The 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors In 2023

The high temperatures that are felt in the summer months come with the need to keep the doors wide open at such times.

However, there is a catch. Keeping the doors open at such times bring along the dangers of insect and pest infestations. That is why a solution has to be found.

The answer lies in the magnetic screen doors. These are special kinds of ‘doors’ that are used to keep off pets but fresh air in. They basically carry out such roles by use of magnetic fields to repel the said unwanted pests.

Being obscure, an ordinary user like you may not have the wherewithal necessary to make the right buying decision. That is why a buying guide of this kind is highly welcome.

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10 Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews

1: Magnetic Screen Door


This strong and reliable walk through screen for French doors is your best bet when it comes to securing your home interiors from pet infestations.

This is because it is strong, comprises powerful magnets, and firms enough to offer the required levels of stability.

Powerful Magnets

In all, the screen door comprises 26 powerful magnets. The joint power of these 26 magnets is so strong as to repel just about every other unwanted bug or insect. This being the case, this door is very unlikely to let you down when you need it most.

Reinforced Edges

Its edges, unlike most of the other magnetic screen doors, are reinforced with double sewing. This guarantees the strength of the said parts and shields them from the dangers of fraying. Because of this, the door guarantees you of reliable performance for longer.

Reinforced Velcro Lining

The frame’s entirety is lined with the super duty and reinforced Velcro. This lining covers just about every other inch. It provides added strength to the said area and also seals it from the encroachment of insects and excessive cold.

Detailed Video Tutorial

Coming along with the entire set is the detailed video tutorial. This vividly explains those steps that you should follow to set up, operate, and maintain the screen door.

You will not have to hire technical experts to help you do the job. You are hence assured of maximum convenience.

Tough Mesh

Closing the list of its top features is the extremely tough meshes. These are so strong and reliable that they resist all forces and agents of the tear.

You will not have to worry about the possibility of ever tearing them apart while opening or closing the doors.


  • Never breaks that easily
  • Leaves no gaps between the screen and the door
  • Great for pets and tough on pests
  • Effective at warding off bugs and insects
  • Highest quality mesh


  • Accommodates doors of smaller dimensions (34 inches by 82 inches maximum)
  • Weighty (Weighs approximately 1.3 pounds/0.6 kg)
  • Not so long lasting

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2: Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

 Lux Screens

If your search for a suitable screen door is inspired by the need for ease of use, you ought to consider this one keenly. That is because its most outstanding niche is ease of use.

This is made possible by its design and functionality as you shall see in the mini-review below.

Full Frame Fixing

The Velcro lining of this door is designed to fit or run through its entire length. This full frame fixing ensures that all the possible gaps or openings are effectively sealed.

For this reason, this door is quite effective at sealing the passage of air and insects.

Instant Retractable

This screen door, unlike most others of its kind, does retract when opened. This way, it saves you a great deal of effort to close it once you have opened it.

This feature also minimizes the time the door stays open and the possibility of insects entering the house.

Premium quality Velcro

Its Velcro is made of premium quality material. This is double-stitched around the entire frame.

It is this specific feature that effectively shuts off any passage of air and insects. Being of premium quality, it is also long-lasting and cost-effective.

New 2017 Patent-pending Design

In all, the screen door is designed in the revolutionary new and patent-pending design. This design sets it apart from the others of its kind. It also lends to the screen the qualities of being long lasting and very secure for use.


  • Improved airflow for greater breathability
  • Flame resistance and hence safer to engage
  • Great strength and long lasting
  • Very transparent to enable you to see through
  • Very affordable and within the easy reach of just about any deserving person


  • Complicated for less skilled users
  • Once broken, it may be impossible to repair
  • Not for small doors

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3: Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced

Are you on the lookout for a screen door that is easy to install, store, and use?

If you answered yes, look no further than this heavy duty magnetic screen door. You will note from the proceeding review that it is simple and easy to use by reason of possessing great features.

Heavy Duty Mesh

Its mesh is heavy duty. This simply means it is strong and quite resilient to the various elements of wear and tear. This heavy-duty nature ensures that the screen door is reliable for your long-term use as much as possible.

Easy to install

Another hallmark of this screen door is its simplicity to install. It only takes a few minutes to install or uninstall. Other than that, you do not have to possess technical skills to engage it at all. You are thus guaranteed of maximum convenience.

Retractable and Frameless

This screen is frameless and retractable. This means it closes automatically once you have opened it. It also means that it is flexible enough to let you engage it. You are thus less likely to encounter the unnecessary hassles others do.

Easy to Store

By reason of being able to be rolled up, this screen door can be easily stored on a temporary basis. It is also easy to remove during the off months when you do not have to utilize it. This is a further convenience on your part.

