11 Best Metal Stamping Kits 2023

There is some joy in stamping letters and numbers on copper, brass, and other metallic surfaces. Actually, the gratification that comes with imprinting your favorite message on a metal surface with the assurance that it’s going to remain there for good is nearly irreplicable.

Of course, wielding that hammer to engrave a character after another requires a little skill and patience, but the outcome is always worth the effort and wait. And like any other art, coming up with professional-grade work requires that you use what professionals use for the job—high-quality metal stamping kits.

So, what stamping kit should you choose for your project? Well, worry not. In this article, we are going to cover the market’s top-notch metal stamping kits. We recommend that you follow closely to know the ideal option for your needs.

11 Best Metal Stamping Kits

1. Tarvol FBA_Tar-1025094S Number and Letter Stamp Set

Tarvol FBA_Tar-1025094S Number and Letter Stamp Set

The first option you can count on for an impressive outcome comes from Tarvol. The unit boasts a decent rating, and that should give us the confidence that it’s one of the options we can count on for high-quality imprints.

You are getting a 36-piece set here. Of the 36, 26 are alphabetical letters in uppercase. Nine pieces contain numbers that run from 0-9 (with #6 doubling up as #9). Hence, with this set, you can create just about any message that includes numbers and letters.

The character size is 3mm. That’s a convenient size for most applications. Additionally, any of the stamps is 3 inches long. Hence, they are neither short nor long, but just with an adequate length for safe hammering.

The hardened carbon steel construction gives the punches much-needed strength for their work.  In fact, with the ability to survive over 10,000 strikes, they make a decent purchase for those that do metal stamping more often.

Picking the right letter or number can take time if you don’t keep the punches organized. Now, this set comes with a high-quality storage case. The storage box allows you to keep all the pieces in the right order so that you take the least time picking the one that you need.


  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Compact and portable.


  • The case isn’t the best.
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2. Capri Tools Professional Letter and Number Stamp Set

Capri Tools Professional Letter and Number Stamp Set

Make clean cuts of whatever message you want to communicate using this premium stamping kit. This kit works well for a wide variety of metals. I mean, you can use it for copper, mild steel, aluminum, brass, and other commonly-used materials for stamping.

Like the predecessor, the set here offers a total of 36 stamps. This count includes all alphabetical letters and numbers 0-9. Therefore, no matter the kind of message you want to imprint, expect to have all the stamps you need for the job.

Some sets include letters from 0-8. That’s because they assume that #6 can double up as a #9, which is true. However, this kit comes with numbers 6 and 9 to allow you to use them interchangeably.  That will save you time and ensure that you get the maximum value for your money.

All the stamps are of Chrome Vanadium steel. And with heat-treatment, expect to achieve optimal performance with this set. The 62 HRC marking ends produce clean and precise cuts. What’s more, they retain their sharpness for long.

The letters/numbers you are getting from this set are 1/8 inches. That’s a convenient size for most applications. However, if you need a smaller or larger format, it’s also available in smaller and larger letter/number versions.


  • It includes both numbers 6 and 9.
  • Marking ends retain their sharpness.
  • Available in different letter/number sizes.


  • The opening/closing action of the case isn’t smooth.
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3. ARTIPOLY 36-Piece Number & Capital Letter Stamp Set

ARTIPOLY 36-Piece Number & Capital Letter Stamp Set

The third kit on the list is another option you can count on to help you make crisp and easy-to-read imprints. With 36 stamps, you have everything you need to write anything, including projects that require a combination of letters and numbers.

The punches are of chrome vanadium steel. Therefore, they are super hard and offer excellent resistance to wear. That means no matter how hard you work on stamping metals, expect the ends will retain their precision and sharpness.

About applicability, this kit serves a wide variety of applications. Whether you are targeting to use it for copper, tin, aluminum, brass, nickel silver, or any other material, it won’t disappoint. For that reason, if you deal with different kinds of soft metals, you will appreciate the versatility this set offers.

