The 15 Best Rat Poisons 2018

Despite their small size, rats are bothersome and disastrous animals if they happen to invade your home.

They multiply fast and tend to destroy documents and clothes if not acted upon.

While you may opt to get a trap to eliminate the rats in your home, this may not be effective since rats are intelligent, and they will keep off from the trap if they note the death of one of their own caused by the trap.

So, what other options do you have to kill the rats in your home?

I recommend that you try a rat poison. With this, rats will not easily know the cause of the death, while some poisons act slow, meaning that you will have a number of them that will visit the poison.

Owing to the different types of poison available on the market, what’s the soundest rat poison to help you get rid of the rats in your establishment?

Top 3 Rat Poisons 2018

NameMain FeatureEditor's ScorePrice
18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Rodenticide contains 0.005% A++ Check Price
First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE 0.0025% Difethialone A+ Check Price
Victor Fast-Kill Disposable Unique formulation A Check Price

Recommended Reviews

1. 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide


Bromadiolone is the active ingredient in this poison. The rodenticide contains 0.005% of this active ingredient.

This acts by preventing the body from recycling vitamin K, and as such, preventing blood from clotting.

Once the Vitamin K is exhausted, the rodent bleeds to death, which means that you need to give this poison some few days for it to render the expected results.

With this poison, you can target rodents of all types. It is made with an optimal blend of food-grade ingredients and a low wax so that it can yield a delicious weatherable bait.

It has attracted rodents in all weather conditions.

To ensure that you protect non-target animals such as cats and dogs, it is essential that you place the box in tamper-resistant bait stations.

Once you get one of these, you can be sure to have it last for 2-3 years as long as you keep it away from extreme temperatures.

What’s more is that the 18LB can last for up to a year in normal conditions after opening.

As such, I recommend it for use as a commercial rat poison for those looking for an effective rat poison to last for an extended period.

To ensure the effectiveness of the poison bait, it is recommended that you change the bait every 40-60 days if not consumed.

More to that, you should not store the bait in warm or cold temperatures since this makes it mold and sour fast.

The poison is pet safe since it is less toxic to non-target animals in both secondary and primary poisoning situations.

2. First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE Rodenticide Poison


Are you looking for the strongest rat poison available?

If so, I recommend that you give this bait a try. It features 0.0025% Difethialone which is an anticoagulant.

The bait does not contain any wax and provides a lethal dose in one feeding.

As such, You will not use much of the poison to terminate the rodents in your home.

What’s more is that each packaging allows for the escape of the aroma of the bait.

This makes it highly effective since it acts to attract rodents to the bait.

You can get First StrikeSoft Bait for use in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Among the places, you can use it include food processing establishments, agricultural buildings, garages, sheds, commercial food service establishments, yards, attics, among other areas.

When placing it, you should ensure that you place it out of reach of pets, kids, and non-target animals.

You can also use the bait in a tamper-proof bait station to ensure that it is safe and only targets rodents.

3. Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait


As one of the best products in our review, I recommend this poison for those looking for the most effective rat poison.

It features 0.005% Brodifacoum which is a highly lethal anticoagulant poison.

As such, you can be sure of its effectiveness once you use it.

Besides the active ingredient Brodifacoum, the poison includes highly attractive bait ingredients meant to attract rodents towards it.

This poison is effective when used to control both mice and rats.

4. Farnam Just One Bite II 1.5-Ounce Pellet Packs


This rat killer poison can kill even warfarin resistant Norway rats. It features Bromadiolone as its active ingredient.

This is also referred to as super-warfarin which is more potent so that it can cause the death of warfarin-resistant rats.

With it, it only takes a single night’s feeding for you to get assured that the roof rats and house mice have consumed a lethal dose.

As such, you can rest assured that you will not be required get much of these to get rid of the rats and mice in your home.

Additionally, you can be sure that there will not be a bait shyness since death is delayed for 4 to 5 days.

5. JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait


As one of the most effective rat poisons, this rodent poison comes in the form of 144 packs of 1-ounce rodenticide.

These packs are contained in a tamper-evident re-sealable pail, making it easy and safe for you to use.

The poison features a 0.005 percent of Diphacinone which is a vitamin K antagonist with anticoagulant effects.

As such, you can be sure of getting a poison that is effective in eliminating mice, rats, ground squirrels among other smaller rodents.

It has a peanut butter flavor which aids in attracting mice and rats. You can use it in basements and garages.

6. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Bromethalin Bait Chunx


When searching for the best rat poison for home, I recommend this as one of the poisons to give a try.

It is made in the USA and features Bromethalin as the active ingredient.

This ingredient acts to damage the central nervous system of the targeted rodent thereby leading to a slow death.

It is a strong acute toxicant that rats stop eating after feeding on a toxicant dose.

Hence, you can be sure to control rodents with less bait.

The poison is effective in killing anticoagulant resistant Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats.

