Are your nightstands cluttered with clocks and radios? If so, may it is time you replaced those items with an iPhone alarm clock dock.

As the name suggests, these devices serve as docking stations for your iPhone, and at the same time, work as alarms.

Additionally, some alarm clock docks are designed with wireless charging systems that will allow you to juice up your battery without relying on charging cables.

Also, most models have an additional USB charging port that you can use when charging older iPhone models and other devices.

That is not all; they also have an FM function and other amazing features that will assist you greatly.

Most of the devices that we have listed below are Bluetooth enabled, so you can pair them with compatible devices wirelessly.

11 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

1. Emerson Alarm Clock Radio and QI Wireless Phone Charger Dock

Emerson Alarm Clock Radio and QI Wireless Phone Charger Dock

The Bluetooth-enabled alarm clock dock by Emerson is built with every user’s needs in mind. It features a wireless Qi charging system, which allows for fast and efficient charging.

Aside from that, it supports USB charging, making this a suitable option for both new and older iPhone models.

Plus, the control buttons are strategically placed on the top side to give users direct access to the function that they want to use.

The LED display on this device will provide you with clear time read-outs even when in a poorly lit environment. It also displays the day of the week and the alarms that you have set.

To make it even better, the manufacturer has fitted this alarm clock dock with a button cell battery, so the clock won’t lose time even if the power goes out.

This device provides you with three alarm modes that you can choose from depending on your weekly schedule.

Through this, you will be able to set the alarm for weekends or weekdays only. The radio function allows users to save up to twenty stations that they can listen to at the push of a button.


  • Four-level dimmer control
  • Auto time setting
  • Sleek design


  • The charging pad may not work if you don’t align the phone correctly
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2. iLuv Bedside Digital Alarm Clock Dock

iLuv Bedside Digital Alarm Clock Dock

iLuv is proud to present you with a highly advanced alarm clock dock that will completely change how you wake up in the morning.

Thanks to its dual alarm system, users can set two separate alarms to match their wake up schedule.

And the good thing about it is that you can control the alarms independently, meaning that you turn one off without interfering with the other.

To make it even better, this clock dock supports wireless charging and is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones. As such, it will allow you to juice up your iPhone battery without using a charging cable.

However, the device has a USB charging port, which can assist you when charging phones that lack the Qi function.

Besides, this dock can charge two devices at a go, so you can place one of your phones on the charging pad, and the other can be plugged in via a USB charging cable.

Furthermore, the buttons on this device are labeled for identification purposes. This will save you from making mistakes when setting either alarm (AL1) or (AL2).

In addition to this, the alarm clock dock has two operational modes that can assist you when waking up.

You can use the buzzer function or the radio mode for alerts. By using the dimmer button, you can easily adjust brightness according to your preference. This feature will help you reduce eye strain.

As if that is not enough, this gadget has up to ten preset radio stations that you can listen to before falling asleep.

Also, you won’t have to worry about not turning the radio off because the device features an auto-shutdown sleep timer for user convenience.


  • Easy-read LED display
  • Innovatively designed
  • Features a two-way charging system


  • Not the most durable
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3. DPNAO Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Dock

DPNAO Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Dock

The alarm clock dock from Dpnao is not only user friendly but also has amazing features that any user would love.

For starters, this device is compatible with virtually all iPhone models, thus making it convenient. With that said, it can work with iPhone XR, XS, iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, just to mention but a few.

Plus, the dock has a wide base, which will provide you with maximum stability. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the stand toppling over when your phone is attached to it.

You can place your phone in a horizontal or vertical position depending on what you are doing. The former can apply when you are using social media platforms, while the latter can prove useful when watching videos from your phone.

Moreover, you will be able to use the wireless charging function regardless of how you position your phone on the charging pad.

This charging dock is case-friendly, so it will charge your phone provided that the case is less than 0.19 inches thick.

Nonetheless, this may not apply if the phone in question has a metal case. This alarm clock dock is equipped with 5W speakers, so it will buzz loud enough for you to hear even when you are asleep.

The large display will allow you to see the clock from different angles. You will also be able to read the indoor temperature from this device. It gives the readings both in ℉ and ℃.


  • Allows you to use 24hr or 12hr clock format
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Touch-key design


  • May require a converter
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4. iHome iPL24 Alarm Clock FM Radio Lightning iPhone Charging Dock

iHome iPL24 Alarm Clock FM Radio Lightning iPhone Charging Dock

iHome is one of the brands that you can count on when it comes to designing iPhone alarm clock docks.

This particular model provides you with multiple features that will allow you to use your iPhone in different ways.

Featuring a unique auto-sync function, this device can set its clock to match that of your iPhone.

