The 10 Best Needle Nose Pliers 2023

Tackling common repairs and maintenance tasks such as electrical wiring, repairs, and maintenance require good pliers. A plier is basically a hand tool with which you can perform the common chores mentioned.

These tools are many and diverse. This is to mean that they come in a variety of shapes, specifications, and brand names. This makes it all the more confusing for an ordinary would-be user to make the right choice. That is why a buying guide of this nature comes in handy.

In light of this, we have researched and written a guide that is aimed at helping you in making the right choice. We are going to discuss the factors to consider while making the right choice.

10 Best Needle Nose Plier Reviews

1: Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Pliers

Stanley 84-096

Is your search for suitable pliers dictated by the need for simple and quick manual work? If this is the case, then you require simple and easy to use pliers. This plier, by its sheer simplicity, fits that particular bill perfectly well. It will hence not let you down at all.

Long-tempered Jaws

Its jaws are hardened to increase their strength and endurance. This trait enables you to utilize the pliers for very tough tasks. They are also less likely to break even when subjected to too much force. This makes them all the more reliable for long-term use.

Forged Steel Construction

The main component of the pliers is made of forged steel. This material is quite tough and very resistant to the common elements of wear and tear. Because of this, expect the pliers to last you as long as can be. You also stand to spend less on repairs and maintenance.

Rust-resistant Finish

Also supplementing the forged steel construction is the rust-resistant finish. This is basically a special coating that seals off the percolation of moisture and air. This finish hence keeps the possibility of the metal rusting at bay. The finish thus prolongs the overall lifespan of the pliers altogether.

Double-dipped Handles

These pliers’ handles come in the form of double-dip shape. This shape boosts the pliers’ ergonomics and contributes to your overall comfort. In light of this, you will experience limited fatigue and be able to utilize the pliers for long.


In all, the pliers measure 5 inches long. This is a comfortable length that will enable you to reach out to a wider range. This being the case, you will not have to strain to accomplish your desired objective at all. Moreover, you will also be able to do a comparatively better job.


  • Reaches out to those hard-to-reach areas with ease
  • Quite suited for working in squeezed places
  • Exudes some unequaled comfort
  • Backed by a generous lifetime limited warranty
  • Light in weight (3.2 ounces)


  • Not so safe and secure
  • Contains fewer features
  • Quite bulky (measures 7.6 inches long by 0.5 inches thick by 2.9 inches wide)

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2: Uxcell a09040100ux0188 Reach Needle Nose Pliers

Uxcell a09040100ux0188

Are you a crafter, jeweler, or beader?

Have you been on the lookout for a great hand tool for your use?

Did I hear you answer yes?

This long reach needle nose pliers is the one you have been looking for all along. As you shall see in the mini-review that follows, it has all the required features and functionality.

Plastic-coated Handles

Its handles are coated using plastic materials. This coating insulates the metallic portions of the pliers from the threats of electric shocks. The coating also contributes to the overall comfort of the pliers as a whole. Because of this, you are granted the rare privilege of being able to use these pliers to repair electrical connections.

Double Leaf Springs

Also, present on the handles are the double leaf springs. These basically enhance the motion of the pliers. They provide the handles with extra strength to enable them to cut through thick and tough materials well. They also assure you of a smooth and effortless motion.

Polished Head

This pliers head is polished to safeguard it from rusting or corroding. In light of this, the pliers last as long as can possibly be. It also calls for limited resources to repair and maintain. This, in turn, grants you the peace of mind you need to fully leverage its benefits.

Drop-forged Heat-treated Steel

It is made of no ordinary steel. To the contrary, it is made of drop forged and heat treated steel. This material has extra strength when compared to the ordinary steel. Because of this, the pliers last fairly longer than ordinary ones. It is also tougher and more reliable.

Great Long Reach Pliers

Crowning the list of its top-notch features is its longer length. Its head is indeed longer than the ordinary pliers. This enables you to reach out to areas that are ordinarily out of reach. It also confers to you added convenience and a greater degree of satisfaction.


