11 Best Monitor for Surface Pro 2023

Exquisite performance, great screen real estate, well-integrated accessories, and more. Actually, there are lots of mind-blowing functionalities that make the Surface Pro series a favorite for many users around the world.

The Surface Pro devices come with portability in mind, allowing you to set up a workstation wherever you like. Nevertheless, like any other laptop, one area that’s inferior to the Surface Pro lineup is the size of the screen.

Sure, we all want to experience the beauty of the ground-breaking performance on a larger screen. That’s why if you own a Surface Pro device, one way to ensure that you make the most out of your machine is to complement it with an external monitor.

The question comes—what monitor should you buy for your Surface Pro machine? Well, that’s why we are here. In this article, we are going to look at the top 11 best monitors for Surface Pro. Follow keenly to know the product to buy.

11 Best Monitor for Surface Pro

#1 Dell U2717D Ultra Sharp Monitor

Dell U2717D Ultra Sharp Monitor

The Dell U2717D scoops the top spot on the list as one of the top monitors for your Microsoft device. Sure, we all know what Dell is capable of doing. And as one of the best-rated products out there, it’s among the few that won’t disappoint.

Firstly, you are getting a 27-inch monitor here. We all agree that a bigger screen provides a more immersive performance. However, comparing it with that of your machine, you will get bigger images using this model.

When it comes to image clarity, the Dell U2717D boasts a high resolution of 2560 x 1440. That’s higher and more future-proof compared to the 1920 x 1080p you get from most models. Hence, if you want a monitor that you won’t have to replace any time soon, consider this model.

The high-quality piece comes with a display port to mini display port cable. What that means, when you buy this monitor, you won’t have to buy any other accessories for you to link it to your Surface Pro device.

The unit leaves bezels behind on all sides. This design gives the monitor a more modern design. Also, the borderless design leaves you with maximum screen space, so you will have enough area for whatever you want to display.


  • Physical buttons for customizing display.
  • Borderless design is a plus.
  • Box includes DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort connectors.


  • The brightness level is low on the maximum light setting.
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#2 Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX Monitor

The next monitor on our top-notch list also comes from Dell. Like the previous model, the Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX has lots of impressive features for the utmost performance with your Surface Pro device.

Like the brother, this monitor boasts a high resolution of 2560×1440. Hence, with this model, expect crisper images than when using the 1080P model. In fact, if the manufacturer’s claim is anything to go by, with the Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX, you will get 1.77 times more details than with a Full HD model.

The thin panel profile gives it a stylish design that most people will want for their spaces. Additionally, this Dell monitor has a compact base. This stand offers optimal support to the monitor when taking 29% less space than the standard models.

Another feature you will like about this model is that it has a hinge on the riser. With this feature, you can tilt, rotate, and pivot the screen to meet your position requirements. What’s more, you can even customize the height of the monitor, a feature you won’t find in most monitors. Therefore, the Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX is an option that comes with your comfort in mind.

When it comes to user safety, it’s worth knowing that this monitor is TÜV-certified. Hence, it’s flicker-free, ensuring that it remains friendly to the eyes. Therefore, if you spend much time in front of the screen, this model comes with you in mind.


  • Wide range of adjustability.
  • From a reputable manufacturer.
  • Flicker-free screen.


  • The screen still won’t rotate a full 90 degrees.
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#3 BenQ SW2700PT Photography Monitor

BenQ SW2700PT Photography Monitor

When it comes to photography, the Surface Pro series offers lots of supportive features. Now, if you are in this field and want a monitor that will supplement your needs, the BenQ SW2700PT will serve you well. It’s one model that comes with photography in mind, so expect it to be happy with the performance.

This monitor is a 27-inch unit, the same size as the models appearing earlier on the list. Comparing this to the smaller screen of the Surface Pro devices, this display will show the contents of the screen in a larger size.

With the hotkey puck of this monitor, you can switch between sRGB, Adobe RGB, and White and Black modes without reaching to the back of the monitor. Also, this feature allows you to set the hotkey puck buttons to your preferred OSD settings.

