11 Best Gun Cleaning Kits 2023

The performance of your gun is determined by how clean it is. That being said, a gun with dirty working parts is more likely to jam and vice versa.

Cleaning a gun can be very difficult, but you can make your work easy by using the gun cleaning kits highlighted below.

The cleaning kits that we have hand-picked for you are versatile, so you can use them when cleaning different types of guns.

A good number can work on hunting rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, just to mention but a few.

Also, each kit is made up of multiple accessories that will allow you to scrub off carbon and lead deposits with ease.

Additionally, some of the kits come with cleaning picks, which enable users to remove other types of fouling from the bore and action area.

11 Best Gun Cleaning Kits

1. BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

The 16-piece gun cleaning kit from Boosteady provides you with a rich assortment of cleaning tools that will allow you to clear away fouling and other types of dirt from your gun.

Furthermore, this kit can be used on guns with different sizes of barrels, so you just have to ensure that you attach the right cleaning accessory.

As such, this kit can come in handy when cleaning 9mm, .22Cal., 45Cal., and .40Cal. guns. The kit is inclusive of four bore brushes, which will allow you to clean the barrels of your gun with ease.

More on the brushes, they have aluminum-built cores, while the bristles are made of high-quality brass to increase durability.

That is not all; you will also get a nylon brush, which can assist you when cleaning action areas and other delicate parts of the gun.

There are two pieces of brass rods, which you can thread together when cleaning guns with longer barrels. The rods are sturdily built, so they won’t bend, and neither will they break inside the barrel.

With the help of the brass jags, you will be able to push a cleaning patch through the barrel without it getting stuck along the way.

Aside from that, you can as well use the jags when drying or lubricating the barrel. You can use the slotted tips to access the areas that the jags cannot reach.

To add to its list of accessories, this kit also comes with a cleaning pick that is made of stainless steel.

The pick can help you scrape off stubborn residues from the gun and can also be used when unhooking or hooking springs during gun disassembly and assembly.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comes in a compartmentalized case
  • Easy to work with


  • Cleaning solvent is not included in the kit
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2. Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Weapon Gun Cleaning Kit

If you own different types of guns, the cleaning kit by Allen Company may just be the right product for you. It comes with everything that you may need when cleaning both small and large caliber guns.

The kit is made up of high-grade cleaning tools that will provide you with quality service in all cleaning scenarios.

With up to sixty-five pieces of cleaning accessories that you can choose from, this kit will enable you to remove lead, carbon, and copper deposits from the bore and other parts of your gun.

The brush bristles are hardwearing, so they won’t break off as you clean the barrel. In addition to this, the 3-piece brass cleaning rods will give you easy access to all parts of the barrel.

Plus, the jags and brushes in this kit are compatible with most handguns, standard riffles, and shotguns.

That being said, this kit can prove helpful when cleaning a .410 bore, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge shotguns.

This cleaning kit does not come with one but two handles, which you can attach to the cleaning rod that you intend to use.

It ships with two different types of brushes that you can use when scrubbing sticky residues from the working parts of the gun.

One of the brushes is double-sided for user convenience. The manufacturer has also included cotton swabs, patches, and other accessories that you will find useful.

To make it even better, all the components come in a heavy-duty storage case, which is not only slotted but also labeled for identification purposes.


  • Professional grade
  • Durable components
  • High-quality


  • A bit bulky
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3. GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit

Gloryfire presents you with a compact gun cleaning kit that you can take with you just about anywhere.

The included carrying case can easily fit into most cargo pant pockets, duffle bags, backpacks, etc.

Despite its size, this kit has multiple accessories that will help you clean every inch of your handgun.

The jags are precision machined to prevent possible damage when pushing cleaning patches through the barrel.

Moreover, the accessories are labeled to limit guesswork when choosing the most appropriate tool for the job.

The cleaning rods are forged from solid brass, so don’t expect them to bend or break during usage.

Also, the slotted tips are reinforced to prevent chipping when cleaning the narrow parts of the gun.

By using this kit, you can effortlessly remove powder residue from .357Cal./9MM, .45Cal., .22Cal., and .40Cal. barrels.

The brushes and jugs can pass through barrels without causing any damage to your gun. However, ensure that you use the cleaning accessory that matches the size of your barrel.

Besides, the accessories are threaded, so you can easily attach them to the cleaning rod without using any tool.

Since there are two rods, you can tread the two pieces to form a longer rod that can allow you to reach the end of the barrel.

There are 200 pieces of cleaning patches in the kit, so there will be no need of buying new ones from time to time.

You can fill up the two bottles with a bore cleaner or lubricant of your choice. That way, you won’t have to carry large bottles when you are out in the field.


  • Portable
  • Very efficient
  • Quality construction


  • No barrel conditioner/lubricant
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4. iunio Gun Cleaning Kit

iunio Gun Cleaning Kit

The accessories making up this kit are made of materials that are of premium quality to ensure that users get a gun cleaning kit that is not only efficient but also durable.

Unlike plastic jags, the brass jags in this kit won’t break unnecessarily when you are working, thereby allowing you to scrub the barrel thoroughly without worrying about anything.