As such, you won’t have to set the clock manually the way you do on regular alarm docks. This equipment has a dual alarm function, so you can set different wake-up times.

To add to this, the device has a backup battery, which will maintain the clock setting in case of a power outage. This also applies to the alarm function, so you won’t have to worry about power failures.

The iPL24 is designed with a two-way charging system, meaning that it can charge all iPhone phones.

If your iPhone does not support wireless charging, you can consider using the USB charging cable.

The included Aux-in jack will allow you to connect this unit to just about any audio system. More to this, the Reson8-speaker chamber will provide you with clear audio when using the FM function.

It also features a sleep mode, which you can use both on the radio and your iPhone. To top it all up, this device has an ascending alarm tone, so it won’t shock you out of your sleep.


  • Straightforward design
  • Adjustable snooze time
  • Has a dimmer control


  • The lowest volume setting is still a bit loud
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5. Sony ICF-C05IP 30-Pin iPhone/iPod Clock Radio Speaker Dock

Sony ICF-C05IP 30-Pin iPhone/iPod Clock Radio Speaker Dock

This alarm clock dock has a space-saving design, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your nightstand.

Additionally, it is fully customizable and will allow you to make adjustments according to your needs.

As such, you can increase or lower the brightness level to prevent unnecessary eye strain when you wake up in the morning.

Depending on your preference, you can wake up to soul-soothing music from your iPhone/iPad or you can as well use the buzzer.

The programmable snooze function allows you to adjust the alarm anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes. This means that you can extend your sleep time without oversleeping.

Also, the FM radio has up to twenty preset stations that you can listen to at any time of the day. The built-in digital tuner will give you quick access to your favorite radio stations.

Since the dock has soft touch buttons, you’ll be able to make quick changes when setting the alarm. By using the sleep timer, you can comfortably fall asleep without turning the radio off.

This is because the auto-off function will trigger itself automatically when the set time elapses.


  • Multi-mode
  • Comes with an instructional manual
  • The buzzer is not too loud


  • The backup battery may require replacement with time
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6. InstaBox W33 Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Dock

InstaBox W33 Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Dock

The InstaBox W33 is also another alarm clock dock that you can consider buying. It has a dual alarm design, thus making it reliable.

As such, you can set the alarm to wake you up on specific days or every day. To add to this, it easy to operate, so you won’t experience any problems when setting the alarm or clock.

In addition to having a wireless charging function, the unit also features a USB charging port. But, that is not all; the device is designed with an easy-read LED display for your convenience.

You can use the snooze option to extend your sleep by a few minutes. The built-in Bluetooth speakers are not only powerful but will also provide you with crisp audio.

Want to hear more? The device supports wireless connectivity, so you can pair it with your iPhone when listening to music.

Additionally, the unit comes with a long antenna cable that will allow you to place the antenna in the desired position to maximize signal reception.

The display has a dimmer that will enable you to adjust the level of brightness when using the dock.

You’ll also have the option of switching between 12hr and 24hr clock system. The good thing about this alarm clock dock is that you can use it both at home and in the office.

Besides, its design allows it to blend with a wide range of décor styles. Also, the play button in the middle will allow you to answer calls, so you won’t have to disconnect your phone from the device.


  • Multifunctional design
  • Programmable timer function
  • Good quality


  • Not compatible with some devices
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7. Philips DC390/37 Dual-Docking iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

Philips DC390/37 Dual-Docking iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

Featuring a strong aluminum casing, this alarm clock dock is both durable and reliable. With this device, you will be able to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.

It has an auto-clock synchronization function that will set the clock using your iPhone. And all you have to do is dock the phone on the charging pad.

This device is compatible with different models of iPhones, so you can purchase it knowing that it will deliver good results.

Furthermore, it comes from a brand that has earned a good reputation when it comes to designing electronic gadgets.

Thanks to its built-in digital radio tuner, you can easily search for your favorite radio stations. More to this, the radio function has a large memory, which allows users to save up to twenty of their favorite stations.

What makes this device unique compared to most clock docks is its dual-docking design. With this feature in place, you can dock two phones on the device without experiencing any electrical complications.

The auxiliary input port allows for external audio connections. This gadget comes with all the accessories that you may need, so you won’t have to buy anything separately.


  • Space-saving design
  • Gentle wake
  • Wide range compatibility


  • Somewhat loud
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8. Seneo Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone

No products found.

Seneo’s wireless charging dock provides you with a long list of features that will help you make good use of your iPhone.

This device is programmable, so you can customize it in whichever way that you want. In addition to this, the unit is innovatively designed to give users a frustration-free experience when setting alarms.

The wireless charging pad will juice up your device without causing any harm to the battery. Moreover, it has a safety feature, which protects your device from overvoltage and overcurrent.