  • Exudes a comfortable and secure grip
  • Ensures smooth and effortless motions
  • Prevents marring
  • Achieves long life and extra durability
  • May be used for several purposes at a time


  • Unskilled users may find it complicated
  • Quite cumbersome to handle
  • Not for starters

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3: IRWIN VISE-GRIP Long Nose Pliers


Do you intend to accomplish quick tasks promptly? If so, you require short yet tough pliers. These pliers, by reason of being short in length yet tough in stature, fit that bill particularly well. It is also simpler to engage, as you shall discover in the mini-review that follows:

Durable Nickel Chromium Steel Construction

Unlike most other pliers of its kind, it is made of the durable Nickel Chromium steel construction. This material is extra tough. It hence bestows added strength to the pliers and makes it well suited for engaging tougher materials and surfaces.

ProTouch Grips

Lining the entire exterior length of the handles of the pliers are the ProTouch Grips. They basically provide added traction and grip to your hands. In so doing, they prevent the pliers from slipping off your hands even when they are sweaty. They also spare you from unnecessary injuries.

Induction hardened Cutting Edge

The cutting edges are further hardened by use of the induction technology. This extra strength is the one that enables the pliers to be able to cut through the hard materials. Other than that, the extra strength also slows down the pace of deterioration.

Machined Jaws

Other than possessing extra strength, these pliers also have greater gripping strength. This is by reason of possessing the machined jaws. Due to the existence of this feature, expect your objects not to fall off when being engaged at all.

Wire Cutter

Closing the list of the pliers’ top features is the wire cutter functionality. This basically lets the appliance to break wires into two. This functionality enables the pliers to carry out more functions at a time. Because of this, you stand to accrue higher returns on the value you invest.


  • Provides extra comfort while reducing hand fatigue
  • Stays sharper for longer
  • Exudes maximum gripping strength
  • Meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications
  • Backed by the IRWIN VISE-GRIP lifetime warranty


  • Moderately pricey
  • Not for small hands
  • Slightly cumbersome to engage

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4: Chicago Tool 11″ Long Nose Pliers

Chicago Tool 11"

Do you intend to utilize the pliers in a foundry or a commercial setting?

If your answer to the question is a firm yes, then you may wish to consider these best quality needle nose pliers. In its design and construction, it is intended for use in such settings.

11 Inch Reach

Perhaps its most fascinating feature is the 11-inch reach. It is this feature that makes it suited for commercial tasks such as those in a foundry. Being long, it will enable you to reach out to otherwise inaccessible areas conveniently.

Forged Steel Body

Coming in at the second place is the forged steel body construction. This construction is tougher and more reliable than most ordinary bodies. Due to this, expect the pliers not to let you down at all. You will engage even the toughest metals and materials unhindered.

Lifetime Warranty

It is accompanied by a generous manufacturer’s warranty. This basically shields you from unnecessary losses that may arise out of your usage of the pliers. You are thus guaranteed of the confidence and the peace of mind you need for optimal use.

Cushion-gripped Handles

Apart from being insulated, its handles are also padded with cushions. This is to grant you extra comfort and prevent your hands from sustaining blisters owing to friction. This further allows you to use the pliers for an extended duration of time uninterrupted.

Meets ANSI Requirements

As proof of its reliability, the pliers meet and indeed exceed the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications. This means that it is safe, reliable, and high quality indeed. You are also assured of extra peace of mind due to the existence of this feature.


  • Grants you extra confidence
  • Allows you to access hidden areas relatively easy
  • Has a wider range of approximately 200 mm
  • Possesses smooth tips as well
  • Has a breathtaking appearance


  • Moderately weighty (weighs 10.4 ounces)
  • Has a clumsy design
  • Requires plenty of storage

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5: TEKTON 3506 4-1/2-Inch Precision Long Nose Pliers


In order to effectively repair or build electronics, clocks, jewelry, and other small appliances, a small yet tough pliers is necessary. This is the need that these particular pliers aim at fulfilling. It is small, compact and tough. Moreover, it can also perform a range of roles at a time.

