straps at the front allow you to fine-tune the tightness to get the level of compression that works best for you. And with the moisture-wicking softgood, expect your foot to remain dry when wearing this boot.


  • It is a well-made post-surgery protective boot.
  • May alleviate pain when walking.
  • Flex edge material keeps you comfortable.


  • The front strap feels a little weird, especially when you get the wrong size.
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2. Vive Wedge Post-Op Shoe  

Vive Wedge Post-Op Shoe

The next pair on the list has a unique design. The exceptional design will shift the impact from the back of the feet to the toes and mid-foot. This way, it relieves pain from ankles and heels, making walking more comfortable.

Other than the unique wedge design, we appreciate that this post-surgery footwear has an open square toe box. This design makes the shoe more comfortable and convenient for your needs, especially if you need to fit it over bandages or thick socks.

Further, it comes along with two extender tabs. You will find the two pieces more helpful, especially if you have swollen feet and want a shoe that will adjust to accommodate your custom needs.

The dense foam padding is also another feature that most people appreciate about this shoe. The padding provides superior cushioning to your ankles, and that means with this shoe, you will find the pain more bearable and walking more comfortable.

Slipping can be tragic, especially if you already have an existing injury. With that said, this durably-constructed shoe has a non-skid base. Therefore, it’s one shoe that will boost your walking confidence, even on wet slippery surfaces.


  • Affordable.
  • Open-toe design accommodates bandages.
  • The design keeps pressure off the ankles and heels.


  • The wedge design makes it a little hard to walk in, especially for the first few days.
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3. MABIS DMI Healthcare Post Op Shoe B001FRZ7VY

MABIS DMI Healthcare Post Op Shoe

Living with an injured ankle is never a nice experience. Now, if you just came from surgery and want a post-operation shoe that will provide excellent support for your ankle as you recover, this unit should meet all your needs to the letter.

The shoe is meticulously designed to remain comfortable all through when wearing. The padded insole gives your ankle much-needed protection when walking. Therefore, with this shoe, there are minimal chances of further injuries happening as you go about your everyday routine.

The footwear utilizes mesh material for optimal heat dissipation when temperatures soar. Hence, expect to remain comfortable even during the hot summer days.  Further, it comes with an open-toe design that improves the level of comfort when also allowing you to fit it over socks and bandages.

The shoe is for women, although it’s also available in versions for men. The very option will work well for women with shoe sizes between 6-8. The hook and loop strap allows for a personalized fit, ensuring that you get the level of comfort you may want from the shoe.

The non-skid sole means that it’s one of the models designed for utmost safety. Further, the lightweight design will allow you to walk for long without tiring. Thus, if you move a lot and want a shoe that will promote your ankle recovery and support your needs as well, you won’t go wrong here.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Available in men and women versions.
  • Breathable.


  • The unisexual design would be better.
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4. BraceAbility Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe

BraceAbility Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe

After ankle surgery, one thing the doctor will ask of you is to protect yourself as you recover. Some will even go to the extent of prescribing the types of shoes to wear. Now, if you aren’t sure about what shoe will work well for you after an ankle operation, this option comes mindful of your well-being.

The unique medical boot is thoughtfully designed to make life after surgery more comfortable and the pain more bearable. In other words, it’s a unit that’s designed with great attention to detail for the most wonderful user experience.

The square-toe design protects against stubbing your toes, something that would send the impact back to the heel and ankle area. The design also provides a better left/right fit to that of competitors for top-of-the-line comfort. And with the closed design, your toes and dressings remain clean and dry.

One of the features you will appreciate about the shoe is that you can wear it on either foot. With that said, if you have weak ankles that sustain injuries very often, you won’t need to buy a different shoe for your other leg.

When it’s cleaning time, the shoe is easy to wash. Just take out the insoles, close the fasteners, wash the shoe using warm water and mild soap, wipe the insoles, leave each component to dry, and that’s all!


  • You can wear it on either foot.
  • Closed toe-design keeps the foot clean.
  • It cleans easily.


  • It doesn’t work well for a heel injury.
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5. Ossur Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe (Male)

Ossur Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe

This post-operation shoe is one of the top-rated options you can buy after an ankle injury. As we expect from a product of its class, this post-surgery shoe has a well-thought-out design that goes a long way to minimize ankle pain when walking.

The design of this shoe will keep the leg in place, ensuring that all the pressure settles on your heels. Hence, it’s one option that will promote the natural manner of walking, something you aren’t likely to achieve with most members of the competition.

