The 11 Best Elevated Dog Beds 2023

Dogs have evolved to become more than mere pets. They have taken a special place in the family, thanks to their great loyalty and trainability. And as an integral part of the family, dogs need the best care in return.

We need to give them a proper diet, clean water, enough amount of play, attention, and of course, a nice place to lounge. Now, if you are struggling to keep your dog off your bed or furniture, chances are that you haven’t invested in a nice elevated dog bed.

Elevated dog beds are specially designed to give dogs a nice place to rest and sleep. As the name hints, these beds are a few inches off the ground level to keep your pet safe from dirty and cold/hot floor.

They provide nice cushioning to your dog’s delicate bones to minimize the chances of bone issues that creep in as they advance in days. Because we love them, we always want to get the best for them. Find the perfect one for your pet on our list of top 11 best elevated dog beds.

11 Elevated Dog Bed Reviews

#1 The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Spearheading the list is one of the greatest options out there. It’s the market’s best-selling raised dog beds. Therefore, it’s one of the products that we least expect to disappoint.

The high-quality bed provides a nice place for your furry friend when keeping him/her 7 inches above the floor. Thus, this unit will protect your dog from the cold floor in chilly days when also allowing for optimal airflow in the hot summer days.

The suspended platform reduces stress on sensitive joints and bones. This minimizes the likelihood of your dog developing joint issues. Here, your dog will get about 9 square feet of sleeping space, enough to accommodate most dog sizes.

The platform makes use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric, a pretty tough material that will hold up for many days even with constant abuse by your furry friend in the most inclement weather conditions.

The powder-coated steel frame is also durable and heavy-duty to provide dependable support for dogs of all sizes. The bed will work well for both indoor and outdoor use and is portable for easy transfer.


  • The fabric is flea and mildew-resistant.
  • There are many colors and sizes for selection.
  • It cleans easily.


  • It has plastic connectors although they are very sturdy.

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#2 YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet Bed

YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet Bed

Although we have a hundred and one models of elevated dog beds, most of them are knockoffs that will serve a day or two and then turn useless. However, we have several reasons why we see this raised bed as one of the top models in the market.

For instance, it adopts a foldable design that allows you to collapse it for travel or when not in use. The collapsible design also saves you from the hassle of disassembling and re-assembling the bed every time you need to use it.

The mat is of tear-resistant Textilene fabric while the mesh area is of Telsin construction, an incredibly tough material. And with the manufacturer combining this fabric with oxford cloth, this unit guarantees to serve your pet for several years.

You can use this amazing pet bed indoors and outdoors. The rugged steel frame keeps the bed stable while the non-skid rubber feet prevent the bed from shifting when also protecting your floors when serving in the inside space.

Although it doesn’t catch dirt easily, this bed is one of the easiest to clean with wet cloth and soap. Finally, it measures 46 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 9.2 inches high with a weight of about 14 lbs.


  • It supports indoor/outdoor use.
  • The rubber feet protect the floor from scratches.
  • The mesh material keeps the dog comfortable.


  • The quality of the carrying bag isn’t the best.

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#3 K&H PET PRODUCTS Elevated Pet Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Elevated Pet Bed

Our third option on the list is made using materials of the finest quality. Therefore, it’s one of the raised dog cots you can count on if you are looking for a bed that will serve your furry companion for many days.

The fabric is waterproof and incredibly tough while the frame is also heavy-duty. In fact, with the ability to support a whopping 200 lbs., we are safe to argue that this is one of the strongest options on our list.

The center of the platform is a quality mesh material. This fabric allows warm air from your dog’s body heat to escape beneath your pet to keep him/her cool in the warm moments of the year.

The K&H’s innovative design means that you are getting something that will stir envious glances from other pet parents around your neighborhood. And because it’s sturdy, cute, and portable, this unit makes for a perfect unit for indoor and outdoor use.

The heavily-padded plush bolster gives optimal comfort to your pet. Also, it’s removable and machine washable– your dog will always have a clean and comfortable spot to lounge.

The bed is available in three sizes. That makes it almost certain to find the ideal size for your lovely canine. It doesn’t come assembled, however, but putting it together and taking it apart are all a breeze and don’t need any tools.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • The bolster is machine washable.
  • It’s a piece of cake to assemble.


  • You have to buy the matching canopy separately if you need it.

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#4 K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

The fourth pet cot on the list is from the same facility with the third option. Therefore, we also expect it to perform impressively in terms of durability, comfort, and doing all that it’s made to do.

The platform is of 600-denier fabric. This material is waterproof to keep your pet dry and comfortable. The mesh center gives the bed fabulous breathability to make it your dog’s favorite spot in the coming summer.

The mesh material also resists water, mildew, mold, and odor. Therefore, this bed will give your pet the best comfort when also keeping his safety up to par.

