The 10 Best Moisturizing Gloves 2023

Do you work in a sensitive facility such as a clinic or dispensary?

Are your hands dry and in need of extra moisture?

Would you also wish to confront the harsh winter colds bravely?

Have you been wondering how to mitigate those problems or go about such issues?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you have indeed landed on just the right page!

From time to time, the moisture contents of our hands are reduced to below threshold levels. This is mainly in times of winters, after frequent use of the hands, and when it is extremely hot. The low levels of moisture on the hands inflict some discomfort and should thus be effectively mitigated.

Even though the problem may be mitigated by a variety of options, no option is as effective as the moisturizing glove. This is because the gloves serve the dual roles of replacing the hand moisture levels as well as safeguarding them from other dangers and contaminants.

The object and the intents of the review that follows are to guide you in going about the issue well. We will let you know those factors that you ought to consider as well as a review of the top ten products of this kind.

10 Best Moisturizing Glove Reviews

1.CARA Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Cotton Gloves

CARA Moisturizing Eczema Cotton Gloves

Are you a regular handler of sensitive surfaces or items such as drugs?

If you answered yes, then you require a tough, durable, and reusable pair of moisturizing gloves.

These specific gloves fit that bill exceptionally well, as you shall see in the mini-review that follows.


Being made entirely of cotton, these gloves are less likely to induce allergic reactions from users. This is because they do not produce any sharp stenches as is the case with most other gloves. These are the gloves to settle for in case you are asthmatic or have any respiratory conditions.


Unlike most other gloves of their kind, these ones are washable. They will not absorb water or weaken when subjected to plenty of water. Moreover, they also shed off dirt pretty well. They are also strong enough to withstand rigorous handling.


Apart from being washable, these gloves are also reusable. This simply means that you can use them more than once before eventually disposing of them. You can, therefore, utilize them repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time.

100% Cotton

As has already been stated, the gloves are made entirely of cotton material. This fabric is strong, durable, and less susceptible to fraying and damages. The gloves are on the whole, long-lasting. They, therefore, absolve you from the need to spend too much on gloves.


  • Saves a great deal of time and effort
  • Reputable and reliable brand
  • Less prone to perforations and is thus fairly safer
  • Brings the benefit of added comfort
  • Interchangeable and can fit on either hand


  • Fairly pricey and beyond the reach of many deserving users
  • Potentially harmful owing to their reusable nature
  • Limited relevance and applicability

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2: Aquasentials Moisturizing Gloves


Are you looking for a pair of gloves to wear during those cold winter nights?

If I heard you respond yes, then these overnight moisturizing gloves are indeed yours for the taking.

They are specifically suited for night time use by reason of being very breathable and tight fitting.

One Size Fits Most

These gloves are elastic. This means they can stretch out and in accordingly to accommodate the various hand sizes. This means one glove is all you require for all your needs. This being the case, you will also spend less time and effort to leverage the benefits that come along with these gloves.

95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex materials, the gloves are fairly durable and stretchable at the same time. Their durability stems from the cotton makeup while the stretchability is brought about by the spandex material makeup.


They are primarily designed to seal in moisture. This is due to their smaller perforations and highly repellent surfaces. They are the utmost solutions for all of your moisturizing needs. Moreover, they also negate the need for constant applications of creams, gels, and lotions.

Wearable at Night

By their nature and design, these gloves are wearable at night. They fit tightly on your hands and thus prevent slipping off. They are also breathable enough to let in fresh air. They will not suffocate your hands at all!


  • Works with any lotion, cream or moisturizer
  • Stretchable to fit in just about every other size of hand
  • Returns higher value for money
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Not reusable and hence expensive in the long run
  • A bit delicate and prone to wear and tear
  • Not warm enough to be used during cold winters

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3: Malcolm’s Miracle Moisture Jamzz Moisturizing Gloves

Spa Gloves and Spa Socks

If your search for the most suitable gloves is dictated by the need to use them to perform daily chores, then these gloves are the ones for you.

They are strong, elastic, and tough enough to withstand friction and tears. Below is a breakdown of their major features and accompanying benefits.

Cotton Spandex Material Composition

The gloves are made of both cotton and spandex materials. Cotton comprises 94% of its entire fabric whereas spandex takes up the remaining 6%. These two materials jointly confer super-soft high-grade breathability and elasticity.

Properly Ventilated

Throughout the fabric makeup of the gloves are numerous small perforations. These perforations ensure a steady and uninterrupted inflow and outflow of air. Because of these, they allow your skin to breathe freely. The ventilation also enables the gloves to maintain their original shape even after many washings.