Another unique thing about this monitor is that it has a detachable shading hood. This feature minimizes ambient light for stellar color accuracy. Additionally, the Black and White mode is more advanced. In other words, it will let you preview your B&W content in three modes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate for your needs.

The unit comes pre-calibrated, meaning that it comes ready to deliver right off the bat. And with the high resolution, expect the pictures to appear more realistic and life-like than in most members of the competition.


  • The USB 3.0 ports are a decent addition.
  • Very well packed.
  • The hotkey puck is a nice addition.


  • Not the most affordable.
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#4 Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED

Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED

When talking about monitors, Samsung is one of the manufacturers that don’t need any introduction. Now, for those looking for a monitor for use with your Surface Pro device, here is one of the models that will supplement it the best.

As the name suggests, the Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA is a 24-inch unit. Sure, that’s three inches smaller than the predecessors. However, the difference is very minimal, so you will feel as if you are using a 27-inch unit.

About the resolution, this display is a 1080P version. Of course, if you are more conscious about the future, this unit isn’t futureproofed. However, in terms of image clarity, expect to have life-like pictures with this monitor.

Unlike any of the predecessors, this monitor for Surface Pro comes with a convex screen. The curved design guarantees a more immersive experience, ensuring that you get the most out of your entertainment moments when using it with your Microsoft device.

Furthermore, you will appreciate that this display comes with an ultra-slim design. Measuring less than 0.5 inches thick, the monitor comes brings the sleek profile you need to your space. And with the circular stand, expect a more modern look of your space.


  • Curved design
  • Multi-purpose power button.
  • Ultra-slim design.


  • Adjusting the angle of the monitor isn’t the easiest of jobs.
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#5 HP Business Z27 2TB68A8 Monitor

HP Business Z27 2TB68A8 Monitor

We all know HPs to be a reputable name when it comes to high-quality laptops. However, when talking about monitors for use with your Surface Pro device, HP neither disappoints. And yes, one of the models you can consider buying is the HP Business Z27 2TB68A8 Monitor.

The screen here measures 68 inches. Of course, that may not be the most suitable for you if you are running out of space. However, if you are ample space and want a monitor that will provide a more realistic experience, this option could be the ideal one for your needs.

Additionally, the HP Business Z27 2TB68A8 Monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 2160P. Therefore, it does not only display clearer images but it’s also a unit that you can buy with the confidence that you are getting a more future-proof option in terms of resolution and size.

After you order the unit, you will receive it alongside other accessories that include four cables: standard power cable, USB-c to USB-a, display port to display port, and USB-c to USB-c. Hence, no matter what you want to use the monitor for, you may not have to buy any other cable separately.

The refresh rate here is 60 hertz, and that seems to be the major drawback for the monitor. However, unless you are using it for the fast redrawing modern games, this rating will suffice for other tasks.


  • Future-proof.
  • The construction is solid.
  • Lots of cables included.


  • The large size needs more space.
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#6 HP Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Frameless Bezel

HP Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Frameless Bezel

If you are an HP faithful but find the large space needs of the predecessor to be the only limiting factor, you can consider this model. It’s also an HP model, however in a smaller 21.5-inch version that won’t take much space.

Like the bigger brother, you are getting a super-slim unit in this case. Therefore, for those that want a sleek design, this model won’t disappoint. Additionally, this monitor also adopts a lightweight design for easy mounting and moving.

The bezels on the three sides of the screen are narrow to maximize the size of the screen. The thin frame also ensures that they don’t distract you when viewing the screen from a tight angle. And with the wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, with this monitor, almost every angle is the perfect viewing point.

Speaking of adjustability, you can customize the screen to meet your requirements. And with the ability to tilt to any angle between -50 to 250, this display is one of the models that come with a wide array of customer needs in mind.

