11 Best Monitors for Programming and Coding 2023

If you are a programmer or a coder, you should consider using a monitor that you can work with for extended durations without experiencing any discomfort.

As such, the monitor in question should have an anti-glare display to prevent screen reflections. To add to this, users should go for high-resolution monitors since they improve readability.

Nevertheless, finding the right monitor for programming and coding can be somewhat difficult since there is an endless list of options that you can choose from.

To make your work easier, here are some of the highly recommended monitors that you can use when coding or programming.

These monitors will allow you to multitask without experiencing any problems, and neither will they lower your performance.

Our Recommendations:

Sceptre 20" 1600 x 900 75Hz LED...
  • up to 75Hz Refresh Rate: With 75Hz refresh rate, images change faster and smoother than the standard, reducing screen tearing
SAMSUNG T350 Series 22-Inch FHD...
  • ALL-EXPANSIVE VIEW: The 3-sided borderless display brings a clean and modern aesthetic to any working environment. In a multi-monitor setup, the displays line up seamlessly for a virtually gapless view without distractions

11 Best Monitors for Programming and Coding

 Best Overall: Dell Ultrasharp U2415 LED Monitor

Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415...
  • 24-inch WUXGA Monitor (1920x1200) at 60Hz, 16:10 Aspect Ratio
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, 16.78 Million Colors, 6ms Response Time. Enhanced power management with PowerNap enables the Dell Display Manager to either dim the monitor to the minimum brightness level or put it into sleep mode when it is not in use

When it comes to programming and coding, you need a monitor that can help you get the job done within the shortest time possible, and that is exactly what the Dell Ultrasharp U2415 offers.

This is one of the monitors that we tested and we highly recommend it to users who are looking to boost their productivity.

Furthermore, the monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:10, thus providing users with extra viewing space both on the upper and lower sections of the screen. This feature will enable you to type long strings of code without scrolling the screen every now and then.

The other thing that we liked about the U2415 is that it has a wide range of ports that can greatly assist you when working with compatible devices.

With that being said, you can easily connect this monitor to your laptop, Mac, desktop, just to mention but a few.

Besides, it even has a USB upstream port, so you will be able to achieve a functional connection to your computer without experiencing any problems.

Additionally, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a resolution of 1920×1200. This monitor has an ergonomic stand that will allow you to make tilt, height, pivot, and swivel adjustments.

On top of that, you can place it in a vertical position, thus making it even more convenient for programmers and coders.

The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 is wall-mountable; however, you will have to buy the monitor arm and the mounting hardware separately.


  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • The monitor has a wide viewing angle of 178°
  • Anti-glare display


  • The ports are not strategically placed

Best Compact Monitor: HP VH240a

HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p...
  • RESOLUTION & PANEL — 23.8-inch Full HD monitor (1920 x 1080p @ 60 Hz) with 16:9 aspect ratio and an anti-glare matte IPS LED-backlit panel (2 million pixels, 16.7 million colors)
  • RESPONSE TIME — 5ms with overdrive for a smooth picture that looks crisp and fluid without motion blur

The display on this monitor is a few inches smaller compared to the Dell Ultrasharp U2415. Nonetheless, it can still prove helpful when handling coding and programming tasks.

Moreover, the panel uses in-plane switching (IPS) technology to ensure that users get sharp and clear text when tackling computing tasks.

It also has a wide viewing angle and high pixel density for user convenience. Plus, this monitor comes at a budget-friendly price, making it an ideal option for all users.

When working with this device, you can easily adjust the stand to match your needs. To make it even better, the monitor can be positioned vertically or horizontally. The former can particularly assist you when reading or typing code.

This monitor offers HDCP, VGA, and HDMI support, meaning you can hook it up to other devices with ease. It can also be used in a multi-monitor setup, thanks to its ultra-narrow bezels.

The Full HD display has a black matte finish, which prevents glare, especially when working with the monitor in well-lit environments. As such, you won’t have any issues with visibility, thus increasing your performance.


  • Impressive ergonomics
  • High quality
  • Well designed


  • No USB port

Best Budget Monitor: Sceptre E series E205W-1600 V1

Sceptre E205W-1600 20" 75Hz Ultra...
  • True 16:9 Resolution 1600 x 900
  • High Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000: 1.20 inches LED HD+ Monitor (19.5 inches Diagonal corner to corner). Dimensions With Stand (Inches) 18.01 x 7.17 x13.57 (inches). Without stand: 18.01 x 2.17 x 13.47(inches)

If you are on a tight budget, the Sceptre E205W-1600 is one of the monitors that you can go for.

We recommend this monitor to programmers and coders because it has amazing features that will boost your overall performance.

Besides, it has a minimalistic design, so it won’t occupy a lot of space on your work desk. Despite its size, the display will provide you with clear images both in text and picture format.