Extra Security

Crowning the list of its hot features is the extra security it confers. It is equipped with premium metal black thumbtacks as well as hooks and loop adhesive strips. They provide added security by reinforcing the screen door and sealing the spaces between it and the door.


  • Toddler-friendly
  • Easy for pets to walk through
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Keeps the bugs out and lets fresh air in
  • Auto-snap and tight seal using 26 magnets


  • Quite pricey and unaffordable
  • Cannot be adjusted once cut in size
  • Not so transparent as should be the case

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4: Sentry Magnetic Screen Door


In order to serve maximum benefits from a screen door, you definitely require one that is able to exude great aesthetics.

This is where this particular one comes into play.

It is a custom size magnetic screen door. This means it is available in many sizes and colors to be able to fit your doors perfectly well.

High Energy Magnets

Its makeup features 26 high energy magnets that are sewn together into the seam. Their combined strength is so potent that they repel just about every other flying thing. This is the trait that makes the screen door effective in keeping off bugs and insects.

Full Frame Hook and Loop Fasteners

The screen door is also reinforced with full frame hook and loop fasteners. These are put in place to see to it that all the bugs are kept at bay as much as possible. These fasteners also aid in trapping heat especially when it is cold.

Reinforced Edges

This screen door’s edges are reinforced. This is done with the aim of preventing them from fraying. The reinforcements are also put in place to prevent the bugs from sneaking into the room through the sides.

They also increase the overall lifespan of the screen door as a whole.

Lifetime Warranty

It does come along with lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This is basically a promise by the manufacturer to incur the costs any losses or damages that may arise out of your use of the item. Being lifetime, you may rest assured of maximum peace of mind.

Cooling Effects

Perhaps the most outstanding hallmark of the screen door is its cooling effect. It does so by basically letting in the fresh air and not requiring you to close the door at any time. In so doing, your house stays habitable during the summer months.


  • Tough and durable enough for long-term use
  • Approved by the military of the United States of America
  • Faster to install (takes less than 10 minutes to do so).
  • You may use it just about anywhere
  • Demands for no tools at all to install


  • Way too unaffordable
  • Not so safe for toddlers
  • Non-retractable and hence inconvenient to close once opened

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5: Homitt Magnetic Screen Door


If you live in an area that is heavily infested with insects and mosquitoes, you are better off with an extremely powerful curtain.

This is that kind of curtain. It has a very strong magnetic field that is pretty effective at repelling insects.

Built-in Strong Magnetic Field

The entire screen door is fitted with built-in strong magnetic fields. The combined force generated by this magnetic screen for sliding glass door keeps off the insects and the bugs away from the protected area.

The strong force ensures that not even the tiniest insect sneaks through.

Extra Gravity Sticks

To prevent the bottom part of the screen door from being blown away by the wind, the screen door comes along with gravity sticks. These basically keep the screen door in a straight vertical direction and stable enough to withstand strong winds.

Human and Pets Entry-friendly

This screen door is friendly to both humans and pets. It is hence less likely to inflict pain or injuries on your favorite pet or you when there is some contact with it. This, in turn, confers on you some peace of mind you need to utilize the item well.

High-density and Antioxidant Material

In the last place of its key features are the high-density and antioxidant material composition. This material is strong and durable enough to withstand high impacts and tears. It also assures you of the long-term peace of mind you definitely need.

Push up Pins Support

Also accompanying the screen door are push-up pins. They are aimed at providing extra support to the curtain when installed. They can be placed and removed when needed. This makes them all the more convenient to utilize.


  • Hands-free entry and exit
  • Pet-friendly
  • Keeps all the bugs out
  • Tight magnet seal
  • Never blown up by the wind


  • Limited size
  • Not so compatible with every other door
  • Lacks fasteners and are hence ineffective

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6: Fiberglass Mesh Screen Door with Magnets

Fiberglass Mesh Screen Door

Does your home or building overlook a breathtaking panorama such as a beach, mountain or waterfront?

Would you wish to protect yourself from insects and bugs but still accord unhindered views of the said areas?

If you said so, then this magnetic screen door for sliding glass door is yours for the taking.

Instant Auto-closing

Unlike most mesh curtains, this one closes automatically once you have passed through it. As such, it is pretty effective in keeping pests and mosquitoes out. It also spares you from the need to put in too much effort while operating it.

Micro Holes

Its holes or perforations are comparatively tinier than those of most mesh curtains. Because of this, it is once more effective in keeping the tiny bugs out. You can be certain that even the most intrusive of all insects won’t sneak through.