About connectivity, the model only supports HDMI and VGA. Of course, that means it doesn’t give you the flexibility you need in this area. However, considering that it comes with one of the friendliest price tags, we don’t expect it to have more.


  • Small size saves space.
  • The monitor is tiltable.
  • Sleek design.


  • It doesn’t offer the best connectivity options.
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#7 Acer R240HY Widescreen Monitor

Acer R240HY Widescreen Monitor

If you are going to be staring on the screen for long, it pays to be picky on the model to buy. For those that want a comfortable experience in extended periods in front of the screen, here comes one of the models worth giving a shot.

This widescreen monitor is a 23.8-inch unit. That should be a nice size to supplement your Surface Pro device. However, if this size doesn’t meet your needs best, you can consider getting either the smaller or larger version.

The resolution here is 1920 x 1080P. That way less considering that most people are turning to 4K models. However, considering that it comes with a smaller screen, expect to enjoy more realistic pictures when using this screen.

In terms of connectivity, this monitor features three types of signal input—HDMI, DVI, and VGI. That’s more than we have on the previous model. However, one thing to know here is that it doesn’t support HDCP 2.2 but 1.4 rather.

The On-Screen Menu allows you to perform adjustments to match your unique requirements. What’s more, the OSD menu is easy to navigate. What that means, whether you are using this monitor the first time with your Surface Pro device or not, you won’t find it difficult to perform the settings.


  • Available in three sizes.
  • Resolution is impressive for the size.
  • Intuitive OSD menu.


  • The material of the base isn’t the best.
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#8 HP Pavilion 22cwa LED Monitor

HP Pavilion 22cwa LED Monitor

The number eight monitor on the list is the HP Pavilion 22cwa. The high-performance piece is one of the options that have been gaining popularity, not just among general regular consumers but also Surface pro users as well.

The screen size here is 21.5 inches, smaller than that of any of the members coming earlier on the list. For that reason, for those that don’t have enough space for larger sizes, the compact design of this model will claim minimal space.

Of course, considering the size, we don’t expect it to cost as much as the larger models. Actually, it comes with one of the friendliest price tags. But that doesn’t mean that it’s one of the cheaply-made models. Actually, it has the highest ratings and reviews, and that should tell you that its quality is up there with the high-end models we know.

The maximum viewing angle of this monitor is 178o. That’s so far the widest any screen can offer. What that means, the screen will retain picture quality when viewing it from a wide variety of positions.

A million pixels are densely populated within this 21.5-inch screen. The response time here is 7ms, which is average. If you want to use this screen for gaming, 7ms may not suffice. However, for other purposes, it should work just well.


  • The color accuracy is good.
  • It’s a budget-friendly option.
  • IPS display panel.


  • The response time is slow.
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#9 LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor

LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor

The utmost performance is one of the reasons why Surface Pro devices are becoming more popular every day. Now, unless the supplement screen is also top-notch, it’s almost impossible to make the most out of this monitor.

The LG 34WN80C-B is one of the models that will ensure that you take full advantage of your Surface pro’s potential. The top-notch monitor comes from LG, and that means we can count on it to deliver everything it claims.

One of the things you will like about this monitor is that it comes with a curved design. Therefore, it not only looks more modern but also gives you the immersive viewing experience every user expects from a high-end monitor.

The 34-inch screen provides ample space for whatever you want to display. In fact, with this size, you can use it to display different programs at the same time. That said, it’s time to forget the hassle of switching between different windows when multitasking.

The on-screen control provides a quick and convenient way of customizing the screen. The base is sturdy enough for much-needed support for the display. What’s more interesting about the stand is that you can adjust the height and the tilt.


  • The color accuracy is impressive.
  • Good PPI.
  • A built-in hub allows you to hook multiple machines/laptops.


  • The screen split software not the best.
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#10 LG 27UN850-W 27 Inch Ultrafine IPS Display

LG 27UN850-W 27 Inch Ultrafine IPS Display

The tenth monitor for Surface Pro is also from LG. Like the just reviewed model, this display boasts a whole host of features for the most fantastic user experience. However, one thing to know before we get deeper into examining the monitor is that it comes with a smaller 27-inch screen.