7. 4 Lbs Rat Mouse Rodent Bait Blocks Rat Mouse Poison Bait Rat Mouse Killer Blox


As one of the best mouse poisons, this poison is made with the palatability of a bait meal.

It is a hard multiple-edged bait that attracts rodents since it encourages gnawing.

As such, it provides the rodents with something to chew which makes it highly effective.

The bait is manufactured using enhancers and food grade ingredients aimed at enhancing an optimal rodent acceptance since it requires repeat feedings to enhance its success.

With it, bait shyness should never be a problem.

As such, It is safe to use. The poison is a green rat poison, making it easy for you to identify it.

What’s more is that it features Diphenadione which is a vitamin K antagonists with anticoagulant effects.

This makes it highly effective when used against ground squirrels, rats, moles and other rodents.

Once you get the poison, you can use it in a variety of locations.

It has a wax coating that makes it an all-weather bait.

Hence, you can use it in moist and damp areas since it will not break down or spoil.

Even better, it comes in small sizes so that it is easy for you to fit into burrows and tight fittings.

This makes it easy for you to eliminate rodents that live in tunnels and holes.

The bait has each of the blocks featuring a center hole which allows you to use rids to secure them in the bait stations.

8. Tomcat Mouse Killer I


As one of the most effective rat killer poison, This poison is one that can help you save.

This is due to the fact that you can use one bait block to kill up to 12 mice, meaning that have the overall packet last for long.

More to that, the poison is designed to kill mice effectively, while providing a high level of station security.

This is due to its resistance to weather and tampering by dogs and kids assuring you of having the cool rat poison for use indoors and outdoors.

9. Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait – 32 Place Packs 61305


Are you looking for the best rat poison for indoors?

If so, I recommend this product.

It is recommended for use in an indoor setting and within 50 feet of buildings or transport vehicles. Hence, you can use it in trains, ships, houses, aircraft, among other enclosed areas.

The poison contains 0.025% of Warfarin as the active ingredient.

This is a highly effective anticoagulant that acts by inhibiting vitamin K.

It contains low environmental and secondary toxicity, making it safe to use in a home with kids and pets.

What’s more is that you can use it as an industrial rat poison especially for areas where access to food is limited.

10. NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 64-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Bars Pail


This is a green rat poison that contains Diphenadione as an active ingredient.

This is a vitamin K antagonist that features anticoagulant properties which makes it effective in killing voles, rats, mice, ground squirrels and other rodents.

More to that, the poison is an all-weather bait that acts to kill mice and rats both indoors and outdoors.

You can hand the bait on nails, wires, bait boxes among other places to attract rodents.

Thanks to the hole in the center that gives you an easy time installing.

11. Victor Fast-Kill Disposable Mouse Poison Bait Station 2 Pack M912


Featuring Bromethalin as the active ingredient, this is one of the effective rat poisons that you will come across.

Bromethalin is a non-anticoagulant or neurotoxin that acts to damage the central nervous system.

It causes accumulation of sodium within the cells and as a result, a fluid buildup in the brain.

The poison features a unique formulation where the rodents stop feeding after consuming a lethal dose.

Hence, you can be sure that the disposable bait station prefilled with a single dose of the non-anticoagulant rodenticide will be effective.

This also means that you will save a lot since it allows you to kill more rodents will a little amount of bait.

Once you get the rodenticide, you should not have an issue using it since every station comes when prefilled with the poison.

As such, you will only be required to place it near the signs of the rodent activity and watch as the rats enter the station and the chew the bait.

Even better, this product does not necessitate you to get into contact with the poison making it safe for you to use.

12. 16 oz. Rat Poison Cake by Greschlers


As one of the best rat poison for outside and indoors, this poison is effective for killing roof rats, house mice, Norway rats, and warfarin-resistant rodents.

It comes when packaged in a 16 oz. package and suitable when used around agricultural buildings.

The poison features Bromadiolone as the active ingredient which makes it a potent anticoagulant rodenticide.

What’s more is that it is treated with S-methoprene meant to protect the bait from an infestation by insects.

Hence, you can be sure that it will be useful in eliminating rats and other targeted rodents.

13. Victor Electronic Rat Trap – Reusable, Easy to Bait Rat Trap

Victor Electronic Rat Trap

Are you in need of the best electric rat trap for use on an indoor setting?

If you do, I recommend the Victor electronic rat trap. With it, you can get rid of up to 50 rats per set of the 4C batteries.

The trap requires that you place the bait along the back wall of the trap so that you can lure the rats to enter inside and onto the metal plates.

Once it senses the presence of the rat via the advanced smart technology, it delivers 7000V of electricity for two minutes to ensure a permanent kill.

Once the process is over, empty the trap without having to touch the rat physically.

The trap also auto resets so that it is always ready to kill.

This makes it a good choice for those who need the best electric rat killer that is easy to use.

What’s more is that it provides a non-toxic, poison-free rodent solution.

14. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait


This is an effective liquid bait that you will love when you want a liquid rat poison.