Nice Fit

In all, the gloves fit comfortably and nicely onto your hands. This is because they are elastic enough to stretch to conform to your hand’s precise dimensions. They are less likely to slip and fall off. They, therefore, guarantee you the comfort you need to utilize your hands for just about every other chore.

Quite Convenient

Generally speaking, the gloves are thin and cool yet thick enough to guarantee you the warmth you need. They are also very effective in moisturizing your hands. You will observe a noticeable difference in as little as 30 minutes!


  • Eco-friendly owing to the biodegradable packaging
  • Very durable and reliable in the long run
  • Quite thin and cool
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Wider applicability


  • Can be a hotbed of germs if not thoroughly cleaned
  • Potentially allergenic owing to its accommodations of all kinds of moisturizers
  • Are less resistant to heat

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4: Curad Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves

Curad Disposable

Moisturizing gloves are meant for various occasions and use.

In case the use you have in mind is that of a healthcare related task, then this is a glove you may wish to settle for. This is because it is designed and exclusively intended for such tasks, as you shall see below.

Full Texture

Its interior comprises full texture. This textured ensures a secure grip. Because of this, the gloves are unlikely to slip off your hands even during physically rigorous tasks. You are hence assured of your comfort and security at all times.

Superior Elasticity

By reason of being manufactured by use of Latex, the gloves can stretch back and forth severally without tearing apart. This elasticity provides you with exceptional comfort and strength at all times. It also enables the gloves to fit just about every other hand.

Excellent Barrier Properties

They comprise excellent barrier properties throughout their exteriors. These barriers prevent the percolation of water, moisture, and contaminants. They thus shield you from any possible poisoning or possibilities of reduced grip.

Great Fit and Feel

In all, the gloves are so designed as to fit precisely on your hands. This is mainly brought about by two factors. The first is the elastic nature of the latex materials that are used to make them. The second is the highly textured interiors.


  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to wear
  • Quite hygienic due to powder-free properties
  • Very breathable owing to excellent ventilation
  • Relevant for use in sensitive installations like healthcare facilities
  • Biodegradable and hence friendly to the environment


  • Not warm enough for use in cold winters
  • Accommodates fewer moisturizers
  • Lasts a comparatively shorter duration of time

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5: NatraCure Gel Moisturizing Gloves 

NatraCure Gel Moisturizing Gloves

In case all you want in a pair of gloves is comfort and security for your hands, you are better off with these gloves. They are indeed fitted with all the various co-operant properties that are necessary for them to discharge these roles.

Deep Moisturization

Their interiors are lined with medical-grade mineral oils. They provide deep hydration to your hands and cuticles. They hence aid in improving the appearance of your hands and softening them altogether. It, therefore, follows that you obtain so much more than what you bargain for by opting for these gloves.

Tight Fit and Great Feel

Owing to its highly elastic nature, these gloves are tight-fitting indeed. Other than that, they are also greatly textured, a fact that makes them exude some great feel indeed. By choosing these gloves, you are assured of the double benefits of maximum comfort and tight security at all times.

Lavender Scented

Unlike most other gloves, these ones are scented by use of Lavender. This scent is quite refreshing and inhibitive of any undesirable odors. By opting for these gloves, you stand to accrue so much more than what you pay for.


These gloves are washable. This simply means that you may get rid of the dirt from them and use them over and over again. This being the case, the gloves return higher value for money and also demand fewer financial resources to maintain.


  • Reusable and hence very beneficial indeed
  • Hypoallergenic in that it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions
  • Usable alone or with skin moisturizer
  • Reliable enough for long-term use
  • Cheaper to maintain in the long run


  • May disparage those who do not fancy lavender smell
  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to wear and store
  • Unsuitable for bigger hands

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6: Kilimanjaro Health & Beauty Hand Moisturizing Gloves

Kilimanjaro Health & Beauty

Are you a performer of hard chores on a regular basis? If you said yes, then only high quality and deep moisturizing gloves may help you out. These gloves are specifically intended for those kinds of chores. They are the ones that will allow you to perform those chores with ease.

Hand Moisturizing Gloves

Their primary purpose is to moisturize the hands and reduce friction therein. They do this because of the fact that they are equipped with all kinds of moisturizers. These moisturizers are smooth and deep to the extent of percolating inside the skin and cuticles.


These gloves serve three moisturizing roles at a time. These are the gel gloves, the cotton gloves, and the Spa gloves. They are hence capable of keeping the hands smooth, hydrating the hands, making the skin look youthful, and facilitate the functioning of hands, all at the same time. By opting for these gloves, you stand to accrue higher returns on the money invested.

