The 10 Best Metal Files For 2023

Sometimes you procure tools that are used for cutting and severing objects and there is that joy that runs through you every time they render good services. Money well spent!

But when they go dull and refuse to respond effectively like they used to, because of months and years of usage, you may need to put some money on metal files to give them renewed sharpness.

That is, of course, the primary use of a metal file. You can also use it to smoothen objects, such as metals, wood or plastics. You may even form new shapes using this tool.

The types are many but the most common ones include Mill, round, hand, square, triangular, half-round, crochet, crossing, Barrette, fret and needle files to mention but a few. They all have their specific uses. So how they are deployed depends on the need of the users.

There are hundreds of innovative designs of the tool today. They also come in different shapes and sizes and deployed for numerous kinds of tasks. Here is a list of 10 selected best metal files you may wish to pick from today.

10 Best Metal Files

#1. Finders 8 inches Semi-Round Hand-Rasp Metal File Set

Finders Semi-Round Hand-Rasp Metal File Set

Metal files are some of the indispensable hand tools for handymen as well as professionals. Anyone who chooses to procure Finders 8 inches Semi-Round Hand-Rasp Metal File will definitely find it indispensable.

The Finder file is made of fortified high-carbon steel and rubber handle. Both metal and handle cover a cumulative length of 12.6 inches, which is long enough to do an effective job for you.

Coupled with the hardened carbon steel and sturdy nature of this tool, the teeth are sharp enough to cut through different materials. It works well on glass, plastics, hardwood, and metal. In fact, you can use it to smooth metal and with excellent results. However, it may not do well on the hardwood as much as a wood file.

The file is ergonomic as it comes with a rubber grip that provides comfort while using it. The grip is also non-slip. So, those with a tendency to have sweaty palms can get excited about the rubber handle.

In short, the file is not just easy to use and durable. There is a fair degree of ruggedly to it and this makes for heavy-duty. Professionals can deploy it on a daily basis without the fear of it breaking.


  • Can be used for heavy-duty
  • It is ergonomic
  • Has a rubber handle for comfy use
  • It is very sharp
  • Can be used for any kind of metal


  • The tip of the file is useless
  • Doesn’t do justice to hardwood

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#2. Nicholson 9-Piece Hand File Set with Ergonomic Handles

Nicholson 9-Piece Hand File Set

Ensuring that you keep your tools sharp every time will help you reduce undue extra efforts when trying to achieve your tasks and projects. You need a set of metal files that inspire trust for this. The Nicholson 9-Piece Hand File Set with Ergonomic Handles fits this profile.

The set contains two mill files, one round file, one slim tapered file, two flat files, two half-round files, and one double extra slim taper file. So, you are covered for filling concave surfaces, removing materials from metal, creating fine finish on metals and sharpening them.

These files are made of high-carbon steel and coupled with the fact that a reliable manufacturer produces them. This inspires hope for the longevity of the items in the set.

Besides, all the files have identical grip handles, though not with the same sizes. The grips, apart from making for comfortable holding, non-slip and control. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your hand slipping if the tool contacts liquid.

The set comes in a roll-up pouch for holding each tool and easy identification. Every tool in the set can be kept way in its labeled compartment in the pouch. Assuming you want it hanged in your workshop, the handles have a hole for easy hanging.


  • Versatile and diverse set
  • Promises durability
  • Comfortable handle
  • Good storage options


  • The handle could fall out of the file

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#3. Stanley 21-106 8 Inch Mill Bastard File

Stanley 21-106 8 Inch Mill Bastard File

Anyone who is familiar with tools made by Stanley knows that the least you can expect is actually top-quality. For more than a century they have manufactured high-performing tools for home maintenance as well as professional use. This file here does not disappoint.

It is an eight-inch long single tool that comprises two parts like the normal design of files: A file body and its handle. You can do almost anything that involves filing with this thing. No matter the bluntness or dullness of metal, this Bastard will give it a rejuvenating sharpness.

The handle looks rather small and like something for only small palms, the grip on it is sturdy and nice. There is a well-carved rubber texture around the handle for protecting your palms, making the tool ideal for heavy-duty at the domestic level.

Besides, the metal is flat and tapered from the base to the top in thickness and width. What this translates to is that some regions of the metal file are thicker and wider. This gives you the flexibility required when it comes to filing an object.

This tool is quite easy to use and two things contribute to the comfort that it gives. For one, it has a really good handle. Apart from that, the tool is very agile and goes right in the direction you angle it while sharpening or smoothing any object, leading to great results.


