11 Best Monitors for Reading Documents 2023

Reading is one of the best qualities a person can possess. Scientists will give you a hundred and one benefits of reading. It does a great deal in relieving stress, imparting knowledge, building character, improving memory, and more.

Initially, reading involved tangible materials like books, journals, newspapers, and more. However, with technological advancement, the manner of reading has taken a new dimension. I mean, most avid readers now prefer spending hours in front of the screen rather than paper.

Well, we appreciate that technology brings greater convenience and data security. However, we must also acknowledge that spending hours staring at the screen can attract health hazards, especially eye-related complications.

Now, we don’t mean that you should avoid reading on the screen. Instead, we encourage that you use the safest monitor for the job. And yes, that’s where a monitor for reading documents comes in.

Monitors for reading documents have eye-care properties that make looking at the screen for hours safe. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the market’s finest monitors for document reading. Let’s get going!

11 Best Monitors for Reading Documents

1. LG 29WN600-W Monitor

LG 29WN600-W Monitor

The LG 29WN600-W starts off the list as one of the top-notch monitors for reading. From the name, this monitor is a product of LG, one of the renowned giants when it comes to electronics. Sure, as we all expect of an LG product, this monitor boasts tremendous engineering for the best reading experience.

Here, you are getting a 29-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Well, the size is probably more than you will need for reading purposes. However, it’s a decent option still as it will show your content in a larger format that won’t strain your eyes when reading.

Also, the LG 29WN600-W has a resolution of 2560 x 1080P. With this rating, this unit will give you stunning images for a more immersive experience. And unlike the 1080P models, the higher resolution of this monitor is more future-proof.

The viewing angle here is 178o, wide enough to let you read from a wide range of positions. And with the IPS technology color accuracy, this monitor maintains the same image result when reading from different angles.

When talking about the design, one of the things most readers love about this monitor is that it has slim bezels. The narrow design minimizes distraction and allows them to view the contents on the screen even from the tightest angles.

Whether you are reading a business document, study, journal, or any other thing, you will like the convenience this monitor offers. The reader mode provides optimal conditions for reading. Therefore, if you want a monitor that can support long hours of reading, you can consider the LG 29WN600-W.


  • The resolution is impressive.
  • Reading mode is a plus.
  • Wide viewing angle.


  • Not height-adjustable.
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2. ASUS PA278QV ProArt Display

ASUS PA278QV ProArt Display

The second model we are going to review is the ASUS PA278QV. Of course, Asus isn’t a new name when it comes to computers. Therefore, even before we review it, our hopes are already high that it’s one model that won’t disappoint when using it for reading.

At a glance, it’s a 27-inch monitor. Therefore, it’s slightly smaller than the predecessor, although that doesn’t make much difference when using it as a reading monitor. Also, you will notice that it has a frameless design, meaning that it looks more modern and elegant.

The 27-inch piece has a 2560X1440 pixels resolution. Additionally, it delivers 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 color gamut. What that means, whether you are studying a diagram or a text, you will have a more realistic experience when using this display.

Even some of the high-resolution monitors will require calibration the moment you pull them out of the box. However, that’s not the case with this Asus monitor. I mean, this unit is factory-calibrated, meaning that it delivers stunning images right off the bat. With that said, you will have less time for settings and more time to do what you like most—reading content.

One of the features of this monitor you will appreciate is the ASUS QuickFit Virtual Scale. The functionality allows you to create a grid on the screen for aligning and previewing documents before printing.


  • The base offers good stability.
  • Factory-calibrated model.
  • Allows you to overlay an alignment grid.


  • The menu has a learning curve.
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3. Asus VZ239H-W Eye Care Monitor

Asus VZ239H-W Eye Care Monitor

The third option on the list is also an Asus model. Hence, in terms of quality, we expect it to leave up to the name. And yes, if you spent lots of hours reading and want a monitor that will support this hobby, the  Asus VZ239H-W comes with people of your kind in mind.

This monitor makes use of Asus’exclusive Eye-Care technology. What that does, it ensures flicker-free performance. It also reduces blue light, minimizing eye fatigue and chances of developing headaches and insomnia that come along with long hours of staring at a screen.

The monitor is a 23-inch model. That means it’s a bit smaller than the just-reviewed brother. It also has a resolution of 1920 x 1080P. Sure, that’s a little lower than that of the brother. However, since the screen is smaller in this case, you will barely notice any difference in image quality between the two models.