Long and Tapered Nose

Its most outstanding feature is the long and sharp pointed nose. This nose has the ability to grasp items perfectly well. It also rotates seamlessly to twist the captured items if need be. It is this specific trait that makes it suited for handling tough items.

Twin-blade Wire Cutter

Also coming along the long and tapered nose is this twin-blade wire cutter. As the name suggests, it is specifically used to cut wires into pieces. In particular, it can cut through Aluminum, Copper, and soft Steel wire. This feature enables you to repair electrical circuits and connections.


These best needle nose pliers for electronics are self-opening. This is made possible by the spring-loaded action. It does have some tough semi-internal springs attached to the handles. These springs expand and relax automatically to open and close the pliers. This calls for limited effort and attention on your part.

Forged and Hardened Carbon Steel

Its entire body is made of the forged and hardened carbon steel. This material is extra tough and hence more durable than most ordinary pliers.

That aside, this material also confers extra strength and reliability to the pliers. In so doing, it makes the pliers quite able to confront equal tough materials.


  • Carries out several functions at a go
  • Enables one-handed operations
  • Makes sure handling and controls possible
  • Easier to control and maneuver
  • Does not slip


  • May be a bit cumbersome to operate
  • Fairly bulky (measures 8.2 inches long by 2.8 inches wide by 0.5 inches thick)
  • Potentially uncomfortable for smaller hands

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6: Channellock 3017 Long Nose Plier

Do you mainly operate in tight spaces? If this is the case, you need to consider these particular pliers. This is because it is designed for use in such places only. It is thus equipped with all the various features that make this feat achievable.

Crosshatch Pattern

Its jaws have crosshatch patterns. These are purposely set in place to enable the pliers to grip and work tightly. In light of this, the items you hold or work on will seldom slip and fall off. This assures you of the reliability you require for a good job.

High-carbon C1080 Steel

The pliers’ body is mainly made of high-carbon steel. This material is more resistant to corrosion and rusting due to the extraordinarily high carbon contents. In consequence of this, you should anticipate deriving maximum utility from the pliers for longer.

Electronic Coating

Also aiding in the prevention of rust is the electronic coating. This basically entails an extra layer of protective material that is placed on the outer layer of the pliers through electrolysis. This further lengthens the overall life expectancy of the pliers.

Iconic blue handle

Closing the list of key features is the iconic blue handle. This comes along with a narrow nose profile. Both of them jointly provide extra precision while working on the surface or item of choice. The handle is also ergonomic and hence easier and more convenient to engage.


  • Exudes superior performance
  • Ultimate rust prevention
  • Quite comfortable and simpler to spot in the tool bag
  • Ensures perfect mating as well as superior cutting edge life
  • Lasts longer due to Laser heat-treated cutting edges


  • Extra large size
  • Requires more storage space
  • Not so convenient to engage

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7: Hakko CHP PN-2007 Long-Nose Pliers

Hakko CHP PN-2007

Are you a general electrician? Are you desirous of pliers that will help you undertake general purpose electronics applications well? If you answered yes, then you may wish to pay keen attention to the mini-review that follows. That’s because these pliers do that job well.

Long Flat-nose

These pliers have a long and flat nose. This measures around 3 mm wide. Being long and flat, the nose is tough enough to handle the most extreme of tasks. It is because of this that the piers are well able to handle just about every other chore.

32 mm Serrated Jaw

Coming in at the second place is the 32mm serrated jaw. This set of jaws enables you to have a tight grip on the material you are handling. In so doing, it minimizes injuries or other associated dangers. What’s more? The jaws come along with precision-ground surfaces. These provide smooth operations.

Flat Outside Edge

Its external edges are flat. These flat edges grant unhindered access to the hidden areas besides simplifying the overall operations. This feature, therefore, goes a long way in enhancing the capacity of the pliers to handle the aforementioned kind of work.

