11 Best Princess Dress Up Trunk 2023

It’s every little girl’s dream to be treated like a princess and dress like one. Well, you can make your child’s dream come true by buying her the princess dress-up trunks reviewed below.

The dress-up kits that we have handpicked come with a wide range of accessories that will give your little princes a look that is both glamorous and cute.

Depending on the product that you choose, you will find princess dress-up trunks with wands, headbands, tiaras, rings, tops, dresses, skirts, and other colorful accessories.

Besides, most of the outfits are inspired by Disney Princesses like Elsa, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, etc.

As such, you can choose a princess dress-up trunk that matches your child’s taste and preference.

11 Best Princess Dress Up Trunk

1. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

If your child is a Disney fan, then this may just be the perfect gift that you can get her. Besides, this is one of the highly raved princess dress-up trunks, and it is for a good reason.

For starters, the kit is inclusive of 21 items that will make your child look like the princess that she is.

With that said, the trunk contains up to four Disney princess outfits, so your daughter can choose the option that matches her preference. As such, she can dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, or Aurora.

All the outfits are made of soft fabric to ensure that your child stays comfortable when playing.

Furthermore, the seams are firmly stitched to increase durability and will allow your child to move freely without damaging the outfits.

Aside from the four tops and three skirts, the trunk contains a long list of accessories that will go well with the outfits.

The kit has 3 headbands, 1 necklace, 3 bracelets, 1 tiara, 3 rings, 1 choker, and a sticker sheet.

Also, the sticker sheet has images of Disney princess characters that your child can use to customize the included necklace.

The Velcro fastenings will allow your child to change outfits with ease. Every accessory in this kit is designed with great detail to boost your child’s imagination and creativity.

In fact, the little one can even come up with a customized princess outfit from the available options.

To top it all up, your child won’t have a hard time lifting the trunk since it has slots, which work like handles.

The outfits in this dress-up trunk can fit girls who are size 4 to 6, making it a suitable option for girls aged 3 to 6 years.


  • Fashionable
  • Well made
  • High quality


  • The skirts and the tops are not machine washable
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2. BiBiblack Girls Princess Costume Dress up Trunk

BiBiblack Girls Princess Costume Dress up Trunk

The 22-piece princess dress-up trunk from BiBiblack is also another great option that you can consider buying for your little princess.

This kit contains classy outfits that your child can use during play. And since there are up to five character outfits that the little one can choose from, she will be able to play dress-up with her friends.

Plus, the polyester material from which these outfits are made is of good quality, thus making them durable.

The trunk also contains other items, which your child can use to accessorize the chosen outfit.

Additionally, the outfits are very colorful and are also stylishly designed for aesthetic purposes. As such, your child can wear them when attending birthday parties or any other fun event.

There is also a floral necklace, a matching ring, earrings, and a bracelet in the package. The tops and the skirts are well made and are also easy to put on.

And the fact that the outfits come in a trunk means everything will always be within your child’s reach.

The soft princess tiara can complement all outfits, so your little princes can wear it with just about anything.


  • Adorable
  • Elegant
  • Conveniently designed


  • The trunk is of questionable quality
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3. Jeowoqao Girls Princess Dress up Trunk

Jeowoqao Girls Princess Dress up Trunk

Featuring a colorful rainbow theme, the princess dress-up costumes in this trunk will surely capture your daughter’s attention.

The outfits in this set can fit girls aged three to six years. To add to this, there are four tops in the trunk, and each has a matching skirt that is equally colorful.

However, your child can blend different pairs to create a new outfit. The trunk is also decorated with princess characters and child-like elements that will help build your child’s imagination.

But, that’s not all; the included accessories are beautifully crafted to match the design of the outfits.

Attached to each skirt is a colorful tail that will complement the overall look of the chosen costume.

Depending on your daughter’s taste and preference, you can detach the tail or leave it as it is. Moreover, the tails are held in place by strong Velcro fasteners to give your child a frustration-free experience.

The costumes in this set come with colorful wings that your child can attach or detach with ease. Also, the skirts are fitted with elastic waistbands, making them easy to take off when the kids are done playing.

More to this, the purple unicorn outfit has a beautifully designed hair hoop that will give the little one a magical look.

Talking of magic, there is also a star magic wand that can come in handy when your kids are role-playing. With this accessory, the ‘princes’ will be able to make all her wishes come true when playing.

When it comes to comfort, you will be happy to know that the outfits are made of soft fabrics that won’t irritate your child’s skin.

The good thing about this dress-up kit is that it will encourage your kids to be more creative and social.


  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Perfect fit for little girls
  • Gorgeous


  • It is somewhat difficult to determine the right sizing
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4. Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Journey Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 17-Piece

Disney Frozen 2 Elsas Journey Dress Up Trunk

Disney presents you with yet another glamorous dress-up kit that you can consider buying for your little bundle of joy.