The stand allows for tilt adjustment and will enable you to find the most comfortable viewing angle when working with this monitor.

To elaborate more on this, you can tilt the monitor up to 5° forward and 15° backward. As a result, you won’t strain your neck regardless of your seating position.

The display is LED-lit and also features a non-reflective finish that limits eye strain. Also, the edges of the monitor are tightly sealed to prevent backlight bleed.

However, the display is a bit small compared to most monitors, so the viewing angle is not as great.

To add to this, the buttons are located on the back panel away from the user’s view. All in all, this monitor is very efficient and equally versatile.


  • The display has a high contrast ratio
  • Equipped with dual speakers
  • The monitor is VESA compatible


  • The sound system needs improvement

Best 4KUHD Monitor for Coding: Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch 4K...
  • Create an efficient workspace with the Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) LED Backlit LCD IPS USB-C Monitor (7GZ651)
  • Sleek design - 27 inch diagonal 4K UHD IPS screen with vibrant 3840 x 2160 resolution and thin profile that supports virtually seamless multi-display setups

The Dell UltraSharp U2720Q somewhat similar to the Dell Ultrasharp U2415 in that it comes with a fully adjustable stand that will allow you to place the monitor in a vertical position.

Aside from that, you can also make tilt, swivel, and height adjustments. However, this monitor has a wider display compared to that on the U2415.

As such, it provides users with wide-angle views both in portrait and landscape mode. This feature makes it a suitable option for programmers and coders because you can easily adjust the unit to match your needs.

The other reason why we included this monitor in our review list is that it delivers exceptional visuals, so you won’t have a hard time viewing your text when coding.

Moreover, this monitor is virtually frameless and will provide you with an edge-to-edge view of the screen in all scenarios.

Like most high-end monitors on the market, the screen features a matte finish that will provide you with a comfortable viewing experience.

The display prevents environmental reflections and allows you to view the screen with minimal strain.

To add to its list of features, the Dell UltraSharp U2720Q has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and is also fitted with a USB Type-C port that you can use when charging other devices or when relaying video signal from a specific source.


  • Uses IPS technology
  • Multi-port design
  • Sleek design


  • The screen brightness lacks auto-adjustment

Best for Features: BenQ PD2720U

BenQ PD2720U 27 inch 4K UHD IPS...
  • 27 inch, 4K, 3840x2160 resolution IPS monitor with wide viewing angle and stunning images
  • AQCOLOR TECHNOLOGY: 96% DCI-P3 and Display P3, 100% sRGB color space, 10-bit color shows one billion hues

From our research, we also found the BenQ PD2720U to be the next reliable option that programmers and coders can consider using.

This monitor is compatible with all major operating systems, so it won’t matter whether your computer is running on macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

In addition to this, the monitor has curated modes that you can choose from when working on different types of tasks.

The on-screen control panel has a user-friendly design and allows for easy and smooth customization.

As a result, you’ll be able to adjust the screen brightness, contrast, and other parameters that may affect the overall performance of the monitor.

Besides, it features an M-book mode that is specially calibrated for Mac devices. Additionally, the BenQ PD2720U is fitted with a Thunderbolt 3 port, so you can daisy-chain it with compatible monitors.

With an aspect ratio of 16:9, this monitor will provide you with more viewing space, especially when the monitor is on landscape mode.

And the fact that it has a Picture-in-Picture function makes it super convenient because it allows you to work with multiple tabs side-by-side.

Nevertheless, the built-in speakers are tolerable, so you may have to use an external sound system.


  • Comes with a DisplayPort cable
  • Stable base
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • No HDR support

Best Ultra-wide Monitor for Programming and Coding: LG 32MN600P-B

LG 32MN600P-B 31.5'' Full HD 1920 x...
  • LG32MN600P-B 31.5'' Full HD IPS Monitor with AMD FreeSync | Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display | AMD FreeSync | Reader Mode | Flicker Safe | OnScreen Control | Wall Mountable
  • IPS technology highlights the performance of liquid crystal displays. Response times are shortened, color reproduction is improved, and users can view the screen at virtually any angle. | AMD FreeSync technology puts an end to choppy playback and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate.

Featuring a 31.5-inch IPS display, the LG 32MN600P-B has the widest screen in our review list.

It has practical features that you will find helpful when tackling a wide range of tasks. For starters, the built-in user interface will allow you to make quick changes to the monitor by simply using a mouse or keyboard.

Furthermore, you can split the screen into multiple tabs when multi-tasking. This will enable you to work faster without compromising the quality of the results.

Plus, the monitor is VESA-ready, so you don’t have to place it on your work desk. Instead, you can mount it on your wall, thus saving you more space.