The high-quality steel frame is incredibly sturdy and can tolerate use in the harshest outdoor conditions. The frame’s holding capacity of 150 lbs makes it strong enough to support just about any dog.

K&H avails this raised dog cot in 4 different sizes. Therefore, whether you want one for your small Chihuahua or your giant Great Dane, there will always be an option that will serve your canine the best.


  • It is vet and expert-recommended.
  • It provides nice joint-relief for dogs with arthritis.
  • It adopts an innovative design.


  • The cot will stretch a bit over months.

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#5 PHYEX Heavy Duty Steel-Framed Portable Elevated Pet Bed

PHYEX Heavy Duty Steel-Framed Portable Elevated Pet Bed

This raised bed is 33 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall. It’s a small dog bed that will support dogs weighing anywhere below 80 lbs. However, if your canine is above 80 lbs., two larger versions are available for bigger pups.

The raised design makes it perfect for arthritic furbabies. Supporting the dog several inches above the ground, this raised dog bed gives your pet a comfortable spot for relaxing far away from bugs and crawling insects.

The fabric of the bed is of decent quality and has nice stitching. Hence, unlike some members of the competitions that will tear or sag with time, this dog accessory maintains its shape year after year.

The premium fabric has a breathable mesh for optimal airflow during warm weather. During the cold season, this pet bed will work well with plush cushion and dog blanket to keep your pet cozy and warm.

Although it has a heavy-duty construction, this elevated dog bed by Phyex maintains a low weight. Thus, you will find it easy to carry the unit from indoors to outdoors and then back as necessary.


  • All installation accessories are supplied.
  • The material retains its shape through years of use.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • Since the mat is cut to fit too tight, assembling isn’t very smooth.

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#6 Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

The sixth suggestion on the list is 28 inches long and 28 inches wide. The height of 9.5 inches creates a low-impact space several inches above the floor to give your pet a peaceful rest without the disturbance of bugs, fleas, mites, and other insects.

The heavy-duty oxford cloth of the bed is breathable, waterproof, and lightweight whereas the frame is of top-quality material that can withstand everyday use. The plastic feet are also very solid and will not mark the floor.

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The foldable design lets you fit it in the high-quality carrying bag for easy transportation and convenient storage when not in use.

The Velcro straps provide a way of securing the bed to the support straps that come connected to the frame. These straps keep the bed stretched out so that your pup gets maximum space for sleeping and playing.

The medium-sized bed boasts an amazing weight capacity of 90 pounds. The high load capacity makes it strong enough for small-medium sized pets. Although the color of the bed masks stains, the bed comes from the frame easily for washing.


  • It is water-resistant.
  • The feet are very sturdy.
  • The Velcro straps are a nice idea.


  • There are no many colors.

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#7 AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

Give your pooch an ideal go-to place that he can claim as his after the exhausting morning run, a long play at the park, and a busy day. This raised bed creates a perfect off-the-ground surface for your furry friend when it’s time time to relax or slumber.

The unit is 51.3 inches long, 32.5 inches wide, and about 7.6 inches tall. Hence, it’s more suited for larger canines although there are other smaller sizes for the pint-sized four-legged members of the pack.

During the cold days, this elevated dog bed will keep your pet cozy from the cold floor while the breathable mesh dissipates heat during hot weather when allowing for a free flow of cold air to help cool off your pet.

The grey color blends in with just about any indoor and outdoor space. But just in case it doesn’t match your taste, this raised bed can also come in a beautiful green color that will also interact well with almost any space.

The unit is a cinch to clean with tap water. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable pet bed that is easy to maintain clean, this dog bed is one of the models that are designed to deliver just that.


  • The fabric provides reliable performance.
  • The corners are smooth for safety.
  • It is easy and quick to assemble.


  • There are only 2 color options.

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#8 Love’s cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

Loves cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

Keep your pup inches up off the wet and cold floor using this decent-quality elevated dog bed. The height of 8 inches leaves enough ground clearance for optimal air circulation, keeping your dog cool and comfortable even in the summer afternoons.

The mesh is made of Teslin, a durable and recyclable material that remains gentle to your dog’s skin. The tough material has the holding capacity of 85 lbs., enough to support most dogs of different breeds and sizes.

The tight mesh resists stains, dirt, and grime from clinging onto it so that you don’t have to clean it very often. But even when there is a need, the material of the mesh is easy to hose or handwash with mild soap.

The frame of this dog bed is durably constructed. That’s why it provides the best in terms of stability and durability. And since it’s weather-resistant, this elevated dog cot will perform exceptionally whether using it indoors or outdoors.

The rubber feet prevent it from scratching your floor when your dog is on it. This feature also keeps the unit in place from sliding to allow for easy and safe hop on and off even for the senior dogs.


  • The material of the fabric is tear-resistant.
  • The frame is very stable.
  • The height is nice for most dogs.


  • The mesh is pretty thin but holds up well.