Enriched with Vitamin E, Rose, Olive, and Jojoba Essential Oils

To further enhance your overall experience, the gloves are enriched with the major kinds of essential oils such as Vitamin E, Rose, Olive, and Jojoba Essential Oils. These oils bring along several benefits at a time such as fighting skin diseases, reducing friction between the hands and the gloves, and enhancing the overall health of the skin.


  • Can be used under several circumstances and for different purposes
  • Warm enough for use in terribly cold seasons
  • Makes the hands look younger
  • Effectively fights germs and toxins
  • Brings along several benefits as well


  • Not for persons who are sensitive to rose fragrances
  • Does not cover the hands entirely
  • Too thick and hence quite uncomfortable

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7: Malcolm’s Miracle MEN’s XL Moisturizing Gloves

Malcolm's Miracle

Are you a male with large hands who also carries out tough chores every quite often? If so, you require these extra large men’s moisturizing gloves that are also tough and durable. They are designed to perform well even in stressful situations and are hence your most worthy companions.

Appropriate Material Mix

Great care has been taken by the manufacturers as to which materials are used to make up the gloves. It comprises 94% super-soft and high-grade breathable cotton. The spandex fabric makes up the remaining 6% of the fabric. These two materials jointly confer maximum comfort to you and peace of mind as well.

Seamless Elasticity

In all, the gloves are very elastic. They can stretch in and out to fir in the hands of just about any other size. Because of this, you can count on the gloves not to let you down especially when it is hot. This is because they can also expand in response to your enlarged hands.

Amazing Fit and Comfort

If you are a male with large hands, these gloves are perfect for you. They will fit nicely in your hands and exude great comfort to you as well. They are thus capable of letting you carry out your chores with minimal disturbances.

Perfect Shape

These gloves have the ability to retain their original shape even after many washings or when subjected to intense physical activities. Because of this, they are less likely to deform or become useless after a limited use as is the case with most other gloves.


  • Lasts 2 years and are hence reliable
  • Compact in size and very easy to engage
  • Well within the easy reach of many deserving users
  • Packaged in biodegradable materials
  • Resilient to the elements of wear and tear


  • Exclusively designed for men
  • Has comparatively limited uses and applicability
  • Not for those with small hands

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8: Touch Me Moisturizing Hand Gloves

Touch Me Moisturizing Hand Gloves

If you are looking for much more than just the need to moisturize your hands in a glove, you may consider giving these moisture gloves for dry hands a try. That is because they are designed to do much more than just moisturize your hands. They also tone them, not to mention that they retain their moisture as well.

Machine Washable

Unlike most washable gloves, these ones are tough enough to be machine-washed. This means you will confront fewer challenges while keeping these gloves in their desired conditions. You will also do so in a fast, efficient, and effective manner.

Skin Toning

Apart from moisturizing your skin, these gloves also tone them. They do so by absorbing and retaining the valuable active oils of the skin. This way, the oils penetrate deeper beneath the skin. In so doing, they improve your skin’s complexion, making them appear attractively.

Special Texture

Being made of special texture, these best moisturizing gloves for dry hands confer tight grip. This special texture also brings along the benefit of great relief from scratches or lacerations of your hand’s skin. You are thus assured also of extra comfort and unprecedented safety.

Reputable Brand

Touch Me is a reputable brand. As such all its products are generally of high quality and reliable. Moreover, they are backed by generous manufacturer’s warranty. You may thus rest assured that your interests shall be well taken care of.


  • You may wash and reuse the gloves repeatedly
  • Keeps your hands soft and smooth
  • Great for rough and dry skin
  • Accommodates several lotions
  • Can be used at night


  • Contains limited features
  • Can inflict infections and germs
  • Not for sensitive installations such as healthcare facilities

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9: Deseau Moisturizing Gloves

Deseau Moisturizing Gloves

Moisturizing gloves may also be used exclusively for the purpose of conferring aesthetics. If you are a user who intends to leverage such benefits, these are the gloves of choice for you. They are indeed suited for the said role by virtue of their design and features.

Luxurious 100% Super-soft Cotton Exterior

At their exterior are the luxurious and super-soft cotton materials. These materials are warm, comfortable, and easy to wash and keep clean. This choice of material returns a higher value to you the user. This is mainly because of its long-term reliable nature.

Thermoplastic Infused Gel Lining

The gels that are used to line the gloves’ interior are thermoplastic in nature. This simply means that they can become plastic when heated and revert to their hardened states when cooled. Because of this, the gloves are able to perform optimally under just about every other environmental condition.