Balanced Weight

It does have some weight at its bottom part to keep it balanced and in the upright position. This weight also bolsters its resistance to strong winds and hence keeps it in place at all times.

It is therefore quite capable of performing well even in windy conditions.

Tight Seal

This mesh curtain contains a total of 26 powerful hidden magnets. They are the ones that jointly generate the repulsive force that is subsequently used to keep insects away. They also seal tightly to prevent any possible intrusions.

Closes Seamlessly

It is designed to close tightly, leaving no gaps in between at all. For this reason, your security and safety from harmful insects are assured. You may open your doors without any worries at all.


  • Provides better air ventilation
  • Lets in more natural light
  • Confers unequaled flame resistance
  • Ultimate scratch resistance
  • Waterproof


  • Contains the delicate fiberglass
  • Not so durable
  • Difficult to store and maintain

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7: Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

Easy Screen Doors

Have you been on the lookout for the most convenient way of enjoying the breeze in your house with doors fully open?

If you said yes, then your answer lies in this French door magnetic screen door. It is intended to enable you to see through yet repel insects.

Large Instant Screen Size

It does have a large instant screen size that measures 39 inches wide by 83 inches long. This allows it to fit door openings that are up to 36 wide long by 82 long wide.

This large size makes it more reliable and suited for just about every other size of the door.

Durable Screen

This screen is comparatively more durable than most common modern screens. For this reason, you may count on it not to let you down in the long run. It will also return to you a higher value for money by reason of demanding fewer repairs.

Strong Magnets

The nets are made of strong and sewed in magnets. They are located in the middle of the screen door. Their purpose is to close the screen firmly and without leaving any gaps. This provides further protection from any possible intrusions.

Velcro and Seams

It also comes along with Velcro fastener and sewed seams. These two make the joints tighter and resistant to the penetration by insects and pests. Further to these, the Velcro and the seams can be strengthened by the use of push pins.

Magic Net

On the last spot of its top features is the magic net. This basically consists of tiny yet powerful magnetic fields. They generate the repulsive force that is subsequently used to keep off pests and insects. The powerful nature of the nets is what makes them ‘magic’.


  • It is very to install as no tools are needed at all
  • Made of superior quality to be able to last several years of use
  • Allows your children and pets to move freely in and out of the house
  • Lets cool breeze in
  • 6 months no questions asked money back guarantee


  • Moderately pricey
  • Unskilled users may find it complicated to engage
  • Not so reputable brand

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8: Hobbest Black Magnetic Screen Door

Hobbest Black

Are you looking for a tough durable and reliable screen door?

Is your need for such an item dictated by regular and prolonged use?

If you said yes, then this is that screen door you have been looking for. It is tough and quite suitable for prolonged and everyday usage.

Premium Quality Mesh

Its mesh is of the premium and high-quality type. For this reason, they are less prone to wear and tear. You can thus count on them not t disappoint you in the long run. They also call for limited repairs and maintenance.

Strong Velcro Sewn In (Top and Two down Side)

It is further strengthened by the use of strong Velcro. These are sewn in at the top and two down the sides. Their existence confers added strength to the mesh and improves their ability to withstand high impacts pretty well.

Innovative Design

In all, this screen door features an innovative design. This simply means that it is packed with the latest features. Other than that, it is also durable and quite resilient to the common agents of the tear. Because of this, you may count on it to last long.

Quality Construction

Apart from innovative design, the screen door also features quality construction. Indeed, all the materials that are used to make its constituent parts are of high quality. This is your further guarantee of the screen doors long-term reliability.

Tight Magnet Seal

Closing the list of its topnotch features is the tight magnet seal. This is in sharp contrast to the ordinary screen doors. The magnetic nature of the seal makes it more effective a sealing those loopholes than the conventional ones.


  • Installs in seconds
  • Closes automatically
  • Keeps all bugs, insects, and pests out
  • Keeps fresh air inside the room
  • Absolutely great for children and pets


  • Not accompanied by any warranties or money back guarantee
  • Quite demanding to maintain
  • Returns less value for money

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9: BESTOPE Magnetic Screen Door


Have you been searching for an easy-to-use yet durable screen door?

If I heard you say yes to this question, then you have to pay keen attention to this mini-review. That’s because the item has all that is necessary for the above preconditions to be fulfilled.

Durable Fiber Mesh

Its fiber mesh is extremely durable. They are also sturdy enough to let you wash them repeatedly without the fear of destroying them. This means they are also easier to maintain, in sharp contrast with the ordinary items.

Powerful Magnets

Another key feature of this screen door is the 26 powerful magnetic bars that adorn it. These create a repulsive force which repels the insects and pests from the protected area.

