11 Best Drawstring Bags 2023

With the right drawstring bag, you will be able to carry all your gear without leaving any behind.

Besides, these bags are exceptionally versatile and can assist you in different scenarios.

As such, it won’t matter whether you are a gym-goer, student, runner, coach, or just an outdoor enthusiast, the drawstring bags that we have listed below may just be what you need to up your game.

With the help of these bags, you will have an easier time moving to and from your home because all your items will be safe.

Most drawstring bags have mesh pockets that can hold water bottles, so you will always stay hydrated.

If you have been looking for high-quality drawstring bags, here are some of the options that you can buy.

11 Best Drawstring Bags

1. BeeGreen Drawstring Backpack Sports Gym Bag

BeeGreen Drawstring Backpack Sports Gym Bag

The drawstring bag from BeeGreen not only has a utilitarian design but is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. It features an attractive two-tone design that will go well with most attire.

Also, it has multiple compartments, so you will have enough space to put all your items and gadgets.

Furthermore, this bag is made of high-density oxford fabric that is of superior quality, thus making it durable. In addition to this, the seams are firmly stitched to prevent tear when the bag is in use.

To increase user comfort, the bag is fitted with thick straps, thereby allowing you to carry it for extended durations without hurting your shoulders.

The zippers are sturdily designed, so don’t expect them to break or jam when closing the compartments.

To add to this, the materials used in making the zippers are abrasion-resistant, so the sliders and the teeth won’t wear out prematurely.

The main compartment is quite large and can accommodate an adult size basketball or soccer ball. There is a small zipper pocket on the inside, which can hold small valuables.

However, the back pocket on the outside can come in handy when dealing with gadgets that are a bit large. This compartment will give you quick access to the item that you need.

That is not all; the mesh side pocket is ideal for holding umbrellas, sunscreen, water bottles, etc. And because the opening is elastic, the items that are in storage won’t fall off when you are moving.

The included headphone hole will allow you to listen to your favorite music when on the go, making this bag even more convenient.


  • Machine washable
  • Multi-pocket
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Not waterproof
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2. LIVACASA Drawstring Bag

LIVACASA Drawstring Bag

This drawstring bag is made from a material with excellent water repellency, so it will keep all your items dry in case a liquid like water spills on it. The high-grade fabric used in the construction is resistant to wear and tear.

More to this, the oxford fabric is blended with bright-colored yarn for aesthetic purposes. The good thing about this bag is that it is easy to clean.

With that said, you can wash it by hand or toss it into the washing machine for a quick cleanse.

This bag will provide you with sufficient storage space for most of your items if not all. You can use it when going to the gym, attending yoga classes, hiking, just to mention but a few.

The bag is double-strapped to reduce fatigue around the shoulder region. This will, in turn, improve comfort, thus allowing users to carry the bag with minimal strain.

To make it even better, you can adjust the straps by knotting each side to match your physique.

The inside pocket can hold valuable items like credit cards, keys, cell phones, wallets, and any other thing that can fit in the available space.

This bag comes in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Coming from a manufacturer that values quality, you can rest easy knowing that this drawstring bag will last.

The fabric won’t fade provided that you use mild detergents when washing the bag. Thanks to its drawstring closure design, you will have an easier time opening or closing this bag.


  • Unisex
  • Extremely durable
  • Multi-purpose


  • No mesh pocket for holding water bottles
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3. HOLYLUCK Drawstring Backpack Bag

HOLYLUCK Drawstring Backpack Bag

Made of high-quality polyester fabric, the drawstring bag from Holyluck may just be what you need.

The corners are heavily reinforced to prevent tear when carrying the bag. To add to this, the drawstring enclosure will give you easy access to your items, thus saving you more time.

This bag has a simplistic design but it can assist you in different situations. The shoulder straps are made from a soft material that will keep you comfortable throughout the period that you will be carrying this bag.

Nonetheless, that does not mean that the straps are weak, so you can load the bag without worrying about them snapping.

Plus, the grommets on this bag are sturdily built to prevent breakage when carrying heavy items.

To add to its list of features, the fabric is water-resistant, so your items won’t get wet in case of a light spill.

The bag has a large storage capacity and can accommodate the necessary items that you may need when you are out. There is even an outer zipper pocket that will provide you with more storage space.

This bag has an inner lining, which helps in maximizing durability. The other thing that you will like about this bag is its versatility.

It can hold a wide range of items at a go, thus making it a suitable option for students, yogists, gymnasts, and outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Nicely made
  • Designed to last
  • Sturdy construction


  • Does not have as many pockets compared to most drawstring bags
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4. Amatory Drawstring Bag

Amatory Drawstring Bag

Amatory presents you with a durable drawstring bag that you can use when going to the gym or any other outdoor activity that may require you to carry some gear. It can as well be used as a bookbag.