  • Great design
  • General-purpose file
  • Handle makes it ergonomic
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Sharpens metals fast


  • The handle may be too small for some people
  • Perhaps great only for DIYers and not professionals

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#4. Jin Feng Needle File Set

Jin Feng Needle File Set

The files in Jin Feng Needle File Set are uniquely designed. Each of them has skinny shapes with identical handles and measuring up to 6 inches. The shapes include half round, barrette, round, triangular, flat warding, and square.

These tools are strong and durable, as they are made of carbon steel. But the strength of the metal files will depend on the manner with which they are used. Carelessness is the only way to break this thing.

Also, the steel material used in making the tools will give it a long self-shelf-life are not vulnerable to corrosion. Also, they have a strong resistance to rust but you shouldn’t take this for granted.

The handles of the files are wrapped with rubber, which is aimed at providing some comfort for you. It also provides you with a firm grip while using it.

It is advisable that if you eventually go this set you do not substitute them for crowbar as this can lead to breakage. Once any of them break, you will have to get a new set. They are squares designed for square holes.


  • Versatile and made for different projects
  • Handles have a rubber grip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Not heavy duty
  • Can break easily

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#5. Kalim 16-piece Hand File Set

Kalim 16-piece Hand File Set

Kalim 16-piece Hand File Set attempts to have as many options for filing different objects as possible. Truth is, you need to be sure of what you need for every specific filing task. This appears to be the motivation for this model from Kalim.

In the set, you will get six needle files, three metal files, five sheets of sandpaper for grating, a brush to dust off detritus from the filing and a carrying case. You would imagine sixteen files in the set but there are only nine. The rests are bonuses or accessories that make the items even more usable.

For instance, the sandpapers make the work done a lot finer and smoother while the brush makes cleaning the surfaces easier. In the end, having that many items in a set requires easy packing and storage. This is duly provided by the package case in which the tools are fitted snugly.

Each of the files is made of high-carbon steel that makes it reliable and suitable for specific tasks you may have. They are built with cool teeth for resisting impact, even though such tasking as filing does not produce too much impact.

Another comforting thing about the tools is that each of the nine files is built with a nonslip grip handle. This will give comfort while using each of them on every given project.


  • Variety of options for different projects
  • Good storage
  • Comes with 5 sandpapers
  • Comes with a brush
  • Non-slip grip handle


  • Carbon Steel quickly gets dull

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#6. TEKTON 6678 12-inch flat Metal File

TEKTON 6678 Metal File

This file is an incredibly long monster, as it covers a length of 12 inches with the handle included. This is perhaps the best feature of the file, meaning you can go for it to do justice to the metal filing. It can also do well with wood and plastic.

The TEKTON 6677 10-Inch Flat File has medium coarseness and second-cut degrees that make it good for shape or smooth rough edges on wood or plastic. These features also it the ideal beast for filing blunt metals.

The makers put into consideration the possibility of you working with the tool for hours. So, they have stuck the file in a rubber handles that will provide you with a fair degree of safety. The handle is also fairly large.

Therefore, if you need comfort through your task, you may look to getting this one. It also assures you of doing each job for you with effectiveness.

There are a few “buts” to this tool, though. One, you won’t get enough sharpness from the teeth, meaning it may take a longer time to complete the sharpening of really blunt metals. Two, it isn’t for heavy-duty and could break if care is not taken.


  • Provides good leverage
  • It is versatile
  • Has comfy poly grip
  • Large handle


  • Could break of not cared for
  • Gets dull if used too often
  • Not for heavy-duty
  • Teeth not the sharpest

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#7. JOEBOE 17-piece Premium Forged Carbon Metal File Set

JOEBOE Premium Forged Carbon Metal File Set

For those that love made in the USA tools specifically for durability and quality, JOEBOE 17-piece Premium Forged Carbon Metal File Set is a very good option to consider.

The set includes three triangular, one oval, three-round, six flat, two half-round, and one square. These are of course of different sizes, making the set a really versatile one. Every craftsman will get some confidence in its diversity.

It also comes with a brush to make it a complete filing toolset. With this bonus tool, you can easily get rid of particles that your filing generates. This makes for an easy view of the smoothness of the filed object.

The files are made of solid steel and designed with clean, rugged teeth. They are given a protective coating to withstand whatever usage you subject them to. Apart from that, the handles of all sixteen files in the set have grip handle that provides comfort to the hands of users.

One feature that must also be mentioned is the tool bag within which the items are stored while not in use. This bag has a nice room for every item and fastened by a black strap for security. The set will inspire confidence in you, be rest assured.