At only 0.27 inches, the Asus VZ239H-W is one of the ultra-slim models that every reader will want to bring to their space. Further, this monitor is frameless. Hence, it has a sleek design that most people want for their homes.

The OSD provides a quick and convenient way of adjusting the screen brightness and other settings. Hence, no matter how you want your text to appear on the monitor, you can achieve it with a few customizations.


  • Lightweight.
  • The stand allows for tilt adjustments.
  • Manufacturer’s eye-care technology is a plus.


  • Power button not ideally-positioned.
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4. Philips 276E8VJSB 27″ Monitor

Philips 276E8VJSB 27

Philips may not match LG and Asus when it comes to fame. However, she is also a reliable name in the industry when it comes to product quality. And yes, the iconic Philips 276E8VJSB is one of her products that are up there when talking about monitors for reading documents.

This top-class monitor offers a wide viewing angle of 178o. Also, you will love that it comes with a borderless design. This feature gives the monitor a more elegant look and maximizes the view area by reducing distractions.

The 27-inch monitor boasts a high 4K UHD resolution. That means when using it for reading, you won’t struggle to see what’s written in the document. Further, the IPS LED technology ensures that you get life-like visuals when viewing the screen from just about any angle.

Among the cutting-edge innovations the model uses is the MultiView technology. This feature allows you to split the main screen into smaller multiple windows. What that means, when using it for reading purposes, you can view different documents at the same time. With that said, this feature will turn helpful, especially for researchers, students, writers, and more.

Most LED-backlit screens have flickers, and that causes eye fatigue. Aware of the problem, Philips employs a flicker-free technology for regulating the screen brightness of this monitor. That means you will find it more comfortable to read when using this monitor.


  • The MultiView mode is useful.
  • Sturdy metal base.
  • 4K resolution gives the crispest images.


  • It doesn’t have built-in speakers.
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5. Acer KB272HL Acer Vision Care VA Monitor

Acer KB272HL Acer Vision Care VA Monitor

Long hours of staring at the screen can cause eye-related complications in the long haul. We know you love reading, and that’s why we suggest that you consider getting this vision-care model. As you look at the screen for hours, the Acer’s exclusive visual-care technology will look after your eyes.

The eye-care technology works well to protect eyes strain and fatigue, and that makes it comfortable to use the monitor for extended periods. For that reason, whether you are a heavy reader, writer, researcher, programmer, graphic designer, or a surfer who spends lots of time on the screen, the Acer KB272HL makes a decent option for you.

One of the ways to ensure comfort in extended periods of monitor use is by operating at your utmost comfortable position. To support your position needs, the Acer KB272HL will tilt from -5 to 25 degrees. That means you can adjust the screen to the ideal position for your preferred posture.

The screen resolution here is 1920 x 1080P with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Hence, with this monitor, expect to see the text and images on your document in the crispest form—you will never again have to squint your eyes when reading text on the screen.

When it comes to screen adjustment, you can set this monitor to display whatever you are reading in the exact manner you want to see it. Hence, no matter what you want to use it for, expect to have the most enjoyable user experience.


  • The color saturation is superb.
  • The position of the on/off button is convenient.
  • The lighting control is helpful when working in the dark.


  • The resolution isn’t the best a monitor can have.
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6. Dasung  Paper Like 3 Monitor

Dasung  Paper Like 3 Monitor

For the people who take reading seriously, it’s advisable to invest in a model that won’t strain their eyes. And yes, among the best glare-free models we have out there is the Dasung  Paper Like 3.

As the name suggests, this unit creates a paper-like experience, so you will even forget that you are reading on a screen. The text it presents is clear. And since the backlight it produces isn’t harsh to the eyes, you will find this monitor comfortable to use for long hours of reading.

The screen in this case is 13.3 inches. Sure, most people will claim that this size is a bit small. However, if you intend to use it for reading purposes only, this size will suffice. In fact, it will present the text in almost the exact size it appears on paper.

Additionally, the Dasung  Paper Like 3 Monitor comes with 2000 x 1650 of resolution. That’s one of the highest for an E Ink display. And considering the screen size, it’s evident that this monitor will show your text in the most crystal clear form possible.

When it comes to connectivity, this accessory will link to your other monitor or any other compatible device using an HDMI port or a USB cable. That makes it possible to share whatever you are reading either way.