It features Diphacinone as the active ingredient which is a vitamin K antagonist with anticoagulant effects.

Hence, you can be sure of its effectiveness when used as a rodenticide.

Remember, rats do need water daily especially under dry conditions, and they will, therefore, drink it when availed.

Hence, It will be effective to kill mice and rats when used where there is no other liquid source.

When you want to use it, simply add water to the 1.7-ounce bottle to make one quart of liquid bait, and place it in a location where you note some rodent activity.

The rodenticide comes as eight packs of the 1.7-ounce liquid bait so that you can use it for a prolonged time.

15. 18 Lbs Rat Mouse Rodent Bait Blocks Poison Bait


Featuring bromadiolone which is a potent anticoagulant, you can be sure about the effectiveness of these rat bait blocks.

The blocks act as a single feed bait where they cause death after one feeding.

They are one of the most palatable baits on the market since they are made from a blend of food-grade ingredients.

More to that is that the bait acts as an all-weather rat poison block since it features a paraffin coating that protects it from spilling in both wet and dry conditions.

The poison falls into the category of the professional rat poison since it has a unique power in rodent control and acceptance.

One of the strongest rat poison since it can work even against warfarin-resistant Norway rats.

You can be sure that bait shyness will never be an issue with the rodenticide since it causes mortality a few days after the bait is consumed.

Factors To Keep in Mind

Now that you have an idea of the top rat poisons available, how do you get to select the best among the ones availed above?

For you to make the best choice, read on, and use the tips below to make your decision.

1. Size

How much rat and mouse poison do you need?

This is the first factor that you will have to consider.

To get an answer to this, determine your needs or the intensity of the rodents your need to eliminate and get a big or small size of the rat poison.

2. Ingredients

Secondly, you will want to know the ingredients that the poison features.

Most importantly, you will want to get an idea of the active ingredient and that to help eliminate the rodents.

Some of the active ingredients featured in most rat poisons include:

Bromethalin– This poison bait acts to paralyze the rodent’s central nervous system so that it can cause death.

It acts fast since it can cause death within a day or two of feeding.

Poisons that contain this ingredient as the active ingredient are best for use in an outdoor setting or as commercial rat poisons.

Anti-coagulant– This is yet another active ingredient contained in the most effective rat killers.

It acts by preventing blood from clotting so that the rat can bleed internally causing a relatively slow death.

Some of the substances that act in such a manner are Warfarin and Brodifacoum.

With this ingredient as the active ingredient, you can be sure that there will not be bait shyness, meaning that the rats will go back to the bait more than once.

As a result, this makes it one of the best methods to control rodents when you have a large invasion since the rats can take this as food back to the nest to kill even the newborns.

Vitamin-based– A poison with this ingredient is also a good rat poison when you want the best poison for killing rats.

It acts by overwhelming the rat’s system with vitamin D causing rodents that consume it to absorb huge amounts of calcium in the bloodstream.

This leads to muscle weakness, kidney failure, or a slow heartbeat and eventually death.

3.Kill time

Different rat poisons kill rats differently.

There are those that cause death instantly, while other cause death after some time.


 4.Target species

What rodents do you want to kill with the rat killer poison?

Note that there are poisons meant to eliminate lots of rodents including voles, mice, rats, squirrels among other rodents.

So, be sure to determine the effectiveness of the product you get for you to get the right product.

5.Means of delivery

Note that some poisons come while in a delivery tray or a bait station.

This means that you will not be required to get into contact with the poison while trying to place it.

What’s more, others come as pellets or liquid that you will need to figure out how to place them.

So, be sure that pick the right delivery system so that you are comfortable administering.

Final Verdict

I hope that the review above has helped you determine the best rat killer to get based on the rodents you want to eliminate.

I recommend that you purchase 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide when you want to get a commercial rat poison to help you eliminate a lot of rodents.

Its active ingredient is Bromadiolone which takes some time to kill the rats, meaning that it can be effective to kill a lot of rats.

Whats more is that it acts to attract rodents in all weather conditions, while it can last for up to 3 years while stored in the right conditions.

Additionally, I recommend First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE Rodenticide Poison when you want to get the strongest rat poison.

Its active ingredient is Difethialone that provides a lethal dose in one feeding.

Whats more is that each of the poison’s packaging allows for an escape of the aroma which acts to attract the rodents to it.

Therefore, this makes it highly effective in eliminating the rodents.

Last but not least, Victor Fast-Kill Disposable Mouse Poison Bait Station 2 Pack M912 is the rat poison that you might want to consider when you need an electric rat trap.

It is a bait station that features Bromethalin as the active ingredient.

As such, you will not be required to get into contact with the poison.

Additionally, you will not need much of this poison since rodents stop feeding after consuming a lethal dose.

Having said that, I believe that you already know the perfect rat poison to purchase.

Always remember to keep the poison you get out of reach of kids and pets to avoid causing harm to them.



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