The 10 Best Onion Choppers 2023

Onions are great condiments indeed. They form part of just about every other menu and most deserts. Owing to their crucial roles and significance, they have to be nicely cut.

This feat can only be achieved in case the onion choppers are utilized for the job. For a start, onion chopper is basically a cutlery that is specifically designed to trim onions to the desired shape and form.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and forms.

Moreover, they also have varying capabilities and are also utilized for different kinds of chopping techniques.

10 Best Onion Chopper Reviews

1: Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vidalia Chop Wizard

For everyday use, you undoubtedly require a light, compact, and handy chopper.

These are the needs that this specific chopper is intended to meet. It has all the required features and specifications necessary to meet these needs.

Super-sharp Insert Discs

It comes along with two super-sharp insert discs. The discs are strong, stable, stiff, and very sharp. They enable it to perfectly chop and dice every time. With these discs, you may rest assured of a thorough cutting job and excellent results indeed.


Its catch container also serves as a measuring cup. This is because it contains marks ranging from 1/2 cup to 2 cups.

This is because you will not have to switch from this cutlery to another while preparing your popular recipe.

Ease of Use

You only require inputting one swift motion to have your onions chopped. This is because the cutting discs are very sharp and stiff. They thus channel all the pressure onto the targeted portions of the food. You may use it for long without feeling fatigued at all.


Other than being able to cut and measure, this chopper can also carry out several other purposes as well. With this best vegetable cutter, you can chop vegetables, cheese, fruits, and indeed more another vegetable besides onions.

For this reason, you are also assured of higher returns on the value invested.


  • Dishwasher safe and hence easier to clean
  • Greatly expedites the time that is taken to chop onions
  • Generally easier to engage and operate
  • Very affordable
  • Requires fewer storage spaces


  • Does not last as long as should ideally be the case
  • Comprises some delicate parts and components
  • Demands frequent repairs and maintenance from time to time

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2: Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula)

Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered

Are you in need of an electric food chopper that can handle huge amounts of food at a time?

It is an industrial onion chopper that is specifically designed and intended for that very purpose.


You will not expend too much money to pay up utility bills. This is because the chopper is manually powered. This means it requires human strength to power it, unlike most others that require electricity to do the job.

Great Value for Money

It does come along also with its own sealing storage lid. This enables you to keep your ingredients in the container while acting on them. It, therefore, follows that your utilization of this chopper returns you a higher value for money.

Ease of Use

Utilizing this chopper is pretty simple. All you have to do is to insert the ingredients into a container. You then have to twist the container’s lid, and then pull the cord. The blades will thereafter begin to spin and cut the onions into shape.

Cuts Large Pieces

In all, this chopper cuts large pieces of meat, onions, and vegetables perfectly well. It is, therefore, suitable for occasions that have a high number of attendees such as birthday parties.

You clearly have no other chopper for your taking if you hope to expedite your chopping tasks.


  • Does not exert unnecessary electricity costs by reason of being manually powered
  • Portable and compact enough for use in remote locations
  • Does not require excessive human strength to operate
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Exudes a beautiful and aesthetic look


  • Quite bulky and hence cumbersome to lift around
  • Has a larger size and therefore requires plenty of storage space
  • Moderately expensive and out of reach of many a deserving user

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3: Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Tackling huge quantities of food may be tricky.

This is why you need a powerful and electrically powered chopper.

This electric onion chopper, by virtue of incorporating both traits, fits that special bill quite well.

It is also large enough for whole family use.

Reversible Slice /Shred Disc

Apart from merely chopping onions, this chopper can also slice and grind them. It, therefore, returns so much more benefits at a time.


It mainly cuts and chops by use of the S-blade. This is basically a blade that is in the form of the letter S. This blade cuts, chops, mixes, and purees perfectly well. It leaves no onion or vegetable uncut and is thus pretty effective in its role.

Large Feed Chute

The chopper has a large feeding chute that has a capacity of around 8 cups. This is large enough to be able to handle whole family recipes at a time.

It also accommodates whole blocks of onions and vegetables at a time. This negates the need for pre-cutting and thus saves time.

Stainless Steel Construction

Its body is manufactured by use of stainless steel. This material as we all know is tough enough to withstand high impacts. It will last you as long as possible. You will also obtain the peace of mind you require to fully leverage its benefits.