The same applies to the slotted tips and the brushes, so you can clear away carbon build-up from the bore without damaging the cleaning tool or the gun.

And since there are so many accessories in the kit, the manufacturer provides you with a strongly built storage case that will help you keep everything in order.

The fact that the case is compartmentalized makes it even more convenient because each accessory will be kept in a separate slot. As such, none of the pieces will move about inside the case when the kit is in transit.

Moreover, each slot has caliber markings to prevent time wastage when choosing accessories. The accessory adapters are knurled to prevent slippage when fastening the cleaning rods.

This cleaning kit contains multiple cleaning rods and will allow you to reach the furthest point of the barrel.

Additionally, the brushes have good bristle retention, so they won’t wear out prematurely.

More to this, there are gentle and rough brushes in this kit, so it is up to you to choose the right one for the cleaning task at hand.


  • Comes with three muzzle guards
  • Compatible with a wide range of guns
  • You get two empty bottles for lubricant and bore cleaner


  • Does not come with a cleaning solvent
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5. Otis Technology All Caliber Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology All Caliber Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The all-caliber gun cleaning kit from Otis is a favorite among gun enthusiasts, and you are about to find out why.

For starters, the kit features unique memory-flex cables, which enable users to push cleaning patches through the bore without depositing the residues in the action areas.

This is possible because the cables allow for breech-to-muzzle cleaning, meaning the fouling that is inside the barrel will be pushed towards the muzzle and not the rear side of the gun.

Through this, the working parts of the gun will remain clean and functional, thus preventing damage.

The cables can come in handy when cleaning shotguns, hunting rifles, or any other gun with a rear breech.

In addition to this, the kit is inclusive of four caliber-specific ripcords that allow for one-pass cleaning of barrels.

The cords can greatly assist you when you are in a hurry since you only have to thread the narrow end into the barrel, after which you can pull the cord from breech-to-muzzle.

This cleaning technique only takes a few seconds but it is very effective, especially when the right cord is used.

The ripcords in this kit are compatible with .30/.308Cal., 9mm, .22/223Cal., and 12 gauge barrels.

To add to this, the thread connectors will allow you to attach the accessories to the cables with minimal strain.

Aside from the bronze brushes, you will also get three double-sided nylon brushes that will help you clean different parts of your gun.


  • The bronze brushes come in protective capsules
  • Lubricant is included
  • The kit has a B.O.N.E tool for cleaning bolt areas


  • Somewhat heavy
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6. Falko Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Falko Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

This kit provides you with reliable cleaning accessories that you can count on when working with different sizes of barrels.

The rods are not only durable but are also factory-tested to ensure that you get a fully functional cleaning kit.

Moreover, the rods can withstand high pressure, so they won’t snap inside the barrel as you push the cleaning accessories.

There are also cotton mops that you can use on 10/12-ga, 20/28-ga, and .410-gauge guns. The accessories are easy to identify because each slot is labeled to give users an easy time.

Plus, the cleaning accessories are compatible with most common caliber guns, so you can use this kit on rifles, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, just to mention but a few.

The jags are constructed from high-quality bronze, while the brush cores are made of aluminum to prolong durability.

All the tools in this kit are corrosion resistant, so you can go for this product knowing that it will last.

In addition to the mops, you will also get cleaning patches that can assist you when scrubbing stubborn fouling from barrels.

You can thread two or more rods when cleaning long-barrel guns. The T-style handles are ergonomically curved to give you a strong grip when pushing the rod back and forth.


  • Sturdy carrying case
  • Well built
  • Designed to last


  • No lubricant bottles
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7. Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The universal gun cleaning kit by Marksman Precision can be used on virtually all types of guns. Since the jags are stamped, you won’t have any problem identifying the accessories.

To increase durability, the manufacturer has used solid bronze, so none of the accessories will break provided that you use them correctly.

The nylon utility brushes are designed with contoured handles to prevent slippage when scrubbing deposits.

By using the LED bore light, you will be able to spot the deposits that may have been left behind after the initial cleaning.

More to this, the light is fitted with a strong earth magnet and will provide you with up to eight hours’ worth of run time. And because it is extremely bright, you won’t miss a thing when inspecting the bore.

The cotton mops and brushes come in different sizes, so ensure that you choose the right size to avoid causing damage to your barrels.

This cleaning kit contains four cleaning rods, which can be threaded. However, there are two additional rods, which come pre-attached to the T-handles.

Depending on the length of your gun’s barrel, you can combine all the rods or use a single piece when cleaning.

The slots on the carrying case ensure that each accessory stays in its compartment at all times.


  • Versatile
  • The slots are labeled with caliber sizes
  • Excellent quality


  • The carrying case needs improvement
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8. Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit is inclusive of high-quality cleaning accessories that will help you get the job done in no time.

The bore brushes feature stout bristles, which will enable you to scrub off lead and carbon deposits from barrels with ease.

Also, you can use the included cotton swabs when drying the bore. Besides, the swabs are washable, so you can use them multiple times without making replacements.