While it’s a top-notch monitor for serious readers, the Dasung  Paper Like 3 Monitor has a few downsides. For instance, it isn’t the option to buy for anyone operating on a tight budget. However, if money isn’t a problem for you, this monitor will give you a reading experience that’s not easy to replicate.


  • The paper-like display is a brilliant idea.
  • High resolution for the screen size.
  • Eye-friendly screen.


  • A bit expensive.
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7. Electric Magic Monitor Electronic Paper Display

Electric Magic Monitor Electronic Paper Display

The seventh monitor for reading documents is almost similar to the one coming sixth on the list. That means even before we proceed to examine the features, we already know that it’s one of the monitors that come with avid readers in mind.

Like the predecessor, you are receiving a unit with a 13.3-inch screen. You should find this size big enough for reading purposes. The unit will create a paper-like display, providing a more engaging and immersive reading experience.

Also, the screen here is glare-free, making it harmless to stare at for hours. For that reason, if you are among the people who experience migraines after extended hours in front of the screen, this monitor should serve you well.

About the resolution, at 2200×1650P, it’s a little higher than that of the previous model. And since the screen size is the same, the text here will appear clearer than that of the Dasung  Paper Like 3 Monitor. However, since the difference is small, you may not notice any difference in text quality at a glance.

Now, because of the higher resolution, we expect the price of this unit to exceed that of the predecessor. However, that’s not true. With that said, it provides better value for money than the previous model.

However, on the downsides, just like the predecessor, you can’t use this unit for reading documents with colored diagrams. That’s because it displays text in black and white color only. But other than that, it works ideally for reading, browsing, and writing.


  • Ideal for curbing screen-related headaches.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • The size is convenient.


  • It displays content in black and white colors.
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8. SAMSUNG Business S24R650FDN SR650 Series Computer Monitor

SAMSUNG Business S24R650FDN SR650 Series Computer Monitor

As aforementioned, one of the factors you can’t afford to overlook when shopping for a monitor for reading documents is the manufacturer. Now, when talking about electronics, we all know what Samsung is capable of delivering, and that should give us the confidence that the SAMSUNG Business S24R650FDN is one of the most reliable models.

This monitor comes in a 24-inch display, enough size for reading purposes. However, if you find the size to be a bit small than you prefer, probably because you want it for other purposes, the monitor is also available in a larger 27-inch version.

The screen resolution here is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Of course, that’s not the best a monitor of its size can offer. However, for reading purposes, this resolution will preserve color vividness across every inch of the screen, allowing you to view the contents on the screen with excellent clarity and the most readable format.

About health, this monitor adopts a more enhanced eye comfort technology. The technology delivers flicker-free performance, making it comfortable and safe to work with the monitor for long hours.

The sturdy stand permits a wide range of adjustments for personalized comfort. I mean, you can tilt, swivel, and adjust the height of this unit to match your needs. Hence, no matter how and where you want it, it’s now possible to set the monitor ideally for your needs.


  • Variety of cords included in the package.
  • Wide range of adjustability.
  • Available in two sizes.


  • User manual not at its best.
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9. BenQ PD3200U 32-Inch 4K UHD Monitor

BenQ PD3200U 32-Inch 4K UHD Monitor

When talking about monitors, the famous saying “you get what you pay for” more often turns true than not. In other words, if you are looking for a top-notch screen for reading documents, you should be ready to part with some good amount of money.

And yes, the next product on the list isn’t one of the most affordable options out there. However, in terms of performance, not many monitors will get close to what the BenQ PD3200U is capable of doing.

One of the distinctive features of this model is the Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch. With this feature, you can display documents and other files from different monitors on the same screen. Hence, you don’t have to connect different computers to transfer your documents.

When it comes to adjustability, the BenQ PD3200U is also one of the most customizable models out there. You can swivel, tilt, and adjust its height to match your specific needs. What’s more interesting, you can even convert the monitor to portrait mode, depending on the individual needs of each project.

Additionally, the BenQ PD3200U utilizes cutting-edge technologies that promote eye health. I mean, with the Eye-Care and the Low Blue Light technologies, no more eye fatigue, irritation, migraines, and other conditions that are likely to occur or exacerbate with spending more hours on the screen.