The princess costumes in this kit are inspired by Walt Disney’s Frozen II, a musical fantasy movie featuring a fictional character known as Elsa.

Furthermore, the trunk is made of 17 pieces of items that will give your child a snow princess kind of look.

The design of each dress has been derived from the iconic scenes in the movie, so your kids will be able to recreate their memorable moments when playing.

As such, you will find the snow queen’s adventure coat and two other dresses that your daughter can wear depending on the role that she is playing.

All three dresses are exceptionally cute, so you can rest assured that your little Elsa will come out looking beautiful.

The set is also inclusive of a Bruni figure, a pair of earrings, a necklace, and other amazing accessories that will enhance the look of each outfit.

To make it even better, the manufacturer has included two sticker sheets and a picture sheet in the kit.

The former can be used for decorative purposes while the latter highlights the enchanted forest and other beautiful scenes in the movie.

This dress-up kit also comes with a comb and brush that your daughter can use when making her hair. The snowflake hairband can also prove useful in different scenarios.


  • Colorful
  • Quality fabric
  • Comes with three barrettes


  • The storage trunk is made of cardboard
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5. Teuevayl Little Girl Princess Dress up Trunk Set

Teuevayl Little Girl Princess Dress up Trunk

The princess pretend-play outfits by Teuevayl are made of premium quality fabric to keep your child comfortable when role-playing.

Additionally, the costumes are exquisitely designed and also come with other beautiful accessories.

There four different styles that your child can choose from, so your child won’t be limited in any way.

The included skirts have elastic waistbands, thus making them convenient for little girls. With this set, your daughter can be a fairy princess, singer, etc.

Besides, some of the outfits can also be used as casual wear when attending birthday parties. The singer outfit comes with additional sleeves that will complete the whole look.

That is not all; there are also four bracelets, one headband, wings, bag, and two magical wands. The bag will go well with the pink princess skirt and other costumes in the set.

Both the skirts and the tops don’t have annoying sequins that will fall off from time to time. If you like, you can pair up the costumes with leggings of your choice.

The wings also have elastic braces that can adjust according to your child’s size. As such, the little one won’t experience any discomfort during play, and neither will the wings fall off.


  • Easy to clean
  • Realistic appearance
  • The seams are well stitched


  • The costumes are not machine washable
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6. Click N’ Play 25Piece Princess Dress Up Trunk

Click N Play 25Piece Princess Dress Up Trunk

Click N’ Play’s 25-piece princess dress-up trunk has virtually everything that your child may need when playing princess.

The set provides you with four princess skirts and matching tops, which are designed with your child’s needs in mind.

Moreover, all the outfits are super comfortable, meaning that the child can wear them for long hours without experiencing any problems.

As a result, the little one will spend more time playing rather than adjusting the outfit now and then.

However, ensure that you pick the right size since the costumes are specifically designed for girls who are between sizes three and six.

The colorful headbands can accessorize the outfits, giving the child an angelic look. Besides, there are six necklaces in the set that can be worn in different play sessions, so your daughter can make her selection based on the color of the outfit that she is wearing.

To prolong their durability, ensure that you don’t machine-wash the costumes. You should also avoid dryers since they can damage the fabric.

According to the manufacturer, you should only use a damp cloth when cleaning the skirts and the tops. That way, the seams won’t break, and neither will the fabric fade.

With proper care, all the accessories will last for a favorable period. The storage box, however, is not as durable and can easily get damaged.

All in all, this is an amazing princess dress-up kit that most little girls would love.


  • Multiple themes
  • Versatile
  • The trunk is fitted with a handle for user convenience


  • The sequins may fall off over time
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7. Toiijoy Girls Dress up Trunk

Toiijoy Girls Dress up Trunk

Made from high-quality polyester fabric, the costumes in this dress-up trunk can be an excellent addition to your little girl’s play kit.

In addition to this, the costumes come in a wide range of colors that can fit different roles. This makes them ideal for group play, birthday parties, Christmas, just to mention but a few.

The set has a total of 29 items, which can be worn separately or paired with matching outfits. Included in the kit are: – three tutu skirts, four bracelets, a princess wand, tiara, and other attractive accessories that match the available themes.

And since there are so many items in the set, the manufacturer provides you with a cardboard trunk that will help you keep everything in one place.

As such, your child will be able to find everything that she needs within the shortest time possible.

There is also a pair of ballerina shoes that will go well with the tutu skirts, so you won’t have to buy anything separately.

The fairy wings and the gloves are easy to put on and are equally durable, hence making the kit reliable. This set is suitable for children who are aged 3-6 years.


  • Multi-theme
  • Breathable material
  • Good quality


  • The trunk is not well made
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8. G.C Princess Dress up Trunk

G.C Princess Dress up Trunk

This deluxe princess dress-up trunk comes with classic costumes and different sets of accessories that will give your child an elegant look.

Featuring four tops and three skirts, your princess will be able to blend the colors according to her needs.