  • The metal files are made of carbon steel
  • They have two-colored grip handles
  • Comes with a brush.
  • Good designs
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a storage bag


  • The brush is a good addition but cheaply made
  • The handle of the large files can be better

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#8. Lang Tools 2573 3-piece Thread restorer file set

Lang Tools 2573 3-piece Thread restorer file set

The files in this set are designed specifically for restoring blunt threads. So, if you need a tool for such function, you may consider these ones as a good addition to your toolbox.

There are 3 pieces of files in the set with different sizes. The sizes look small but when you consider the specific job they do, and then you will agree that lightweight is a necessity for efficient delivery.

They are being used for filing external threads that have waned, giving them perfect new lease of life. Of great advantage is the rubber handles around each file. This makes it easy to use.

If you are looking for metal files that diverse tasks Lang Tools 2573 3-piece Thread restorer file set comes recommended. This is in addition to the fact that the price isn’t going to hurt your pocket.

However, the files are slender and vulnerable to breakage. It is therefore instructive that you use it with care if you decide to go for it.


  • Rubber grip handle
  • Does well at filling external bolts
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Cannot work for internals
  • Can easily break

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#9. Nicholson Axe Metal File

Nicholson Axe Metal File

Nicholson makes some of the finest metal files and filing accessories on the market. From traditionally styled metal files to those with ergonomic handle files, this company gives performance high priority.

The Nicholson 06706N Axe File has a rectangular shape with dual functionality on either side. On one side, the file is single cut while the other side is double-cut. This makes it good for sharpening and smoothing any kind of metal tool.

The rectangular surface of the tool is large enough to do justice to dull gardening, woodcutting, butchering, carpenters or mechanical tool. Excluding the handle, the tool is about 8 inches in length, giving it good leverage.

Although the file works well, you may not get comfortable holding the handle, as it does not have a rubber grip. The edges of the handle are also sharp and probably dangerous. The handle also does not have a coating.

While the handle is not really ergonomic, it has a good advantage for storage. It has a hole that will allow you to hang it safely away in your store or workshop. This tool will not get in your way or that of other tools.


  • Great length for leverage
  • Double-cut and single cut sides
  • Has a hole on the handle for easy storage
  • Sides have a large surface area


  • Not really comfortable
  • The handle has dangerous sharpness

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#10. MulWark 9-piece set of Engineer and Needle Files

MulWark 9-piece set of Engineer and Needle Files

This set of files is a great personal one for professionals but DIYers will also find it beneficial. Apart from it containing well-constructed metal files, the set is designed for excellent performance. The files have well-built handles and blades.

There are six 4-inch needles files and three 8-inch metal files in the set. The 4-inch tool includes ring, square, warding triangle and round taper needle files.

The metal of the files is carefully constructed using high steel carbon. So, this isn’t about having enough tools for different tasks alone. Durability is also assured.

MulWark 9-piece set of Engineer and Needle Files has great designs, especially with the handles. But what’s the use of a metal file or needle that looks good but falls of people’s expectations of it. The handles are made of quality rubber for comfy holding and providing aid to the overall efficiency of each too.

Every craftsman who comes across this set will appreciate the sharpness of the blades of each file. Also, they will find the portable case in which they are stored useful.


  • Sharpness is guaranteed
  • Impressive designs
  • Varieties of files
  • Comes in a nice portable box
  • All the files have plastic grips


  • Grip and file not tightly secured
  • The storage box is cheaply made

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Frequency Asked Questions

Can this sharpen a lawnmower blade?

Not all metal files will sharpen a lawnmower. They are built for different capacities. There is a number of them online however that feature versatility in filing metals of all sizes.

Does it come with a container or bag?

It would be hard to get a metal file or metal file sets that don’t come in a package. But the kind of container or bag really depends on the maker. There are times that a good storage bag could be the reason why someone decides to make a purchase.

Is the handle removable?

Many of the handles are fixed to the file. But some of them do not fit well. Some, especially the low-quality ones, might even break. This means that there is a high chance of the handle removing or falling off. Of this happens, handles are sold separately. There are few brands that make files with removable handles, though.

What is this material made of?

The common materials for metal files are carbon metal and rubber for the handle. Few however of them actually come with plastic handles. Its wall depends on the choice of the makers.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed 10 files and provided what makes them great and what deficiencies they may have.

There is an assurance that if you go for any of these files, they will do the primary job they have been designed for. But if you want to look beyond this list, you may find this short guide helpful:

  • Know what exactly you are looking for
  • You will need to have a metal file with nonslip grip
  • Consider the credibility of the manufacturer
  • Made in China doesn’t always mean inferior quality
  • Ensure that the file has sharpness

So, there are no two ways of getting a metal file set or a single metal file. You are the one to decide for yourself. We suggest some of the best options; you decide!

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