It has all the ports that you may need when working with laptops, desktops, and other commonly used computing devices.

The stand allows users to make tilt adjustments without using any tool. Once the adjustments have been made, the monitor will lock in place, thus saving you from making further adjustments in between the work session.

When the reader mode is activated, the monitor automatically adjusts the screen contrast and color, providing you with a comfortable user experience.

Its anti-flicker design will enable you to view the screen for long hours without experiencing headaches or hurting your eyes.

Unfortunately, the monitor is not as efficient when it comes to preventing glare, so ensure that you use it in low-light conditions to prevent reflections from forming on the screen.


  • Delivers clear text
  • Quality construction
  • Ideal for multi-tasking


  • The base can be a bit shaky

Best Frameless Monitor for Coding: Philips 273V7QJAB

Philips 273V7QJAB 27" Frameless...
  • Philips v-line 27 Inch LED monitor with full HD 1920x1080 IPS panel
  • Stunning 3-sided frameless image with ultranarrow borders for a seamless appearance

The Full HD monitor from Philips has a resolution of 1920×1080, meaning the display is densely packed with pixels to ensure that you get sharp images.

It also features ultra-narrow borders that will provide you with a wide-viewing angle. When programming or coding, you can set the monitor in portrait mode to maximize the viewing space.

That way, you will be able to type continuously without scrolling the screen. In addition to this, the monitor is fitted with a strongly built stand that offers optimum support when the unit is placed in a vertical or horizontal position.

The base is equally reliable, so don’t expect this monitor to fall over when you are working. By using the onboard control panel, you can customize the screen without relying on peripherals.

More to this, the ports are located on the rear side of the monitor and are also labeled for user convenience. This feature not only eliminates guesswork when connecting the cables but will also reduce your downtime.

It has a pixel density of 82 PPI, so all texts will be readable, meaning you won’t strain your eyes when reading long strings of code.

In addition to this, the monitor comes with detailed user documentation that you can use during setup. On the downside, the built-in speakers are not as powerful.


  • Space-saving design
  • Offers edge-to-edge view
  • Has low blue light filter


  • The DisplayPort cable is not included

Best High-End Monitor: BenQ PD2500Q

BenQ PD2500Q 25 inch QHD 1440p IPS...
  • 2K QHD (2560x1440) high resolution bring out the finest details in your designs with superb clarity and depth of images
  • 100% color accuracy individually factory-calibrated to 100% sRGB and Rec 709 standards and Technicolor color Certified for precise color quality

We highly recommend the BenQ PD2500Q for programmers and coders due to its useful features.

The stand can tilt up to 90°, thus providing you with enough space to generate long strings of code.

In terms of stability, the monitor sits atop an ultra-wide base that will provide you with maximum stability.

Like the Philips 273V7QJAB, this monitor is frameless and is also fitted with an IPS panel, allowing for accurate color reproduction.

This monitor has specialized modes that you can use in different scenarios. Additionally, it allows you to make manual adjustments, so you can customize the screen accordingly.

Moreover, the screen won’t flicker even when you set the brightness at the highest level. Aside from being strong, the stand is height adjustable, but you can as well swivel or pivot it according to your requirements.

The dark mode puts this monitor a step ahead of most monitors on the list. With this feature in place, you can fine-tune the screen to match the lighting conditions in your environment.

This means you can work in both dark and well-lit rooms without experiencing any problem in terms of visibility.


  • The monitor has both downstream and upstream USB ports
  • High resolution
  • Slim bezels


  • Quite expensive

Best Versatile Monitor for Programming: ASUS PB287Q

ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K/ UHD 3840x2160...
  • See every detail in 28-inch true 4K display with 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution, 157 pixels per inch, and real 10-bit color. Compliance and Standards- Energy Star, BSMI, CB, CCC, CE, CEL level 1, C-Tick, CU, ErP, FCC, ISO-9241-307, RoHS, TCO6.0, UL/cUL, VCCI, WEEE, WHQL (Windows 8, Windows 7)
  • ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue; Ergonomically-designed stand with Tilt,Swivel,Pivot,Height adjustment plus wall-mount capability for comfortable viewing position. ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 100000000:1. Viewing Angle (CR≧10) : 170°(H)/160°(V)

The ASUS PB287Q is also another high-performance monitor that you can use when programming or coding.

It is fitted with an ultra-high-definition panel that will provide you with crisp images even when seated close to the screen.

In as much as this monitor is not fully frameless, it has a wide viewing angle, thus enabling you to view every part of the screen.

This device is designed with precision-built input ports that you can use when working with laptops and other devices.

Also, the monitor has a pixel rating of 157 PPI, so all images and text will be rendered accurately.

When it comes to color reproduction, the LED-lit display will ensure that you get true colors in all lighting conditions. The viewing angle may vary depending on how the monitor is positioned.