  • KVM switch unleashes a new level of convenience.
  • Easy to use User Interface (UI).
  • You can use it in portrait mode.


  • A bit heavy.
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10. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Monitor

Tenth on the list is also one of the most reliable monitors for document reading. The unit is from ViewSonic, also one of the giant members of the industry. Sure, the product lives up to the manufacturer’s reputation, and that’s what makes it one of the top-rated options out there.

Surprisingly, even with the industry-standard performance, this unit remains friendly to your pocket. For that reason, if you are looking for a high-quality monitor for document reading but don’t want to meet the usually high price tag, you can consider directing your money to this model.

The 32-inch monitor has the Full HD 1920 x 1080P resolution to guarantee content readability. And with the frameless design, you can view the screen content from any angle of your choice without any distraction.

The SuperClear IPS panel ensures consistent levels of image vividness from different viewpoints. I mean, whether you are reading your documents from the sides, top, bottom, of the front of the screen, expect the same image quality. Therefore, with this monitor, every position is a perfect vantage point.

The most mind-blowing features of the ViewSonic VX3276-MHD is the screen-splitting ability. This property allows the user to divide the screen into multiple windows. This way, the user can view different files at the same time. When using the monitor for reading, you will find this feature helpful, especially where you want to compare information from different sources.


  • Slim beautiful finish.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • You can split the screen.


  • The quality of built-in speakers is not the best.
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11. Sceptre E248W-FPT IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor

Sceptre E248W-FPT IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor

Work on your documents for an extended period without headaches, eye irritation, and eye fatigue. The Sceptre E248W-FPT is fine-tuned to remain harmless to the eyes, making it ideal for readers, programmers, and those working in offices who have to interact with the monitor for long periods.

The unit boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178⁰. Hence, you can view the content from a wide range of sitting positions. And with the IPS panel, this screen will deliver top color performance from multiple viewing points.

The 1080-P monitor has an edgeless design for a seamless setup. Additionally, the borderless design creates ample screen space for wide spreadsheets, excel files, and other documents that need large space on the monitor.

At times a document may not be enough to make you grasp whatever you are reading. We all at some point face the temptation to search for videos that explain the concept better. Now, this monitor has integrated speakers. Hence, it’s one model that gives you the flexibility you need when studying.

With all these and other spectacular features, it’s evident that the Sceptre E248W-FPT is a high-performance monitor. Amazingly, the monitor doesn’t cost much, and that renders it an ideal option for those looking for a budget-friendly piece that won’t disappoint in performance.


  • Budget-friendly model.
  • Multiple ports.
  • Eye-friendly monitor.


  • The stand feels a little cheap.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What resolution is best for reading?

When buying a monitor for reading documents, one of the factors you have to consider is the screen resolution. The screen resolution determines the clarity and readability of your content. For reading purposes, a 1920 x 1080P will suffice. However, there’s no harm in getting one with a higher rating.

Are 4K monitors good for office work?

Getting a computer with a higher resolution means that your images will appear crisper than when using one with a lower pixel density. In other words, with a 4K display, the quality of pictures is better and clearer. However, unless you want the monitor to serve elsewhere, a 4K model is overkill.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for reading documents?

The size of your monitor will determine how easily you can read the text on the screen. The font size usually increases with an increase in the size of your monitor. If you need a larger text, a larger version like 32-inch should work fine. However, one thing worth knowing is that even the smallest monitors on the list should present your text in a readable format. Therefore, that puts the weight back on whether you have enough space for the size of the monitor you want.

Which monitor is best for the eyes?

When buying monitors for reading, one area you need to concentrate on is getting an eye-care model. Ensure that the option you pick has several technologies that reduce flicker and blue light. That’s why all our models have cutting-edge technologies that prevent all these effects.

What do you look out for when buying documents reading monitor?

When buying a monitor to help in your reading, you may ask yourself some of the things you need to consider. Well, you have to check the size, resolution, adjustability level, convenience features, and of course, the budget.

Final Verdict

Technology has made reading more convenient. However, reading can cause more pain than gain in the long haul. That’s especially true when done with the wrong monitor. For that reason, if you are an avid reader, it’s recommendable that you invest in an appropriate monitor for the work.

Documents reading monitors are specially-designed to remain friendly to the eyes. Of course, deciding on the model to buy can be an overwhelming task. However, after our review, I believe you can now pick the ideal model with ultimate ease.

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