When stamping metals, proper organization of your pieces will help you finish the work faster. Now, with that in mind, this kit includes a strong plastic storage box to help keep everything organized for quick access.

The letters and numbers that you are going to get here are 1/4 inches. That’s 6mm in metric form. Of course, this size will work well for most applications. However, a few users wish that the kit was available in different number/letter sizes.


  • It comes with a storage container.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Works for different metal surfaces.


  • Letter/numbers are available in one size.
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4. HORUSDY ABCD 37-Piece Stamp Set

HORUSDY ABCD 37-Piece Stamp Set

The number four stamping kit on our top-notch list is a craftsmen’s favorite—and for a reason. I mean, whether you do metal stamping for a living or as a pastime, this set guarantees to give you the crispest imprints you want for your projects.

It is a 37-piece set. You will get punches of 26 alphabetical letters, nine numbers (0-8), a Whimsy heart, and a stamp for the “&” sign. Therefore, there is much more you can do with this set than with any of the preceding options.

Unlike some sets that make shallow engravings, the characters of these punches protrude adequately. With that said, expect to create deep imprints of about 1mm onto your material without having to make multiple strikes.

The set also comes with a storage box that provides a convenient way to keep all the pieces well-organized for easy access. Further, we appreciate that the storage case has a compact design that takes a tiny footprint in your toolbox.

The length of the punches is about 60 mm, so they are long enough for safe hammering. The letter size here is 3mm. That may be a bit small for large metal pieces. However, if you want it for small materials, it will work just fine.


  • Has “&” and Whimsy Heart punches.
  • Super easy to use.
  • Leave a clean mark.


  • The font may be a little small for some applications.
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5. Metal Stamping Punch Tools

Metal Stamping Punch Tools

The next kit on the list compares to the just reviewed option in many ways. For instance, apart from the letters of the alphabet and numbers, the set offers punches for “&” and love heart symbols.

However, there is still more it offers than the predecessor. A case in point is the stamping jig, an accessory that holds the stamps flush on metal surfaces. By doing this, the jig ensures that you maintain a consistent depth of cut all through the character you are imprinting.

Further, you will get two aluminum bars. The two pieces will turn helpful for anyone honing their metal stamping skills.  With that said, this metal stamping set is one option that comes with beginners in mind.

The rugged carbon steel stands up to years of serious hammering. And since the punches are electroplated, they will retain their original appearance for years with minimal wear.

You can use the kit for stamping silver, mild steel, gold, aluminum, copper, and other materials of the like. And with that said, if you deal with a wide array of materials, you don’t have to buy a stamping kit for each.


  • Electroplated punches.
  • Convenient to use.
  • The kit also contains practice blanks and jigs.


  • Same punch for 0 & O isn’t the best idea.
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6. PandaHall Elite 36 Pcs Letter and Number Metal Stamp Set

PandaHall Elite 36 Pcs Letter and Number Metal Stamp Set

Make permanent hand-stamped engravings on your select material using this stamp set. The package contains 36 stamps, enough to create just about any message you may want on your metal material.

The 36 stamps comprise 26 alphabetical letters, numbers 0-8, and one for the “&” sign. Additionally, all the characters are of the same height. Thus, whether you want to use pure letters, symbols, or numbers, or a combination of all characters, expect uniformity.

The punches here are of high-strength iron. Hence, they are super-tough and hard enough to withstand heavy striking. What’s more, the marking ends are machine-cut, so expect clean and precise cuts in your projects.

Additionally, most users appreciate that the characters protrude adequately. This way, it takes the user minimal effort to engrave different metal materials. Therefore, if you are looking for an energy-saving kit, you won’t go wrong with this model.

The red hardshell case provides a convenient way of holding the pieces for storage and transportations. Further, the lid lifts from the top to provide full access to the contents of the case. That way, you will save the time you take to pick the right piece from the kit.


  • Energy-saving ends.
  • The lid lifts for full access.
  • Sharp character indentations.