Both the straps and the fabric used in designing this bag are very strong. Besides, each shoulder strap is made up of three ropes that will provide you with long-lasting service.

More on the straps, you can adjust them depending on how broad your shoulders are. Height is also another factor that you need to consider when adjusting the straps.

Aside from the main compartment, this bag has additional pockets that can hold both small and medium-size items.

One of the inner pockets is fitted with a zipper while the other has an open design, allowing for quick and easy access to your items.

In addition to the shoulder straps, the bag is fitted with strong handles, so you can easily carry it without strapping it to your back.

It has two outer zipper pockets, which can hold items that are of different sizes. You can even fit your shoes in one of the outer compartments. This will, however, depend on how large or small the shoes in question are.

Also, the outer layer of the bag is made of a thick nylon fabric that is resistant to wear. The same applies to the inner lining but the only difference is that the material is a bit lighter compared to that on the outside.

The main pocket can accommodate boxing gloves, adult size basketball, and many more. As you can see, you will be able to carry all the important items that you may need.


  • Well designed
  • Spacious compartments
  • Double strapped


  • The zippers are not as durable
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5. VBG VBIGER Drawstring Backpack Bag

No products found.

The large capacity drawstring bag by Vbiger has amazing features, thus making it one of the products that you can consider buying.

It has a stylish design and is equally strong, so you can fully count on it when carrying heavy items.

The shoulder straps are somewhat unique compared to the bags that we have already looked at in that you will be able to make adjustments by simply sliding the buckles.

Moreover, the buckles have a silverfish finish, which protects the metal underneath from rust. As a result, the bag will stay in good condition even when exposed to the elements multiple times.

This bag features multiple compartments, including an anti-theft pocket, which can hold cell phones and other electronic devices. The pocket is strategically placed, so you can easily access your phone when walking.

Additionally, the nylon fabric used in making this bag is tear-resistant, so you can rest assured that it will serve you for an extended period.

The drawstring design makes this bag very secure, so you won’t lose any of your items. This bag is multi-purpose, so it can help you in several ways.

Its design makes it an ideal bag for the gym, school, and can as well be used when taking short trips.

The shoulder straps are designed with your comfort in mind, so they won’t hurt you when carrying the bag.


  • Splash-proof
  • Fashionable
  • Crease-resistant


  • The shoulder straps are likely to twist
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6. KAUKKO Drawstring Bag

KAUKKO Drawstring Bag

Featuring adjustable shoulder straps, you can customize this drawstring bag according to your needs.

It is made from premium quality oxford fabric that will provide you with commendable service.

The bag is designed with multiple pockets to give users enough room to store all their items. Plus, the straps are firmly attached to the bag, so they won’t detach even when carrying heavy loads.

There are three inside pockets, one of which is fitted with a durable zipper for user convenience.

With this bag, you will be able to keep all your items in an organized manner, meaning that you won’t have to dig through all the compartments to get what you are looking for.

All the seams are tightly stitched to increase durability. Attached to the drawstring is a unique locking mechanism that will ensure the bag stays closed when needed.

The front pocket has a concealed zipper, which will give you easy access to the contents. More to this, the bag has a side pocket that will keep your valuables safe from pickpockets.

Depending on your taste and preference, you can go the green, blue, red, dark grey, or any other shade that suits you.

The manufacturer provides you with a wide range of options to increase your chances of finding the most appropriate color.


  • Ideal for men and women
  • Conveniently designed
  • Easy to open and close


  • Does not have a headphone hole
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7. WANDF Drawstring Backpack Bag

WANDF Drawstring Backpack Bag

Made of high-grade nylon material, this multi-compartment drawstring bag has all the features that you may look for in a backpack.

The shoulder straps double as a drawstring and will allow you to open or close the bag in seconds.

When you pull on the straps, the opening will close, thereby keeping your items safe. Both the left and right shoulder straps are adjustable, thanks to the included buckles.

With this feature in place, you won’t have to knot the straps as you would on most drawstring bags.

Once you are done making the required adjustments, the buckles will lock in place, thus preventing the straps from loosening or tightening unintentionally.

This bag has a unisex design, so it can be used by just about anyone. The materials used in the design are not only wear-resistant but also reliable.

With the help of the smooth-gliding zippers, you will be able to access the available compartments with ease.

If you are looking for a high-quality drawstring bag, this is one of the products that is worth adding to your shopping list.


  • Water-repellent
  • Full-width cinches
  • Large capacity


  • Does not have a mesh pocket
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8. Vooray Stride Cinch Drawstring Bag

Vooray Stride Cinch Drawstring Bag

This drawstring bag is both fashionable and spacious. The main compartment will provide you with enough room to stow all the items that you are likely to use when you are outdoors or at the gym.

Furthermore, the bag has a versatile design, so it can prove useful in a wide range of situations. Plus, it comes in colorful shades that will go well with most casual wear.