Attached to the charging pad is an anti-slip silicone sleeve that will prevent your phone from sliding off.

The indicator lights will notify you if there is a problem with the device. For instance, the blue light will flash repeatedly if something is blocking the charging pad.

Also, the instructional manual included in the package will make your work easier when using this equipment.

Plus, you can adjust the alarm volume and brightness according to your preference. The additional USB port can come in handy when charging devices that don’t support wireless charging. Besides, it comes with a Type-C data cable for fast charging.


  • Easy to use
  • Humanized design
  • Qi-enabled


  • Cannot charge phones with metal covers
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9. Richsound Research (RSR) DS406 Docking Speaker with Dual Alarm

Richsound Research (RSR) DS406 Docking Speaker with Dual Alarm

If you are looking for an alarm clock dock with a powerful speaker system, the RSR DS406 may just end your search.

The buttons are placed in such a way that you can easily access them without getting out of your bed. This device features a large LED display, which has a convenient backlight function.

This allows users to see the clock even when the room is dark. When it comes to durability, you will be happy to know that the housing is built from premium quality aluminum to prolong service life.

The docking station will provide your phone with maximum support, so the phone won’t fall off even when it is vibrating.

Still, on stability, the device is designed with a sturdy base, which sits flat on surfaces. It also has a remote control function that allows users to make changes while in the comfort of their bed.

The lightning connector is not only efficient but also dependable. You can set different wake times using the dual alarm function. There is also a snooze function that you can use if you don’t feel like waking up immediately after the alarm goes off.


  • User friendly
  • Good sound quality
  • Multi-feature


  • You cannot access some functions if you don’t have the remote
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10. Kitsound Xdock Qi Charger Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Charging Dock

Kitsound Xdock Qi Charger Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Charging Dock

Designed with an advanced Qi wireless charging technology, the iPhone dock from Kitsound has all the features that you may look for in a device of this kind.

For starters, it features a magnetized shelf to minimize slippage when your phone is charging. To add to this, it will allow you to use different sound sources for the alarm.

That said, you can use the buzzer sound or the radio function. However, you can as well set your favorite song as the alarm tone.

To achieve this, your phone must be connected to the device. Aside from the speakers, this device is equipped with a passive radiator, which will provide you with an enhanced base when listening to the radio.

This device can work with iPhone 8, XS Max, XR, XS, etc. The LED lights are dimmable, so you can make quick and easy adjustments using the included buttons.

With up to thirty preset stations, all your favorite radio stations will just be a button away. To add to its list of features, this alarm clock dock has a Bluetooth function, so you can easily pair it with your phone.


  • Conveniently designed
  • Very accurate
  • Performs well


  • The sound quality is not that great
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11. Galahome Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Dock

Galahome Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Dock

With this device, you can charge your iPhone and other electronic gadgets simultaneously.

This is because it has a wireless charging pad, which is compatible with most iPhones, and an additional USB charging port that will allow you to juice up different devices.

Both the dimmer and snooze buttons are oversized, so users won’t have a hard time accessing the available functions.

More on the snooze button, it will provide you with nine extra minutes in case you are too tired to wake up.

According to the manufacturer, this device can produce 110 dB, which is loud enough to wake you up without scaring you.

The backup battery will restore your preferred settings in case there is a power problem. As such, the clock and the alarm will function normally without going off.

In addition to this, the FM function is designed with an auto-scan feature that will simplify your work when searching for your favorite radio station.

For the safety of your phone, this device is designed with a temperature control function and a surge protection feature.

The package is also inclusive of an extendable antenna that will provide you with maximum reception when using the radio function.


  • Advanced features
  • Dual alarms
  • Excellent sound quality


  • The user manual is as clear
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can an alarm clock dock charge at a go?

Alarm clock docks are designed differently, so it will all depend on the device that you are using. Most iPhone alarm clock docks can charge two gadgets simultaneously.

Nonetheless, some of these devices can accommodate up to three devices.

Why should I use an alarm clock dock for my iPhone?

For starters, alarm clock docks have a space-saving design, so they will reduce the clutter that is on your nightstand.

Additionally, they can serve as additional speakers in your room, radios, charger, etc.

Can I answer a call via an alarm clock dock?

Yes. Some devices have additional features, which allow users to answer calls using the buttons that are on the alarm clock dock.

However, this does not apply to all devices, so ensure that you read the specifications of the device that you are using to get more details.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone alarm clock docks that we have reviewed in this article will make your work way easier when waking up.

In addition to this, you can customize them according to your needs, and will allow you to wake up to your favorite tune instead of the ‘old-fashioned’ buzzer.

Plus, all the alarm clock docks that we have covered are designed with your needs in mind, so you can make your order without worrying about anything.

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