  • The set may not work well for some hard metals.
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7. TEKTON 6610 Letter and Number Stamp Set

TEKTON 6610 Letter and Number Stamp Set

Whether you want a stamping kit for making custom jewelry or marking your equipment, this unit works ideally for whatever job you bring its way. It is a top-rated set that will give you a professional-grade outcome with appropriate use.

The TEKTON 6610 set offers you a total of 36 punches—26 uppercase letters, nine numbers (6 also serving as 9), and the “&” character. That means it comes with all your stamping needs in mind.

The character height of this set is 5/32 inches. That’s a nice size for jewelry and smaller workpieces. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on larger pieces of metal—but most users find the larger fonts to be better for such applications.

About durability, we know that metal stamps should be strong enough to endure hammering. And yes, the punches of this set feature steel alloy construction. For that reason, we expect superior performance in areas of durability.

Most stamping kits come with high-performance stamps but fail in the case they provide. However, that’s not the case with this set— you are getting a sturdy wooden box here. What’s more, it has markings in the interior to help you pick the correct piece all the time without having to lift it to confirm.


  • The quality is impressive.
  • Sturdy wooden storage case.
  • Indexed box.


  • Some letters are “sharper” than others.
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8. Custom Font Number and Letter Stamping Tool Case

Custom Font Number and Letter Stamping Tool Case

This kit brings you 36 stamps, so far the most common count on our top-notch list. You will get all the alphabet letters, all the numbers, and the “&” symbol. Further, you will appreciate that the kit includes bonus punches for exclamation and full-stop marks.

The letters you get here are in uppercase format. That’s what most people prefer, especially for punches with a short character height of 3mm. However, if you want this version in lowercase, it’s also available in that version.

The kit contains several multi-functional stamps. Precisely, you can use the letter 0 as O while the letter 6 doubles up as a 9 when used upside down. Other multi-purpose punches are b for q and w for m. Of course, that’s a way to keep the stamp count low when maximizing functionality. However, we all know that there is a slight difference in how we write 0 and O.

The kit will allow you to use it to press into materials like copper, aluminum, tin, silver, and others of that kind. In fact, since it also works for other non-metallic materials, it should make a nice set for hobbyists and professional craftsmen who deal with a wide array of materials.

All the stamps are durably-constructed for long-lasting performance. They come in aesthetically-appealing silver color. Also, they are electroplated and oil-free to keep your hands clean throughout your stamping work. 


  • It has exclamation (!), full stop (.), and “&” symbols.
  • Multi-functional letters wear out faster than others.
  • Electroplated and oil-free punches.


  • The storage container doesn’t have a lid.
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9. Vector 09098 Number & Capital Letter Punch Set 36 Pcs

Vector 09098 Number & Capital Letter Punch Set

Write whatever you want on a piece of soft metal using this durable punch set. The unit includes punches for all the letters and numbers that most people want for their crafts.

Just as with all the members coming earlier on the list, you can imprint 36 characters using this kit from Vector—all alphabetical letters, all numbers, and the “&” symbol.

As the name suggests, the character height of this set is 1/4 inches. Further, the mark is deep enough to be visible. However, for some hard materials, be ready to strike hard enough to create the deep impression you may need.

An accessory that’s intended to spend its lifetime taking heavy strikes from a hammer, the build quality matters. And yes, this piece makes use of Chrome vanadium steel. Hence, it’s a set that can stand up to the hardest of the strikes against the most rugged metal surfaces.

Generally, the set works incredibly well over a variety of materials. However, it’s also worth acknowledging that it’s a step or two from becoming perfect. For instance, most users feel that there should be a marking at the sides to help them know where the letters should face.


  • Font size is large enough.
  • Inexpensive but quality set.
  • Storage case included.


  • No marking on the sides on which way the letters should face.
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10. Bastex 36pc Steel Metal Stamping Punch Tool Set Kit

Bastex 36pc Steel Metal Stamping Punch Tool Set Kit

If you are one of the hobbyists or craftsmen running on a tight budget, this metal stamping kit could be the set that best meets your needs. It is a versatile option that works well on metals and other types of materials.