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#9 Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed

Floppy Dawg Just Chillin Elevated Dog Bed

Next on the list is another amazing option that all pet parents will want to get for their furbabies. Although it’s ninth on the list, this unit is unique in its own way and that’s why we see it as one of the market’s finest options.

For instance, this elevated dog bed features a shade canopy. The unique feature shields your dog from the harmful UV rays in the summer to let your dog enjoy most time outdoors as he/she pleases without any risk of developing medical complications.

The 1680D Oxford Fabric is tough to withstand the sharpest claws and everyday use by the most playful pets. The steel frame is heavy-duty and has a powder coating for maximum corrosion resistance and impressive strength.

The medium-sized dog bed is 30 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 28 inches high (including the canopy). However, since the bed is only 7 inches from the ground, it’s easy for any dog to jump on and off.

Even though is designed for best strength, this dog cot is easy to transport. The lightweight design makes it portable while the convenient carrying case makes it easier than it has ever been to store or carry it to your dog’s favorite spot.


  • It is versatile.
  • It has a canopy for protection from UV.
  • It keeps the dog cool and comfortable.


  • The quality of the canopy doesn’t match that of the bed.

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#10 Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Cold, hot, hard, and uneven surfaces can do more harm to your furry colleague. That’s why it’s a good thing to invest in a nice raised bed. Now, among the dog beds, you should consider buying is the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed.

Just as the name suggests, this dog bed is designed to serve as a haven for your furbaby. It acts as a perfect place to turn to when temperatures get tough for your pup or when they need a bug-free place to relax.

The woven mesh is of high-quality and breathable to ensure that it keeps cool during the summer season when also helping the furry friend remain warm and cozy in the chilliest days of the winter.

The deep blue color of the fabric is visually appealing and will interact well with indoor and outdoor spaces. Other available colors include espresso, blanket espresso, forest, silver, and blanket silver grey.

Dog accessories can be challenging to clean and maintain in perfect condition. That’s why the manufacturer chooses to use a material that resists stains and cleans easily without sacrificing durability.


  • The available colors are very appealing.
  • The locking pins improve the stability of the bed.
  • It is available in multiple sizes.


  • Packaging should be a bit better.

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#11 Niubya 48 Inches XLarge Elevated Dog Cot

Niubya 48 Inches XLarge Elevated Dog Cot

The last product on our list is another great product designed to give the best protection to your canine. Other than protecting your furry friend from a cold or hot surface, this elevated dog bed has a canopy that shields your pup from sun rays.

The canopy makes use of waterproof material to guarantee year-round protection for your dog from the most extreme weather conditions. And since its removable, you can always get rid of the shade when you want to use the bed alone.

The bed is of oxford fabric, a breathable material that allows for maximum air circulation in hot weather. The mat is super tough and very long-lasting. With the ability to support up to 135 lbs., this pet bed is strong enough for use even by the heftiest of pets.

Holding the dog at a height of about 9.1 inches from the ground, this bed creates a comfortable surface that puts less stress on your dog’s joints and other sensitive areas to reduce the chances of developing arthritis and other joint-related conditions.

The frame is of steel construction for maximum toughness. The beautiful finish protects it from rust and corrosion to ensure that it stands up to the weight of the pup for many days without any signs of bending.


  • The canopy is removable.
  • The weight capacity of 135 lbs. is nice.
  • It is easy to transport.


  • The material around the mesh may grow quite hot when left in the summer sun for many hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Elevated Dog Beds Better?

There are many reasons why you should prefer a raised bed for your canine over others. For instance, it keeps your dog safe from cold, hot, dirty, or/and uneven floors. Additionally, it creates a more comfortable surface that curbs joint issues.

Why Do Dogs Sleep In A Ball?

If you have seen your dog curl into a tight ball, chances were that it was in the winter or one of the chilliest days. The major reason why dogs tuck into a ball is to avoid losing body heat to the surrounding. Curling up helps them to remain warm. Hence, if you have seen your pup form this shape, it’s one indicator that you need to acquire a nice pet bed.

What Elevated Dog Bed Is Perfect For Your Pup?

The right dog pup for your pup needs to be sturdy, breathable, durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. It should also be easy to assemble to free you from a great deal of work. If space is an issue, buying one with a foldable design will be a wise thing to do.

Is There An Indestructible Dog Bed?

Yes. Although they aren’t the majority, we must acknowledge that indestructible dog beds still exist. A good number of elevated dog beds are chew-proof. That’s why they will serve for a very long time.

What Are The Market’s Finest Elevated Dog Beds?

Although we have a plethora of so-called “best” dog beds, the fact is that most don’t fit in that category. However, our article suggests some of the models that fit in the class. All our options live up to what they promise on the labels.

Final Verdict

There are more than a few reasons as to why every parent needs to have an elevated dog bed for their furry buddies.

But not every option is worth buying—and that’s exactly what motivated us to write this article. Go through it keenly to identify the option that suits your canine the most.

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