Dolphin-style Nonslip Hand Grips

The pliers’ have the Dolphin-style non-slip hand grips. These are to prevent your hands from slipping off and to assure you of maximum comfort. You will therefore not experience bruises or blisters as is the case with most other pliers. This feature also enables you to operate the pliers for longer without unnecessary hassles.

Curved Fore-edge

Lastly, the pliers do have curved fore-edge. These are to shield your hands from the cutting surfaces as well as the associated injuries. They also expedite the processes of cutting wires and working on the various surfaces and items.


  • Simplifies your access to component-dense areas
  • Provides you the comfort and controls you desperately need
  • Shields your hands from the cutting surfaces
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Prevents Glare


  • Has a shorter head
  • Requires extra effort to engage
  • Not so convenient to use

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8: IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers


If you derive a livelihood purely from repairing tools, items, and gadgets, you may wish to consider these small needle nose pliers. It features a tough construction and is suited for the performance of a variety of tasks and purposes.

Durable Nickel Chromium Steel Construction

Perhaps its most outstanding trait is the durable Nickel Chromium Steel construction. This material is fairly tougher and more durable than most conventional materials. Because of this, expect fewer breakdowns and more consistent performance throughout.


Also fitted onto the handles are the spring loads. These basically expedite the processes of opening and closing the pliers. In so doing, they minimize fatigue by reason of demanding less effort on your part. They also make your usage of the pliers enjoyable.

High Leverage

The jaws have a higher leverage. This is to multiply the force that you apply at the jaws. The existence of this feature ensures that you put in as minimal effort as possible but gain higher results in return. For this reason, you may utilize the pliers repeatedly without getting bored or fatigued.

The ProTouch grips

Your hands are accorded extra comfort and security by reason of the existence of the ProTouch grips. This is because the grips let your hands hold onto the pliers tightly. They hence prevent the handles and the pliers from falling off your fingers even under intense pressure.

Machined Jaws

Lastly, it does have machined jaws. These basically provide enhance gripping capability by adding to the strength of the pliers altogether. It is this feature that basically lets you handle tough and enduring work.


  • Has a slim needle nose with a fine tip for higher precision work.
  • Consists of smooth jaws which prevent surface marring
  • Exudes overall strength and durability
  • Greatly simplifies operations
  • Is a reputable and reliable brand


  • Has limited applicability
  • Backed by less generous warranty
  • Moderately cumbersome to engage

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9: Stanley 84-101, 6 Inch Basic Long Nose Cutting Plier

Stanley 84-101

Have you been on the lookout for a set of plies that have incredible cutting power?

Well, look no more! This is the pliers you have been looking for all along. As you shall see in the mini-review below, it indeed has all the requisite features necessary for this to happen.

Double-dipped Handle

Its most prominent feature is the double-dip handle. This design basically improves the ergonomics of the pliers by allowing you to handle it comfortably. In light of this, you will experience fewer hassles while operating the pliers.

Hardened Cutting Edges

The cutting edges of the pliers have been purposely hardened. This is to improve the pliers’ cutting power and allow it to deliver exceptional results. The hardening also increases the durability of the pliers altogether.

Chrome-nickel Steel

Also ensuring a higher cutting power is the Chrome-Nickel steel construction. This material also adorns its cutting edge and is famed for being extremely tough and reliable. It is the material you require to handle those extremely difficult chores.

Forged Steel Construction

Other parts of the pliers are made of forged steel. This choice of material again is not by accident. This material is pretty good at resisting the various elements of wear and tear. As such, it guarantees the durability of the pliers.

Rust-resistant Finish

Further boosting the resistance of the pliers to rust and corrosion is the rust-resistant finish. This outer coating shields the pliers from the percolation of water and other harsh external elements. In so doing, it prolongs the life of the pliers as a whole.


  • Reaches the hard-to-reach areas easily
  • Confers greater protection
  • Has an extra-tough cutting edge
  • Offers a slip-resistant grip
  • Meets or exceeds the ANSI standards


  • Backed by less comprehensive warranty
  • Not so reputable brand
  • Has limited applicability

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10: Xcelite NN7776V Long Needle Nose Plier

Xcelite NN7776V

Does your work entail tough and treacherous situations?