In terms of content, you are still getting 36 stamps here—all alphabetical letters in uppercase and numbers running from 0-8. Since #6 also works as #9 when inverted, the manufacturer sends a stamp for “&” in place of #9 for more versatility.

The sturdy steel construction lets you buy the set with the confidence that you are getting a kit that will last for years. Additionally, this material means they will maintain their integrity no matter the toughness of the stamping job.

The high-quality pieces come in a premium-grade hard shell carrying case. With this container, you will find it convenient to store and transport all the pieces of the set. What’s more, the container is compact, so it will not take much space on your toolbox when moving or storing.

All the characters are precisely machined for uniformity in size. In terms of character height, the font you are going to create with this set is 6 mm high. And since they all make good impressions, this kit could be the ideal set for anyone in need of a large and easy-to-read format.


  • The weight is good.
  • Protective coating cleans easily.
  • Make good impressions.


  • They come with oil/grease so you have to wipe one after another.
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11. BENECREAT Letter Number and Symbol Metal Stamp Set

BENECREAT Letter Number and Symbol Metal Stamp Set

The last metal stamping kit on the list comes with more than any of the predecessors. The package here comes with 42 pieces; 26 alphabet letters, 10 numbers, and six special characters. With that said, this kit is more versatile in terms of what you can create with it compared to the earlier members on the list.

Each of the 60-mm stamps has an impression size of 3 mm. Therefore, everything you create will be well aligned and uniform compared to any of the previous models. And while the font size works well for some applications, it may be tinier than most users would want it, especially when using it to punch larger pieces of metal.

About construction, the hardened carbon steel material for the punches should be enough to let you buy the kit knowing that you are getting something that will last for years. In fact, since the punches have electroplating, we expect them to retain their appearance for years and work with professional hammers as well.

You can use the kit to punch into materials like aluminum, nickel, tin, brass, wood, leather, copper, and just about any other material you are likely to use for your custom jewelry, whether for Christmas, anniversary, festival, special day, or any other day.

The plastic storage case holds all the stamps in place. Further, it provides a convenient way to keep all the punches well organized so that you take less time picking the right piece. Hence, if you are looking for a time-saving version, this could be the kit you need to buy.


  • Lots of pieces.
  • Punches retain their appearance.
  • Aesthetic and convenient storage case.


  • The stamps may slide a little before you get used to them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a regular hammer for metal stamping?

Although there are special hammers for use on stamping metal, it’s not necessary if your budget can’t stretch to accommodate it. A regular hammer will work just fine to strike the punches to produce the impression you need on your metal surface.

Can you stamp aluminum?

Although aluminum has the same strength as carbon steel, its intensity is about a third that of carbon steel. Also, aluminum is more ductile and works ideally for stamping projects. Other soft metals that work well for stamping projects include pewter and alkeme.

Is 8 oz. hammer enough for stamping aluminum?

Well, as aforesaid, aluminum is one of the softest metals. Together with other soft metals, you can use 8 oz. or 16 oz. hammer. A single strike with medium force should be enough to create the impression you need. The medium-soft materials like copper, nickel silver, and brass will need a heavier strike when using a hammer that’s at least 16 oz.

What should you look out for when buying a metal stamping kit?

Before you settle on one kit for your stamping projects, ensure it meets all prerequisites for the job. A decent kit should come with sturdy construction. Hardened carbon steel is one of the most appropriate. Also, it should contain all the characters you need. Further, the characters need to be sharp and to protrude adequately for precision and crispness.

Why do you need a stamping metal kit?

There is much you can accomplish with a metal stamping kit. Some of the common applications include making your custom jewelry and marking your items. Actually, if you are creative enough, you can accomplish much with a metal stamping kit.

Final Verdict

As simple as it appears, choosing the ideal kit for your metal stamping projects can be a real hurdle. The quality you choose has a direct impact on the results you get.

With that in mind, we have put together some of the market’s top-most options. Examine each kit keenly to identify the one that contains everything you need for your projects.

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