Like the predecessor, you can use this shoe for either foot. The extended straps guarantee a snug fit when also ensuring that they offer enough length to accommodate bulky dressings like bandages, socks, and more.

Unlike some of the previous members on the list, the shoe you are getting here comes with an open-toe design. Of course, the open design will expose your foot to dirt and things of the sort. However, on the positive side, it will promote air circulation. In fact, with this design, you will find it comfortable to wear it even on hot days.

Cleaning the shoe is also a breeze with cold water and mild soap. However, ensure that you don’t use a washing machine or dryer as the show isn’t for that.


  • Easy to wear and walk-in.
  • Long Velcro straps accommodate the thickest bandaging.
  • The semi-sturdy sole is nice.


  • Not machine washable
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6. United Ortho 360 Air Walker Ankle Fracture Boot – 16115

United Ortho 360 Air Walker Ankle Fracture Boot

The shoe you wear after an ankle injury can affect the time you take to recover. Of course, ankle pain isn’t a pleasure, and we all want to get rid of it as soon as possible. That’s why when buying a post-operation shoe, it’s always good not to settle for anything short of the best.

And yes, here is one of the market’s top-notch options. The piece comes in the form of a boot with a semi-rigid shell. The design and construction will offer your injured ankle the optimal support you need to accelerate the healing process.

The medial/lateral air bladders ensure that you get the level of compression you need, improving the level of comfort and reducing the likelihood of edema occurring. Therefore, it’s one option that will not only protect your ankle from re-injury but also prevent further complications.

Additionally, most users like the fact that this post-surgery boot comes with an adjustable toe-guard. This feature provides additional protection to your toes so that you don’t have to suffer a fresh injury.

Our hand-picked option is medium in size. This size fits men with shoe sizes 9-11 and women wearing sizes 10-12. It is also available in smaller and larger versions just in case your size isn’t within this range.


  • Adjustable toe-guard.
  • Unisexual design.
  • Available in five sizes.


  • Not the easiest to wear.
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7. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot Protection

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot Protection

Whether you are suffering from an injury of the ankle, toe, heel, or any other part, the lucky-number-seven option on the list goes a long way to relieve pain, quicken recovery, and make life more comfortable.

As the name hints, this boot falls in the “small” category in terms of size. However, it can also come in X-small, medium, large, and X-large versions if that’s what works ideally for your needs.

The deluxe foam liner keeps the boot comfortable on your foot. Also, this piece adopts an open-toe design for optimal air circulation and to provide room for bandaging and swelling.

The design of the bottom part ensures that you get a more natural step. The polymer plastic gives dependable support to the right and left side of your foot as well as the ankle.

Also, this boot has medical-grade fasteners that adjust with ease to meet your customized size needs. I mean, the straps allow you to tighten or loosen then depending on what you want for your needs.


  • It provides well-balanced foot support.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Straps are of high quality.


  • The interior may feel a little loose.
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8. Superior Braces (Size Small) Low Top

Superior Braces

The next top-of-the-line shoe you can count on after an ankle injury comes from SB Superior Brands. It has all a shoe needs to have to make life more comfortable for you on your recovery journey after an ankle injury.

The shoe works as well for women as it does for men, meaning that it comes with all people in mind. For women, it fits those with shoe sizes up to 5-1/2. However, for men, the walker works for those with shoe sizes of up to 4.

Additionally, you can use this top-grade post-injury shoe for either right or left foot. Hence, you may not have to invest in another shoe in the future should you accidentally develop a foot injury. With that said, we are safe to claim that it’s one model that meets your current needs and those of the future as well.

Here, you are getting a durably-constructed piece, so expect it to offer long-lasting performance. The lightweight design means that you will find it comfortable to move around in it for an extended period.

The rocker sole has fantastic superb shoe-absorbing, meaning that you won’t struggle with comfort when walking. Finally, the shoe comes in black color, so it will match just about any design.


  • It’s a super-supportive shoe.
  • Comfortable to walk in it.
  • Lightweight but durable.


  • Straps not of the best quality.
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9. Darco Med-Surg Shoe, Medium, Women’s

Darco Med-Surg Shoe

The Darco Med-Surg Shoe also offers much-needed support in your phase of recovery. The shoe is for women, although you can also get it in other versions that work for men.