Powerful Motor

This chopper is electrically powered. It does have a powerful motor that generates around 450 Watts of power. This is strong enough to cut into a size just about every other piece of onion, fruit, or vegetable. It also does a good job in so doing.


  • Very thorough in chopping onions, fruits, and vegetables
  • May serve multiple roles at a time
  • Requires less human effort and is hence very convenient
  • Greatly saves the time spent to do the job
  • Enhances your kitchen’s interior décor


  • High energy consumption which leads to inflated electricity bills
  • Contains some delicate parts and components
  • Quite sensitive and demands extra care and maintenance

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4: Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper, Grey (NJ110GR)

Ninja Food Chopper

Are you on the lookout for a progressive onion chopper?

Are you sometimes confronted with the need to chop onions instantly?

Ergonomic Design

In all, it bears an ergonomic design. This design allows you to conveniently handle it. You will not strain at all while carrying it around as the case may so desire. You will hence use it in remote locations with ease.

Easy-to-use Power Pod

Its pod is quite easy to use. This is because it is equipped with a one-touch pulsing control feature. This feature returns perfect results in a matter of seconds. It, therefore, absolves you from the need for constant attention and unnecessary efforts.

Powerful Motor

The cutting force is generated by the 200 Watt Power Pod. This power output is very strong and reliable for the handling of extremely tough onions. You are thus assured of nothing but the most amazing outcomes indeed.

Detachable parts

All its components are detachable. This means you may separate them from each other and from the main item with ease. Moreover, they are also dishwasher safe. This means that you will not have to expend plenty of effort to clean up the appliance.

Splash Guard

At its top is a splash guard that doubles up as a storage lid. This confers on you two benefits at a time. It prevents your clothes from being soiled and also accommodates your ingredients. Being see-through, it allows you also to clearly monitor the progress of your chops.


  • Minimal Effort
  • Very cheap, affordable, and within the easy reach of many a deserving person
  • Plays several purposes at a time
  • Safe and secure by reason of not containing any BPA
  • Can handle nuts, chocolates, and dressings too!


  • Quite weighty and cumbersome to lift around
  • Low carrying capacity (16 ounces)
  • A bit sensitive, so you need to handle it with care

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5: Hamilton Beach 72860 Stack and Press 3-Cup Glass Bowl Chopper

Hamilton Beach Stack and Press

Effective food preparation may not be completely possible without the ability to constantly monitor the progress.

This is where a chopper that has a transparent feeding chute such as this comes in handy.

It is indeed a worthy coking companion as the result of this.

Durable Glass Bowl

The chopper’s feeding chute comes in the form of a durable glass bowl. This bowl allows you to effectively monitor the progress of the food preparation process. Being durable, it is less susceptible to damages and breakages.

Stainless Steel Blades

Its blades are made of stainless steel. Because of this, they are sharper, more reliable, and stiffer than most blades. They will not fail you at all. They will also deliver outstanding end results. This is not to mention that they also last fairly long.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

All its parts are dishwasher safe. This simply means you just have to place them in the dishwashing machine, and that is all! You are thus assured of maximum convenience, peace of mind, and excellent results at all times.

Cord Storage

It has the cord storage component. This basically safeguards the appliance’s cord when not in use. You will not be subjected to the dangers of electrocution or inconveniences occasioned by loss or misplacements.


  • Resists scratches, corrosion, and other common elements of wear and tear
  • Easy to use; simply stack ad press to begin chopping
  • Light in weight and hence easy to lift around
  • May prepare baby food as well!
  • Delivers consistent and reliable results


  • Has pretty large dimensions and hence cumbersome to handle
  • Quite exorbitant and way beyond reach of many deserving persons
  • Some users may find it complicated to utilize

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6: Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

The Pampered Chef Food Chopper

For consistent results, you, by all means, require a chopper that is easy to monitor.

This can only happen if that chopper is transparent and has tough blades.

This indeed is that kind of a chopper.

It is the one you require if you have to take the guesswork out of your food preparation exercise.

Flexible Cap

It has the flexible cap. This is primarily used for sealing the contents of the chopper while cutting them. It also serves the role of storage cover as well as chopping surface for those small quantities of food.

Clear Design

It is designed as a see-through appliance. This simply means that it allows you to monitor clearly the progress of the food being prepared. This enables you to control the progress of the best possible outcomes.