The straps are ultra-wide to reduce the amount of pressure that is exerted on the shoulders when you are carrying the bag.

By using the buckles, you can easily adjust the straps to match your size. Still, on the straps, they are made of a breathable material that will prevent sweat from building up on your shoulders.

The exterior of this bag is virtually waterproof, so you can even use it when going to the beach or when attending swimming lessons.

To make it even more convenient, the inside mesh pocket will allow you to see what you are looking for even before opening the zipper.

This drawstring bag is partly made of nylon and polyester to prolong its overall durability. The drawcord closure is uniquely designed to allow for effortless cinching.

Since the bag is machine washable, you won’t experience any problems when cleaning it. To top it all up, the lumbar pad has ventilation slots that will keep your back cool and sweat-free.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality


  • The buckles are made of plastic
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9. Greenpine Heavy Duty Mesh Drawstring Bag

Greenpine Heavy Duty Mesh Drawstring Bag

The mesh drawstring bag from Greenpine is also another excellent option that you can consider going for.

Despite its design, this bag is extremely durable and can particularly come in handy when going to the beach or gym. Its use can as well apply when you are out hiking, training, camping, etc.

By using this bag, you will be able to see exactly where a particular item is located, thus saving you from unpacking all the items.

The nylon fabric used in the design can withstand wear and tear, hence making the bag even more durable.

Additionally, the shoulder straps are attached to strong loops to prevent breakage when carrying weighty items.

There’s a strong side pocket, which can hold water bottles and other items. The larger compartment is extremely spacious and can accommodate large balls and other sports equipment.

For user comfort, the shoulder straps are designed with a soft fabric, so they won’t dig into your skin.

The zippers on this bag operate smoothly, thus providing you with a frustration-free user experience.


  • Made of breathable material
  • Double-roped straps
  • Multi-pocket


  • Doesn’t have metallic grommets compared to most bags with the same design
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10. Haoguagua Drawstring Bag

Haoguagua Drawstring Bag

This bag is made of 420D nylon that is of superior quality, making this a suitable option for sportsmen and other users who may need a drawstring bag.

The back area is partly meshed to maximize heat loss. That way, your back won’t be covered in sweat even if you carry the bag for long hours.

Also, the shoulder straps are padded to increase user comfort while the front side of the bag is made of a waterproof fabric that will keep your items dry.

The inner pocket can hold cell phones, keys, credit cards, and other valuable items. This bag is available in two different sizes, allowing you to choose the option that best suits you.

To add to this, the inner and outer seams are durably stitched, so the bag won’t fall apart provided that you don’t overload it.

Moreover, this bag is exceptionally lightweight, making it ideal for all sexes. The straps are also easy to adjust and only take a few minutes of your time.


  • Quality construction
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Roomy


  • No buckles
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11. PHABULS Drawstring Bag

PHABULS Drawstring Bag

Are you in search of a multi-purpose drawstring bag? If so, this may just be the right product for you.

Like all the bags on our review list, this product is made of high-quality materials that will provide you with durable service.

Aside from that, it has amazing features that will make your work easier when carrying different items.

The main pocket has enough room for a standard size ball, boxing gloves, and other medium-size accessories.

Besides, the full-width cinches will give you quick access to the items that are in the bag. Plus, the whole body is water-repellent and is also made of a tough nylon fabric that won’t scratch or tear easily.

You can adjust both buckles according to your preference by simply sliding them upward or downward.

The front pocket is ideal for storing items that you tend to use frequently. That being said, it can hold sunglasses, keys, cell phones, etc.

Furthermore, the inner lining of this bag is just as durable as its exterior, so it won’t tear, and neither will it fade.

This bag is fitted with two straps on each side for user comfort. As such, you won’t experience any discomfort when carrying your items.

The zippers are durably built, so the slider won’t derail as you pull on the tab.


  • Versatile
  • Well made
  • Stylish


  • Has a few pockets
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a drawstring bag?

Drawstring bags are lighter compared to regular backpacks, so they won’t weigh you down even when carrying multiple items.

In addition to this, these bags are designed with your comfort in mind and also feature multiple pockets that will provide you with extra storage space.

Are drawstring bags machine washable?

Drawstring bags are made of different types of fabrics. As such, some are machine washable while others are not.

With that said, ensure that you go through the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer before tossing the bag into a washing machine.

How do I adjust the straps on my drawstring bag?

Some bags are fitted with buckles, which you can slide downward or upward while others may require you to knot the strap according to your preference.

Final Verdict

If you are a sportsman, a drawstring bag is a must-have because you will be able to fit all your stuff in one place.

Besides, most of these bags have multiple pockets, which can hold sports equipment and other valuable items.

In addition to this, some drawstring bags can be used as school bags, so it will all depend on the design that you choose.

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