Botanical Oils

In sharp contrast to the other gloves, this one infused with botanical oils. These are derived straight from nature and are hence devoid of any harmful chemicals. They are thus safe for use and are also unlikely to trigger any allergic reactions.

Seamless Fits

On the whole, each glove within the pair is designed to fit seamlessly in either hand. This means you stand to reap a great deal of convenience while utilizing the gloves. You will not have to waste time unnecessarily in the course of putting them on.


  • For use with ordinary moisturizers
  • Exudes great aesthetics
  • Cheaper to maintain in the long run
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Contains some delightful fragrance


  • Not for everyday use
  • Quite weighty and cumbersome to carry around
  • Traps plenty of dirt and germs

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10: Earth Therapeutics Aloe Moisture Gloves

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Moisture Glove

Other than merely moisturizing hands, gloves can also be used for therapeutic purposes. This simply means that you may use them to restore the health and state of your hands to their original state. These are those kinds of gloves. They are mainly used to mitigate eczema.

Super Soft and Smooth

They are very soft and smooth. Due to this, they are very comfortable and pretty effective in mitigating any skin conditions that the hands may have. You may, therefore, wear them for longer without any attendant side effects.

Infused with Natural Aloe Vera

Unlike most other gloves, these ones are infused with natural Aloe Vera. This substance is famed for its high moisture content. It is thus very good for the skin as it effectively raises the moisture content of the skin perfectly well. In light of this, you will have your hands well taken care of and highly moisturized.

Elegant Appearance

In all, the gloves exude very elegant appearance indeed. They are soft, aesthetic, and fair to behold indeed. You can, therefore, use them to serve an aesthetic purpose over and above their primary therapeutic roles. Put them on in those social gatherings and stand out of the crowd!

Compact Size

The overall size and weight of the gloves are very small and compact. Because of this, these moisturizing gloves for eczema require minimal storage space and are also convenient to wear and carry around. This assures you of the convenience and the peace of mind you need to fully leverage their benefits.


  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Works with any lotion
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Highly absorbent and less prone to sweating
  • Moisturizes continually


  • Short lasting
  • Returns lower value for money
  • Composed of some delicate materials

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What To Look For When Choosing A Moisturizing Gloves

Material Composition

What kinds of materials have been used to make the moisturizing glove? A good glove has to be soft and very breathable yet also soft and comfortable. Materials such as latex, cotton, spandex, and nylon are by far the most preferable. You should consider giving gloves that are made of them a topmost priority.

Size of the Hands

Obviously, you do not want to settle for gloves that are either too small or too large for your hands. You do not want to grapple with unnecessary discomforts while engaging the gloves. Because of this, you should ascertain the size of your hands and then proceed to look for those gloves that have the same sizes. If your choice of gloves is inspired by general purpose usage, look for a stretchable glove.

The Type of Inner Lining

Different materials are used to line the interiors of the gloves. These range from the aloe vera, lotions, creams, vegetable oils, and indeed, more besides. A good inner lining material ought to be able to do so much more than merely moisturizing the skin. The lining should ideally be also capable of nourishing and conditioning the skin as well.

Intended Use

What exactly are you intending to use the gloves for? This is an important consideration because different gloves are intended for different purposes. Their intended purposes also determine their overall strength and durability. Choose a tougher and more durable glove if you intend to use them for tough work such as construction. Choose a less durable one if you just want to keep warm in winter.

Other Considerations

  • External Environmental Conditions – Some gloves are meant for extreme colds yet others are for warmer times. Be sure to consider this as well to avoid any unnecessary mishaps.
  • The frequency of Use – How often do you intend to use the gloves? Some gloves are only meant for one-time use. Therefore ensure you countercheck this before you embark on a purchase.
  • Brand Name – Brands like Eurow, Mudder, Malcolm, and Sumifun are highly reputable and very reliable. Consider giving them topmost priority in your search for the ideal moisturizing gloves.

Last Word

It is our hope that the review above has conclusively answered the oft-asked question: do moisturizing gloves work? We also hope that the entire review has been eye-opening and highly informative to you.

Moisturizing gloves are very sensitive attire that ought to be carefully chosen. Please note that we had to leave out some pertinent pieces of information due to limited space constraints. It is thus in your best interest to consider carrying out further research to fill the gaps.

Considering the usefulness of the gloves, you, by all means, would want to acquire at least one soonest possible.

Owing to their multipurpose nature, the Kilimanjaro Health & Beauty Hand Moisturizing Gloves and the Malcolm’s Miracle Moisture Jamzz Moisturizing Gloves would be your best bets.

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