The rotational force of this manual food chopper is provided for by means of this plunger. It has a soft top that makes the entire process of chopping very comfortable.

This means you may utilize this chopper for long and on a regular basis without feeling fatigued or inconvenienced.

Unique Stainless Steel Blade

The cutting or chopping mechanism, on the other hand, comes in the form of a unique stainless steel blade.

It is this blade that rotates the plunger to subsequently generate the cutting force. Being tough and durable, you may also count on it not to disappoint you at all.


  • Very handy and comfortable to use
  • Allows you to monitor the progress of the chopping of onions
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Features a breathtaking appearance
  • Lasts fairly long and demands fewer repairs and maintenance


  • Way to exorbitant and unaffordable by many
  • A bit heavy and inconvenient to carry around
  • Has limited capacity and hence unsuitable for whole family use

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7: Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit

Sometimes, you may always have to do your chopping as fast as possible.

For this to happen, you require a chopper that is easier to use and that which can handle as many food items at a go as possible. This is that kind of a chopper.

Built-in Side Blade

It does come along with a built-in side blade. This greatly minimizes the need for pre-cutting and thus saves a great deal of time and effort. It also makes it possible for you to handle huge quantities of cuts at a time.

No Cutting Board

Unlike most choppers, this one lacks the cutting board. It, therefore, reduces your likelihood of grappling with messes and wastes. This means you will be assured of a clean and reliable outcome. It also reduces your need for too much cleaning.

Simplicity of Use

Chopping foods by use of this chopper is quite simple. All you have to do is to press down on the pusher lid, and that is it! The food is cut automatically and disposed of into the collecting container. This absolves you from having to expend too much effort.

Highly Versatile

Apart from chopping onions, this appliance also enables you to handle nuts, chocolates, vegetables, and fruits. For this reason, your purchase of this item brings along added benefits. You also stand to reap a great deal of convenience.


  • Very light and convenient to carry around (measures a paltry 0.48 ounces)
  • Consumes no electrical energy and is such worthy companion
  • Convenient in the sense that it requires the use of only one hand at a time
  • Handles plenty of other fruits and vegetables as well
  • Reputable and reliable brand


  • May be complicated to some users
  • Unsuitable for small chopping needs (handles only large quantities well)
  • Requires plenty of manpower

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8: Freshware KT-402 2-in-1 Onion, Vegetable, Fruit, and Cheese Chopper

 Freshware KT-402

For those simple and day to day tasks of chopping onions, an easy to use and the simple chopper is all that is required.

This is where this particular onion chopper dicer comes into play.

It features a simplistic design and is also easy to use.

Stainless-steel Blades

It contains two sharp and inter-changeable stainless-steel blades. These may be used for either dicing or chopping as the need may so determine. They are on the whole durable, reliable, and very stiff. They also do a comparatively thorough job.

Faster Results

In all, the chopper dices or chops in one swift motion only. You simply have to place your food into the chopper, close the lid, and there you have it! You do not have to expend plenty of time and effort to have your work done.

Dishwasher Safe

Its top rack is dishwasher safe. You are strongly urged though to wash the rest of the parts and components by hand. This is due to the delicate nature that may see it getting destroyed by machine.

Highly Functional

All factors considered, this chopper is very thorough in its task of cutting down onions into their desired shapes and sizes. Because of this, you have the benefit of deriving greater value out of its usage.


  • Reduces onion vapors to spare your eyes of tears and unnecessary discomforts
  • Safe and secure enough by reason of not containing harmful substances
  • Very cheap and affordable enough
  • Has a large capacity (holds 4 cups/1.2 liters) for whole family use
  • Comes along with free cleaning tools


  • A bit weighty and cumbersome to move around
  • Quite delicate and short lasting by reason of being made of plastic
  • Has limited uses and is hence not so worthy a purchase

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9: Progressive International Onion Chopper

 Progressive International Onion Chopper

Sometimes the situation could be such that you inevitably have to take the guesswork out of your cooking.

This is mainly the case for restaurants and other sensitive places.

This commercial onion chopper fits that bill perfectly well.

Reinforced Plastic Housing

It is housed entirely in a reinforced plastic material. This material is very tough and very resilient to the general elements of wear and tear. Because of this, you will find this chopper very reliable and easier to maintain.

Imprinted Measurements

On its sides are measurements that are imprinted. These markings or special measurements allow you to accurately monitor the progress of your chopping at any given time. This point is the one that enables you to achieve the consistent results.