You can set the monitor in portrait or landscape mode, so it will all depend on the nature of the task that you are handling.

The former will provide you with a maximum viewing angle of 160° while the latter offers 170°.

To add to its versatility, the ASUS PB287Q supports the Picture-by-Picture function and also allows users to use Picture-in-Picture mode when handling multiple tasks.

However, the bezels are not as slim compared to those on competitor models. This makes the ASUS PB287Q less suitable for multi-monitor setups because the edges will not deliver a borderless viewing experience.


  • Flicker-free design
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Conveniently designed


  • The viewing angles are not as great

Best Design: Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 27-Inch...
  • See details in striking clarity. With QHD (2560x1440) resolution, you'll get 1.77 times more details than full HD
  • Your Ultra sharp monitor is factory calibrated at 99% RGB Coverage to an accuracy of delta-e less than 2, for precise hues right out of the box

We thought it wise to include the Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX in our reviews because it has advanced features that can assist professional coders and programmers.

This monitor features an auto-restore function that allows users to disconnect and reconnect devices without losing their work.

As such, you can swap devices without interfering with whatever is on the screen. It also has customized templates that are specially designed for multi-tasking.

This means you can smoothly run other applications while coding without lowering the performance of the monitor.

 The Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX has a rich assortment of ports that can come in handy when connecting other devices.

It even has an Audio Line-Out port that will allow you to hook up external speakers. The screen is not only flicker-free but also has a blue light filter for user safety.

Consequently, users will be able to work with this monitor for long durations without experiencing any discomfort.

You will also find the cable management system quite helpful, especially when working with multiple cables.

With this, you can reduce cable clutter on your work desk by ensuring all the cables pass through the built-in hole on the stand.

The monitor has a sturdy compact base that will help you save up extra space. This feature can assist users with small work tables or those with limited space.

Nevertheless, compared to most monitors in its class, the Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX does not have a USB Type-C port.


  • Maximizes productivity
  • User-friendly
  • Innovatively designed


  • No speakers

Best Wide Quad HD Monitor for Programming: ViewSonic VG2765

ViewSonic VG2765 27 Inch IPS WQHD...
  • QUALITY SCREEN TIME: From big data to beautiful presentations, this monitor deliver WQHD (2560x1440p) viewing for any task
  • PRODUCTIVITY & COMFORT: Advanced ergonomics help to boost productivity with all-day comfort

The best monitor that we picked for the WQHD category is the ViewSonic VG2765.To start off; it features a well-designed IPS panel that will provide you with a wide viewing area.

Plus, the stand is designed with your comfort in mind, so you can adjust it by either tilting or pivoting the monitor.

But, that is not all; the height is equally adjustable, making it even more reliable. In addition to having multiple ports, the monitor ships with high-quality cables that will provide you with stable signal transmission.

The display is viewable from just about any angle, so you can easily share your screen with those sitting beside you.

More on the display, it will enable you to run multiple applications at a go without cluttering the screen. As such, the screen will appear more organized, allowing the user to work faster.

With a resolution of 2560×1440, this monitor may just be what you need to take your programming and coding skills a notch higher. The ViewSonic VG2765 allows for wide-angle viewing and also delivers ultra-clear images.

Furthermore, the included USB hubs can particularly come in handy when connecting the monitor to Macs, laptops, and any other compatible device that you may need when coding.

Sadly, this monitor does not support daisy-chaining, so if you intend to use it for that purpose you should consider choosing another unit from the review list.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to work with
  • Performs well


  • Low contrast ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of monitor is best for programming?

The monitors that we have listed in this review article are some of the best options that you can use when programming or coding.

As such, ensure that you pick the monitor that suits your needs and budget. The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 is our top pick, but you can pick any of the notable monitors in our review list.

Do you need 2 monitors for programming?

This will depend on your needs, so if you plan on multitasking, you should consider using a multi-monitor setup.

Is a curved monitor good for programming?

Curved monitors are good for gaming and watching videos. Nevertheless, they won’t offer you the same advantages when coding or programming, so you should go for the flat-screen models.

Do I need a 4K monitor for coding?

4K monitors can prove useful when tackling graphics-related tasks, but they are not as efficient when it comes to programming and coding.

However, that does not mean that you can’t use them. In fact, they offer wide viewing angles, so you will be able to view the screen from multiple points.

Is a 27-inch monitor too big for coding?

27-inch monitors are neither too big nor small for coding. However, you can still go for a wider monitor, depending on your needs.

Final Verdict

The monitors that we have reviewed are some of the dependable options that programmers and coders can use.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that these are just but recommendations, so the final decision is yours to make.

We have considered several things to ensure that users get high-quality products that they can rely on.

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