Like the bigger brother, this monitor comes with On-Screen control for quick and easy access to a wide array of monitor settings. Hence, no matter how you want the picture to appear on the screen, the LG 27UN850-W should meet your needs.

The refresh rate here is 60 Hz., sufficient for most applications. The Radeon FreeSync technology settles the gap between the refresh rate of graphic card and that of the monitor, ensuring that you get smoother actions on the screen.

Also, with this monitor, you can split the screen. This feature allows you to access everything you want at a glance without having to change windows. With this functionality, expect to use minimal effort and time to accomplish your projects.

Touching on the resolution part, the rating here is 3840 x 2160P, more than we would expect of a 27-inch monitor. With that said, this monitor displays more vibrant colors than most competitors of the same size.


  • The Radeon FreeSync technology is a plus.
  • Detachable stand.
  • The design is nice.


  • The built-in speakers aren’t the best.
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#11 ViewSonic VX2757-MHD 27 Inch Monitor

ViewSonic VX2757-MHD 27 Inch Monitor

The last and certainly not the least is the ViewSonic VX2757-MHD. The piece comes with almost every feature you will need for your needs. In fact, it’s one of the top-rated options, so we don’t expect it to disappoint.

In this case, you are getting a 27-inch display. That should be a decent size for a wide variety of uses with your Surface Pro. However, if you need a smaller size, this monitor is also available in smaller 24-inch and 22-inch versions.

The resolution here is 1080P, meaning that it shows more vibrant images compared to larger screens with similar resolution. Hence, when using this monitor with your Surface Pro, expect to see everything as it exactly should appear.

For those that work for extended periods, this monitor comes with flicker-free technology. This innovation alongside the blue light filter ensures that staring on this monitor for prolonged periods won’t cause any harm to your sight.

The unit comes with HDMI, Display Port, and VGA input. Of course, you don’t need all these when connecting it to your Surface Pro. However, you will appreciate the flexibility the multitude of ports offers when using the monitor with other types of laptops and machines.


  • Response time is super-fast.
  • Setting up the monitor is a breeze.
  • Multiple ports.


  • Performing monitor settings right out of the box may take time and a little know-how.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect a Surface Pro 7 to a monitor?

Yes, you can. However, one thing to understand is that Surface Pro 7 doesn’t come with the traditional a miniDisplay Port. Instead, the manufacturer sends it the more modern USB-C port. The device also comes with a Surface support port, which works more like the USB-C port but less universal.

What resolution is Surface Pro 7?

The resolution of the Surface Pro 7 is 2736 x 1824P. The Pixels Per Inch (PPI) is 267. Also, Surface Pro 7 has an aspect ratio of 3:2 in place of the common 16:9. This aspect ratio provides more screen real estate compared to the standard options.

Can Surface Pro 3 Docking Station support three monitors?

Yes. This unit will support a maximum of three screens. However, by that, we mean the screen of the Surface Pro itself and the other two external screens.

Can any external monitor work well with Surface Pro?

No. You have to ensure that the external monitor you choose has all the features you need to link it with your Surface Pro. For instance, it must have the Mini display port. Additionally, you consider the resolution of the screen to ensure that it’s within the maximum range your device can support. Another area to consider is the refresh rate of the screen.

What monitor size is good for Surface Pro?

When buying a monitor to supplement your Surface Pro, there are a whole host of features to consider. Now, the monitor size is one of these features. So, what size should you choose? Well, usually, the bigger size the better. However, before you settle for that bigger screen, consider things like budget and the available space.

Final Verdict

The fact remains that the screen size of your Surface Pro is seldom enough for the needs you have. For that reason, it’s always a good thing to get an external monitor to match your device’s incredible performance.

Our article has hand-picked some of the market’s top models. After following the coverage, you should find it simpler to identify the right option for your needs.

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