For your child’s convenience, all the skirts are fitted with elastic bands at the waist. With this feature in place, your kid will have an easy time when changing into another costume.

The fabric used in designing the costumes in this set makes them comfortable to wear, so you can buy this product knowing that your child won’t get itchy.

Plus, the seams are well sewed to prevent the costumes from falling apart when they are worn.

More to this, the choker necklace is made of soft material, so it won’t hurt the child’s neck even when worn for long hours.

By wearing the outfits in this kit, your child will be able to play four different princess characters.

The crown and the wand have gold detailing, thus making them even more beautiful. When paired with the right outfit, your child will look like royalty.


  • Stunning outfits
  • Lightweight
  • Well designed


  • The trunk is a bit small
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9. VGOFUN Girls Dress up Trunk Princess Costume Dress Pretend Play Set

VGOFUN Girls Dress up Trunk

One of the things that you need to consider when buying a dress-up kit for your child is comfort, and that is exactly what the outfits in this set offer.

The costumes are made of premium-grade polyester and are also nicely sewn at the seams to maximize durability.

There are five princess outfits that your child can put on when playing by herself or with friends.

And because there are multiple princess costumes in the set, everyone will have something to wear, making the play session more engaging and fun.

Besides, the costumes are great for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, but they can as well be used as every day wear.

The tops are designed with Velcro fasteners that will allow the little one to put on or take off the outfit with minimal fuss.

If your child loves princess Ariel, then the mermaid costume may just be what she needs to fit the role. There is also a Jasmine costume, so your child can choose the outfit that makes her happy.

The storage trunk is just as colorful as the dresses and can go well with different décor styles. Caution should be taken when washing the costumes to avoid damages.


  • Brightly colored
  • Allows for easy movement
  • Classy


  • Comes with fewer accessories compared to most dress-up trunks on the list
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10. Latocos Girls Princess Dress Up Trunk

Latocos Girls Princess Dress Up Trunk

The well-made princess dress-up kit from Latocos is just as reliable as any of the dressing sets that we have looked at above.

Furthermore, the trunk comes with colorful outfits and other useful accessories that will give your little girl the look that she wants.

The skirts and the tops are stylishly designed, so you can pair outfits with the same color or blend two or more shades to give your child a unique look.

Every princess needs a crown, and this kit offers more than that. It provides you with a pair of beautiful princess shoes, a colorful necklace, four headbands, a choker, three skirts, a ring, and four tops.

As you can see, your child will look amazing from head to toe. Additionally, the tiara won’t hurt the child’s head since it is made of a soft material.

The shoes are low-heeled, so the child won’t have a hard time moving around during play. Also, the breathable material used in making the tops and the skirts maximizes heat dissipation from the body, allowing your child to stay cool as she runs around.

This can be a great gift for any little girl, so you can consider buying it for your child on her next birthday.


  • The fabric is skin-friendly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Eye-catching


  • Questionable quality
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11. Making Believe Girls Classic Princess Costume Dress Up Trunk

No products found.

Closing our list of reviews is this colorful dress-up set by Making Believe. It features a colorful pink theme that will make your child look like a real-life princess.

The outfits in this kit can come in handy during pretend play or when your little girl just wants to dress up for fun.

To add to this, it comes with most of the things that a little princess would need. There is even a feather boa that your child can use to complete her look.

This product is available in two different styles, so you can go for the set with the mermaid dress or the standard princess dress.

You can also choose the size that fits your child. The mermaid dress in this kit is decorated with colorful sequins to enhance its aesthetic appearance.

Aside from the mermaid dress, there are two other dresses, a headband, tiaras, princess wand, etc.

The storage trunk is collapsible, so you can easily tuck it away when it is not being used. This will create more room for the kids to play.


  • Quality material
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Easy to put on


  • Limited color options
No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when buying a princess dress-up trunk?

When buying a dress-up trunk, you need to consider what your child likes or doesn’t like.

With that said, you must be familiar with her favorite princess characters since this will determine whether she will love the dress-up kit or not.

Additionally, you should check the quality of the fabrics that the outfits are made of. Lastly, ensure that you pick the right size.

Can I machine wash the outfits in my child’s princess dress-up trunk?

Most manufacturers recommend hand-washing, however, this may vary depending on the type of fabric used in the design.

As such, you should use the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Which accessories are included in a princess dress-up trunk?

Princess dress-up trunks contain different items depending on the brand. Some come with tiaras, princess wands, rings, chokers, earrings, and many more.

However, some dress-up trunks only come with dresses, so it will all depend on the seller.

Final Verdict

With princess dress-up trunks that we have highlighted above, your child will be able to pretend play for hours without running out of costumes.

But, most importantly, the dress-up kits will improve the child’s creativity and imagination during play.

The dress-up trunks come with different items and also feature a wide range of characters, so ensure that you go for the one that you think your daughter will like.

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