They also produce stronger suction that enables the screen door to shut automatically.

Reinforced Velcro

It contains super-duty reinforced Velcro all around its edges. These provide tighter seals to any possible openings that might let in mosquitoes and tiny bugs. The reinforcement thus provides a further seal to insects.

Perfect Screen Door

This screen door does not require human effort to open or close. This is because it opens as soon as it detects a person or pet. It also closes once the person or pet has entered or exited the room.

It hence expedites the transportation of items into and out of the room.

Super Easy Installation

Closing its list of top features is its ease of installation. Indeed, you require no tool or mastery of sophisticated jargons to install it. You are hence assured of maximum convenience and overall comfort while engaging it.


  • Opens easily
  • Closes automatically
  • Fitted with high-quality Velcro material
  • Hands-free seamless closure
  • Powerful magnet with strong repulsive force


  • Possesses limited features
  • May be used in comparative fewer locations
  • Obstructs your view of the external world

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10: Magzo Magnetic Screen Door


Mosquitoes may pose specific threats and nuisance to your home and family. That is why they require particular attention.

This calls for special screen doors that are specifically suited for their mitigation in mind. This is that kind of an item.

Toughest Magnetic Screen Mesh

Of all the screen doors under consideration, this one has the toughest magnetic nets. The nets are as such very durable and quite slow to deterioration or wear and tear. For this reason, you can be sure that the item will last as long.

Mosquito Door Bug Screen

As has already been stated, this item is specially designed to mitigate the dangers of mosquitoes. To fulfill this role, it facilitates the circulation of air whilst keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay.

This is the screen door not to overlook if you live in a mosquito-infested area.

Black Magnetic Screen Curtain

On the whole, this screen door is black in color. It, therefore, acts as a sunshade and reduces the solar intensity. This makes it quite suited for outdoor use, especially in those areas that experience intense heat especially in the summer.

Dust Proof

It is also dustproof, which makes it stand out from the crowd. It has the ability to repel dirt and thus guarantee a constant stream of fresh air. For this reason, it is the item to look up to for your unhindered overall habitability.

Airtight Lining

All its joints, seams, and frames are lined with an airtight Nylon Velcro. This lining provides further closures and with it any possible encroachment by pests and insects. This is your further shield from the dangers of insect infestation.


  • Hands-free entry
  • Protects your child’s little fingers
  • Closes intensely
  • Possesses high energy magnets
  • Reinforced with extremely strong Velcro


  • Returns less value for money
  • Its black color obstructs your view of the outside world
  • Quite cumbersome to clean and maintain

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Things To Consider

Material Composition

These items are made of very different kinds of materials. The best such item ought to be made of extremely tough materials that are well able to endure the test of time. It is only then that you will be able to count on it for long-term use.

Nature of your Premise

Is your premise a tent, home, or beach property?

This consideration is necessary because different premises require different screen doors. A beach or waterfront property requires a transparent screen door to enable you to see through.

A private residence, on the other hand, requires a darker one for the sake of privacy.

Anticipated Duration of Use

For how long do you intend to utilize the screen door?

If it is a one-off use or for interrupted usage, then a less durable and chap screen door would fit the bill.

If you, however, plan to use the item frequently and for a prolonged duration of time, consider settling for a durable or tougher one.

Closing and Opening Mechanism

These items also vary in their closing and opening mechanism. Some require human effort to at least open or close or do both.

Some are completely automated. For your general convenience, consider that which is automated. It will spare you from unnecessary hassles.

Other Considerations

  • Dustproof: Though not so necessary, the ideal screen door ought to be resistant to dust as well. This is especially the case for those areas that are adjacent to busy highways or dusty regions. You do not want respiratory illness I suppose!
  • Flame-resistant: Apart from being dustproof, the deal screen door should also be resistant to flames. This should especially be the case if you intend to utilize it in the kitchen area or other areas that are sensitive to flames.
  • Ease of Installation: It goes without saying that the screen door of choice has to be easy to install. It should require no tools to do so and should also be easy to master. You do not want to confront unnecessary hassles at all!

Final Verdict

As you may clearly concede from the foregoing review, we have endeavored to provide you with all the information you required to get started. It is our hope that you may now go ahead and make the right purchasing decision.

In case you are wondering which one might be of benefit to you, we may help you out. Try out either Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door or Sentry Magnetic Screen Door.

This is because the two of them are transparent (see-through) and is also multipurpose in nature. This simply means that you can use them for a variety of tasks and purposes.

Owing to the constantly changing nature of such products we cannot guarantee the long-term integrity of the pieces of information we have provided above. We thus urge you to consider carrying out further research.

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