Furthermore, the slotted jags allow users to push cleaning patches through the bore without blocking the passageway.

Upon purchase, you will get nine phosphor brushes that you can consider using when cleaning large or small caliber guns. The cleaning rods are forged from aluminum for durability purposes.

For your convenience, the handle has a swivel design so the cleaning brush will follow the rifling pattern of the bore, thus removing all the fouling.

This feature protects the gun from possible damage since it allows the user to push the cleaning accessories through the bore without applying excessive force.

The cleaning tools are threaded, so you can easily unscrew or screw them onto the rods by hand.

This kit is specially designed for hunting rifles but you can as well use it on pistols, shotguns, and other types of guns.

The accessories come in a padded carrying case, which is fitted with a carrying handle for easy transport.


  • Has multiple cleaning tools
  • Easy to use
  • Conveniently designed


  • The slotted tips are made of plastic
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9. Raiseek Gun Cleaning Kit

Raiseek Gun Cleaning Kit

This kit is yet another top-quality product that you can consider buying. It comes with useful accessories, which are designed with your cleaning needs in mind.

Unlike most gun cleaning kits that only provide you with rods; this product comes with an additional cleaning cable that will simplify your work when cleaning different sizes of barrels.

With the cable in place, you can easily feed brushes and cleaning patches through the bore. Still, on the cleaning cable, it is coated in nylon, so it won’t scratch the inner walls of the barrel. That said, you can either use the cable or the rod.

This kit also comes with a double-tipped gleaning pick, which is knurled to maximize your performance when removing sticky deposits.

The four-section cleaning rod is long enough and will give you access to both wide and narrow barrels.

Plus, the handle will provide you with maximum leverage, allowing for quick and easy cleaning.

Aside from having brass bristles, the bore brushes also have stainless steel bristles to maximize the cleaning effect when clearing carbon deposits from lug areas.


  • Multi-piece design
  • Ultra-compact
  • Comes in a zippered carrying case


  • The storage case is not as durable
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10. Ohuhu Gun Cleaning Kit

Ohuhu Gun Cleaning Kit

Next on our review list is Ohuhu’s 28-piece gun cleaning kit. The most impressive thing about this kit is that its use can apply when cleaning small handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns, etc.

Moreover, the kit presents you with six rods, three of which can be used on shotguns, while the remaining pieces can come in handy when cleaning rifles.

All the rods are forged from stainless steel and are equally resistant to rust and corrosion. Nonetheless, you still have to ensure that you wash and dry all the accessories after each use to prolong durability.

The brass bristles in this kit are very effective when it comes to scrubbing powder deposits.

In fact, the brushes can remove all common types of fouling from your barrels, so it won’t matter whether it’s carbon, copper, or lead.

The cotton, brushes are super gentle and can greatly assist you when drying the bore after scrubbing out the deposits.

To add to this, the aluminum storage case is extremely durable and is also designed with a strong carrying handle that you can rely on.


  • High-grade
  • Portable
  • Delivers good results


  • Some accessories are plastic-built
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11. WEREWOLVES Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

WEREWOLVES Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit is specially designed for handguns, so you can use it when cleaning .38Cal./9mm, .45Cal., .22Cal., and .40Cal. guns.

The accessories are durably built, so you can rest easy knowing that this kit will serve you for a very long time.

Also, the T-style handle is scientifically designed to increase user comfort when working with the accessories, while the slotted tips and the jags are precision machined to prevent barrel damage.

Furthermore, the material used in making the rods and jags is not as hard compared to that used in designing the barrel, meaning the muzzle and the bore will be in safe hands.

There are fifty cleaning patches in the kit, which can help scrub off built-up fouling. Because the accessories are labeled, you can easily identify the caliber number that you may be looking for.

The nylon brush is threaded, so you can easily screw it onto the rod. By doing so, you’ll be able to clean the working mechanisms of your gun without damaging any of the components.

Plus, the storage case is zippered to give users easy access to the tools.


  • Long-lasting phosphor brushes
  • Compact design
  • Washable cotton mops


  • Not suitable for long-barrel guns
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all gun cleaning kits universal?

No. Some gun cleaning kits come with accessories that are caliber-specific, so they may not work on some guns.

As such, always double-check to ensure that the kit is compatible with your guns.

How often should I use my gun cleaning kit?

According to gun experts, you should clean your gun after each shooting session since this prevents the build-up of fouling inside the barrel.

What makes a good gun cleaning kit?

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing a cleaning kit for your guns. For starters, you need to check if the accessories are compatible with your gun.

Secondly, the materials used in making the accessories should be of high-quality because this determines how long the tools will last.

Lastly, you may or may not consider portability, so it will all depend on your needs.

Final Verdict

With so many gun cleaning kits in the market, choosing the right product can be a bit challenging.

As such, we have assorted some of the best gun cleaning kits that you can count on when cleaning different types of guns.

The kits covered in this article are user-friendly, so you don’t have to be an expert to use them. Nevertheless, ensure that you follow all safety instructions to avoid hurting yourself.

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