Do you wish to overcome those situations with comparative ease?

Did I hear you say yes?

If that is the case, you may wish to consider these extra long needle nose pliers. This is because it is intended for such conditions.

Green Cushion Grip Handle

Its handles are padded with a breathtaking green cushion grip. This ensures your overall comfort. It also allows you to maintain a tight and reliable grip on the pliers and the materials you work on. This trait also allows you to use the pliers for a prolonged duration of time without getting bored or fatigued.

Extra Long Nose

The nose of these pliers has distinctively long dimensions. This is the feature which grants you the ability to reach out to those ordinarily hard-to-reach places. Being long, the nose is also handy enough to engage those items that are inconvenient.

Serrated Jaw

To assure you of maximum grip and comfort while engaging items, the jaws of the pliers are serrated. This forms an interlocking joint with the material or item that is being handled. In so doing, it prevents the material from slipping off unnecessarily while in progress.


In sharp contrast to most other pliers, this one is carded. This simply means that it is equipped with rough edges which allow you to utilize it as a file. It, therefore, follows that you may use the tool to sharpen knives and other implements.

Long Jaw Length

Closing the list of its elegant features is its extra long jaws. They measure a whopping 2-5/16 inches long. These jaws enable you to reach inaccessible areas with ease. They also absolve you from having to be as close to the working area as is ordinarily the case. This leads to greater convenience on your part.


  • Has a comparatively simple design
  • Easy to master and comprehend
  • Quite comfortable to engage
  • Is tough and reliable for long-term use
  • Light in weight (measures a paltry 2.4 ounces)


  • Brings in lower returns
  • Has a rather awkward design
  • May be inconvenient to small hands

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How To Use Needle Nose Pliers

What To Look For When Choosing A Needle Nose Pliers

Nature of the Task at Hand

Different pliers are intended for different tasks. Some are for light and quick fixes. Others are for complex and demanding tasks. It is necessary that you ascertain the nature of the tasks you intend to carry out first and foremost. You should then proceed to look for a set of pliers that matches this task to prevent unnecessary inconveniences.

Working Environment

Apart from the nature of the task at hand, the working environment also matters. Choose a set of pliers with a longer nose if you intend to reach out to hidden areas. Settle for a shorter nose if the area is relatively accessible.

Material Construction

Which materials have been used to make up the pliers? A good plier has to be manufactured by use of tough and durable materials. Examples of these include the stainless steel, chromium, and nickel. This is to guarantee you the long-term reliability you require for unhindered usage.

Intended Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to use the pliers? This consideration is important since it will determine the quality of the pliers you have to look for. If you intend to use it regularly, look for a tougher, more durable, and multipurpose pliers and vice versa.

Other Considerations

  • Costs and Warranty – How much do the pliers go for? Is it backed by a manufacturer’s warranty? If yes, how generous is the warranty? Ideal needle nose pliers ought to be very affordable and backed by a generous manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Brand – Some brands are more reliable than others. These include Tekton, Chicago Tool, Irwin, and Uxcell. Consider giving them top priority in your search for the most suitable pliers.
  • Dimensions – How long, wide, thick, and heavy are the pliers? This consideration is important in that it will determine the amount of storage space at your disposal as well as your ease of handling the tools. Settle for one with a compact size and lightweight.

Final Verdict

The field of the manufacture of pliers is saturated and competitive. Every year witnesses an influx of several items of this kind. It, therefore, goes without saying that the top ten needle nose pliers we have identified and discussed above are by no means exhaustive. Further to that, the list is subject to change anytime without prior notice.

In light of the above, we urge you to consider placing a purchase immediately. It is only then that you may be assured of the benefits we have outlined above. We personally recommend the Uxcell a09040100ux0188 Reach Needle Nose Pliers due to the fact that it may serve several purposes at a time.

If that is not possible, we recommend that you carry out thorough research prior to making a purchase. This is to gain an up-to-date information.

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