The 4 Best Oil Less Fryers 2018

Do you enjoy the taste of fried foods but hate the calories and fat content that comes with using oil? Traditional fryers can leave your food tasting greasy and heavy in your stomach.

Making the switch to a cooker that uses air instead of oil will reduce the fat content by 80% and leave you with delicious, crispy and healthy meals.

You can relish all the health benefits of grease-free food without compromising on the taste. The prices can range considerably depending on the features and size you need.

When used correctly, however, you might find you like cooking it with it way more than your oven.

How Do Oil Less Fryers Work?

How does oil less fryer cook food that looks and tastes like traditional fried? All air fryers feature something called “Rapid Air Technology” which uses superheated air to cook your food.

This technology leaves the food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside just like dunking it in an oil fryer would. The difference is that you only have to use a fraction of the cooking oil for crispy, delicious morsels that are not dripping with grease.

The unit has a built-in cooling system, so the air stays hot inside but is not at risk of burning the person using it.

Things To Consider


Depending on your needs, the size of your fryer can limit the amount and type of foods you can cook.

The number of people you are cooking for can also be one determining factor in how large or small a cooker to get.

If you want to cook oil less fryer turkey for Thanksgiving every year, then you will need a large unit. If you are only one person, then you would only need something small.


One thing that most people overlook when making an appliance purchase is how much space the unit will take up on the counter.

You always want to make sure you have enough room to work comfortably and safely and not risk getting burned or damaging other appliances.


Have you ever purchased a kitchen appliance only to find out later that a better model existed? I like to make a wish list of what I want my new purchase to do and look for settings that match up with those needs.

It is also a good idea to understand how the settings work before forking over your cash. If the settings are complicated, chances are you won’t be using them very much to cook all of the new oil less fryer recipes you find.


Best Oil less fryer can require up to 1500 watts of power. If you own a new home, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have an older home and are not sure of the wattage capabilities, it is better to test the outlets. You don’t want the first time using your new fryer causing a complete power outage in your home.

There are other considerations you should look at before making a purchase as well;

  • you may be paying extra for bells and whistles that you won’t use, or be missing a sale, so do some research first.
  • Additional features – there may be some fantastic feature on a fryer that you never thought about that could come in handy, so read up on the product before buying

The best way to choose the right product for your needs is to read oil less fryer reviews written by people who have first-hand experience with the product.

And some useful information you can use to make your decision.

Recommended Reviews

#1 Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300 watt

I highly recommend the Big Boss brand name of products because they are high-quality appliances at an affordable price.


While this 16-quart fryer will probably not accommodate a large family, it will allow you to cook delicious meals for two.


There are two trays to put food on so you can create a well-balanced meal in one sitting. The fryer is made of see-through glass to enable you better to check how the food is cooking and adjust any settings accordingly.


This fryer comes with settings for, convection, infrared heat, and halogen depending on the types of foods you are cooking at the same time. The two knobs on the top of the unit are all the settings you have, so it is not a difficult fryer to use.


Most power outlets in today’s kitchens will accommodate the wattage (1300) necessary for this appliance.


  • Versatile two-tray system allows you to cook the whole meal at the same time
  • Great price for quality and features
  • See-through container lets you watch your food as it cooks
  • You can cook right from frozen, no thawing needed


  • Too small for larger meals

#2 Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

This fryer uses Infrared technology to cook all of your favorite meats quickly and healthily.


It is designed to fry a turkey, so it has to be big. The Char-Broil Turkey Fryer can cook up to 16 pounds of fowl, steak or other meat to crispy perfection with very little oil.


The infrared technology eliminates uneven cooking and delivers a perfectly cooked, crispy meal every time.

The unit also comes with a fryer basket and meat thermometer so you can check if your food is ready to serve. There are optional accessories available for other types of meat like hooks for ribs.


There are only two knobs on this unit to worry about; one to turn it on and the other to ignite the burner. It is straightforward in design.


This fryer runs on propane up to 16,000 BTU, so you won’t need to worry about the capacity of your outlets.


  • Large basket for bigger cuts of meat up to 16 pounds
  • Runs on propane, so it is energy efficient
  • Cooks quickly and evenly at 10 minutes per pound


  • Not safe to use indoors
  • Very heavy at 31 pounds

#3 Rollibot 3.5 Qt Hot Air Fryer XL

The Rollibot is one of the few dishwasher-safe air fryers in this category which makes clean-up a cinch.


This unit will hold up to 3.5 quarts of food in one sitting which is perfect if you are cooking for 1-2 people.


There is added space between the basket and the sides of the fryer, which allows for increased airflow while you are cooking.

This system is much safer as it eliminates any chances of injury. It also comes with extra accessories for cooking smaller sides like vegetables and French fries.


There are six setting options to choose from on the Rollibot that can easily be programmed using the digital display on the front.

If you want to cook standard fares like meat and French fries, you can preset the fryer just by choosing the exact type of food you want to cook.

The presets include chicken, fish, toast, beef, and fries, or use the manual settings for other options.


This unit takes 1400 Watts of power, which shouldn’t be a problem for most modern kitchens. If you have an older home, I would recommend testing the outlet before making a purchase.


  • Multiple presets take the guesswork out of cooking
  • Space between basket and sides makes it safer to use
  • Dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean


  • Not suitable for large meals due to smaller capacity

#4 Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven, 12 L

The Oyama is an attractive and affordable alternative for a single or small family looking to cook healthy meals. With the ability to grill, steam or roast food, this convection oven makes a great addition to your kitchen.


The bowl holds up to 12 Liters and can accommodate two wire racks. The size is perfect for making well-balanced gourmet meals for two.

The footprint is small, so it won’t take up too much space on the counter, which is useful for smaller kitchens.


The dual-racked system allows you to cook meat and vegetables separately if they need separate preparation times.

There is also a set of cooking tongs included to help transport your food from the unit to your plate. The heat-resistant bowl protects you from burning yourself when removing it from the base.


The Oyama is a straightforward unit to use with only two dials on the top of the oven that control temperature and cooking time.


  • Four different methods to cook food; roasting, steaming, grilling and baking
  • Easy to clean
  • Settings are easy to use


  • Size doesn’t suit larger meals
  • Does not air fry food

Clear Winner & Final Thoughts

The clear winner of the best oil less fryer review is the Rollibot 3.5 Qt Hot Air Fryer XL. The six presets cover the most popular types of foods like chicken and French fries.

If you decide to get creative and step away from the norm, you can quickly set the fryer to cook whatever you want manually.

The construction of the Rollibot means that it not only cooks delicious food quickly but safely due to the added space inside the unit. All things told, this oil less fryer will not disappoint.


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