About the size, you have an option to select the ideal one from the four available ones. You can choose between small, medium, large, and X-large depending on what works best for your needs. That said, it’s one option that comes with people of all shoe sizes in mind.

Looking at its picture, you may think that it’s for the right foot. However, that’s not exactly the case. I mean, this high-grade shoe is a universal version, so you can use it for right or left foot depending on which foot is injured.

The unit has a fully customizable insole. Therefore, it’s one option that’s designed to accommodate a wide range of user needs. What’s more, it has double padding to provide the cushioning you need during your recovery time.

Lastly, it’s worth knowing that the toe area of this shoe comes open. What that means, you won’t have any problem putting it over a bandage or any other form of dressing.


  • Universal design.
  • Double-padded insole.
  • Variety of sizes.


  • Only available in black.
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10. Vive Post Op Shoe – Lightweight Medical Walking Boot

Vive Post Op Shoe

The tenth shoe on the list is from Vive, the same producer of the second one on the same list. The shoe has an impressive customer rating, so you can buy it with confidence that it will work for you after your ankle surgery or any other form of shoe injury.

The versatile square toe design improves its versatility aspect, allowing you to wear it for either left or right foot. The two adjustable straps allow you to customize them to meet your needs.

Although the open toe design provides room for bandaging, it usually doesn’t provide the best protection against dust. However, that’s not the case when it comes to this shoe. The manner of this shoe won’t allow dust or dirt.

When recovering from any foot injury, even the slightest slip can worsen the condition to a large extent. With that in mind, this piece has non-skid treads. Therefore, it’s one unit you can walk in with confidence.

Of course, when suffering from a foot injury, heavy footwear is a burden. That’s why this piece comes with a lightweight design. However, in terms of durability, it offers great longevity.


  • The bottom keeps the foot flat.
  • Wonderful price.
  • Works well even for narrow feet.


  • The quality of the sole is not the best.
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11. Mars Wellness Premium Childrens Post Op Toe Walking Shoe

Mars Wellness Premium Childrens Post Op Toe Walking Shoe

Although it’s the last in our coverage, this post-operation shoe is by no means the least. In fact, it’s unique from any of the predecessors. I mean, unlike any of the previous models, this shoe is specially designed for juniors.

It works perfectly for kids sizes 11-1. Therefore, it will fit a typical kid aged between 3.5-6 years. It is one of the models constructed with durable in mind. Therefore, it won’t tear or split down in the middle after days of use like some of the options we have out there.

The high-quality shoe comes with an adjustable ankle strap. Hence, it should meet the personalized needs of your junior. Also, it has a padded stability-enhanced heel for improved heel positioning.

When it comes to universality, the shoe will work properly for either foot. The removable insole goes a long way to simplify the cleaning process when it’s time.

About the price, it’s one of the most affordable models we have there. That’s despite the fact that it’s on top when it comes to matters about quality. Hence, if you are looking for a post-surgery shoe for kids that will give you the best bang for your buck, you may not get a more suitable option.


  • Decent value for money.
  • Weight is nice for children.
  • High level of adjustability.


  • Only for kids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I wear shoes after ankle surgery?

It will depend on the severity of the injury. Just after the surgery, most patients are given a stiff-soled shoe. Usually, they are expected to wear it for about six weeks. It’s then that they can wear shoes.

How long does it take to walk normally after ankle surgery?

Again, that will depend on how extreme the condition is and how well one’s body regains strength. However, after ankle surgery, most people can walk normally after three months.

How bad is the pain after ankle surgery?

Actually, most patients don’t feel much pain during the operation. Usually, you will begin to experience pain for three days. However, that pain goes away with time as you recover.

How should I sleep after ankle surgery?

How you sleep can determine how faster you recover after ankle surgery. It’s always good to sleep on your back with your ankle above your heart. This way, you will prevent blood from pooling after the injury.

How can I make my ankle heal faster?

One way to accelerate recovery after ankle surgery is by keeping your foot elevated above the heart level. Placing two pillows under your leg should be enough to provide this level of elevation. That will help with swelling and pain as well. Also, using ice cubes may provide pain relief.

Final Verdict

Walking about can undo everything your surgeon did. That’s especially true if you are doing it using the wrong footwear.

That’s why if you just had ankle surgery, it’s always good to find a shoe that will help you in your recovery process without costing you a little fortune.

Of course, picking the right shoe to wear after an ankle injury can be a little overwhelming. However, after our review, you should find it easy to make the right decision.

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