Ease of Cleanliness

This appliance may be assembled or disassembled. Moreover, all its key parts and components are dishwasher safe. These two traits greatly expedite the process of keeping it clean. It is therefore hygienic and free of germs.

Quick Chopping Motion

It generally carries out the process of chopping onions in a fast and efficient manner. This quick chopping motion greatly reduces the onion vapors. This, in turn, minimizes tears from your eyes. As the result of this, you are guaranteed of maximum convenience.


  • Greatly reduces the onion vapors for a comfortable chopping experience
  • Less prone to messes and dirt and is hence very hygienic
  • Can withstand high impacts and great force
  • Is safe in that it is free of harmful chemicals
  • Generally affordable and well within the reach of many deserving users


  • Requires some assembly before usage
  • May inconvenience those with limited skills
  • A bit delicate and prone to damages

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10: Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Set

ZELL Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Set

In some instances, you may be confronted with the need to observe a high degree of accuracy while chopping your favorite recipe.

This is the role that this best onion slicer is designed to play.

It has calibrations and grants you the ability to adjust its settings appropriately.

Interchangeable Blade System

It is equipped with four interchangeable blades that have varying degrees of thickness. These grant you the freedom to determine the precision of your cuttings and the desired outcomes as well. They also enable you to do a thorough job on the whole.

Multipurpose Plastic Food Container

Next in line of its key features is the multipurpose plastic food container. This catches all the debris that comes out of the electric onion slicer.

In so doing, it confers on you mess-free chopping experience. It also spares you of the tears that are characteristic of such activities.

Safety Hand Guard

To further safeguard your hand from any side effects, this chopper has a safety hand guard. It offers your hands a comfortable grip and secure handling. This feature enables you to utilize the chopper for as long as you want without the danger of injuries.

Resistance to Dirt

In all, this chopper is very resistant to dirt, food stains, and food odors. It assures you of the hygiene you require for a job well done. It also shields you from the possibilities of food poisoning and any other hygiene-related disorders.


  • Greatly simplifies the preparations of recipes
  • Does not interfere at all with the tastes and flavors of fresh produce
  • Takes a relatively short duration of time to do the job
  • Allows you to vary the thickness of the cuts
  • Is very clean, less messy and hygienic


  • Has a larger dimension
  • Weighs more and is hence inconvenient to handle
  • Requires some assembly before eventual usage

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Things To Consider

Mode of Cutting

These onion choppers cut food in two main ways. These are the electric means and the manual means respectively.

Your choice of the most suitable chopper on the basis of this consideration ought to be inspired by your skill level and power utility budget. All factors considered, the electric chopper is a more suitable choice.

Means of Cleaning

Using the chopper is one thing, cleaning it after use s yet another thing altogether. The best onion chopper should be one that is dishwasher safe.

Chopping Capacity

How much onion can the chopper handle at a time? This is an important consideration given that the choppers may be used for different occasions.

Parties, picnics, and other formal occasions demand plenty of onions. As such, choppers that may handle a large capacity of onions are strongly recommended for such occasions. Settle on small capacity choppers for day to day kitchen activities.

Material Makeup

Most household cutlery is made of plastics and metal (stainless steel and Aluminum). However, not all materials are safe for you. Most plastics contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) that causes cancer.

For the avoidance of doubt, and to be sure of your health, select a chopper that is made entirely of metal. Stainless steel and Aluminum are by far the most desirable materials.

Other Considerations

  • Costs vs. Final Resource Endowment – Evaluate the cost of each chopper and weigh such costs against your financial resources. Settle for that chopper that fits well within your budget.
  • Warranty – Be sure that the manufacturer of the chopper of choice also avails generous warranty. This is to safeguard you from any dangers, losses or damages within a limited period after purchase.
  • Brand –  The Vidalia, Chef’n VeggiChop, Onion Chopper Pro, Vidalia, Allstar, Rose Kuli, and Cuisinart are the top brands. Consider giving them higher priority while selecting the suitable chopper.

Last Word

We, however, urge you to carry out further research immediately before embarking n a purchase in order to obtain up to date information. This is because of the constantly changing and dynamic nature of these products.

This is because the longer you delay; the more likely you will buy the same chopper at a higher cost in future. You also would not wish to miss out on the benefits they bring along we suppose!

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest soonest possible.



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